Hidden Meanings in Studio Ghibli Character Names
  • Nausicaa:Greek for "burner of ships"
  • Totoro:came from Japanese word "tororu" which means troll
  • Satsuki:traditional Japanese name for the month of May
  • Mei:sounds the same as the month May in English
  • (same meaning as her sister ^-^)
  • Seita:清太, 清 meaning "clear" and 太 meaning "big"
  • Porco Rosso:Italian for "Red Pig"
  • Shizuku:雫, which means "ritual for rain"
  • Sen:千, which means "thousand"
  • Chihiro:千尋, which means "thousand fathoms"
  • Howl:originally Howell, the name originated in a dynasty of kings in Wales
  • Sophie:means wisdom (French form of the name Sophia)
  • Ponyo:Japanese for "chubby" or "plump"
  • Umi:海, which means "sea"
  • Shun:俊, meaning "hero"

I don’t really have an opinion on fusions. As far as i’m concerned, they’re just another gem that can snap me in half. 

How you other gems can stand merging forms is beyond me…


Christopher Chant and Howell Jenkins
Chrestomanci and Howl Pendragon

I’ve always wanted a crossover with these two. They’d either get along famously or try to destroy each other out of vanity, probably both…