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              a friend recently suggested to me that:.

                                            There is no such thing as fate,
                                            Destiny is nothing more than the sum of our own c h o i c e s .

Roleplay account for Captain Rip Hunter | @timewantstohappen  ( rules ) | ( verses

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–          as penned by Miki

I love the idea of FAHC Jeremy just being an absolute menace and no one realizing it until its too late.

“Oh, there’s a new FAHC member,” they say. “He looks like he’s not good for much more than muscle” or “He can’t be as murder-happy as the Vagabond. He can’t be as unpredictable as Gavin” or “He’s harmless, or at least as harmless as one of them can be.” He’s short and usually smiling, well-built but without the air of pure intimidation that Ryan gives out. He’s not the one that you have to watch out for, surely.

Then he’s sent out on missions and they realize. He’ll buy you a drink and then shoot you in the leg because it was “too good of an opportunity to pass up”. He’ll call a truce and then giggle as he blows up your warehouses just because he can. He’ll promise you he’ll send a message along to his boss and four months later when he’s surrounded by guns he’ll just give you a shrug and a grin and say “I never said when.” He lies just because he wants to, even when it’s obvious, even when there’s no advantage to it, and the worst part is that it doesn’t matter how many people he shoots for fun, how many lies he tells or mind games he plays, everyone still likes him. He’s effortlessly funny, with self-deprication and wry humor that practically forces you to trust him, the kind of guy that seems to be simple at first glance but in reality is anything but. He dyes his hair and smiles at everyone and loves monster trucks but he’s as sharp as a wolf and twice as bloodthirsty, and nobody expected it from the man they called Lil J.

Saw someone talking in the FAHC tag about how Trevor doesn’t get enough recognition as the boss of AH, so I thought I’d fix that (sorry for any mistakes, i typed this up on my phone in notes and it got wayy longer than I thought it would lmao)

Ramsay builds himself an empire, but when the time comes, he steps back and let’s other take control.

First it’s lindsay, the lion heart, she leads by character and  by care, but she isn’t one to stay in the shadows and sit by while others work, so she follows Geoff and hands it off to another.

The only other person both Geoff and Lindsay could ever trust to do the job, do it well, and stay there.

When treyco came in, he was a small fish in a very big pond, but he still made effective waves, and that first impression has never fallen short. He is exactly what the crew needs - a hand in the back that controls everything, but no one knows him. If you asked anyone in Los Santos who’s the head of the fakes, they would still tell you it’s Geoff Ramsay with his five idiots under his belt. They haven’t even caught up to Lindsay yet, still pushing her to the side like she’s nothing. Treyco is far from a household name, but that’s why it works so well. That doesn’t mean he’s quiet, though - he would never survive to be a crew member let alone the leader is he didn’t have a little bit of the drive, the hunger, the craze that the rest of them has.

You see, treyco works because he’s the biggest damn wild card of the bunch. He’s the most flexible member, able to incur stealth when he wants or be the loudest mother fucker on the block, staining the crew emblem big enough to be seen from space when he wants to. He’s problem the smartest, too - everyone is quick to hand it to the vagabond, cold merciless and calculated, but Trevor is like Gavin in a way - his knowledge comes directly from observance. He works recon jobs like it’s air, blending in perfectly to pick up any information you need from conversations, phone calls, text messages, secure files, and documents that were previously thought to be years gone. His hands reach farther than any others in Los Santos without painting a single target on the crews back.

Trevor is their deadliest hand of cards, and he’s only become more effective as their leader. He moves the crew like chess pieces in a game he knew he won before anyone even started playing. Los Santos is just a fly to him, something he could crush in the palm of his hand of he so desires. But treyco also knows how to have fun. So he keeps up the facade of Los Santos, let’s the other crews feel comfortable where they are, and let’s everyone still see Geoff as the leader, the kingpin. It will make everything all the more sweet when they finally show their true colors and burn the city to the ground.

Hunter x Hunter- Hisoka [ENTP]

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Ne (Extroverted Intuition):  Hisoka primarily lives by Extroverted Intuition. He constantly conceives interesting approaches towards the environment which breaks the limits of what is generally known to the characters of Hunter x Hunter. Hence Nobunaga’s fascinations with Hisoka’s Bungee Gum technique and the Phantom Troupe, Gon and Killua’s distaste towards his unpredictable yet cunning nature. 

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Although Hisoka may seem excessively eccentric and irrational on the outside, he persistently forms connections of the world around him, constantly breaking the limits of what is established within the external universe and occasionally surprising certain characters due to his perceptive nature. Hisoka isn’t focused with the present moment and is engrossed within his innovative/perceptive mindset which makes him incapable of forming permanent associations with the people nor objects around him. 

Hisoka deals with the future and it’s potential, hence his interest towards Gon’s natural talents as it would result in Gon’s extreme mastery in nen and Hisoka’s fulfillments in living within his unborn perceptions and possibilities of the future. Although Hisoka’s fixations with the unpredictabilities and possibilities of Gon, Chrollo, Illumi, The Phantom Troupe and Killua’s abilities may allow him to seem like a dominant Se user, notice that Gon, Illumi, Killua and Chrollo’s full extent of their skills aren’t fully established within the present moment. Se users trust what is in the now and are much less futuristic than Ne users. Hisoka enjoys dealing with enigma’s such as himself. His interests in his opponent’s abilities has to do with it’s enigmatic substances within them.

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Ti (Introverted Thinking): Introverted thinking gives Hisoka a competitive edge. This function also enhances his mastery in nen and teaches him to accurately anticipate the nature of his opponents and obstacles which allows him to use his skills in an effective manner. Hisoka could depict a host of small details on his opponents personality and recognise in one mental image the nen types his opponents most likely posses, often succeeding in this aspect. He often comes up with more effective ways in mastering his nen and is aware of the many variables his nen could be utilised in a more intelligent manner, making him a tough competitor inside and outside the Hunter’s exam. 

Introverted thinking allows Hisoka to be immersed within his self appointed tasks, such as constantly challenging himself through battling stronger opponents. Hisoka becomes one with this process and attunes himself towards every detail of it. He constantly picks up something new and is keen towards adding his new found awareness/knowledge towards his skillset. This function also teaches Hisoka to analyse his Ne related desires and prioritise his needs. if Hisoka had little to no control over this function, his orientation towards the world would be more chaotic than it already is. He would display his Ne interests towards too many variables and it would be hard for him when it comes to mastering his nen.

“Introverted thinkers understand reality in terms of their ability to converse with it, to take part in it’s becoming.”- Lenore Thomson

Hisoka’s auxiliary introverted thinking also forms Hisoka’s perceptions and dealings with reality. Hisoka isn’t driven by the individualistic moral obligations of Fi but his interests of conversing with reality through his auxiliary Ti. Hisoka utilises his skills in nen as an advantage when it comes to interacting and understanding reality. The more exposure Hisoka obtains through his abilities with nen, the more Hisoka obtains the skills to be able to converse with the chaos of the Hunter x Hunter verse. 

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Fe (Extroverted Feeling): Although Hisoka isn’t very skilled in using this function. Extroverted Feeling allows Hisoka to temporarily play into social gestures. Hisoka tries to get on with Machi by giving her encouragements and praising her nen and even goes to the extent of asking her out for dinner. Due to many characters familiar of Hisoka’s shrewd nature which he fails to hide, Hisoka’s social gestures are often deemed untrustworthy and treated as nothing but insignificant. This causes Hisoka’s displeasure to an extent despite brushing it off with ease.

Due to his extroverted feeling being his tertiary function, Hisoka is not fully capable of comprehending the benefits of comradeship and sharing the same moral values. Hence his distance towards the Phantom Troupe in general. The rest of the Troupe were busy avenging the death of Uvogin by conducting a massacre within the city whilst Hisoka stands by the top of the building, admiring and observing the scenario. 

A moment in which Hisoka’s Fe had reached a breakthrough is where Hisoka agreed to team up with Gon and Killua instead of getting side tracked by his Ne and Ti wants. Hisoka managed to see this social situation as a benefit between both parties and is happy to move along with Gon and Killua’s competitive spirit during the Greed Island arc.

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Si (Introverted Sensing): Introverted sensing is a stabilising catalyst in which Hisoka doesn’t use very well. Introverted sensing is a function where ENxPs find permanent priorities which are practical and stabilising which Hisoka fails to do. Hisoka’s priorities are highly irrational and emotionally charged, he prioritises his wants and needs over everyone else which makes him unable to fully connect with people or objects. Hisoka doesn’t set tangible priorities which isolates Hisoka from the people and objects around him. 

Hisoka’s adaptability, need for personal freedom and self confidence has to do with him rejecting his inferior function. Machi had stated that Hisoka is loyal to nothing but himself and has unbelievably high self esteem. Like I’ve mentioned with his dominant Ne, Hisoka is engrossed within his eccentric mindset and is unable to attach himself to people or things, making him extremely vulnerable if his Ne and Ti desires were to ever fail him. Personally as a viewer, I can’t really see Gon and the gang, Illumi nor Machi aiding him in his times of need. 

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Introverted Sensing as Hisoka’s inferior function also makes him less sensitive towards other’s priorities. This is shown where Hisoka jokingly suggested to harm Killua which resulted in Illumi’s wrath. Or him not wanting to attune himself towards the Spider’s priorities.

~Miss INTP


Ava pushed a hand through her hair, gun in hand as she walked slowly through the abandoned building. She knew this was the place, there was something about it that screamed ‘creepy ass place’ She heard a noise up ahead, then voices, and furrowed her brow, Gun aimed as she stepped round the corner. “Who the fuck are you, and what are you doing here?”

archercrow  asked:

Any witch Stiles stories?

I don’t know a whole lot but you can check out:

Teen Witch by dlivius

Stiles is a witch, which means he just needs a broomstick and a familiar. The latter of the two is harder to find. It has to be a supernatural creature, and there has to be a magical bond there (whatever that is, Deaton wasn’t too specific).

Soulseeker by alisvolatpropiis (this one’s sterek)

Sighing, Stiles reaches for Derek’s big hands, cradled in his broad lap, his skin lighting up even more at Derek’s touch. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, preparing himself to look for Derek’s soulmate. Whoever you are, he thinks, you better be worth him.

IBDC: Teen Wolf by moonstalker24

  • Chapter 27
    • Stiles is accused of witchcraft, which brings him into Peter’s path.
  • Chapter 61
    • Stiles’ magic draws him to a certain place and to a certain person.

Unable Are The Loved To Die, For Love Is Immortality by ladypigswagon

Stiles takes a long drag on the cigarette, blowing the smoke out of the open window. It’s raining. A few droplets manage to find their way inside, hitting the peeling white windowsill or dripping down the leaves of the assortment of plants that would usually be basking in the Californian sun. Stiles takes another drag, ignoring the glare that Lydia is giving him whilst she sprinkles essence of wormwood into the cauldron bubbling away on the stove.

“You’d think after 4000 years, you’d have stopped picking up bad habits,” Lydia says primly; dicing the spleen of a pig into neat, equal sized chunks. Stiles ignores her. He takes another drag before stubbing the cigarette out in the crystal ashtray they’d stolen from Buckingham Palace. Well they is a loose term. Stiles stole it, an extra payment from her Majesty. Stiles almost lost a finger to those pixies.

To Dream, To Wish by DenaCeleste

“Please, work,” he begs of the concoction. “Please let me go to him. I can’t take it here much longer.” He chuckles, bitter and distraught. “To sleep, perchance to dream. Bottoms up.”

Stiles will get to his family, to Peter, no matter what it takes. Even if that means putting himself to sleep, again and again. After all, it’s the only way to dream.

Witch Way Out by Aminias (SeeingRed) (this one’s stetopher)

Witch!Stiles Verse with Hunter Chris and Peter trying to care for him.

Fear Makes Companions Of Us All

Fear Makes Companions of Us All by Sans-Seraph (themothandthestars)

Pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Rating: E

Length: 3074

Warnings/Tags: AU, Reverse Verse, Angel! Sam, Human! Gabriel, Hunter! Gabriel , Fisting ,Mild Bondage, Car Sex, Wing Oil, Wing Kink, PWP

Summary: Samael the archangel is a possessive bastard. Even more so when Gabriel is injured on a hunt.


HOLY SHIT! This fic is hot in so many ways I can’t even list them all. Wing Kink Plus Reverse Verse Plus Possessive! Sam? Sign me the hell up! I need more of this verse like yesterday. Incredible read! - Lauren 

Angel!Sam and Hunter!Gabriel is a verse that I absolutely am obsessed with! Mix that in with possessive Sam, wing!kink, and sex, and I am in love. Great fic to read after a long day in my dorm. Love it! - Gisselle

Oh wow this was super hot! I loved possessive angel Sam and him being so protective over Gabriel. Plus, I can definitely see Gabriel driving a cherry red Mustang. So so amazing! - Patty

Gabriel, as a hunter, would need a sexy car and the cherry Mustang is perfect! The romance in the car is a bonus, I am especially a sucker for angel Sam being possessive over what’s his. - Nikki

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Hey there. I’ve noticed a lot of your recommendations are AU’s. I love those don’t get me wrong, but do you have anything non-AU? Preferably a non-established relationship. And also caught up with the show. (Season 11-12)

Another Ask: Do you know any fics that aren’t au’s, (idk how to explain I’m sorry) but like of normal dean and Castiel in the show.

Ok, we have no idea what is happening here and why there’s such confusion about what kind of fics our blog recs. We are pretty sure you are looking for canon verse fics, fics that are set in supernatural universe just like on the show, fics about hunters Dean and Sam, and angel Cas. Fics that constitute almost half of the reviews on this blog.

The first ask came late January when the top post on our blog was Castiel’s POV: Canon Verse fic rec list. The second came last week, when literally our last 4 reviews have been canon verse fics. Even if you don’t bother to read our reviews or look at the tags, the first line of each summary points to some canon event. 

Like, do people not check what is on the blog before sending asks? Or not read all the info around ask box or the many guides linked on sidebar? Or never open Tags Page to see what’s there? Or scroll through at least couple of pages on the blog to get the feeling of stuff we rec?

Or is there a deeper confusion about what is a non-AU destiel fic? Looking through Fanlore articles about this issue, it seems that terms “Canon” and  “AU” have a lot of interpretations that are used differently in different fandoms - Canon, Canon Complaint,  Canon AU, Canon Divergence AU, Alternate Universe. But we don’t think that’s the case with these asks?

If you checked out all articles and came out more confused, sorry about that! Below the cut is a break down about terms we use to categorize destiel fics on this blog. 

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In the Gta!Verse Achievement Hunter posts I always see posts about how Geoff is so protective about his boys but consider this.


Making sure Ray stay up too late on his DS, and buying him new games or always getting him amiibos and things like that.

Putting comics and random fruit on Ray’s bed (Using Pavlov’s technique to eventually train Ray to always eat fruit when reading his comics)

Keeping anti-nausea pills in her purse for Gavin, and quietly making sure his dates with Meg are going well.

Always making sure Gav is ok when Geoff and Michael tease him a lot, basically just making sure Gavin never feels like what they say is true

Pulling Michael aside when his temper gets the best of him and talking with him or making him count to ten a few times and giving him advice about Lindsay.

Taking Michael on special “dates” so he can have time to vent and unwind in a nonviolent way on a especially stressful day

Buying Ryan facepaint, and telling him once in a while to take the mask off to make sure he hasn’t cut off any circulation.

Buying Ryan magazines about plant care and knitting (a total secret from the rest of the crew)

Making Geoff put the alcohol away during “Family Game Night” so he can participate and getting him things like his favorite mustache wax.

Randomly leaving bottles of exotic liquors on Geoffs bed (this is also Jack way of letting Geoff know he gon get some that night)

Having girls’ night with Lindsay and Meg, the most cliche kind

Consoling Jeremy when the Crew teases him about his height

Subtly leaving a razor in Matt’s bathroom, trying to get the man to shave



Creating a chore chart and rewarding those who do their chores with stickers (Get ten stickers and you get to order your favorite take out food to the penthouse, no one is allowed to complain)

Sending large anonymous donations money to any accidental victims of their heists.

Opening homeless shelters under a fake name

Spending every other Sunday volunteering (soup kitchens, bake sales, community service projects)

The apartment always being stocked with everyone’s favorite snacks and drinks, even though no one ever sees her shop.

She knows everybody’s blood type, favorite band, least favorite food, etc.

Framed pictures of them out at the beach, at the movies, etc. beginning to cover the walls.

Jack making Geoff’s apartment into the home the boys never had.

Making Saturday the official apartment cleaning house (anybody who doesn’t participate ends up on Jack’s shit list.)

Even Ryan is scared of the shit list

Momma bear Jack breaking up fights in bars, one look stopping fully grown men a look that would make the Devil hide in fear

Jack being the second most feared criminal right after Ryan, but being the sweetest and most wonderful lady you ever met if you happened to pass her on the street

Now imagine what would happen if somebody captured Jack in a heist gone wrong. They would tear apart the city looking for her, without any process, just hunting down anyone who might have a grudge. Imagine the carnage that would ensue, and the tearful reunions over piles of dead mercenaries, and Michael, Gavin, and Ray telling her they missed their “mom”

Now imagine Jack’s smile as that becomes a thing and everyone calls her Mom, not just the Lads.

BONUS: Anybody who gives her a look that the Lads or Ryan or Geoff doesn’t like, or says one negative word about her, finds themselves without a tongue. Or genitals on occasion. If Michael catches you, you can just expect to die.


Cameron was standing above a body with a bloody heart in his hand before tossing it to the ground and wiping the blood on the pants of the mans legs.

“Blooding fucking werewolves, always trying to look for an easy kill, good riddance fleabag”

Cameron heard a noise and didn’t turn around.

“If you’re here to defend your friend, I hope you put up a better fight, mutt” 


Zultanite walked through the corridors of the Gem bunker that served as his hideout for the time being. His search for rebels had been inconclusive, but at least he had brought back enough crystals to keep the infant quiet for at least a week. With the amount of minerals that she could devour before being finally satisfied, either she wanted to grow fast or she was simply a glutton.

He was turning around a corner when he saw a blue Gem the size of a Quartz standing in the room. She didn’t seem to have heard his steps as he approached, so he made the most out of it by reacting immediately to her intrusion: He dashed toward her, seized her and quickly overpowered her. A moment later, he was pinning the intruder against the wall, clutching her neck with his left hand and holding his dagger close to her face with his right one.

“Who are you?” he roared at her face. ”Identify yourself right now or I’ll introduce you to my blade!“

But a small yawn suddenly rose above his head. He sighed: Rhodonite had just chosen the best moment to burst her small head out of his hair and ask for food. “Can it wait?” he snarled. “I’m in the middle of something…“


Zultanite was advancing carefully on the path that ran along the volcano, a few inch away from a fall in the unknown. One clumsy jump, and he would have to climb back to the Warp Pad - well, at the condition he didn’t hit the ground gemstone-first.

He hadn’t expect to find a place as dark as the Alpha Kindergarten. This volcano reminded him of Koros in a certain way ; though it didn’t have the charm of his home planet, especially with this vegetation and those small ponds of boiling water he came across.

Zultanite was starting to think that, despite the presence of the warp pad that had brought him here in the first place, there was nothing of interest around here, when he stopped upon a large, black block standing beneath a wall of hardened magma. This thing in the middle of a volcano, along with the remains of a staircase, still holding against the rim after millenniums, was way too suspicious for him to let them pass. He might have found a Gem installation, he thought.

He observed the black wall all over, but there was no button or switch to be seen. That meant he would have to use elbow grease, he thought. During his training, Nuumite used to make him punch concrete walls with nothing with no protections on is fist. He simply hoped he had not lost the hand at it with those five thousand years spent in the chasm.

Zultanite took a momentum, concentrated all his strength in his right fist and started hurling it at the wall, blasting concrete and digging a larger and larger hole at each impact. His right fist began to ache at the fifth blow, but Nuumite’s lessons had taught him to scorn pain - or a certain level of it, at the very least.

In less than a minute, Zultanite had made a large opening in the wall, but he discovered with destabilization that there was another one behind it. Not discouraged nevertheless, he started all over again, only to be soon met with another layer. This was going to take longer than expected. Nevertheless, that meant there was something important in this installation for the Rebels to conceal it so hard…



Vergil waited around for a few moments, knowing the shit storm that was Kara to erupt calling him all kinds of names while constantly trying to stab him. But when she didn’t come him he cursed himself and threw off his jacket and jumped in knowing good well Elin would scold him for this. Finding her he grabbed her by the back of her shirt and swam to the surface and pulled her onto the bank.

“Are you fucking crazy why would stay down there knowing the sun is coming up you moron?”