Today I was asked what’s going on with babygate.
And my first question was.. from which standpoint do you want to hear my arguments making babygate crumble?

- PR
- media: treatment of fetus
- body language
- medical: first trimester - safety
- Louis’ personality
- Harry’s personality
- celebrity pregnancies
- lack of rep statements
- how friends and families handled it
- medical: belly changing in size, dimensions, disappearing quite a lot.
- post partum
- using photoshopped picture and reborns
- media plus Briana: namedropping her before the fandom even knew who she was, presence of paps and her full name everywhere
- pre-pregnancy Jungwirth chats, baby follows and wiping social media
- anons warning us about this entire thing weeks ahead
- media: mention of paternity, DNA test, birth certificate, laxk of surname etc.

Which one.?. I have tons. No Larry though. Larry is not needed to debunk this.

America: The only place on the planet that will blame a toy gun for a little black boy’s death, then turn around and staunchly deny that a REAL semi-automatic gun had anything to do with 20 little school kids dying at Sandy Hook.

And then they have the damn sheer fucking nerve to lecture the rest of the world on morality. 

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