This is the last time I saw some snow on the road, it was last week. Just before being blocked in the mud. The snow was covering a long part of this road. I went there 5 or 6 months ago and I took some self-portraits. I like this place because of this trouble trees


C’est la dernière fois que j’ai vu de la neige sur la route, c’était la semaine dernière. C’était juste avant de rester bloquer dans la boue. La neige recouvrait une longue partie de la route. Je suis venu ici, il y a 5 ou 6 mois pour prendre quelque auto-portraits. J’aime cet endroit a cause des ces arbres brisés.

Ilford HP5+ self developed and scanned

The Decisive Moment

Last photo I took before we boogied off to Patreksfjordur. I was creepin’ on these chickens and trying to be patient. Finally, I saw a chicken go inside their coop and I camped out in the field. Waiting… waiting… a big smile on my face as I was sure I’d got the shot… and then more waiting until I got home and got this film developed. :)


Fred and Hermione book moments

Order of the Phoenix, ch. 13, p. 254. Hermione threatening to write to Mrs. Weasley after Fred and George test products on first-years. (requested by my-otps-are-better-than-yours)