“But more importantly you see massive, half-mile wide tendrils of living darkness, worming out of the sky above, and colliding with the ground below to form thick swirling pillars. And from those pillars, The Hunger’s armies have started to manifest, marching outward to raize the world below. 
It’s the end of the world. Again.”

I've come to that stage in my life, where I'd rather spend time with books rather than with people
YOI Hunger Games AU

surprisingly does not exist yet (considering this fandom’s thirst for angst lol) but here are some things to consider:

  • Yuuri being reaped from the district where it’s basically a death sentence. (Alternatively; he volunteers in place of Yuuko, determined to have his future godchildren grow up with both their parents).
  • Despite his abysmal chances of survival and low self-esteem, Yuuri pushes himself to learn as much as he can. He needs to return home.
  • Victor being from one of the Career districts. He’s been handpicked from the academy and is gifted in combat, even though it’s not something he enjoys. The idea of killing other kids and teenagers leaves him uneasy. He’s never known warmth or affection.
  • Though Yuuri is unassuming, he is kind, smart and driven. Victor notices him as someone to look out for. On the flip side, Yuuri is starstruck by Victor, who is talented and eye-catching in all universes. They have an uneasy unspoken truce, having short conversations interwoven through training.
  • Yuuri tries out an alliance with Phichit & Co, but is quickly separated from them. Victor is the type to strike out on his own. Both boys are hunted by the Career pack; Victor for being a high-profile threat and Yuuri for inadvertently causing the death of two careers. Since they are both alone, they band together.
  • Despite everything, Yuuri feels very safe around Victor. Being around Victor makes him believe in himself. He tells Victor about his family, his likes and his hobbies. He wants to win but acknowledges that his odds of making it to the end are low, so he wants to try and help Victor while he can.
  • They grow closer and more desperate as they scramble to survive, taking turns being reckless and protecting each other. They become very dependent on each other, but can’t bring themselves to care, because it’s one of the only things keeping them sane.
  • Victor has never met anyone like Yuuri, who laughs without malice, who never lets go, who is the only one who’s ever cared about Victor the person. He feels like Yuuri is the only person he can spill himself into, who never makes him feel like he’s not enough. He knows that eventually either he has to die, or he has to kill Yuuri. But he knows in his heart he’s already made his choice.
  • They find Phichit’s body. Yuuri has an anxiety attack and is inconsolable for hours. Victor holds him in his arms as he sleeps, and wonders how Yuuri would take his death when the time comes to it.
  • They kiss. It’s simultaneously the best and worst moment of Victor’s life.
  • When there are three tributes left, Victor insists on finding the last tribute before they run out of strength and supplies. Neither say anything about what they will do if they succeed in killing her, despite the fact that it’s the heaviest thing on their mind.
  • Then there are only two tributes left.
How Movie's Closest Casts Go From Inseparable to Distant Friends
Busy schedules and distance prove to be tough obstacles in a cast's friendships.

When you begin filming a movie, the odds are ever in your favor that you’ll develop a special bond with the cast and crew.

Such was the case for The Hunger Games cast who not only completed several films together, they traveled the world to support each and every installment.

Whether posing on the red carpet or attending award shows together, there was chemistry and a bond between Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and more cast members that could not be denied.

But as the fifth anniversary of The Hunger Games hits today, many familiar faces from the film aren’t as close anymore.

No, there wasn’t a big feud or drama behind the scenes. Instead, it appears to be a combination of distance, busy schedules and new projects.

We decided to take a trip down memory lane to see what other casts gradually became more distant. Don’t cry that the closeness is over. Smile because it was real and happened!