*how i live now


I’m not dead!

I just spent two days moving into my apartment and BOY was that a task even for how small it is.

I live in downtown Seattle now and it’s honestly the best choice I ever made.

I’ll get back to commissions and doing art in no time.

Thank you for your patience! ♥


i’m glad that dizzy isn’t too freaked out by the candlelit shrine dedicated to him in my basement that i may or may not pray to for good luck every night before i go to sleep

(i mean, he’s wearing a shirt of himself so he must be into it lmao)

“Working” does not necessarily mean “well”

This post by @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins​ made me want to doodle more returned and semi-recovering Graves, because I got so many emotions haha.
By the way, if anyone’s ever inspired to draw/write/headcanon by anything I draw, please tell me - I’m ever curious!
Art blog: questionartbox


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco


Good, because I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon.

I remember how being around you felt like I was on clouds.
In those hours I felt lighter than the air around me. You touched me, and I was on fire.
In those hours I was actually living; rather than existing.
Now I know how it feels to lose you. I feel like I’m underwater. I feel so heavy that I can’t seem to lift myself from my bed.
But if you were to touch me now, I wonder what’d it’d feel like.
—  v.m // would I still be on fire?

anonymous asked:

Where does Keith, lance and pidge participate in the altean!Hunk and Altean! Shiro?

Keith grew up as a Galra with the blade of marmora. Notices he ages fast (like I hc Galrans have long lifespans) Keith discovers he is half human and travels to Earth to find some answers and look into clues for Voltron. Figures out how to shift into his human form, joins the Garrison, gets kicked out (similar in the show basically).

Lance and Pidge are gonna remain human (the reason for this is because Coran is an instructor at the garrison and Allura is a senior office, what position Shiro had and got suspended/fired which was do with with her digging around into her Father’s death. So Allura is Lance’s hero, that I dig and Coran is one of their instructors, their fav one)

I’m thinkin then Altean!Shiro crashes to Earth (maybe escaping the Galra) but also a piece of Altean technology which Allura discovers and links her to the castleship. Gang saves Altean!Shiro, find out Keith’s half alien then find Blue Lion and off they go into space and find Altean!Hunk.

“Oh no.” said all women, everywhere.

The Spider-Man fandom waiting for the new trailer like