K-Pop/Boyband AU - Haikyuu!! Version

mori: ok so everyone listed is a part of one group, if that makes sense.

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Oikawa was voted by the other members to be their leader. He’s proven time and time again that he is able to handle the pressures of the media and can easily calm the entire group down when they are feeling anxious. Not only is he “the face” of the group, he contributes to writing many of their songs in their entire discography, along with one or two other members. Oikawa has trained the longest before debuting because the company wanted to put him in a group that would compliment him. He has the most followers on social media, but he tries not to let his head swell! Iwaizumi has to snap him out of it some times. Oikawa specializes in vocals and editing.

LEAD VOCALIST: Akaashi Keiji

Akaashi is one of the other main lyric writers of the group. He is the main vocalist, meaning he has the strongest parts in many of the songs, especially the singles. Often noted as the “prettiest” member, which has given him a lot of modeling opportunities. When he is not the main singer in a part of the song, he is the one harmonizing perfectly with them. He trained alongside Kenma, who at first were going to debut as a duo, but the company later on decided that a duo would not give them the publicity that they deserved. Akaashi is the only one in the group who has perfect pitch. He is also the maknae, or the youngest, of the group, although he’s some times mistaken as one of the older members because he’s very professional and mature on TV. Akaashi specializes in vocals and piano.

VOCALIST: Kozume Kenma

Kenma is the last to specialize in vocals. He doesn’t like too much attention, so he asks for parts in the song that aren’t too long, but are still just as meaningful. Although he isn’t the maknae of the group, fans like to call him that anyways because he’s so adorable. He trained alongside Akaashi, and the two are very close. Some times the other members joke about being jealous that they all aren’t close like that, but Kenma knows that’s not true. He prefers acoustic, ballad-like songs with lots of feelings because despite the lyrics, they make him feel at ease. He gets the most fan mail with candies and snacks. He is very camera-shy, so shooting music videos can be a little difficult for him, but he’s slowly learning, thanks to Oikawa. Kenma specializes in vocals and guitar.


Bokuto can do it all, basically. He does both rapping and singing in the songs and is often found in the front of the music videos because of he is most skilled at dancing. He auditioned to the company as a dancer, but then realized that rapping and singing are just too fun to not learn. He’s a fan-favorite because he’s so quirky and handsome and interacts with the fans the most. Because of that, he’s in charge of the social media pages. He shares a room with Akaashi in the apartment complex because the dog sleeps with Akaashi. Bokuto specializes in rapping, vocals, and the soundboard.

LEAD RAPPER: Kuroo Tetsurou

Kuroo has trained the least amount of time compared to everyone else because he was actually scouted. Kuroo was an independent rapper on soundcloud/youtube before he came to the company and they figured that he didn’t need too much training because he was already skilled. The members easily recognized him as one of the top underground rappers/freestylers in Japan. The fans like to dub Kuroo as the sex god because he’s the one who always rips his shirt off on stage, but that’s only because he has the best abs. Truth is, he’s a bit bashful about it. Kuroo can’t sing for his life, so he likes to make funny videos of him impersonating all of the other members. Kuroo specializes in rapping, the soundboard, and editing.

RAPPER: Iwaizumi Hajime

Iwaizumi auditioned for a talent show on tv as a rapper and got to the top 4 (the other 3 were vocalists, who he knew he had no chance of winning against). He then got scouted by the company. He works with Kuroo to make the lyrics for their parts. He acts sort of as a parliamentarian for the group because they often get side tracked when working on another album and he’s the one that brings everyone back to focus; the glue of the group, basically. He sings on some tracks, too, but gets a little nervous so he sticks to rapping most of the time. If Kuroo isn’t the one to rip his shirt off, the Iwaizumi is, or at least he sensually takes off a jacket to show his arms. In videos and on stage, he is often found in the front by Bokuto because he’s also known for dancing. Iwaizumi specializes in rapping and dancing.