Just started my first day at work today! Tiring as heck, feels like I’m staying up til 4am. Still learning about AutoCAD quite a bit rn; hope I get a hang of it real soon.

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otherkin are ridiculous!! why cant they relate to a character without using the stupid term "kin" and telling others if they relate to it they cant talk to them. why? ?/ theres too many definitions of an otherkin to even be real!! is it spiritual? is it an identity? is it relating to something? ARE YOU LITERALLY THAT CHARACTER THAT DOESNT EXIST?? WERE YOU THIS THING OR CHARACTER IN A PAST LIFE??/ (BONUS POINTS BECAUSE CHARACTERS NEVER EXISTED IN YOUR PAST LIFE WHAT HT E F CCUKKK)

It might be better to ask one of them your questions, lol.

Horrortale Mettaton! I think this drawing looks kinda shitty, to be honest.(I can’t draw humans XD) Just in case you can’t read it, the text on top reads “Welcome, little child to the darkest fears inside!” (those are song lyrics, btw ;)) (I took a few artistic liberties, sorry if that makes you mad)