The End Of All Things

I’m trying something new….

What if it was you. What if it was you as Peggy, what if you had to say goodbye to Steve.

(Song suggestion : The End Of All Things by Panic! At The Disco)

“He’s on the ship!!”

“He made it!”

“He’s asking for you!”

You feet couldn’t have carried you quick enough to the console. Your heart was fluttering in your chest at the thought of seeing Steve again. The plans for your dancing date hung in the air along with your breath as you pressed the button.

“Y/N?! Is that you?”

“It’s me Steve!”

Pause. “Good. I need you to-”

“Turn it around, come home.”

“I can’t.”

Your whole being grew heavy. “Steve, what are you saying?”

“It’s going to go off.”


“If I can land it in the ocean, the city will be safe from the blast.”

Your breath caught, a wave of heartache washing over you.



Pause. “I don’t know how to dance.” He let out a small chuckle.

“I’ll have to try my best to teach you then, won’t I?” A small tear fell from your eye.

“Yeah, you will. I’ll see you at six then.”

Another tear. “Don’t you dare be late.”

“I won’t be.” You could feel his smile, true and proud. “Y/N, no matter-”

“Steve. No. Just don’t be late.” More tears cascaded down your cheeks.

“Okay, but Y/N, I lov-”





You pulled away from the console, small drops of water falling into your lap from your face. You closed your eyes, but all you saw were his blue ones. A bright blue full of the hope you needed, the hope you clung to. Blue as the sea that had swallowed him away. The blue eyes you would never see again.

You felt a hand on your shoulder, but you didn’t move. You needed to get ready. You stood up and fixed your skirt.

“Where are you going?” Howard asked, his eyes slightly red from tears. You wiped your own eyes before responding.

“I owe him a dance.”




“I knew you wouldn’t be late.”

“Much has happened, but I made it.”

“You did.” You beamed proudly, meeting his hopeful eyes. Something lingered in his gaze.

“The way I feel has remained the same, despite the changing time.”

You just smiled, your fragile hand reaching from his strong one. Your eyes closed.

It was sadness that was hidden behind his eyes.

He was in love, even as they lowered your casket into the earth.


tbh AA amends for SO MANY of the MCU’s sins…..just like you both said, AA treats Natasha as a solid, story-worthy character, and her relationship with the Hulk is actually NUANCED and THOUGHT OUT (instead of some sloppy, misogynistic + heteronormative last minute attempt at a romantic subplot) ((all of which I’ve actually touched upon a bit in this post, but tbh i could go on and on about the symbolic juxtaposition of AA!Nat and AA!Hulk’s physical size and strength and histories, while still being portrayed as equally capable and worthy Avengers)).

also, you know what’s the best part? Specifically in this last episode, Natasha got to be the hero. Not only was she the one who saved Hulk from Hydra’s brainwashing, but she also got to be a hero in a literary sense, in that she experienced personal growth, conflict, and change in relation to reconciling with her past in the Red Room, and finally being able to admit to herself that she was happy with who she was in the present day.

I mean, honestly: if AA can do all that in 22 minutes, it’s really worth questioning how the MCU can’t even manage to do that over the span of 5 movies, huh?

A Shoulder To Cry On

Prompt: 28. “Were you ever going to tell me?”
32. “I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong, and don’t try lying to me.”

Characters: Bruce Banner x Reader

Words: 500+

Bruce woke up by a buzzing noise from his phone on the nightstand. He sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes slowly. Bruce grabbed his phone and saw what the time was, it said 4:30am, he had received several text messages from you.


Are you awake?

I fucked up pretty badly.

Can you come over?

Please Bruce, it’s an emergency.


Bruce got really worried, and quickly got out of bed stumbling around in his room to get dress. He grabbed his car keys from the dresser and ran though the tower. Tony starred at Bruce when he ran past the lab.

Bruce rushed to your apartment; you lived about 10 minutes away from the tower. Bruce couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened, and what you meant with ‘I fucked up pretty badly,’ He parked the cat outside of your building and took the stairs.

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what do you love about Avengers Assemble?

Since my last post was pretty popular I wanted to ask people why they like avengers assemble! any reason is valid so feel free to say it! REBLOG THOSE OPINIONS PEOPLE!! (or just anonymously answer my blog why but either way works! ) anyways looking forward to those answers people!!


Shiro, you picked up the littlest one, no one is impressed.


can everyone take a moment to consider what it would be like if the avengers got pokemon go:
  • the day of its release, natasha disappears for a full week and comes back at level 16, with nine different rare pokemon. nobody asks what she did
  • clint uses the vents to track pokemon around the tower, and often jumps down into bedrooms at random moments to catch one. sometimes he loses signal, and you can hear him yelling in frustration through the air vents
  • tony programs the suit to alert him when there’s a pokemon nearby so he can fly there instantly, and he does the same for rhodey. after three days of this, the rest of the avengers confront them and accuse them of cheating. (”you’re supposed to walk, tony.” “shut it steve you’re just jealous that i got the snorlax before you.”)
  • steve catches onto the game lingo surprisingly quick, despite never hearing of pokemon before. he hatches the most eggs.
  • one time on a run, sam and steve saw a jigglypuff appear on their grids. that was the only time sam managed to run faster than steve.
  • the game won’t count pietro’s steps when he runs fast, so he’s taken to figuring out where the pokemon is and directing wanda and vision (and sometimes clint) to it.
  • all the electric-type pokemon show up near thor, so hes become the target of many phones pointing at him. he often thinks theyre taking pictures of him so he smiles, no matter what hes doing.
  • bruce has a small army of eevees, despite rarely leaving the lab
  • when bucky is taken to the tower, its after the game’s release, so he’s startled when everyone drops what theyre doing and grabs their phones when someone yells “SQUIRTLE.” he thinks its code for something and starts keeping a list of the different pokemon names he hears. it takes three weeks for someone to correct him.
  • during a debrief, everyone’s phones vibrates, including fury’s. they all stare at him while he catches a clefairy.
  • the real civil war: tony is team valor and steve is team mystic. the tower is a gym, so they constantly battle over it. one morning, everyone wakes up to find that the gym is now a team instinct gym, with a 3000 CP gyrados guarding it, owned by a player with a russian username. tony and steve stop fighting over the gym. 

What Thor Was Doing During Captain America: Civil War