Best Things about Thor Ragnarok

Immigrant Song

“Your savior is here!”

Thor with lightning coming out of his eyes

Skurge redemption

“Behold…my stuff!”

Hela, just in general

Every scene with Korg

Drunk Valkirye

Adorably confused smol Bruce

Bruce’s little “no” when Thor is telling the snake story

The Snake Story

“Get Help”

Basically everything involving the Brodinsons

Fenris Wolf! Puppy!

Heimdall being hot and amazing

Loki and magic

Thor thinking Loki turned into a piece of paper

Simply stunning cinematography

The Norway Scene

“I can’t tell the future, I’m not a witch. ” “No? Then why do you dress like one?” “Hey!”

Thor and Loki. With guns.

Val and Hulk Brotp

Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster

Thor’s short hair

Thor finally being interesting and likable

Thor constantly throwing things at Loki

“I’m here”

“You’re late.” “You’re missing an eye”

Loki using his helmet as WEAPON

“My sons, I love you”

“Agh! Loki!”

“Where’s your chair?” “I didn’t get a chair!” “Well get me out of this one!”

Team Revengers


El que no se lo pasa bien es porque no quiere no porque no puede.