Alpha & Omega Verse: Hunter & Roman


“How many times do I have to tell you people to fuck off and leave me alone? I’m not in the mood for any of this bullshit.” The COO growled and his staff quickly made themselves scarce. For some reason Hunter was in a particularly bad mood today. After slamming the door to his office was slammed. A knock could be heard as the door creaked open. “Didn’t I tell you guys to–oh it’s you, what do you want? Now really isn’t a good time to come barging in here.”


He can hear his name being cried out. He jerks from where he laid. His feet kicking off the sheets as he shuffles out of his room. Pointed ears perking up as he follows the sound of his name. It leads him to Jules’ room. He peaks his head in the crack of the door. Seeing the curly brunette stirring in his bed, crying out his name again and again. It makes him flinch. Seeing him that way, not knowing who he was. He finds himself drawing closer to Jules, his legs moving without him realizing and Mark is now sitting on the floor by his bedside. His hand leans against the small space between Jules and the side of the bed. He leans against his arm, his eyes flicker up. 

Only watching for a moment. Blue and golden hues widening as it doesn’t seem to get any better. Without realizing it, Mark finds himself reaching out to Jules. All his weight on his knees as his hand and now firmly pressing against his forehead. Wiping away his sweat. His other hand reaching for his. Feeling the firm grip, as if he’s holding onto dear life. “I’m here, Jules, I’m right here.” Mark says in a whisper. Despite not remembering who the boy at his side was, he can’t help but feel drawn to him. Feeling the need to help and comfort him, especially when he’s crying out his name like so.


“Guessin’ you’re not a hero, huh?”

   Kind of a giveaway that he wasn’t exactly affiliated with the association when he just beat the shit out of a C-class. Still, Garou wasn’t too sure about this person. Even if they shared a common enemy, didn’t this guy thing that fighting a C-class, someone who could barely fight to begin with, wasn’t worth his time? Sure, Garou had defeated many C-classes himself, but it was always in a group, never one-on-one. This wasn’t a challenge at all for him.

Hi im Spirit and heres a 
list of verses i wanna work

  • Star Wars Verse ( I want bounty hunter or deathwatch Flynn because i hate mysef)
  • HYTTD Verse (i hc flynn from a small fishing vilage that worship some of the larger dragons as gods but he’s a heretic becuase he wants to tame them for his own desires
  • FF verse (dont even talk to me okay)
  • Duelist Verse (swords are cool and so is medevil fight club)


   He’s grabbing another tub of protein powder off the grocery store shelf. Another boring day is almost over, and all he has to look forward to is a night of training at the old construction site, seeing what he could break. No one went there anyways; it was in a section of the city that was covered in monsters. So no one would care if Garou smashed up the place.

   Where are the heroes? He’s obviously shown himself to be a huge threat; why haven’t they sent an S-class after him? Garou sighs. He’d just have to hunt them…

   As he gets into line, he doesn’t notice the man in the baseball cap in the vegetable aisle. However, said S-class hero had a perfect view of the Hero Hunter’s face…

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“oh please continue on my lap.”

            Courtney had been teasingly dancing for him after having won an argument, swaying her hips as she continued to boast about her victory. His comment though, had a playful smirk spreading across her lips. Pushing him down onto the nearest chair she straddled him and cupped at his jaw, fingers curling around to the nape of his neck.

                   “ you’re such a PERVERT sometimes… ”

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Samuel watches his brother closely before he moves to his belt using the force to levate the saber to his hand. Gripping the handle he activates the saber. The acid yellow color appears as it blasts on the yellow. He holds it straight up like any Jedi would. He takes a breath. “Don’t make me do this…”

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  - HALO
  - The Witcher

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  - clarification about his main verse ( world, npcs, powers, races, et cetera ) ( WORLD BUILDING )
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“I don’t belong here.” Mark said flatly. A hand running through his curly blonde locks. His gaze fixed on the ground, a sigh escaped his lips. “Is this even my home?” His voice now slightly distraught. He didn’t feel like this place was home. It felt familiar, he would not deny that, but he didn’t know who these people were. They were his family, but he didn’t know them. He felt so out of place.

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"Don't speak, just...just look at me."


He groans and almost sobs in pain but he keeps it all together somehow. The blaster hole was huge. It was a long his chest and Rey was trying to fix it. When she spoke he bite down on his teeth and locked his eyes with hers doing what she asked him. Looking into her beautiful eyes he breaths in and out. Was he gonna get out of this one?

Slipper’s ABC of Fox Hunting. Written and illustrated by Edith Anna Œ Somerville. London, N.Y. & Bombay: Longmans Green, 1903. First edition. 

A delightful alphabet, consisting of amusing illustrations partnered with Irish-patois verses (bedraggled hunters going home in a downpour: “J is Jog Home / A dhry misht from the say / Very often comes on / Just to soften the way!”)