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Contains : roommate!jungkook, angst, SMUT !

Words : + 3,5k

Group : BTS

Member: Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook

Summary : You hated everything about Jungkook, from his cocky smirk to his annoying voice, and he could say the same about you. But the both of you were stuck together, forced to live with each other because of the landlord, it wasn’t a choice.
Yet, you didn’t know if he really hated you, or if you really hated his voice once you came home from work, hearing your name tumbling from his mouth in breathy moans.

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A/N : You can leave your feedback or requests here ! Please remember that english isn’t my first language and this is my third smut ever.

You took a deep breath, trying to containt yourself. Both of your hands flat on the kitchen counter, you closed your eyes. You didn’t want to get mad, especially this soon in the morning.
You opened your eyes, before staightening your back and adjusting your shirt.

« Jungkook. », you called, hoping he would hear you through the noises of cars and shot guns coming from the tv. Your roommate simply hummed, not taking his eyes off of the screen.

« Jungkook, listen to me. », you harshly said. He paused his game to look at you, eyebrows raised at your boldness. The noises stopped abruptly, immersing the room in an almost religious silence.
Jungkook moved his head, questionning.

« How many times do I have to tell you to do the fucking dishes ? », you asked through gritted teeth.
The boy only rolled his eyes, shaking his head. « Argh, I’ll do them later. », he simply said, his face turning towards the tv again.

« Jungkook you need to do them now. », you started, making your voice a little louder so he could hear you over the noise.  « We don’t have any plates or bowls. », you continued, making your way to the living room.

You really didn’t want to fight him, last night was enough, but everything was dirty in the kitchen, and you needed to eat before going to work.
Your rubbed your temples, breathing in.

« Jungkook, I need to eat, I have to go to work. », you said, like you were talking to a child, standing in front of the screen.

« Y/N, move ! », almost screamed Jungkook, making motions with his hand before looking up at you.

He saw your determined look, arms crossed. He got up from the couch, tossing his controller, and he swore to himself that he would make you pay for it.

You took a deep breath, exiting from your car. The cold air ghosting over your skin, calming your nerves. You had a long and stressful day, the door of your apartment seemed like the door to heaven.
You looked up at the dark sky, before your attention got caught by the light coming from the window of your living room.

It was rare for Jungkook to stay in the living room, normaly he would watch a movie in his room, but maybe he was still playing his game, you thought.

You quickly walked towards the building, you were craving to feel the soft fabric of your duvet and rest for the week end.

Your hand grabbed the cold door handle, opening the heavy door of your apartment building. You were bending to take your shoes off and allow your heels to rest before you heard it.

The pounding sound of music, and you already knew where it was coming from. You cursed, rapidly climbing the stairs.
You didn’t even had to pull your keys out of your purse, since the door of your apartment was wide open.

Almost immediately, you started fumming, fists clenched. From the hallway you could see silhouettes moving around, dancing to the music.

« You got to be fucking kidding me. », you mumbled to yourself, walking into your apartment. The smell of alcohol was obvious, but you couldn’t care less, actively looking around to find Jungkook.
People were dancing, and you looked horrified, as you noticed some people you didn’t know on your couch, an obvious stain on the arm rest.

You looked around, trying to find someone you knew. You made you way into the crowd, feeling out of place with your working clothes.
Your body was pushed against other people, and suddently, you felt a pair of hands on your hips, pulling you into the person’s torso.

« Y/N ! You’re finally home ! », the person giggled, hugging you from the back, and you instantly knew who the voice belonged to.
« Jungkook, what the fuck is going on ?! », you almost screamed, turning around and freeing yourself from his embrace.

Even if you hated Jungkook, you knew him enough to tell that he was at least tipsy, a gummy smile on his face. The boy’s hands went back to your hips, pulling you into him once again. His head went to the crook of your neck, and you couldn’t help but move your head away.

« We’re just having a little party. », he explained. « Dance with me. »

His request took you off garde, your palms went to his torso so you could look into his eyes. « Jungkook. », you said sweetly.
The boy hummed, hands locking behind your back.

« I want everyone out of here in 30 minutes or I’m kicking you out. »
Jungkook’s smile instantly vanished, his normal self coming back as his touch disappeared.

« Oh, you forgot ? », you asked, fake pouting. « If the landlord finds out that you organised a party without informing him, you’re out. »

In reality, you were just threatening him. Yes, the landlord would probably kick him out if he found out, but the neighbours were on vacation, so no one was there to complain about the noise. And on the other hand, even if you hated Jungkook, you would rather live with him than paying the full rent, because, let’s be real, finding a new roommate was hard.

If eyes could kill, you would probably be dead. Jungkook was enrage, and you only smiled at him, feeling victorious. He licked his lips, looking around, and you knew you had won, walking away to your room, pushing away everyone too close to you.

You quickly slammed your door, sighing as you untied your hair.

After a few moments, the apartment was left silent, Jungkook apparently got rid of everyone pretty quickly.

Your head fell on your pillow as you wrapped yourself in your duvet, sighing in relief. Your muscles started to relax slowly, starting to fall asleep, before you heard it.

A girl moaning. 

You rubbed your eyes before tossing your duvet away from your body, you had spent one of the worst night ever.
You were already exhausted, your eyes closing without your will, and it was hot, way too hot, the duvet sticking to the thin layer of sweat on your skin. And on top of that, Jungkook fucked some random girl he certainly didn’t know.

You knew he was doing this just to piss you off, you could already see his annoying smirk on his face.
You sighed, getting up, your feet meeting the cold wooden floor. You walked out of your room, not caring about your appearance, you were only wearing a long t-shirt and your underwear.
You were craving for some tea and you needed it now. You quickly brushed your teeth, noticing no signs of Jungkook’s presence and made your way to the kitchen.

To your surprise, the living room was clean, no cups of the floor, no empty bottles. If it wasn’t for the stain on your couch, it was like nothing happened.
You raised your eyebrows, at least you wouldn’t have to fight with Jungkook.

Pouring the hot water in your cup, you absently watched as the water turned brown. You slowly added the milk, before feeling two hands on your hips, rolling your eyes as Jungkook’s head dropped to the crook of your neck. 

You groaned, getting away from his grip, leaving your cup on the kitchen counter to take care of your toast.

« I wouldn’t mind waking up to this every day. », he said, with his low morning voice, leaning in the corner of the kitchen. Your back was turned to him, but you could feel is eyes travel down your legs.

« Fuck you. », you simply said, spreading your chocolate on the bread. Jungkook didn’t respond, silently watching you.

You made your way towards your cup, but the boy stood beside you, his hand sneaking once again on your hip.
« Is that for me ? », he asked. His head moved towards the plate, humming the smell of the toast, while doing so, his breath ghosted over the skin of your cheek, his perfume he was wearing making you dizzy.

Your hand smacked his torso, « What the fuck, no. »

« Wow, after cleaning the living room I thought I would get some kind of reward. », he said, his tone changing at the last word.
You turned around,« Oh so, I should give you a reward because you cleaned the mess you’ve made after you threw a party ? »

Jungkook opened his mouth, but you continued, « Besides, even if you ended the party, the girl you fucked was way too loud. », you said, leaning against the kitchen counter and taking a sip of your tea and putting the cup down.

He almost looked embarrassed for a split second, before regaining his cocky attitude, leaning towards you.
His hand went to your jaw, his thumb lightly tugging at you bottom lip. His boldness caused your breath to get caught in your throat, and he saw it.
Smirking, he hummed, « You can tell me if you’re jealous, you know. »

He licked his lips, watching your own lips, and unconsciously leaning towars them. 

« You need to clean the stain on my couch. », you breathed, before escaping from his embrace.

 After the “accident”, nothing like that happened again.

Yes, you thought about it, was he really going to kiss you ? Are was it just another way to annoy you ?
If he wanted to annoy you, it was working, and what pissed you off more than anything, was the fact that you couldn’t stop thinking about how close he was, and he didn’t seem to care, as if it never happened.
And you wish you never happened, you wished you never felt you heart beat so fast.

Of course, you got back to Jungkook, stealing his video games until he cleaned your couch. He had to clean it himself, and hated every second of it. And once again, he swore he would make you pay for it.

And he did. You had a sleepover at your best friend’s house, and Jungkook knew it. While you were getting ready, he took his chance and sneaked into your room, easely finding your bag.

He knew you would probably kill him, but his plan was too perfect.
The next day, after the sleepover, you and your friends would go to the club. He knew you were excited about it, and he didn’t feel an once of guilt when he poured the ink of his pen on your red dress.

He was going to ruin your night just like you ruined his in the first place. Quickly folding the fabric and shoving in back in your bag, he closed your it before going back to the living room like nothing happened.

And you should have knowned that he was up to something when he sweetly smiled at you before you closed the door.

But Jungkook’s plan wasn’t that good, he thought that you would only see the ruined fabric after the sleepover, just before going out. But you were too excited to show your new dress and unpacked your bag as soon as you entered your bestfriend’s house.

Your heart sank when you unfolded the fabric, discovering the wide black stain in the middle of the dress, before rage took over you.
Cursing loudly, you didn’t give your best friend any explaination before storming out of her house, blood boiling, fingers impatiently taping on the steering wheel at every red light.

You almost ran up the stairs, before taking a deep breath when you were faced by your door. « Calm down, you don’t want to kill someone tonight. », you thought.

But another voice in your head reminded you that the dress he ruined costed a lot, and you really needed this night out with your friends to relax and suddently, all the rage that was starting to fade came back in a wave.

Opening your door, you were greeted by the darkness of your living room, and for a second you thought Jungkook was gone, maybe out for the night, but you heard something. The boy was probably playing some game with his friends.

Quietly walking without turning the light on, you followed the faint noise before freezing in the middle of the room.

The noises, it’s wasn’t him talking, it was him moaning.

You were so shoked, you almost dropped your keys. You didn’t know if you had to laugh, open the door of his room or just run away as quickly as possible and act like nothing happened.

Putting your keys down on the kitchen counter, you leaned against it. You could hear your rapid heat beat along side Jungkook’s moan, sweat starting to form on your forehead.
You wanted to get out, so bad, but you were stuck there, unable to move. His moans were getting louder, his breath ragged, little whines coming from his lips from time to time.

Your cheeks were starting to heat up, when you heard a particularly loud moan, before

your name.

Your eyes opened, wide, starring at Jungkook’s bedroom door. You moved your head, you swore to yourself it was just your brain tricking you.

But you heard it again, clearer this time.

« Y/N, fuck ! »

And your heart sank, once again.
Your name was tumbling from his lips in broken moans, your legs felt like jelly, his breath got more and more erratic as yours got caught and suddently,

it stopped.

It stopped, and the whole apartment was silent, like nothing happened. Your eyes still wide, you started to breath normaly again.
You took your keys, head dropping to look at the floor, before you heard the door.

Oh, fuck.

You immediatly looked up, cursing yourself for not running away when you could. You froze as you saw Jungkook, walking out of his room, obviously frustrated. His hand running in his hair, his sweatpants hanging low on his hips, a layer of sweat visible on his torso.
He looked up, and froze.

For what felt like an eternity, no one talked, looking at each other like a deer caught in headlights. Your throat was dry, unable to talk, your mouth opened and closed without letting out a single sound. The air was thick, your eyes traveling from his red lips to his rising and falling chest.

Jungkook was the first to open his mouth, breaking the silence.

« Y/N, I, eh, didn’t hear you come in. », he said taking a step forward.

« I, eh… », you tried, stepping back, forgeting why you were there in the first place.

« How long have you been here ? », he asked, a hand rubbing his collarbone. 

« I- », you started, before your back hit the wall, knocking the air out of your lungs.

Jungkook licked his lips, eyes traveling from your mouth to your eyes.

« You heard me ? », he asked, even if he knew the answer. His breath ghosted over your skin, one hand beside your face on the wall, the other holding your chin.

« Yeah. », you breathed, looking into his eyes, you didn’t know if it was the lack of light but they seemed a shade darker.

The boy licked his lips again, blinked a few times before boldly asking.

« Can I kiss you ? »

And without thinking, you nodded, a sigh leaving your lips when your roommate eagerly kissed you. Jungkook instantly moaned into your mouth, pressing himself against you. His hand detached from the wall, falling to grip your hip.

His soft lips moved against yours, before his tongue licked your bottom lip, asking for entrance, which you immediatly gave. And it was a battle for dominance, Jungkook’s hand left you chin, sneaking under your shirt, eager to feel you skin against his.

His head went to your neck, and you didn’t move, letting him kiss his way down to your collarbone. He was craving to do this since the kitchen accident, your skin looking way too flawless to his liking. And all he wanted to do was to mark you, all over your body.

A sigh ran down from your lips when he found a special spot, and he started sucking on your skin, leaving a purple mark.

Both his hands pushed the fabric of your shirt up, and you got the hint, taking your shirt off. Your arms wrapped around his torso, feeling his skin against yours, you lips founding his neck, but before you could start your torture, he stopped you.

« Y/N, don’t tease. », he breathed. And god, he sounded so needy, out of breath and you only kissed his neck, you wondered how wrecked he would be after you’re done with him. 

Seeing that you didn’t respond, Jungkook pressed himself against you, making you feel his boner, and he was hard.

Your lips went back to the base of his neck, while your hand traveled down his torso, until you met the hem of his sweatpants.

« Y/N, plea- », he started, getting cut when your hand palmed him through the fabric. His head rolled back, a moan tumbling from his lips.

You liked your lips, watching him in awe, his fingers digging in your waist.

« Don’t tease. », he said through gritted teeth, pulling you closer. His hand grabbed yours, kissing your knuckles to your elbow.

« Jungkook. », you breathed, wrapping you arms around his neck. He hummed, eyelids heavy.
His cheeks were slightly red, lips swollen, and you couldn’t help but kiss him again instand of answering.

He walked you towards his room, lips never leaving yours.

Leaving the lights off, he softly layed you on his bed before towering over you. Your fingers went to the hem of your jean, taking it off.
Jungkook’s hands unclapped your bra, tossing it somewhere, his mouth instantly wrapping around your nipple.

« Jungkook, we don’t have time for that. », you moaned, feeling the uncomfortable wetness starting to form in your underwear. The boy was as eager as you, leaving you breast before almost ripping your panties.

« Fuck, I’m so hard. », he moaned, when you took his sweatpants off. He quickly got up, opening the drawer of  his nightstand to take a condom. He hurriedly opened the package, rolling the condom on his shaft.

You signed when his hands went on either sides of your hand, feeling the heat of his body. Your hand grabbed the back of his head, pulling him towards your lips, kissing him again, never getting enough of the feeling.

He pulled back slightly, a smirk streching his lips.

« Babygirl. », he called, waiting for you to open your eyes. One of his hand grabbed the back of your thigh, placing your leg on his hip.

« Who are you wet for ? », he asked, a devilish smile on his face.

You wanted to slap him, but you needed him, and you breathed.

« You. »

Jungkook almost moaned, his head went back to your neck before entering you. Jungkook groaned, his breath ragged. You arched your back, your nails digging into his shoulders.

« Jungkook, please. », you moaned, and he started rolling his hips in a slow but deep pace. Your head dropped back, you started biting your lip, trying to muffle your moans, but Jungkook noticed.

« Don’t you fucking dare. », he started, thumb tugging at your lip.  « Moan for me or I’ll stop. »

You whined, and Jungkook started slamming back into you. His hand grabbed your hair, pulling at it to expose your neck, and he started biting and sucking on the skin, breathy moans coming from your lips.

Your other leg wrapped around Jungkook’s waist, his dick was hitting a spot making you moan at every thrust. Jungkook was a moaning mess on top of you, his broken whispers transforming into long moans and deep groans.

He was getting closer and closer, but he wanted to make you come first, he needed to see it.

« Are you gonna cum for me ? », Jungkook ask, teeth biting on your lower lip. You could only whine, your hand gripping his hair.

Jungkook’s hips started making deep and slow thrusts, one which was particularly hard, helping you reach your high.

A last moan filled the room, before your came around Jungkook, your eyes closing, mouth falling agape.

Jungkook groaned, feeling your walls tighten around him. « Fuck, such a good girl. », he complimented through gritted teeth, before reaching his climax, softly moaning near your ear, your name falling and falling from his lips as he came in the condom.

He collapsed on top of you, the both of you trying to catch your breath, bodies sweaty.

Jungkook chukled,« Sorry for the dress. »

The Friendly Wager (Part 1)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,528

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, bad date, implied sexual situations (no smut)

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?” I think this will have at least seven parts, so Kait, please feel free to disregard it till it’s completed :)

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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the timing is all wrong- h.s imagine

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You chuckled softly and excused yourself from the conversation you were having with one of your friends.

Harry drunkenly plopped his body next to yours, his body almost on top of yours. He buried his face into your neck and smiled.

As if your hands had a mind of their own, they started to rub his back in a soothing matter. “How are you doing, birthday boy?”

Harry hummed and pulled his body back so he could look at you properly. He had a stupid, drunk, smile on his face. “I’m having the time of my life!”

You laughed, heart swelling at your best friend. “Good! You deserve the world.”

Even in Harry’s drunken state, his stomach did backflips hearing your words.

“Harry! Come on, let’s dance!” a female voice shouted from the middle of the dance floor.

You cleared your throat and nodded your head towards her, “Your girlfriend is calling you.”

Harry looked back between Brooklyn and you. He opened his mouth but was interrupted by Brooklyn calling him once again.

You tapped on his cheek, “Go! We’ll talk later!” Harry gave you a peck on your cheek and promised to meet up again later and proceeded to dance with Brooklyn.

You stared as he wrapped his arm around her waist and gave her a hard kiss to which she returned, her arms wrapping around his neck. You cleared your throat and looked down at the beer bottle in your hands before taking a long chug from it.

Louis came over and sat next to you, placing a hand on your thigh. He leaned into your ear and whispered, “I saw that.”

You looked at Louis and smirked, “What? Saw Harry acting like a proper drunk idiot?”

Louis shook his head and returned a smirk back to you, “No. Saw you drooling over the drunk idiot.”

You smacked Louis hard on his chest. “I told you that in secrecy!”

Louis rubbed where you hit him and gave you a look, “Oi! I haven’t told anyone!”

You narrowed your eyes at him, “I’m surprised you haven’t with that giant mouth of yours.”

Louis held his hands up in defense, “To be honest with you, I am too.”

You gave him one more look before the two of you burst out into laughter. You shook your head and looked back to Harry and Brooklyn dancing to a slower song, arms wrapped around each other. Still looking at him, you told Louis, “Doesn’t matter. He would never feel the same anyways.”

The next morning, you woke up to a slight headache. Damn it. Should have drank more water last night. You picked up your phone to see several messages from Harry, no doubt he texted it to you when he was drunk; the thought making you smile softly.

Y/N love! Miss you!

We should totally rent a boat.

Promised you a dance! Where r u

Did u leave u dick

LOL you don’t have a dick

Wait do u




You laughed at Harry’s texts, wondering how in the world could he ever get these kind of ideas in his head. You glanced at the time at the top of your phone and figured you should make sure he got home alright.

“Hello?” Harry groggily answered.

“Morning sunshine.” You smiled getting up from your bed, heading over to the kitchen.

“I am anything from being in a sunshine mood this morning” Harry said, eyes closed, snuggling into his covers. “Can you bring me breakfast?”

You shut your fridge door and balanced the phone between your ear and shoulder, twisting a water bottle open, “Pass.”

Harry groaned loudly into the phone, “But it’s my birthday!”

You gulped down your swig of water, “It was last night, idiot!” Harry pouted, “But I’m hungry. And you love me.”

You rolled your eyes and chuckled. Harry whined, “Please Y/N.”

You sighed and smiled, shaking your head. “Fine.”

Harry cheered before wincing from the sudden movement, very hung over. “Maybe bring some aspirin as well.”

You were humming to yourself softly, holding a bag filled with Harry’s favorite breakfast: Avocado toast. Yours: A chocolate croissant.

You walked up to George, Harry’s doorman and dropped a bag in front of him. You smiled, “Hey George.”

George looked up at you and smiled before reaching into the bag. “Morning Miss Y/L/N.”

“I grabbed you a breakfast sandwich this time. George put his hand over his heart, “A woman that knows my heart.”

You laughed and walked away, “See ya, George!”

After taking the elevator to Harry’s apartment, you finally got to his door. You pulled his spare key out of your pocket and unlocked the door. You shut the door quietly, careful not to make too much noise. You placed your purse and bad with food on the counter. You began to walk to Harry’s bedroom but froze instantly. You heard a very loud moan come out of his room. You peeked your head from behind the hallway and were met with a rather disgusting sight. Brooklyn was on her knees in front of Harry. You quickly turned around and walked away, picking up the food and purse on your way out. Once you finally exited his apartment, you leaned against the door and sighed. She must of came over as soon as we hung up. Not wanting to let the food go to waste, you reached into your back pocket and pulled out your phone.


Louis sat at his dining room table, hand on his chin, pouting, “If I knew you were going to give me this, I wouldn’t have answered your text.” You shrugged your shoulders, finishing the rest of your croissant. “Harry loves that.”

Louis crossed his arms and mumbled, “Harry also likes sardines.”

You wiped your mouth before Louis spoke up again, “Why didn’t you just give him this then?”

You picked at the button on the top of your shirt, “I was but decided not to.”

Louis stared at you, “Brooklyn was there wasn’t she?”

You sighed and shook your head yes. It wasn’t that you didn’t like Brooklyn. She was a very sweet girl. You tried to look for something small to dislike her but unfortunately, you couldn’t. Brooklyn was lovely. She was someone Harry needed.

Louis bit his lip, a look of sympathy on his face. He didn’t understand how Harry could be so blind. Y/N was perfect in his eyes. She was funny, the right amount of sassy, and beautiful. Anyone would be lucky to have the honor to call her their girlfriend. Wanting to change your mood, he asked, “Let me show you something.”

“Louis! That was awesome!” You shouted. The two of you were sat in Louis’s mini studio inside his apartment. He just played back a song that he was recently working on, planning for it to be his next hit.

Louis pressed the stop button and smiled brightly at you, “You liked it?”

“Loved it! So proud of you!” You smiled, giving him a hug. Louis smiled and hugged you back a little tighter, “I’m glad.”

Harry was sat on the couch in your living room apartment, feet on the coffee table. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in a while.” You came back into the living room, popcorn in your hands. You sat next to him, getting into the same comfortable position as well. You shrugged your shoulders and grabbed the remote, going through the DVR. You clicked on the episode of Game of Thrones you were looking for and nestled into the couch a little more. “Wait, you skipped an episode. We didn’t watch that one yet.” Harry interrupted you.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot I watched that episode with Louis the other night” you said, grabbing the remote again. “I’ll watch it again if you’ll like.”

Harry turned his body so it was facing you, “Since when have you and Louis started hanging out?”

You shrugged your shoulders once more, “We’ve always hung out.” Harry scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah..but never alone..”

You gave him a confused look, “What does that have to do with anything?”

Harry sighed, “It doesn’t but I didn’t know you guys were on that friendship level..”

You gave him one more look before laughing, “Louis is great company, what’s the big deal?”

Harry got back into his position and rested his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer, a sense of worry going through his body. “I’m being silly, sorry love. Can we watch the episode?”

You were holding your chest, trying to gain your breath back. Louis stood next to you, tapping his foot, hands on his hips. “Y/N-” You held up your finger, still trying to catch your breath.

He rolled his eyes. “Oh for fuck’s sake, Y/N it was only a block!”

You and Louis started to grab some takeout. While you guys were walking back to his apartment, it started to rain. Not wanting the food to get ruined, Louis suggested the two of you to run the short distance. Finally, you were able to breathe. You narrowed your eyes at him, “I could have slipped on the rain and died.”

The two of you stepped into the elevator, he smirked at you. “That would be an unfortunate way to die. ‘Girl defeated by rain.’ Now that’s a buzzfeed article I would read.”

Ever since Harry’s birthday party, you and Louis became insanely close. At first you saw Louis as a distraction from your feelings for Harry but eventually you grew to really enjoy his company. Louis always admired you and hanging out with you lately has made his feelings for you grow more.

After the two of you finished the food, you really wanted to hear Louis’s new song again. Louis pretended to be annoyed but his heart warmed at the thought of you loving his song. As Louis played back the song, you began dancing like a mad woman. Louis was watching you, laughing at your horrid dance moves. As you were dancing, your foot caught on one of the wires that was on the floor. Louis quickly grabbed you before you fell to the floor. You placed your hands on his arms and looked up at him. You don’t know who kissed who first but you soon found yourself sitting on Louis’s lap, hands tangled in his hair. The two of you kissing as his song was playing quietly in the background, repeating itself.

You were walking to your door, hand in your hand, smiling at Louis’s latest text to you. You quickly sent him a text, arranging to meet up later. As soon as you opened the door, Harry was on the other side. His hand was up, looking like he was going to knock before you opened the door. “Hey. what are you doing here?” you asked, putting your phone into your back pocket.

“I broke up with Brooklyn.”

part 2?

Moscow (Part Two)

“Mister Nikiforov, was that child yours?”

“Mister Nikiforov, are you engaged?”

“Mister Nikiforov! Mister Nikiforov! Was that your bastard child?”

“How long have you been married, Mister Nikiforov?”

“Your wife, Mister Nikiforov, where is she?”

“Is it true you are fighting for custody of your child with its mother, Mister Nikiforov?”

He sat there stunned, listening to the shouts of reports as they bombarded him with questions. None related to the charity skate he had just done.

“ENOUGH,” Yakov declared loudly, causing the room to go silent, “We will only be answering questions about the charity event. No personal questions will be answered.” He glanced towards his coach, sending him a small smile before turning back to the crowd of reporters, plastering a smile on his face.

“Mister Nikiforov,” a young woman spoke up, raising her hand to catch his attention, “Did you do the charity event for your own child?”

Yakov let out a deep sigh while placing a hand on his shoulder.

“As I just said, no personal questions will be answered. Victor would like to keep his personal life personal,” Yakov spoke up again.

He knew people were interested in his personal life, as a sports star it was unavoidable. But he hadn’t been aware how quickly people jumped to conclusions.

Concluding he has a wife. That his child was sick. That he was fighting some custody battle.

“Mister Nikiforov,” a small voice spoke up, catching his attention. He smiled softly at the little girl that clung to the leg of one of the reporters in the room.

“Hi there,” he greeted, waving to the girl. The girl cheeks flushed in embarrassment as she shyly waved back.

“Um,” the girl started before glancing around nervously, “Mister Nikiforov, thank you for skating today.”

“It was my pleasure,” he ensured the girl, flashing her a bright smile, “Did you enjoy the show?”

“Yes!” the young girl declared with a nod of her head, “Especially when you jumped so high in the air!” He couldn’t help but chuckle softly and nod his head.

“Mister Nikiforov, do you have plans to have more children?”

“Do you plan to adopt, Mister Nikiforov?”

“Have you always been so good with children?”

Reporters started to pipe up, causing the young girl to shrink back against the person Victor concluded was her father or other relative. He sighed softly as he turned towards the reporters.

“That child today, wasn’t it the same one you tweeted about a month or so back?” One of the reporters piped up, catching his attention.

“Okay,” he sighed softly, “This will be my only statement regarding my personal life today. That child today, who I also tweeted about a little while back, is an angel that has stolen my heart, so maybe that makes him a devil.” He paused and hummed thoughtfully.

The room was silent for a moment before bursting into more loud questions regarding his Yuri. He sighed and glanced towards Yakov for help.

“If no one has any more questions about the charity event, Victor has some sick children to see,” Yakov declared. The room of reporters continued to shout questions unrelated to the charity event, ignoring Yakov completely. He sighed softly as he got to his feet and followed his coach out of the room.

“An angel, really?” Yakov asked as they made their way towards autograph session with all the sick children that were able to make it today.

“My little Yuri is an angel, Yakov,” he insisted while pulling out his phone and showing his coach a few pictures of Yuri cuddling with Potya. “I mean, just look at him,” he whined.

Yuuri chuckled softly as he gently ran his hands through Yuri’s hair as the boy slumbered against his chest.

The six-year-old had been at the crack of dawn, joining Nikolai to his morning walk to the corner store to pick up the morning paper and a few things for breakfast.

Yuri wasn’t good at sleeping when they were away from home, which often meant the boy crashed out during the day for a small nap.

“So cute,” a voice cooed, causing him to glance up and smile as Victor walked towards them, looking much more refreshed than he had after stepping off the ice.

“Hi,” he greeted, accepting the kiss Victor pressed against his lips.

“Hi there,” Victor said softly while sitting down beside him, “Sorry about the wait.”

“It’s fine. You gave Yura plenty of time to have a quick nap,” he chuckled while glancing down at the slumbering boy leaning against his chest. Victor chuckled along before gently leaving over and stealing the boy from his arms. He sighed softly as Victor cradled the boy to his chest seeming to deflate with the child in his arms.

“Okay, let’s get out of here. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving,” Victor whined while getting to his feet.

“Did Yakov give you the all clear?” he asked as he followed Victor’s example and got to his feet.

“Yakov said, I quote, ‘I don’t want to hear another word about your angel, get out of my face’,” Victor told him with a cheeky grin.

He rolled his eyes while following after Victor as he lead the way to what he could only conclude was the exit.

“How did the interview go? And the autograph session?” he asked with a soft smile.

“The autograph session was lovely. The children were so excited to meet me.” Victor sent him a bright smile as he spoke, though the way he tightened his arms around Yuri didn’t go unnoticed.

“The interview didn’t go well?” he questioned, causing the smile to slip from Victor’s face. They walked silently for a moment before Victor came to a halt.

“The reports, they,” Victor paused and took a breath, “They jumped to so many conclusions. I’m sorry about what might be said.” He stared at his boyfriend in confusion for a moment before reaching out to place a hand on Victor’s shoulder.

“Why are you apologising?” he questioned softly.

“I just know the media, they say such horrible things,” Victor said with a pained look on his face. He frowned and opened his mouth to question the older man on what he meant, only to pause as he heard Yuri let out a small whine.

“Yurio,” Victor cooed while gently rubbing the boys back. Yuri let out a soft hum at the sound of his name before jolting awake at what Yuuri could only conclude was recognising Victor’s voice.

“Vicchan!” Yuri said sleepily while flashing a large smile.

“Hey Yura, hungry?” Victor cooed while smiling brightly at the boy.

“Yes!” Yuri declared rather loudly.

He stood there a moment, watching Victor as he happily chatted with Yuri.

What had the reporters said that had upset Victor so much?

“Who is Nikolai?” he questioned as he sat on the balcony of their hotel room with Yuuri curled up beside him, two glasses and a bottle of wine on the table in front of them.

“Yura’s grandfather,” Yuuri stated simply while cuddling into the blanket that he had brought out with them.

After a lovely dinner, they had come back to the hotel and put Yuri to bed – he now understood why Yakov had gotten him an extra room – and decided to enjoy some wine on the balcony. Yuuri had complained about the chill and dragged a blanket out with them to keep them warm.

“I thought your parents were in Japan,” he questioned his pretty danseur.

“Not my parents,” Yuuri said while shaking his head, “Yura’s grandfather.”

“Oh,” he said softly.

At the start, from what little Yuuri had explained to him, he had just concluded that the two Yu(u)ri’s were father and son, but over time, it had come to his attention just how unlike the pair were.

They looked nothing alike and though genetics were complicated, he doubted that a child would get no aspect of his father’s appearance.

“Should I be worried?” he questioned while draping an around across Yuuri’s shoulder.

“Why would you worry?” Yuuri asked while looking up at him.

“I am meeting Yura’s grandfather,” he pointed out.

“And I’m sure Nikolai will love you. I know Yura sure does because he had a lovely time telling Nikolai everything about you,” Yuuri chuckled while leaning up slightly to plant a quick kiss on his cheek. Yuuri flashed him a smile after his little show of affection before leaning over to grab one of the glasses of wine sitting in front of them.

“Do I also need his permission to marry you?” he asked curiously, causing Yuuri to let out an adorable squeak.

“Victor,” Yuuri whined while glancing back at him, cheeks flushed an adorable shade of red.

“What? I’m serious,” he ensured his boyfriend. Yuuri stared at him for a moment before ducking his head down in embarrassment.

“I mean, having his approval wouldn’t hurt,” Yuuri muttered softly while cuddling into his side again.

“So, I’ll get his approval than,” he ensured Yuuri while pressing a kiss to the top of his head, “I’ll do whatever it takes to marry you.”

Victor clung to Yuuri’s hand as little Yuri excitedly knocked on the large wooden door in front of them.

He shouldn’t be nervous. Yuuri had ensured him that he shouldn’t be nervous, but his heart was pounding a mile a minute.

“Dedushka!” Yuri shouted, unable to contain his excitement as he started knocking on the door almost immediately after the original knock.

“Yura,” he called out softly, reaching out with his free hand to grab the boy around the waist and pull him a few steps back. “You got to let your dedushka get the door,” he explained while ruffling the boys head. Yuri stared up at him, a slight pout on his lips.

“But, Vicchan-” the boy started, only to pause when the door opened to reveal a rather stocky Russian man.

“Dedushka!” Yuri declared while slipping from his gasp and charging towards the man.

“Yurochka! Yurasha!” the man greeted loudly, scooping Yuri up into the arms as soon as the child collided with his leg.

“Afternoon Nikolai,” Yuuri replied while gently squeezing his hand, “Nikolai, this is Victor Nikiforov.”

“That’s Vicchan!” Yuri announced while flashing him a bright smile which he couldn’t help but return.

“Ah,” the older man replied while eyeing him closely for a moment, “Don’t stand there, get inside before you catch your death.” The old man said while waving them into the warm house and out of the Russian chill.

“Sorry,” Yuuri said while tugging him into the house.

“Dedushka! Dedushka! Are we having pirozhki?” Yuri asked while tugging on the man shirt. Nikolai let out a cheerful laugh while gently setting Yuri on the ground.

“I don’t know, Yurochka, I need a second pair of hands to make my pirozhki,” Nikolai said simply.

He watched Yuri closely as the boys light up in delight and he quickly starting jumping up and down in excitement.

“I’ll help, I’ll help!” Yuri announced while turning towards them.

“Well, seems you have a little helper,” Yuuri said, flashing a soft smile towards the boy.

“Yes! Come, Dedushka, we have to make pirozhki!” Yuri announced, grabbing his grandfather’s hand and pulling him towards what he figured was the kitchen.

He let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding when Nikolai disappeared with Yuri a few steps ahead.

“I told you not to worry,” Yuuri chuckled while gently squeezing his hand.

“I know, I know,” he chuckled while glancing towards his stunning boyfriend, who stared at him with the most gorgeous smile on his lips.

“I never asked if he was okay with,” he trailed off while waving his free hand around.

“With?” Yuuri asked, eyebrows scrunched together in confusion, “Me being gay?”

He flushed in embarrassment while nodding his head.

“Nikolai doesn’t care,” Yuuri stated simply.

“Oh,” he mumbled. Yuuri rolled his eyes with a chuckle before pulling him along after the Yuri and his grandfather. They found the pair reading through a book, rather seriously looks on their face.

“What’s wrong?” Yuuri asked while letting go of his hand and approaching the pair.

“Papa, we don’t have enough flour!” Yuri announced, sounding devastated like it was the end of the world.

“Oh no,” Yuuri gasped, earning a serious nod of confirmation from Yuri in response.

“We need to get more flour, papa, or we can’t have pirozhki,” Yuri explained, “We have to go right now!”

“We don’t need-” Yuuri started, only to be cut off by Nikolai.

“I just need another bag of plain flour, Yurasha. The corner store sells them. It should only take ten minutes, if you wouldn’t mind getting some?” Nikolai stated.

“Please, papa!” Yuri begged.

“Sure?” Yuuri said with a nod of his head.

“Yes!” Yuri said while running over to his father, “Let’s go papa!”

“Okay, we will be right back!” Yuuri announced, eyes locked with his during the whole sentence.

“Be back, dedushka, Vicchan!” Yuri called out with a small wave before dragging Yuuri away.

He stood there a moment, staring after his Yu(u)ri’s before glancing towards the other male in the room.

Nikolai was staring at him, a serious expression on his face.

He now realised that the man had probably forgotten to get more flour on purpose.

“So,” Nikolai said while crossing his arms across his chest, “You are the man who is living with my Yura’s.”

“Yes sir,” he confirmed with a nod of his head.

“You don’t deserve him,” Nikolai stated. He blinked at the man’s comment, surprised by how quickly and simply the man stated it.

His first thought was to deny it – he did deserve Yuuri, or so he liked to think – but he was trying to impress the man. If he didn’t deserve Yuuri and his gorgeous son, who did?

“Does anyone deserve him?” he replied, earning a thoughtful hum from the older Russian.

“No, no one does,” Nikolai confirmed with a nod of his head. They stood there in silence for a moment, simply eyeing each other off.

“Is Yuuri, Yura’s father?” he asked, breaking the silence and causing the older man to arch an eyebrow.

“Yurasha is Yurochka father,” Nikolai stated.

“Blood father?” he questioned.

Nikolai stared at him silent for a moment before turning away from him and towards the oven.

“Yurasha is Yurochka father. It does not matter if they are blood or not,” Nikolai stated.

“Yuuri,” he paused. Yuuri loved Yuri with every fiber of his being, to the point that he didn’t question their bond at first glance.

He still remembered it. The panicked look on Yuri’s little face as his father lay on the ground, pale and unconscious. The boy had been so panicked it had taken quite a bit to calm him down, even after he had managed to get Yuuri back to his apartment and into bed.

“I don’t believe either of them could survive without the other,” he stated slowly and simply.

Nikolai stared at him for a moment before nodding his head in agreement.

“Those two have been completely inseparable from the start,” Nikolai said, letting out a soft fond sigh.

The silence overtook them again as they stood in different parts of the kitchen, not saying anything. Nikolai turned away from him momentarily to turn on the oven and do a few other things. He hesitantly shrugged off his coat and carefully draped it across the nearest chair.

“Victor,” Nikolai called out to him, catching his attention immediately.

“Yes sir?” he responded.

“You will look after them?” The question hung in the air for a moment, as they turned to face each other again.

“Yes,” he confirmed, nodding his head as he spoke.

“Look after them. Yurasha is too kind-hearted and my little Yurochka is too pure,” Nikolai said.

“I’ll protect them both to the best of my ability,” he ensured the older man.

“Thank you,” Nikolai said, moments before Yuri’s barrelled into the room with a bag of flower clutched in his hands.

“Dedushka, we got the flour! We can make pirozhki now,” Yuri announced while holding up the bag of flour.

“So, did you ask for my hand in marriage?” he asked Victor, eyeing the man closely as they climbed into their hotel bed on their final night in Moscow.

“I knew I forgot something,” Victor gasped, turning to him with a panicked look. He couldn’t help but chuckle in amusement at his boyfriend’s words.

“Really?” he questioned, earning a bright smile in response.

“Well, I didn’t ask for your hand. But I got something a lot better than permission to marry you,” Victor stated simply.

“Oh?” he questioned while moving to curl up beside his boyfriend under the covers, “And what is that?”

“His approval,” Victor replied.

“Approval for what?”

“To be with you,” Victor replied before kissing him gently on the forehead, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he replied, a bright smile on his face.

He was truly in love with this man.

Who adored his child and had now managed to gain the approval of one of the tougher people in his life, Nikolai Plisetsky. His parents would be a walk in the park for Victor after Nikolai.

“Goodnight, Vitya,” he mumbled while pressing a kiss of his own to Victor’s cheek.

“Goodnight, Yurasha,” Victor mumbled, causing him to gasp in surprise. “It is okay if I call you that, right?”

“Yes,” he said, maybe a little too quickly. He flushed in embarrassment while sending his boyfriend a smile, “I’m just not use to hearing anyone but Nikolai call me that.”

“Well, you are now also my Yurasha,” Victor mumbled quietly, tightening an arm around his waist.

“I can live with that,” he replied, speaking just as quietly as they settled down to sleep.

“Papa, Vicchan.” A small voice called out for them from the doorway of the room, causing him to let out a soft sigh as he shifted into an upright position.

“What’s wrong, Yurochka?” he asked softly as he stared at the boy who stood hesitantly in the doorway of the room.

“Can I sleep with you?” the boy asked while glancing behind him nervously. He glanced towards Victor who gave him a small smile that explained it all. Neither of them could say no to Yuri.

“Of course, Yurochka,” he said while opening his arms up for the boy. Yuri all but bolted onto the bed and into his arms, happily curling up between them without any prompting.

“Thank you, papa, Vicchan.” He smiled as he settled back down on the bed, unfortunately now a little too far away from Victor to be cuddled by the man.

“Goodnight, Yura,” Victor said, pressing a gently kiss to Yuri’s forehead, causing the boy to hum in delight.

“Goodnight, Yurochka,” he cooed, mimicking Victor by kissing the boy’s forehead as well.

“Night papa. Night Vicchan.”

Skater Next Door AU

AO3 Skater Next Door

Craig wondered if the ghost knew that he could see him.

Ever since he moved into the snowy little mountain town of South Park, he’d always felt an uncomfortable itch on the nape of his neck, like someone… or something, for dramatics, was following him whenever he set foot into his new home.

He thought he was going crazy until his second week of residence in there, when he caught sight of a strange boy meandering about the hallway a little past midnight.

He saw matted blonde hair, hazy blue eyes and thin, ashen hands covered in band-aids.

Entranced, he called out, but the boy was already gone.

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anonymous asked:

Richie and Eddie smoking weed for the first time ;)))

richie couldn’t swear enough that he would take care of the other boy. he assured him that it would calm down a lil, make him feel amazing, and maybe forget about how many germs and allergens were floating above them

they skipped an their first period class and sneaked thru a hole in the fence behind the school, eddie cursed and mumbled about how many bugs could be biting at their ankles while they held hands, maneuvering thru tall grass and avoiding holes in the ground. they settled under a shady tree surrounded by dead grass and richie put his jacket on the ground so eddie would have a place to comfortably sit

richie had to show eddie how to light the bowl and properly use a lighter and he thought it was adorable. eddie coughed a few times and used his inhaling, insisting that maybe smoking weed wasn’t for him. but richie assured him that everyone coughs the first time, “lighten up, eds”

the colors intensified all around them, the bright oranges and yellows from the fall leaves and especially the sunrise. neither of the boys heard the school bell ring in the distance bc their laughter filled the air, they could almost see it. eddie felt so warm and fuzzy inside, humming to himself and swaying back and forth unintentionally

richie watched his boy fumble to click the lighter and take hits from the bong, and he felt like his eyes were popping out of his head, like in those dumb saturday morning cartoons and his chest ached from how fast and loud his heart was beating

richie montioned eddie to come sit in his lap, and he blew smoke in his mouth and told him to do the same to him. they sat like that all first period and laughed and things they now couldn’t remember, pointing out shapes in the clouds and kissing each other on any visible skin they could

fierce-of-mind  asked:

Me again. I was trolling through your archive and found ageflip and I was just wondering if you would write more? Has Anakin Fallen so far? Also your writing is sooooo good. It amazes me how many story lines you have!!!

Humming quietly as he rocked back and forth in the rocking chair, Anakin rested his cheek against the downy little hair as he rubbed the babe’s back as the little one sobbed softly into his shoulder. “Shhh, I know baby boy, I know… your tummy hurts and its all my fault for giving you the milk.” He murmured quietly.

Opening his yellow eyes again, he pulled back enough to look at the redhead in his arms as Obi-Wan continued to quietly hiccup and sob. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were allergic to the milk substitute baby or I wouldn’t have feed you it with Luke and Leia.” He tucked his deaged little padawan back against his shoulder, letting him sob himself tired as there was nothing he could do.

The medic told him that Obi-Wan’s body had to work through most of the milk chemicals before they could give him a small hypospray that would prevent the hives and rashes that would follow but that Obi-Wan would still have diarrhea and vomiting for a few days.

But now Anakin knew better, knew that Obi-Wan required a special formula compared to the twins or else he would be in sever stomach pains. “You always were special weren’t you Obi?” He chuckled softly before soothing at him through the Force. “Oh baby boy, sweet one.” He hummed, rubbing his back and tucking his stomach against Anakin’s shoulder to keep it warm even as Obi-Wan spit up some onto the rag Anakin had settled onto his shoulder in the beginning of all of this.

He had acted too hasty that day on Mustafar, the grasp of the dark and his rage taking control from him.

In his rage at both Obi-Wan and Padme he had injured both of them.

Padme had paid with her life during birth, giving him Luke and Leia and Obi-Wan…

Obi-Wan had gone into a seizure, his adolescent body scorched with lighting and his throat raw from being Force choked but Anakin had saved him thanks to his master.

By deaging the boy to his infant stages. Technically speaking he was about a month older then the twins but Anakin had named them triplets for simplicity sake.

After all, they were all Anakin’s now.

And he would raise all three.

Standing slowly, Anakin started to rumble as he paced the nursery with Leia and Luke sleeping peacefully under the mobile of star ships and planets that orbited their cribs, cuddling their stuffed taun-tauns.

“Do I need to take you with me to my meeting?” Anakin questioned softly as Obi-Wan’s little hiccuping sobs continued, sighing softly. “I think I do. But that’s alright baby boy. You’re more important to me then any meeting.” He headed over to a closet and pulled out the baby bag, settling it on his free shoulder with its diapers and other baby items.

Then he set off out, handing the reins of Luke and Leia over to the nannies for now as he took Obi-Wan with him.

It wasn’t easy to both be a Lord of an Empire and a father to three.

tears-0f-ink-deactivated2017111  asked:

It would be delightful if Magnus had a hellhound that stopped all the unwarranted visitors who show up without knocking. Today my puppy leapt over a chair and the corner a table to howl at the door. I can just imagine Jace slamming the doors open only to pull them quickly back because of the deep snarls and and slavering teeth awaiting him through the gap. Visitors start being careful and Alec chuckles while Magnus smirks at people now texting in advance and knocking politely.

this is exactly what i’m saying though

his hellhounds would bark and snap and growl at every single person who came anywhere near his door who wasn’t invited and that they didn’t know. if alec came to the door they’d be whining and scratching and immediately nosing at him, but jace and clary would get a whole lot of barking and howling and everyone would get wise real quick. you text before hand or you’re gonna get the angriest dogs you’ve ever seen snapping at you through the door

alec and magnus are no longer interrupted, they lay on the couch holding each other as the hellhounds bark and snap until footsteps fade down the hall and the hellhound pads back over to jump up and try to snuggle between them.

alec chuckles, kissing magnus’s neck and magnus hums, rubbing a hand down the dogs back. “such a good boy.”

get some son pt. 2 || davey jacobs

yet another part two, i’m glad you guys like my writing enough to want me do add to it (or you, just to tie up the lose end i dropped here and there, but it’s still nice to know that you’re invested)

anyways, what happened last time was you found davey selling and all the other newsies who were there wittnessed davey ask you to dinner and you say y E S and they were shook

hopefully you’ve read it 

so here’s part 2

       "C'mon Davey, they seemed really nice, please?!“ You pleaded but he shook his head. Since you had come over for dinner, you’d been pestering Davey to introduce you to his friends. Davey had said no each time. You didn’t understand why. Was he embarrassed of them? Was he embarrassed of you? "Are you embarrassed of me?”
Davey looked at you, shocked that you would think such a thing. 

        “N-no! Of course not! I could never be embarrassed of you, you’re wonderful. T-that’s not why I don’t want you to meet them.” He chuckled nervously on his last sentence. “I just don’t want them to take advantage of you or something.”

        That wasn’t completely true. While Davey knew that some of them would try very hard to get into your pants, you were smarter than that and they all knew that no meant no. No, what he was worried about was that you might want them to get into your pants. That didn’t come out quite right, he meant that he didn’t any of them to steal your heart. Just because they knew that he was in love with you didn’t mean that they wouldn’t try to woo you. And that you wouldn’t be wooed. It was silly and selfish, he knew, but he just didn’t want you to see that there were better options than him. Which again, was silly seeing as you two weren’t even a couple. Yet. 

        “Well, I’m a big girl, Dave and I’ve lived in New York long enough to know how to watch out for myself.” You argue, the gears wurring in your brain. You thought for a moment, trying to think of a threat or something to convince him. “And… And if you won’t introduce me yourself, I guess I’ll just have to do it myself." 

        "W-what? No, you wouldn’t do that! You don’t even know where the lodging house is!” You grinned, wondering why you hadn’t thought to say that earlier. It had sent Davey all in a flustered flutter, his cheeks had gone red and he began wringing his hat in his hands. Although you felt bad for giving the man anxiety, you couldn’t help but think that he was adorable. ‘Stop that!’ the voice in the back of your head chided. You had feelings for Davey, but you didn’t want to ruin one of the only friendship you had just because the boy didn’t like you back. He had to see at least ten girls that were much prettier, richer, smarter, and more level headed than you, everyday whist he was selling his papers. You didn’t stand a chance. 

        “It shouldn’t be too hard, there’s newsboys on practically every street and the Lord knows how flirty they all are!” You clipped, putting your hands on your hips. For a moment you thought you had won. But the sudden smirk on Davey’s face dashed your victory. 

        “So your father is fine with you leaving the house unattended?” He challenged. God dammit, you hadn’t thought about that. Your family didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to you, but whenever you tried to go somewhere with one of your older siblings or Davey, your father freaked out. There was no way in hell he was about to let you go find some Newsie and have them show you their house. 

        “I-I’ll tell him that you’re taking me!” You fought back. You were about to smack this stupid paper boy. 

        “And I’ll tell 'em you’re lying.” Davey retorted, crossing his arms. You huffed. There was no getting around this, if your father didn’t catch you, Davey would. 

        “Please Davey, I just want to met them, not become one of them.” You begged, giving him a look not unlike the one that Les used when pretending to be a sick orphan. He gave in, knowing that he really couldn’t say no to you. 

        “Alright, fine.” He exasperated, putting his cap back on. You grinned again and he was pretty sure he could hear his heart. “But if anyone tried anything that I don’t like, I’m bringing you home." 

        "Oh, thank you!” You flung your arms around Davey, trying to ignore the strong, warm scent that he always gave off. It made you weak in the knee area. He chuckled, the sound humming through you. He patted your back. Those boys better behave themselves. 


        Davey was at your door by 7:00 pm sharp the next day. He had ushered Les home, telling him to inform their mother that he’d be with you. His mother trusted you to make sure that he didn’t do anything stupid, so that should be explanation enough. Your younger sister of 5 opened the door, looking at him with big brown eyes. Your siblings loved Davey and Les, but this one was a little on edge about Davey, probably because he was so big compared to everyone else in her small world. He bent down, not wanting to intimate her. 

        “Hey Sue Sue, can you get (y/n) for me?” The little girl just blinked at him, like she hadn’t understood the request. 

        “Sue, what did I tell you about opening the -, oh, hello David.” Your mother appeared in the doorway, a baby on her hip. She looked frazzled as usual. He felt bad, it had to be hard to keep track of ten children. He hoped he wouldn’t have that many children. Then again, you hated being apart of such a big family so he probably didn’t have much to worry about. He internally shook his head. What was he thinking, it wasn’t like you two were going to end up together, much less have kids together. “You can come on, (y/n)’s just cleaning off some dishes, she’ll be done in a bit.”

        “Thank you, Nell.” He said, entering the small home. Sue made a motion at him to pick her up. Davey was puzzled but complied, letting her wrap her arms around his neck and give his cheek a smooch. This was all very out of character for her.

        “She’s just excited. She thinks you’re taking (y/n) away to get married. She’s been babbling about it all day. (y/n) and her prince, Davey.” Nell chuckled, leading Davey to the kitchen. His face was a beet red. Did her family think they were a couple? He found you at the wash bin, your back turned to him. 

        “Hey Newsie.” He chimed, making you jump and almost drop the dish you were holding. You shot him an annoyed grin, it was quickly replaced but a pleasant look of surprise. 

        “I think she’s finally learning to like you.” You comment, taking your sister out of his grasp and setting her on the floor. “Go find Janelle, I think she has a treat for you!” You convince the little girl. She shoots off like a rocket the moment she hears the word treat. You return to your full height, which was still shorter than Davey. “You ready to go?”

        “Ready when you are” He shrugged. He was a little disappointed that the moment with Sue had ended. It almost felt like you were a little family. You nodded, linking your arm around his and leading him out of the building. You took a deep breath when the lodging house came into sight. Davey stopped you in your tracks, making you face him.

        “You don’t have to be nervous. They’re really excited to meet you.” He assured, confronting your unsaid fear. You bit your lip, looking at your shoes. You were excited to meet them to, but that didn’t stop your nerves and the ever badgering question.

        “But what if they don’t like me?” You questioned, beginning to mess with the cuff of your friend’s sleeve. Davey laughed, tilting your chin back to him.

        “So long as you’re not one of the DeLancey brothers, they’ll like you. Besides, you’re a very hard person to dislike. You’ll be fine.” He insisted, gently taking hold of your arm and continued walking. You stop right in front of the door. Already you can hear the commotion going on in there and you feel your anxiety tug at your gut. Davey noticed your expression. In a moment of bravery, his hand slips down into your’s, giving it a small squeeze. “Hey, you’re my family. And if you’re my family, you’re their family. They’ll love you. You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

        There are butterflies in your stomach but your heart feels bolder. You give Davey a quick, tight hug and a thank you before letting him open the door. There are boys all over the place. Some are sitting on a couple of worn out couches, playing cards. Smaller boys are chasing a few older ones. Others are tossing a ball back and forth. One by one, the boys stop whatever they’re doing to look at you and Dave. Some of the older ones take off their hats. You blush, not expecting your arrival to be this big of a deal. A curly blond with a cigar hanging loosely from his lips hops off the couch and struts over to you, grabbing your knuckles and kissing them.

        “It’s nice ta meet ya, miss (y/n)” The young man chirped. A sudden peg of annoyance aimed at Davey flashed through you. Apparently, they knew your name, but the only one you knew of Jack and this boy didn’t meet the description. You looked over at Davey, silently asking for a name. He mouth back 'Race’. Or at least, that’s what it looked like. But Race wasn’t a name, it must be Rick or Red or something. 

        “You as well… Rick..” You hesitated on his name. He cocked an eyebrow at you.

        “It’s Race.” Although he kept up his charming air, his correction was a little short. 

        “Oh my, I’m terribly sorry.” You apologize, feeling like a fool. Great, things were already going wrong. Why did you beg Davey so hard again? Race waved his hand in the air like it was no big deal.

        “Don’ even worry 'bout it, princess.” He winked. Davey drew a little closer, putting a hand on your shoulder. 

        “Race, where’s Jack?” He asked, not wanting to give the boy anymore chances to hit on you. Race seemed a little taken a back. 

        “He’s up on his, uh, penthouse I t'ink.” Race grumbled, “I’ll go an’ get 'em. Don’t go anywhere Princess, I’ll be right back” He left with a wink and a smirk. You looked back at Davey.

        “They’re not all that flirty, are they?” You tried to not show how uncomfortable that experience had made you. Sure, he was just trying to be sweet and you were flattered, but you never knew how to handle being hit on. Davey and some of the boys who were closer to you laughed. 

        “No, most of these guys aren’t like that. Race is a special case. Well, him and Romeo.” A short boy gasped, throwing his hand to his heart. 

        “David, how rude of youse ta say such things about me! Comparing me ta Race? Really?” He mocked, tossing his other hand to his forehead like he was about to faint. You giggled at the goofy guy. Davey loved the sound of your laugh more than he loved most music. 

        “And that be Romeo.” He sighed, rubbing the back of neck. “That’s Specs, that’s Albert, that’s Henry, that’s Jojo, that’s Finch, that’s Mush, that’s Crutchie, and that’s Elmer.” They all gave you a chorus of greeting in return. You waved at them a little shyly. 

        “It’s nice to finally meet you all!” You bubbled, beaming at all of them. Davey tugged at your arm to get your attention. He pointed up to the top of the stairs where a groggy teenage boy was entering through a door, followed closely by Race. 

        “And that’s Jack, the one who sold you the pape.” He explained. You made a noise of realization. Jack squinted at you, then he hit Race in the chest and muttered something to him before jogging down the stairs and to you. 

        “Well, I’m finally beenin’ introduced ta (y/n) 'erself, how swell is dat!” Jack chuckled, readjusting his cap. A pang of guilt filled you as you remembered that you’d basically shoved him aside without even buying a paper.

        “It’s nice to meet you, Jack. Davey’s told me lots about you.” You gushed, not really sure what to say to him. He seemed like a such a big presences. After all, he was the famed Jack Kelly, the cowboy, the one who’d gotten away from the refuge on the back of Teddy Roosevelt’s carriage. Davey wasn’t the only one who had told you about him, your two younger brothers thought he was the shit as well. 

        “Like wise. I’m glad dat Dave can have a girlyfriend dat don’t make him stutter.” Jack teased, smacking Davey lightly in the shoulder. You both suddenly got very flushed.

        “Oh, we’re not-” “He’s not-” “Nothing is-”

        Jack waved off your feeble protests. 

        “Just use protection an’ lemme know when da weddin’ is”

                                 ~ to be continued ~

Curiosity – Part 2 (M)

Originally posted by kimdaddynamjoon

Pairing: CamBoy!Seokjin x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: here have some more filthy smut

Word Count: 2,258 words of actually one of the best smuts I’ve written I’m shook

Warnings: boy x boy (I said I don’t write it but the opportunity was there so I’m trying it out), daddy kink, dom!seokjin, sub!jungkook, gag, oral, some dirty talk, deep throating, slight cum play

Summary: Ever since that day you saw your best friend’s cam, you couldn’t help but become a shy idiot around him, refusing to look at him in the eye for long periods of time. Sexual thoughts about him, his gorgeous fingers, his beautiful broad shoulders, his sinful lips and his oh so divine cock wouldn’t leave your mind.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

Ever since that day you saw your best friend’s cam, you couldn’t help but become a shy idiot around him, refusing to look at him in the eye for long periods of time. Sexual thoughts about him, his gorgeous fingers, his beautiful broad shoulders, his sinful lips and his oh so divine cock wouldn’t leave your mind.

“Hey, you okay? You’ve been a little…” Seokjin trailed off, whispering to you so he wouldn’t get in trouble (“it’s gon get you in trouble, ooh, ooh”) with the teacher.

You only nodded back with a faint smile, “yeah I’m fine. Just a little stressed that’s all,” you lied, but it did make sense because it was nearing end of semester and everything was being thrown at you, it was a logical excuse on your behalf.

“Ah, alright. Oh, by the way, I’ve got a day off work today. Do you wanna go out and grab some dinner together?” Seokjin grinned at you. You couldn’t help but think that exact smile was being directed at the camera to hundreds of people last night. “A-ah…no, sorry. I’ve got a paper to write tonight. I’ll see you around,” you said rather quickly as you got up because of the bell signalling that your class was over for the day, not noticing the way that Seokjin’s smile had dropped into a small frown before turning up into a small sad smile. “Okay, good luck.” He spoke back but you were already walking towards the door.


You groaned as you walked into your apartment, paying no attention and throwing your bag off to the side and letting it hit the table making the vase sitting on top of it fall and break into pieces. “Of course, of fucking course.” You muttered as you slumped down on the couch and closed your eyes, thinking back to the thought of Seokjin and his offer for dinner. You would have loved to go, he was amazing and so kind but you would not be able to keep a conversation going with him at this rate. You would have been glancing at his hips or his hands or his lips throughout the whole dinner and probably said something stupid about how he’s been on your mind for the entire day and boom, there was the end of your friendship.

You were snapped out of your little daydream session when you heard someone knock on your door in a hurry. You stood up and opened the door revealing your wide eyed, muscular neighbour, Jeon Jungkook. “Hey Kookie what’s up?”

“Are you okay? I heard something smash and I got worried and I just, came to check up on you? Everything okay?” He spoke very quickly, his words getting jumbled up a little as he spoke, making you smile in response. “Yeah I’m fine, I just knocked my vase off but it’s okay I’m good.”

“You sure? Do you need help cleaning it up?”

“Nah, it’s good, I can manage. Thanks for coming over though.” You smiled. “No problem…anyway I should uh, get going. I’ve got someone coming over today.”

“Oh, a date?” You raised your eyebrows with a playful wink making him blush. “Yeah, something like that. I’ll see you soon.” Jungkook smiled and walked off to the left giving you a wave before entering his place. You closed your door before coming to the realization that you needed to clean up the glass on the floor.


29/11/16 | 10:28 PM

Jin’s cam starting in two minutes. He’s got a special surprise for you. Come and watch ;)

Yeah, you had a problem because you shamelessly clicked on the link that came up on the pop up ad and waited for the number to count down to 0:00 again, for the second night in a row. Again, a slightly blurry Seokjin came into view before the screen cleared up and you were able to see everything much clearer. He greeted everyone with his signature smile before taking a step back.

“I’ve got a special someone joining us today, would you like to see who?” he waited a few moments before stepping aside and to your surprise, revealing a muscular yet naked Jungkook kneeling on the floor, hands tied behind his back with a gag in his mouth, jaw open wide as drool was running down the sides of his mouth. You gasped, so…that was what Jungkook meant when he said he had someone coming over (you and Jungkook were neighbours so you secretly prayed that the thin walls of your apartments would let you hear some of the beautiful noises later on). Jungkook’s cock was already hard, beads of precum seeping through his tip and rolling down the side of his length. He looked up at Seokjin with wide eyes, desperately wanting to do something.

“I had a little fun with him before, he’s been sitting like this for the past half an hour. Do you think he should do something for his daddy?” Seokjin spoke as he ran a hand through Jungkook’s hair softly, making the younger boy release a hum. Seokjin looked back at the comments and smirked before turning back to Jungkook and pulling his hair back so he was looking right up at Jin. “They want me to take out your gag, would you like that baby boy?”

Jungkook couldn’t do much apart from nod desperately with a whine, wanting nothing more at that moment than for his mouth to gain some feeling again. Seokjin let go of the youngers hair and undid the gag. Jungkook took a deep breath afterwards, looking up at Seokjin with a small smile before saying, “Thank you, daddy.”

Jungkook did not seem like someone who would be willing to be on their knees and tied up, especially by someone like Seokjin. The sight of the two men made your mouth go dry and you didn’t hesitate to pull your hoodie and shorts off. You didn’t bother wearing a bra because you were at home but you left your panties on. You ran your fingers down the curve of your breasts, taking your perky bud and giving it a small pinch, making your breathing hitch a bit. On the screen in front of you Jungkook was now waiting for Seokjin to undo his jeans and slip off his boxers. Seokjin’s cock came into view again for another night, Jungkook and you both licking your lips at the beautiful sight.

“You’re going to be good and beg to daddy to let you suck him off, yeah?” Jungkook gulped deeply and nodded back at the older man standing in front of him, Jungkook gulped deeply and nodded back at the older man standing in front of him, “of course daddy,” he began before licking his lips again, his eyes dropping down to take a good look at his cock and then raising his head to look up at him again. “Please daddy, let me suck you off like the good little boy I am please. I want to wrap my lips around your cock and take it as deep as I can in my throat before I let you fuck my face as I gag please daddy, let me suck you.” Jungkook whines out.

You’d never seen anything that hot before (apart from the sight of Seokjin covered in his cum yesterday, nothing would be able to beat that). You didn’t hold back the airy moan that left your lips as the tip of your finger trailed over your clit, getting awfully turned on at the sight.

“Mm, good boy,” Seokjin hummed softly as he took a hold of his cock and tapped Jungkook’s cheek with it. “Open up baby boy.” Jungkook obliged happily, opening his mouth as wide as he could as Seokjin’s hips moved forward, groaning lowly as he saw his cock disappear into Jungkook’s mouth.

“Oh fuck…” you moaned, immensely turned on, slipping a finger into yourself and moving your hand backwards and forwards slowly, not taking your eyes off the screen.

Jungkook moved forward on his knees, wanting to take more of Seokjin’s cock into his mouth, his hands being tied around his back making it a little difficult. “Keep your mouth open, daddy’s gonna fuck that pretty little mouth of yours baby boy.” Jungkook couldn’t help but moan around him as he kept still looking up at Seokjin. He was beautiful, his blonde hair falling over his eyes, sweat making some strands stick to his forehead, his tanned skin looking so so beautiful.

You bought one hand up to your boobs and gently massaged them, pinching your nipple every now and then to add to your pleasure as your finger did its job. It wasn’t until a few moments later until you decided to add in another one, gasping and throwing your head back before weakly moving your sight back to the laptop screen, not wanting to miss a second of the two men who were the reason for most of your pleasure right now.

Seokjin smirked down at Jungkook and raised his hand and ran it through the youngers hair again before pushing his head to make him sink down on his cock some more, making Jungkook gag around him, a guttural loud groan escaping Seokjin’s lips. “Fuck baby boy, you take my cock so well don’t you?” He whispered but it was just loud enough to be heard through your screen. Jin pulled Jungkook’s head back and he gasped for air, forgetting about the question until Seokjin’s hand came to tug his head back and a somewhat hard slap being sent to Jungkook’s cheeks. “Yes! Yes, I-I do daddy. I do.” Jungkook groaned out. “Please fuck my face daddy please.” With the whining and lewd noises coming from your screen you knew you were not going to last long at all.

“Good boy. If you let daddy cum in your face, he’ll give you a reward. You’d like that right?”

“Yes, daddy yes I would.” He spoke quickly, excitement filling his body and he opened his mouth again. Seokjin didn’t waste a second before moving his hips forward so his cock slipped inside Jungkook’s mouth again, furiously moving his hips while holding his head in place and fucking it. “Look up at me baby boy, don’t look away.” Jungkook quickly flicked his eyes up to look at the elder above him, groaning at the sight.

The lewd noises and the low groans of the two men were all that were needed to bring you over the edge for the second night in a row, your mouth hanging open as your fingers helped you ride out your high.

“Fuck, baby boy, I’m so close. You gonna let daddy cum all over your face? You’re gonna be a good boy and say yes right?” Jin pushes Jungkook away and wrapped his hand around his cock, his hand pumping it quickly, needy for release. “Yes daddy, please, cum on my face.”

“Oh-fuck…” Seokjin groaned out as hot white liquid came out of his tip and ribbons on his cum covered Jungkook’s face. The younger man flicked out his tongue and caught some of it as his hands were still tied, moaning lowly at the bitter taste of Seokjin’s cum in his mouth.

“So good baby, so good,” Jin panted out, still trying to regain his breath after his high. “Come on, stand up for me,” He spoke to Jungkook and helped him up. Seokjin bought his hand up to Jungkook’s face and gathered some of his juices and slipped a finger into his mouth, groaning at the taste of himself (damn this boy really likes cum lmao). Bedside him, Jungkook whimpered.


“I know baby, I’m getting there.” He smirked and placed a small kiss to his neck before walking over to the camera again. “Should my good baby boy get a reward?” He cocked his head to the side innocently, looking at the comments with a smile, your heart fluttered at the sight. How could someone so dirty be so innocent at the same time?

“What-what are they saying daddy?”

“Looks like they all agree you’ve been a good boy for daddy,” Jin grabbed a cloth that was sitting on the table and used it to wipe away some of his cum that was still residing on Jungkook’s face before tossing it on the bed. “Let daddy reward his baby boy.” He whispered into his ear before biting down in his earlobe as his hand wrapped around Jungkook’s erection.

He couldn’t help but moan loudly at his touch, being rejected of relief for so long. Seokjin already knew his boy want going to last that long, his cock was already twitching in his hand. “You going to cum baby? Come on, cum all over daddy’s hand like the god little boy you are.” Seokjin’s naughty words were what sent Jungkook over the edge, his mouth opening and a low growl slipping past it as his hot seed was released over Jin’s hands and his own abs. Seokjin didn’t let go of his cock though, he kept moving his hand up and down around it until Jungkook whimpered out, “please, d-daddy too much.”

Seokjin placed a small kiss to the corner of Jungkook’s mouth as he walked back to the camera and have his smile again and waved before turning the stream off. You were left in your seat wondering how the hell you would be able to talk to Jin, let alone Jungkook after all you had seen.

holy shit, i’m shook. i actually love this omfg, i’m dying. my parents were in the room when i wrote this lmao. i hope you all die from this because i did :)

feedback is appreciated :)

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If you're still doing the Kiss Requests, can we please get "a hoarse whisper “kiss me” then licks their lips and says “please”" with Tae? If you're not still in the mood to do them, no worries! <3 Congrats on good grades!

Kissing requests <3

 a hoarse whisper “kiss me” then licks their lips and says “please”

Paring: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Dreamer!Au // Angst // Drabble

Word count: 2.3k

Author’s note: damn I loved writing this, thank you for requesting anonnie, I hope you’ll like it :’)

(and sorry for some philosophical crap I put in the middle)

You visit Taehyung every night, exactly two hours after the moon has risen.

Usually you wait for him on the rooftop of the building he lives in, sitting on the cornice with legs dangling off the border and eyes up to the sky to count hours and minutes in the swirling ways of stars. By the time Vega reaches the highest point, you know the boy will open the door and crunch next to your frame with a question already stumbling from his lips.

Sometimes you don’t have all the answers he needs, yet Taehyung doesn’t seem to mind, for he basks into the sound of your voice more than into the meaning of your words.

Tonight, still, you notice as some light breeze combos your hair, heavy clouds hide the firmament from your sight and you can only make out the pale halo of the moon dripping throughout the thick layer of nimbus. With a view like this it’s hard for you to tell the time, yet you fear not, because you are sure Taehyung will eventually come – he never missed a single appointment since you two met months ago, after all.

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Less Than - fic

Characters: Damian Wayne, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Cassandra Cain, Bruce Wayne
Summary: Jason didn’t mean to find Damian in the middle of a breakdown. He also doesn’t know why he was surprised to find that it was Tim’s fault.
A/N: I recently read the Night of the Monster Men crossover, and it annoyed me how much everyone talked about Tim being dead. Like, I get this is right after it happened, but…it just seemed excessive. And I began to ponder how it would affect the boys who had been dead themselves before. I decided it wouldn’t affect them well, for a multitude of reasons. Basically, this is just Damian letting his own grief and insecurities finally get to him. He apologizes at the end because he feels guilty that the family found out and he made them feel bad/worry. He cries because of that and also his grief. Jason finally hands him over to Dick when they get home, and Dick holds him like a lil baby the rest of the night. Damian probably falls asleep in his arms let’s be real. This is basically just word jumble.


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just to see you smile // zach herron

Pairing: Zach Herron x reader

Warnings: none?

Requested: seaveylicious on Twitter ( follow me @jeedlypuff)

Summary/Sentence: based on Just To See You Smile by Why Don’t We

Word Count:

Written by: Jayde - itrytobesocial

not edited


just to see you smile // zach herron

“Hey, y/n, did you know I once had a beard? I didn’t like it, but it grew on me.” Daniel let out a giggle at his own joke. You were feeling quite down today, and the boys (mostly Daniel) were throwing puns and dad jokes in your direction to get you to smile.

“I don’t understand why there is a poop emoji. I mean, it looks like shit.”

“I just coughed into my coffee. Guess that’s why they call it a cough-ee!”

“Just crack a smile, y/n!” Zach yelled, causing you to shoot a stone cold glare in his direction. He stared back at you, standing up, grabbing you from the couch and pulling you into the next room.

“What is your problem today?” Zach whispered. He turned to look at you.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” You said as you turned to walk away. Zach grabbed your forearm and pulled you back to him.

“No you’re not. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I just,” You sighed “, I just don’t feel myself today. I feel insecure about everything.”

Zach’s face softened “. Y/n, you know you don’t need to feel insecure about yourself. You are perfect.” Zach’s breath instantly hitched and his face fell into a state of panic.

You stared at him in shock “I-I’m perfect?”

“Y/n you are perfect to me.” He said as he stepped closer, your faces just inches about. Zach’s eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips, before finally closing the gap you longed to be gone.

He wrapped his arms around your waist before deepening the kiss. Both of you pulled away for air.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for that?” Zach whispered.

“Not as long as me.”

“Wanna bet?” You two sat in a comfortable silence just holding each other before Zach spoke up again. “We should probably go back to the boys now before they suspect anything.”

You hummed in response, following Zach back to the others. Once you walked in, Daniel instantly looked at you,

“Were my puns not enough?” He said whilst letting out a fake sob, causing your face to break out into a smile as you let out a giggle.

“There’s that smile!” Zach said, wrapping an arm around you and placing a kiss on your neck.

Next thing you knew, the boys were going crazy.

You’re My Boo

jikook | rated t | halloween au | 1.2k | ao3

Jimin may or may not regret inviting his boyfriend over for a lazy Halloween. 


Jimin stared blankly back at Jungkook, his mind quickly rolling through the last seven times his boyfriend had attempted to scare him today. It was such a Jungkook thing to do—turn a lazy date night at home into some sort of ‘Scare Jimin’ game that came at the expense of, well, Jimin!

“You’re not scary,” Jimin deadpanned.

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Charming - BamBam (Day 55/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To read the other drabbles in my drabble challenge, click here

Prompt: Charming
Member: BamBam x Reader
AU: Highschool!AU

Word Count: 2532

This was requested forever ago by anon with popular!BamBam and nerdy!reader after they watched GOT7’s Mr. Chu cover! Hopefully they can still read it and enjoy~

“Oh wow, don’t they look so good today?” your friend asked, squealing beside you. You glanced up from the notes you were writing and followed her gaze out across the courtyard.

In the middle of the grass were the seven most popular boys in school, laughing and joking with each other. It was well known that each of them came from affluent families, but that wasn’t the only reason they were popular. On top of being extremely handsome, each of them had their own charms. Some were more rambunctious than others, but all of them did relatively well in school and were genuinely nice their fellow classmates.

You, on the other hand, were not as well-known. Or maybe you were, but it would only be a reputation of being the nerdy know-it-all that always had their head stuck in a book and answered all the questions in class.

“Ah, Jackson is so handsome,” you friend sighed in a dreamy voice. You hummed in agreement, but as you looked at the boys your eyes kept going back to one of them in particular.


He was arguably the most energetic and ‘extra’ of the group, notorious for going around the school and dabbing or some other trend. His fashion tastes were always on point and he was a teacher favorite despite being one of the biggest class clowns. The biggest talk in school had been when he came back from spring break with silver dyed hair that you thought looked exquisite.

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