The Darkest Hour Part 1
  • Arthur: My God, Dad, are you crying?
  • Uther: No. No.
  • Arthur: Yes, you are. Yes, you are. I just saw you wipe your eyes.
  • Uther: No, I didn't. Quit looking at me.
  • Arthur: Dad? ...Oh my God. I made my father cry.
  • Uther: Don't you start.
  • Arthur: I'm only crying because you're crying!
  • Uther: I'm not crying! I don't know what this is. I didn't even cry when I got shot.
  • Arthur: I didn't cry when you got shot, either.

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you but any news on the new chapter??

YES, sorry for the late update. Je suis vraiment désolé. 😱

I’ve actually been horribly sick since Sunday (high fever, cough, migraines, nose shit and everything) and I haven’t had much time/motivation to do anything besides school work.

I’m hoping to have the next chapter ready for tomorrow, but I’ll keep you guys updated. 

Maybe you’ll get a teaser later today? (I can at least tell you the general consensus was ‘wall sex’, so…. 😏)

bsd characters ranked from least to most kinky

ace af, they do not crave that mineral

  • Lovecraft, looks upon human mating rituals with fear and disgust
  • Fukuzawa, the only kind of pussy he wants are literal cats
  • Ango, considers holding hands in public a wild act of sexual deviancy
  • Hawthorne, too gay for jesus to bang anything other than a bible
  • Alcott, thinks third base is what the guild calls the backup headquarters for their backup headquarters
  • Akutagawa, the only fucking he does is fucking up his life 
  • Ranpo, his idea of sex is reading mystery novels in his underwear while being fed snacks

pretty indifferent, would rather have strawberry cheesecake than sex

  • Poe, he aint no edgar allan hoe
  • Atsushi, got kissed on the cheek once and immediately wondered if he could get pregnant from it
  • Kajii, if you ask him to experiment in the bedroom, don’t be surprised when this bitch shows up with test tubes
  • Katai, thinks sleeping together means LITERALLY sleeping together
  • Hirotsu, who needs sex when you have a squad full of super-powered gangster children to look after?


  • Kunikida, usually down to whip out the kunikidong but if he’s stressed out from dealing with dazai all day, he’d probably rather just chill out and get some rest
  • Odasaku, very busy taking care of his orphans and writing his novel, but when he has time its time to F U C K yo!
  • Junichiro, aint no shame in yo game boy (UNLESS YOUR “GAME” IS YOUR FUCKING SISTER!!!!!!)
  • Gin, rarely eats three meals a day but is always ready to eat some puss
  • Higuchi, usually dtf but dont be surprised if she calls you “akutagawa-senpai” by accident

be careful, these people are hornier than a stegosaurus

  • Steinbeck, those grape vines aren’t the only things spreading seed if u know what i mean
  • Mitchell, 10/10 will shove her umbrella up your ass 
  • Tachihara, your ass is gonna need a band-aid by the time he’s through with u boi
  • Naomi, someone call an ambulance bc if this bitch was any thirstier (for her BROTHER!!!!!!!!!) she’d die of dehydration
  • Twain, this sniper knows how to hit his target alright ;)
  • Kouyou, she’s a golden demon…  IN BED
  • Fitzgerald, once u get past the fact that he calls his dick “old sport” the money more than makes up for it

so named for the fucking and the fact that said fucking might land you in the graveyard

  • Chuuya “sent to the hospital after unsuccessfully attempting to use a wine bottle as a dildo” Nakahara
  • Dazai, bandage and bondage are only one letter away… things are about to get NAUGHTY
  • Chuuya “jacuzzi fucker” Nakahara
  • Yosano, good thing she’s a doctor cuz you’re gonna need one once she’s through with you
  • Chuuya “cum pockets” Nakahara
  • Chuuya
  • ChuUYA

No. Just… no…

  • Fyodor, only capable of being aroused by the screams of the damned
  • Mori, every time he gets an erection, a puppy dies