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“You think this will work?” Bruce asked doubtfully as he looked over to Tony. “Well if it doesn’t, things are gonna get pretty awkward” Tony shrugged as he continued to fiddle with the programming. “Don’t you think we should wait another day or two to work things over?” Bruce questioned, playing with the pen in his fingers. “Nah, we’re doing it today. Besides after it’s done I have to come back and mess with Jarvis again to get it back to normal” 



Words: 1092
Pairing: Avengers x Fem!Reader w/ an eventual Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Warnings: mentions of death

This series will be a lot of parts, idk how many yet, but it starts off after The Avengers and before Age of Ultron and will carry on up to Civil War.


Summary: After a family tragedy, Y/N’s life gets flipped upside down. Y/N is no ordinary teenage girl, however. She has powers and is known as an inhuman to S.H.I.E.L.D. She must continue to go to a brand new school in a brand new city while living the secret life of an Avenger in training.

        “Captain Rogers, this is Y/N Y/L/N. She is an inhuman and could be a valuable member of your team. She is to attend public school, but she will live at the tower. Her identity will remain classified with the exception of the Avengers. When she is to go on missions, she must wear a mask and no civilian or anyone outside your team may know what she can do. Here are her reports,” Fury informed, handing your files to Steve. He quickly opened them and started to flip through them.

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“I didn’t know you could do this” Bruce said examining you in amazement in your animal form. You quickly transformed back into your human self and grinned at him like you were a child.

“I didn’t know either for the longest time” you explained. To be honest every time you transformed you found yourself still becoming completely stunned.
“Honestly it’s amazing. Don’t you think so”.

“Its certainly impressive” Bruce answered returning your smile “I do suggest that you train yourself a little bit more. You have a gift [Y/N] and you have the luxury of learning how to control it easily”.



stumbled upon the teaser for avengers age of ultron on youtube and holy shit. i forgot how fucking amazing this trailer was. while i loved the movie, i wish it was as dark as the trailer made it out to be. i really hope the infinity war teaser has the same dark tone as this cause i think it was an A+++ trailer and it did a fucking A++++++ job of getting people hyped the fuck up. 

The scenes we NEED in Infinity War.

1. Tony asking for Peter and both respond.
2. Rocket needing Bucky’s metal arm.
3. Thor and Drax comparing their turds.
4. Groot helping Bucky with his mental state. Bucky even shares his plums with Groot.
5. “I am T'Challa, King of Wakanda.” “I am Groot.”
6. Somebody saying ‘No shit Sherlock’ and Stark and Strange give each other a knowing look.
7. They also bond over their facial hair.
8. Steve telling someone to watch their language and Drax asks how he can watch language.
9. Both Peters bonding over their retro tech.
10. Rocket and Stark drinking and creating robotics together.
11. An arm wrestle between Gamora and Nat.
12. Mantis getting Wanda and Vision together
13. Rocket hitting on a fox. “Rocket, she can’t talk.” “Of course she can! She’s just shy!”
14. Clint and Peter opening a little salon. Peter likes braiding Bucky’s hair the most.
15. Bucky waking up, seeing Natasha and smiling. “Why are you smiling?” “I remember you.”

Just stumbled across a little secret Avengers rehearsal by the @therussobrothers 

[Chris Hemsworth on IG]