*horton hears a who

so I’m watching YouTube and the skippable ad starts playing and the ad is the entire 3D animated adaption of Horton Hears a Who??



like I don’t wanna watch this…… but I am so fascinated by how it got here

On the way to Meridian
  • Kelly-087: (listing in on radio) we got trouble. ONI is going nuts about our AWOL. Osman is saying that we're becoming a danger to the UNSC.
  • John-117: She said that? I thought we were friends.
  • Kelly-087: word is she's gone to Locke.
  • John-117: Locke...Locke...I know two Lockes. Is it...Agent Locke, or...miss Locke who makes the cookies on Infinity?
  • Linda-058: ...yeah, chief, she's sending us a girl with cookies. I think we can assume it's Agent Locke!
  • John-117: ...yeah, that's a good call.

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you should draw jojo from seussical!! it's my favorite musical EVER and i love your art!! :)

the costumes in seussical seem to be unique to the cast group, so the jojo i saw probably looked rly different to the one u saw! However, i have to admit that throughout the entire play i kept thinking what if the jojo from the Horton Hears a Who! movie was in seussical? So I’ll give u this doodle…

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I just wanted to say, I love your use of the phrase "a person's a person no matter how small" as a tag on pro-life posts.

Aw, thank you. <3 The newly animated version of “Horton Hears A Who” came out during a time when the abortion debate was pretty strong around me, so it stuck out immediately to me in that way.

Ever since then, when I watch the movie or read the book, all the arguments against the existence of Whoville and the people Horton is trying to protect, feel very like the pro-choice/pro-life debate.

Now, pro-lifers have actually caught a lot of flack for finding this meaning in the story:

Seuss himself, an avid pro-choicer, is probably rolling in his grave as I type this, and I do support his ideals concerning the post-war occupation of Japan by Americans which was truly the basis for the book. But I don’t think it just goes one way, and in this place and time defending the next generations of writers, artists, accountants, athletes, world leaders, scientists, home-makers, adventurers and on and on is a cause that is staring us in the face every day.

“Even though you can’t see or hear them at all.”

Sorry, dear old Seuss, but I’m betting you now understand how you were wrong.

Our stories sometimes tell truths infinitely bigger than we could plan, or even want them to - it’s one of the cool things about how God works, molding everything into his plan. Geisel may have hated the pro-life causes that adopted his line, but I just wish he could have known what meaning was built into that story, not to take away from what he wanted to show, but what was added to it, quite without his intention.

“From sun in the Summer

From rain when it’s Fall-ish

I will protect them

No matter how small-ish.”