Johnlock HSM AU in which John is the school’s star rugby player (let’s keep it British) and Sherlock is the new kid in school who gets sucked into the Chemistry club or something.

They met at a party while on holiday and were forced to sing together, and then they fell in love 💗💗💗 And then, at the beginning of the new semester, John’s all depressed cause he misses Sherlock, but he doesn’t know that Sherlock just joined his school 😱😱😱

Hi bbs I’m on mobile rn but I’m so excited to see all the activity in the tag I’ll do my intro post when I get back on but if people are looking for character ideas I need friends for all my bbs and Emilie and are doing a hsm inspired thing so we need a cast family I’ll get more details up when I get back on

buttx5 asked:

when you get this, you must (only if you want to!!) publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes!

buttx5 you are a nasty hsm 2 hating ass bitch! you are kind of my friend… and probably my fav person to talk to on this website..even though you are a superwholock…i like that you listen to me complain and you are nice sometimes when you arent being evil :)

zarrycummies steph u are nasty but fancy and even though u were anon 1 and slandered my name by calling me a shahid loving larrie i still love u and u are beautiful. also u have many amazing life stories and i aspire to be as wild as u 

teafull AISHA you are amazing and one of the best people to talk about harry to. im so happy youre back after you disappeared for a while. also rip your daddy harry tag lmaoo it will be missed

dominicanhoe ASHLEY ! u are ziam af and i respect that. u are beautiful inside and out even tho u can be nasty sometimes. you are a really strong and kind person and also funny as hell. dont tell the rest of them but u are probably my fav in the group chat lmaoo

thierrymiugler VALENQUEENA !!! you are so nice and i appreciate how you always support me in my endeavors to take down paige. u are so pretty and i admire your overall aesthetic. even if you ship haylor…….nasty

jadelust hi shannen okay so ive never really talked to u but ive always meant to message u and tell you how much i love your enthusiasm for girl groups and female artists in general like honestly i probably wouldnt have liked little mix and fifth harmony and ariana as much as i do now if it wasnt for seeing you reblog them all the time and getting so much joy out of it like female artists are the best thing in my life now and i think a big part of that is probably because of you. also im pretty sure seeing you posting about tinashe is why i started listening to her too and i love her so much now so thank you!!


Omfg 😂

Signs as songs from High School Musical
  • Aries: Get'cha Head in the Game
  • Taurus: Work This Out 
  • Gemini: What Time Is It
  • Cancer: We’re All In This Together 
  • Leo: I Don’t Dance
  • Virgo: Bop to the top
  • Libra: Fabulous 
  • Scorpio: Gotta Go My Own Way 
  • Sagittarius: Bet On It 
  • Capricorn: Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
  • Aquarius: All For One
  • Pisces: You Are The Music In Me