Why did Splogger Elodie spend the entirety of Hamilton taking careful notes and weeping openly into the shoulder of the stranger next to her? So that she could do a little recon mission and gift you beautiful people with Ht the next-best thing: A TEXT RECAP. It’s no live performance, but we think you’ll agree that it’s basically just as good.


Homework assignment for a class. Had to story board a song I actually plan on doing a whole animation for this song :3 so I had fun doing this (sorry for the lack of detail lol) #hailthesun #relaxdivide #hts #music #storyboard #animatic @hailthesun @donovan_hts

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Hey! I hope you guys keep this blog! <3

I heard some of you are down! So I made this terrible drawing xD

Anyways I hope you can see it in a way that you should stick around, unless you really are uninterested in the blog, leaving it because you are sad doesn’t sound great ^.^

hope you like this! 

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transgender-resource-directory asked:

To the trans boy asking if they can bind with a waist trainer, there's a binder drive in Portland Maine that will send you a binder for free if you can't afford one. the website is ht tp :/ /w w w. tr a n sy ou th eq ua li ty. o r g/b in d e r s

Emery says:

Just to be sure, I looked at the site and it’s legit. It looks like a great resource for those of you who need binders and can’t afford them or who have parents that won’t let you get one. As always, please bind safely everyone. 

Thank you so much for suggesting such a great resource!


A short movie that presents the spectrum of female masculinity, from butch to trans and beyond.

HT Helen Boyd.

canadiansquats asked:

Did you and Neck Deep have like a dealio or something? I really hope hot topic didn't just up and steal your stuff!!

Yesss I sold the design to them haha so they’re kinda free to do whatever with it! So awesome it’s being sold at HT now tho Xx

madeoficeandfire asked:

Okay, okay... I was having Narusasu feels and I saw that you ship them??? like how?? when???? why??? o.O how could I... ????

h o w did you get to know it. How. What blew up my cover. 

…. *covers in shame* I was a major sns blog at least two years ago for a full year? I still lowkey ship them and sometimes have fees about them t h o u g ht bu t y e I try to keep it in the past.

(I mean my original url was ichaichasasunaru dude. That’s why “ichaicha”. Becaus eof the books Kakashi reads. No one is supposed to know.)

Thảm hoạ cá chết nghĩ về phát triển kinh tế và vai trò của nhà nước trong xã hội

Link thảo luận:

Featured Image: Owen Byrne

Đã hơn 20 ngày xảy ra thảm hoạ biển nhiễm độc, cá chết hàng loạt, người dân điêu đứng vì mất kế sinh nhai ở miền trung, nhưng chính quyền vẫn mất hút như chưa từng tồn tại. Bên cạnh đó lại có hai luồng dư luận trái chiều nhau về phát triển kinh tế sau câu nói đanh thép của giám đốc đối ngoại Formosa HT về “cá hay thép”. Một bên xem phát triển thì cần phải có hy sinh, bên kia thì phát triển nhưng cần đảm bảo lợi ích chung. Bài viết này xin đề cập đến vai trò của chính quyền trong xã hội, qua đó tìm ra câu trả lời cho câu hỏi: cách hành xử của chính quyền đối với thảm hoạ đang xảy ra có chấp nhận được hay không? Và chúng ta nên làm gì đối với một chính quyền như vậy? Cũng như bày tỏ quan điểm về vấn đề phát triển kinh tế có cần thiết phải hy sinh những điều khác hay không? Và tìm ra một giải pháp thích hợp cho phát triển kinh tế.

Vai trò của nhà nước trong xã hội

Chúng ta biết xã hội được tạo nên bởi rất nhiều mối quan hệ giữa con người với con người. Trong mạng lưới quan hệ chằng chịt này, tất sẽ có những mâu thuẫn về quan điểm, về lợi ích. Để không xảy ra những xung đột gây bất ổn cho toàn xã hội, tất cả chúng ta cần đến những quy tắc hành xử chung. Những quy tắc chung này được gọi là pháp luật. Tất cả những bộ luật về dân sự, hình sự, luật tố tụng, hôn nhân và gia đình đều phải giữa trên các quy tắc được viết trong Hiến Pháp. Và để pháp luật có hiệu quả trong xã hội, chúng ta cần đến nhà nước. Như vậy, nhà nước tồn tại là để đảm bảo tính nghiêm minh, công bằng của luật pháp, tức là để giải quyết những mâu thuẫn trong xã hội, đảm bảo sự bình yên cho mọi người. Chúng ta quay trở lại thảm hoạ đang xảy ra ở miền trung, để xem nhà nước đã làm tròn trách nhiệm của mình mà xã hội giao phó chưa?

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Oikawa’s toss in S2E24

I just wanted to analyze the iwaoi scene where Oikawa tosses across to Iwaizumi (who doesn’t score) so here I go! (pls bear in mind that this is only my personal interpretation of the scene)

When Oikawa was pointing to the direction he was going to toss towards, he placed absolute trust in Iwaizumi that he would definitely hit it no matter what; as he said before, Iwaizumi always hits Oikawa’s tosses without fail (some time in S1). It’s not that he placed a burden or responsibility on Iwaizumi, but that he believed and trusted that Iwaizumi would be able to hit it regardless.

Look at the way Oikawa’s tossing it and look at the trajectory of ball. That was an abrupt turn-and-toss added on to toss that was all performed in the blink of an eye, and he already tossed it so that the ball would fall perfectly at Iwaizumi’s peak spiking point by he time Iwaizumi ran directly forwards. Not only does this show pure skill and that it means Oikawa knows his playing style like the back of his hand, but it also suggests that he made Iwaizumi’s spiking easier by tossing it so that he only needed to run straight up to spike it.

Oikawa pointed and tossed perfectly to him, thus placing all of his trust on him that he would score, that he would make it. It almost seems as if Oikawa himself didn’t even think much about himself in that moment, and I think that reflects how well they know each other and the perfect synergy they’ve adopted throughout years of training together. Oikawa did whatever he could in order to ensure Iwaizumi could hit the ball, which ultimately involved him crashing into the side benches afterwards.

When Oikawa got back up again so quickly after falling into the chairs, I was slightly confused at why he recovered so rapidly, as each team is only allowed to touch the ball 3 times, and no player can be in contact with the ball more than once before it goes over the net (or so I believe), in which Oikawa had just tossed the ball. And then I realized. It’s uncertainty and fear. Oikawa is scared that he didn’t provide the perfect toss for Iwaizumi. He’s so anxious to the point where he doesn’t even look at where his feet are positioned before he gets up, only to fall again by tripping on the cloth. It goes to show that he wants to get up and ensure that Iwaizumi manages a successful spike regardless of how he is himself.

And then there’s his face; he’s desperate and scared. I realized that he might’ve looked this way because he was afraid that he HIMSELF didn’t toss the ball properly, and didn’t trust himself that he had made the perfect toss for Iwaizumi to hit it, despite their perfect mental sync and synergy. I guess it just goes to show how even though Oikawa is evidently talented and highly skilled, there are still moments when he wavers and cannot rely solely on his instinct and experience, and there will be times that their entire team may lose (which they do, but that’s not the point) because of this fear, perhaps.

It’s not as if he doesn’t have the whole layout of the court and Iwaizumi’s spiking habits memorized, but it may be that he doesn’t trust himself enough to acknowledge that the toss was perfect for Iwaizumi and literally “dead on”. Perhaps it goes to show that Oikawa isn’t as confident and self-aware as he may appear to be, and that he has yet to acknowledge and realize the full extent of his ability.