note to self: do not study anywhere comfortable, such as a couch or a bed or the floor where you can lie down because you will probably fall asleep!! somehow in the middle of my review I ended up falling asleep; although, in my defense, I woke up at 4:30am this morning so I lack more sleep than usual today oof

Desert Shenanigans: Part one.

Part two?

Coming soon.

–I-I finally finished one of them! I have like 5 of these all sketched out on top of a metric ton of stupid stuff. I apologize profusely for this taking so long, I’ll try my best to not have that again OTL– 

All guest characters belong to Glacierclear from her wonderful blog which you can find here: http://dong-john-silvers.tumblr.com/ (Caution NSFW) and Siden who’s art can be found here: http://sidenart.tumblr.com/