✨DADS’ REACT TO…catching dadsona watching porn+jerking off✨

[like honestly, my brain is slowly dying from thinking for ideas. enjoy, feel free to send in asks!]


Watches you palm your crotch before you two make eye contact. You struggle to find an explanation before he laughs and reassures you it’s fine, before kissing your cheek and asking you what site you’re using.


Was a little weirded out as you let him take a quick glance at the screen. Used to watch it a lot himself in college but stopped. Jokes about how he could get you off faster than the video can.


Flustered about how he barged in on your “private time”. Tries to leave the room as quickly as possible without hurting himself and/or anything around him. Afterwards he makes you promise to tell him whenever you do something like that again.


Slightly surprised, but nothing really new to him (???). Carries on with his stuff as if nothing happened but asks you if you’ve gotten any ideas from it for bedroom time .


“Filling your mind with immoral thoughts is a sin!” “So is tying me to the bed and fucking me.” Tries to take the used electronic device away with you whining, before he eventually caves in and watches with you.


Slightly hurt that you turned to another medium to get off besides him. Curls up next to you and paws at your thigh till you put it away and let him give you pleasure.


Offers to show you a couple other sites that have more of a variety than yours, then gets moody and spoons you. Also likes to pinch your nipples till you finally stop.

my experience with the dads

Craig: Sweet storyline of getting reacquainted and being able to take things easy

Mat: Everytime he smiles my poor little gay heart stops. 

Brian: Makes you want to throw your character off a cliff to shut them up. Protect Daisy at all cost.

Robert: you deal with your inadequacies. I’ll be right here with you

Damien: Sweet and gentle. Also Naruto fanfiction and a MCR pun.

Hugo: He called a Kid a bitch once in a parking lot, it was awesome.

Joseph: I don’t know man, it’S a homeWreck