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How did the school of mensis build their building in the nightmare? Did they just build it from thought, dream of it, or is it a video game and I shouldn't question it?

If we assume that Dreams and Nightmares work the same way…. well, let’s start from this. According to his Japanese name,

[ 悪夢の主ミコラーシュ, Akumu No Aruji Micoraashu]

Micolash is the Nightmare’s “master” and not his “host”. This is one of the things that the Italian translation adapted slightly better than the English one by calling him “lord of the nightmare”. For this reason, I see him as the conductor/coordinator not only of the ritual that took place in the waking world but also of whatever Mergo’s attendants [these guys]

are doing.  And, judging by their name, they are tasked to take care of the Infant Great One just like the Wet Nurse is.  Mergo is a child of Royalty after all, so my theory is that the ‘castle’ is what the scholars and Micolash himself envision as a fitting home and safe place for the baby Great One. A collective creation of the minds of the scholars merged with the natural geography of the Frontier!

After all, we know for sure that people trapped in dreams/nightmares at the moment of their creation somehow shape the appearance and inner workings of the place itself (we can deduct this mostly from the Doll’s reaction to anything related to Maria. If it weren’t for Gehrman’s perception of her as her substitute, the Doll, as an inanimate object, would have no reason to react.) but the biggest difference between the Nightmares and the Hunter’s Dream is the following: the Nightmare of Mensis isn’t based on a real location. Or at least, one that we don’t get the chance to visit just like we don’t get see what has become of the Fishing Hamlet. But it could also be assumed that the village was destroyed and/or perhaps completely absorbed by the Nightmare just like the Lecture Building so… yeah.

Mensis’ building could be the replica of a real place, perhaps the ruins of Queen Yharnam’s lost kingdom dragged into the Nightmare by the School’s ritual or simply a pre-existing building of the Frontier (like Amygdala’s tower) that the students took over. My money is on Queen Yharnam’s castle tho. If she is indeed Annalise’s ancestor, is safe to assume that she ruled over a similar kingdom with her own knights and bodyguards, aka the shadows of Yharnam, that loyally follow her anywhere she goes. :)

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OK. When you do voices for Pat and Rey, I just keep thinking "Hikaru and Kaoru.." " Hikaru and Kaoru.." " Hikaru and Kaoru.. " " I'm a nerd " " OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB AWAAAAAY"

One of my first ever amateur projects was a fandub of a scene from Ouran High School Host club. I think I played the lead role (forget his name) talking about “Commoner’s Coffee”?

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Sorry for bothering, my friend is currently being very mean towards me and saying things like that I have mental disorders, I'm a mean bitch and spreading rumors. Could I maybe have some comfort?.....

Hitachiin:  Renge, what did you do?

Renge:  WHAAAA-!!!!  I didn’t do anything!  If you’re suggesting that I bully my friends then I am deeply offended.  I’m calling daddy!  

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Kyoya: There’s no need to call your father, Renge. Although you do get carried away and insult people quite frequently.

Renge: Friendship is a sacred bond that must be protected! Whoever this “friend” is must be cast out of the Host Club!  

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Tamaki: For once I’m with her.  The Host Club is a house of friendship and respect!  A world without friendship would bury itself in chaos!!!  MAMA!!!!  Let’s be friends forever!!!!! *sobs on bestie’s shoulder*  

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Haruhi:  Calm down, senpai.  Right now we have a Guest who just needs a friendly face. *ahem* Ignore Tamaki, he’s just very emotional.  I think what they’re all trying to say is that friends should stick up for one another.  Perhaps you should have a serious discussion with your friend and see how you two can resolve this.  If it can’t be fixed, then maybe it’s time to move on.  We only have so long on this earth, so make sure you spend your time with people who care about you.

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Long fic writers

Special shout out to long-fic writers who churn out what are essentially novels and for doing it for free. Purely because you have so much love to give to your fandoms. You guys are awesome.

When you’re reading a fanfic in public and a smutty scene that you weren’t expecting comes up

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Wow it’s been a whole year and I’m almost to 800 followers! Thank you for this amazing year and to show my appreciation, I’ll list some animes that you need to watch and totally recommend them!!!

1. Snow White With The Red Hair

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2. Yuri On Ice!!!!

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3. Fairy Tail

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4. Cardcaptor Sakura & Tsubasa Chronicles

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5. Maid Sama

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6. Yona Of The Dawn

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7. Sailor Moon

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8. Ouran Highschool Host Club

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9. Kamisama Kiss

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10. Noragami

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Bonuses: Fruits Basket, Orange, Inuyasha & La Corda d’oro (just a few extras)

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Once Again, Thank you so much for everything and I hope you can stay with me for another amazing year, NOW IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!!

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Ouran High School Host Club
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she's thinking: Why hasn't Ouran High School Host Club gotten more seasons? The manga went on for a few more volumes and it was probably one of the best anime in the mid 2000s and had themes that were ahead of its time. It is more than deserving of a sequel and it should get one immediately!