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Popcorn Kisses | Tom Holland

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Requested – No but all requests are open including ships (Teen Wolf, The Flash) Imagines and Drabbles. ( Requests open for Tom Holland, Peter Parker, Barry Allen/The Flash, Dylan O’Brien, Teen Wolf.)

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Prompt – Tom and (y/n) decide to watch a horror movie and eat popcorn. Tom gets scared and jumps making the popcorn go all over the couch and they had to make a new batch. When there is only one bit of popcorn left Tom tries to steal it but (y/n) is quicker then him and teases him. Tom wrestles her until she had eaten the popcorn still going in for a kiss.

Warning – extreme bad writing from me!

Words – 672

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Tessa loves me more | Tom Holland

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“C'mon love, we need to get up.” (y/n) groaned as she buried her face deeper into Tom’s shoulder. Her arms were wrapped around the back of Tom’s head and the back of his shoulder blade, his hands wrapped around her waist .His head lifted from her shoulder to look at her sleeping figure. The light had peeped through the curtains and was shining on her face perfectly.

“Do we have to? Can’t we just cuddle…” (y/n) pulled Tom closer to her and sighed.

“I’ll give you ten minutes and then we actually have to get up and do something today.”

“Can we walk Tessa?!” (y/n)’s head popped up from its place as her eyes widened and her face instantly lit up after Tom had answered with a simple “yes.”

“I’m coming Tessa!” (y/n) shot up from her place with Tom and shot out of their bed and searched the wardrobe for a thick jumper and some trousers, finally she found Tom’s and threw it on her. She bolted out of the room and ran down the hallway until she had reached where Tessa was kept.

“Tessa my baby, good morning.” (y/n) opened the door and grabbed her lead and had started putting her shoes on, grabbing her keys and some chocolate for her to eat on the way. Totally forgetting about Tom, she let out a squeal and covered her mouth when he had appeared in the door way.

“You…You. Oh god you scared the crap out of me”

Tom was dressed properly, unlike (y/n) who was just wearing some of his baggy clothes but he didn’t mind. Tom had tried to grab a piece of her chocolate but she had snatched it away from him and stuffed it in the pockets of the trousers that she was wearing.

“Uh-uh you get no chocolate mr.”

“Why?” Tom whined.

“Because…you don’t?”

h     a       r     r     y

When they had arrived at the park after walking Tessa around for a bit they let her off her lead and she had run after the ball they had thrown and sat down with the tennis ball still in her mouth she had rolled around in the grass making Tom and (y/n) laugh.

“Tessa!” Tom called out to try and catch her attention but all she did was lift her head and continued to roll around.

“Tessa!” (y/n) called out, this time Tessa ears pricked up and she lifted her head and began to sprint towards the two.

“I told you she loved me more.” (y/n) patted Tessa’s head lovingly and took the tennis ball form her mouth and threw it again.

“Tessa loves me more!” Tom argued.

“I’m sure she does.” (y/n) replied sarcastically.

“she does.”


“she does.”


“she does!”

“I’m sure she does, baby.”