The signs as stuff my best friend Liv said


Aries: “He talks like a crack whore”

Taurus: “throwback to when i said id finished julias wedding by midnight but its already 11pm and im sat here eating pomegranite seeds and listening to you cant stop the beat”

Gemini: “AHAHHA imagine if a Japanese person named their kid Chinese haha that would be funny”

Cancer: “I shone my phone torch in my eyes by accident and now they look glossy and like I’m cryin”

Leo: “Guys I’m taller than Kanye west omg ded brb Cri omf”


Libra: “Yano when u watch hsm 2 and u hav 2 sing both parts of the duet”

Scorpio: “Did u kno: if I am ever a bitch plz punch me in the boob k thank”

Sagittarius: “Like yea I’m so aroused”

Capricorn: “throwback to dry stone walling on countryside day”

Aquarius: “Wait is Mumbai in India? I always thought it was in Asia lmao”

Pisces: “like one time i tried to catch a bee to hold it but it stung me on the hand so i said that it was my writing hand so i didnt do work the next few days”

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Oh my gosh your description for Troy Bolton was spot on and i dont think i could have described him in such a perfect way! In honor of your tumblr name 🙊😆 can you possibly describe Gabriella, shes my favorite

Thank you!!! I’m glad you liked my interpretation!

Gabriella is a lot harder for me, ngl, because she’s not as fleshed out canonically as Troy, but let’s try to do something!

First of all, one of my main headcanons that explains a lot about Gabriella is that she has severe trust issues (I’ve posted about this before). I think she is very scared to commit to any kind of relationship for whatever reason, but when she does commit, she commits hard. She’s fiercely protective of her friends and is deeply compassionate.

At the same time, her trust issues also make her inconsiderate and self-righteous to some extent. She doesn’t attempt to hear people out when she doesn’t agree with them and seems to have a difficult time making compromises, but ultimately, she fights for what she believes in and the people she cares for, in the same way that Troy does.

Another thing that I really like about her is that her confidence grows throughout the series. When we meet her, she’s quite shy, but throughout the films, her confidence grows to the extent that she’s the person to really put Sharpay in her place and I think that growth is wonderful and should deserve as much praise as Troy or Ryan’s character development (I’m naming these two because they have the most notable character development arcs in the series).

And of course, there’s her relationship Troy. I think she’s both a romantic and a realist at the same time when it comes to him. She’s a dreamer (see the rooftop scene in HSM1, when she revels in being “anyone [she] wants to be”), but she also knows that in the real world, these things don’t work like you want them to (but of course, it’s Disney, so things do work out, and it’s also a form of unnecessary self-preservation either way).

Furthermore, I think she’s good at reading people and helping them where needed. For example, she gives Ryan a chance in HSM2 because she sees something in him the rest of the Wildcats refuse to see and she encourages Troy to be the best version of himself he can be and to realize his full potential.

Of course, there’s also the component of Gabriella being sweet, talented, pretty, smart, etc, and I think it’s interesting that Gabriella is portrayed to be this perfect human being (which she is, to some extent), but that she has struggles too. I just wish that had been explored.

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actually same, my best friend and I used to put on concerts for our parents of us doing the end scene from HSM 2

I still know the lyrics to the songs…. I enthusiastically sing them in the shower

hamilton child/parent au

lol idk how to word this but it was inspired by a series of texts between me, @panicatthefalloutphandom and @not-the-looks-youre-clueing-for (also sorry for the whole big run-on paragraphs at the end, i asked for ideas and got like three novels from everyone sooo.. and i also switch between the characters and cast occsionally sorry for that guys and i didn’t write all of this, a LOT of it was juls and emily)

  • you never would have guessed it, but lin and groff are totally obsessed with hsm, like they know every bit of trivia, have every song memorized, and secretly have a lot of hsm merch
  • chris jackson is the frustrated dad that just kinda stands there and sighs whenever his kids are fighting (*cough* ham and jeff *cough*) before trudging off to break them apart and he always tries to connect with the kids but never really can bless him
  • phillipa soo is totally the soccer mom that brings snacks to the pta meeting and drives a minivan and organizes bake sales
  • leslie is the responsible parent who remembers doctors appointments and helps the little ones get dressed in the morning and makes sure that everyone ate breakfast and has all their homework done
  • daveed would totally be like the cool uncle that visits all the time and brings super cool gifts for all the kids from when he traveled somewhere exotic for work and everyone loves him and he gives the tiny kids piggyback rides
  • renee elise goldberry is the hip aunt that helps out the teenagers with their complicated math homework and also is really into sports and will totally throw around a ball with the kids (idk im getting that vibe)
  • jasmine cepas jones is like the cool older cousin or sister that takes the younger ones to concerts and the mall and always gives them her hand-me-down clothes that everyone fights over for the best top or pair of pants
  • groff is the awkward kid and he does that cute little thing with his arms that dan and phil do and he’s also a total d&p fanboy and has seen all of their videos (esp the pinofs) and he’s really quiet and likes to do the thing that patrick stump does where he makes all his sweaters/sweatshirts floppy paws and he smiles a lot but usually it’s not quite genuine unless his eyes just light up and then you know it’s real
  • lin would be the dad who tries to be strict but ends up going “yeah sure just dont die cos your mother will kinda kill me” when the kid gives him puppy eyes after asking for something they want and he also tells horrible dad jokes (most of which he stole from washington) and embarasses his poor kids in front of their friends by telling “cute” baby stories and they’re just like “daaaaad…” and he’s totally the one that sneaks his kid a cookie after phillipa says no and he loves his kids so freakin much like he’ll pick them up and toss them in the air which makes phillipa so anxious, but they’re literally so cute he likes to stand with her and she lays her head on his shoulder and he’ll smile as they watch their kids playing in the backyard and since he’s so busy he sometimes has so much work that he’ll just crash at mulligan’s cos he doesn’t want to ignore his kids while he’s at home
  • anthony is the cute cousin that gets allll the girls (and guys for that matter) and is kind of a sassy-pants but he’s such a family guy and loves everyone to pieces and would do literally anything for his family, especially the little guys and he is literally the human embodiment of a cinnamon roll, like when he smiles cancer is cured, global warming is stopped, poverty no longer exists and he’s constantly seeking parental approval for everything and usually uses “daddy daddy/mommy mommy look!!” and his eyes just completely light up when his parents praise him, but no matter what they do, he’ll always be the kid that steals the cookies
  • oak is that typically quiet uncle but he’s also the one that you want to talk to the whole time cos he doesn’t judge you and treats you like an equal and share a lot of interests with him and he doesn’t admit it but he’ll totally fangirl over doctor who and harry potter, like you’ll make some offhand reference and he’ll get it and you’ll fangirl together  and if you’re in public with him he basically acts like your bodyguard ((if u watch the blacklist kind of like dembe in a way))
nora's weekend plans

-at least one full day of tidying
-sorting out what stuff to bring with me to england
-watching the rocky horror picture show w/ my mum
-hsm watch-along w/ the hannigram network
-deadpool w/ my mum (?)
-phandom cards against humanity (?)
-phandom fright night (?)

i am stress


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