Kylux Great British Bake Off AU

Very much dedicated to the lovely @huxblush who mentioned this a few days ago, and I am in love with the concept bc the thought of those two balls of fury cooking together makes me laugh:

- Hux and Ren naturally scoff at each other because of their opposite techniques: Hux is precise and has impeccable presentation for all bakes, whereas Ren is more experimental and is excellent at surprising the judges.

- When it gets really hot in the tent Ren ties his hair up into a little bun, and the first time Hux saw it he dropped his flour.

- Ren and Hux banter and argue with each other so much that there are loads of facebook groups for Team Ren or Team Hux, with pages of GIFS of them sneering at each other.

- Hux is forever bending over to check that his cakes are baking properly in the oven, and the cameras have more than once caught Ren checking out his ass.

- Although they vehemently deny it, they both always sneak to look at what the other is doing; once they did this in a technical challenge and both got it so wrong that they were almost both eliminated.

- When Ren trips and spills melted chocolate all over himself, without even a blink he whips his shirt off and the nation and especially Hux (who works at a station just behind him) get a good look at how ripped he is.

- There was anarchy across the nation when Ren took Hux’s Strawberry Baked Alaska out of the freezer one fateful episode. It took Hux two episodes to forgive him.

- When Ren has a bad bake he is well known for having a well-publicised tantrum just off camera; once Hux went off to sort him out, and was shown in the background of the tent casually avoiding bread rolls being thrown at his head. Eventaully Ren calmed down.

- In the semi-final, it was obvious that Ren was getting more and more stressed about his baking, to the point where he was making easy mistakes. Despite Ren being his greatest competition (and him being eliminated meaning Hux would almost definitely win), when Ren finally threw himself on the floor in a strop because he couldn’t find one of his ingredients, Hux nudged him with his foot and wordlessly passed him what he was looking for.

- When they both find out they’ve gotten into the final, they forget themselves and hug. There is a shocked silence as they both realise what they’re doing, while Mel and Sue cheer them on.

as many of you already know, @crackedverbosity ‘s family was deeply effected by the disastrous floods in Louisianan earlier this month. Though the waters have since receded, the need to rebuild her family home has been left in it’s wake. You can read all about her experience HERE.

Cracked, is a beloved friend and i would do anything in my power to help her family, but by myself i can only do so much to help raise money for their Go Fund Me campaign which can be found HERE. I’m hoping to help encourage others to give what they can by offering what incentives i can for helping them raise the money to continue with the mountain of repairs necessary to restore their home!

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[example of doodle button designs]


  • the prints you will be sent will be randomly chosen, so they may be canonical or AU, but everything will be kylux (and each will be different!). prints may contain some partial nudity (bare chests/legs) but will not be especially NSFW or contain blood, etc. You’ve all (maybe?) seen my work, you know what to expect! hahahah! XD
  • none of my work was ever meant to be printed, so the colors may be a little wacky, i draw in RGB just for Tumblr, so i can’t say what will happen for sure! but they will all be printed on glossy card stock! <3
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quick! post the last thing you've drawn that you haven't already posted!

someone bathe this boy. (what a spontaneous ask you’re lucky i had something presentable haha!)

Sirius and hugs

•Sirius has created a style of hug the marauders like to call “the koala”
•mostly because he will wrap his legs around his victim and cling onto their neck
•once he attaches himself to you he will
•he is perfectly willing to hang onto you while you carry on with your life
•which can prove difficult considering he’s almost six feet tall
•he also does it when Remus wants to get up in the morning and Sirius does not
•Remus is rather strong for his smallness
•once James saw him emerging from behind the curtain of his bed with Sirius clung onto him
•Remus proceeded to brush his teeth in this fashion

•It was Remus who first called Sirius a koala
•he then had to explain what a koala was so Sirius could decide if he should be offended or not
•while still hanging off Remus’s shoulders of course
•it went something like
•"You’re comparing me to a fluffy little bear thing?“
•"No, I’m tougher than that.“
•"Ok then”
•Remus then proceeded to try and remove Sirius, which was met with a very loud “noooOOOOO” and a distressed whine
•it should be noted that this whole conversation was carried out while Remus had a toothbrush in his mouth

•James thought that Remus was the only one that would fall victim to the koala hug
•he was wrong
•then he thought it would be only him and Remus
•pretty soon he saw Lily marching down the hallway with a Sirius Black attached to her
•Sirius’s circle of ‘trees’ only ever got bigger
•even McGonagall could be spotted with Sirius hanging off of her
•mostly while he tried to convince her he shouldn’t get detention
•she always ignored him, but she was secretly amused
•Peter never got one though
•everyone suspected it was because he smelled like cheese

•Remus had always been able to tell what Sirius is thinking or what he means by his actions
•he always knew that the koala hug meant “give me attention, I’m bored and I want cuddles”
•but other times, it didn’t
•sometimes when Sirius koala hugs him and instead of letting out pitiful whines and over dramatic yells when Remus protests, he just holds on tighter and doesn’t speak
•then Remus knows something is wrong
•and maybe it’s time to properly cuddle him and ask about how things are going at home and how bad the nightmares are getting


Some Keyleth and Lilith love for these lovely ladies and the lovely ladies who play them ^__^


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