*hugs edith* :(

Oh look, the Morels’ relationship is slightly sour.

….. her husband can’t handle this level of heckling.  But it was directed at her?

RIGHT in front of the husband.  Balls of granite.

The fuck, man.  I guess he doesn’t find her ENTIRELY bad.  …. why do you do this to me?  D:

  • Random person: How are you today?
  • Me: Well, Phyllis Logan made my heart burst with happiness, then Mary made me cry, then Molesley made me want to sing with pride. I just want to hug Cora, Bertie and Edith and suggest to Thomas that he might want to move to London. Daisy and Mrs Patmore need to shack up with Andy and Mr Mason and form a pig farming community. I want ALL of Isobel's hats, and I want a puppy. I am dead from exploded feels and happiness. As well as being heavy of heart that there's only one more episode and the Christmas special before these people are out of my life.
  • Random person: I meant in real life
  • Me: ...... Downton is real .....