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Hi! Sorry to bother you, i just wanted to ask... Did you know about the arthur conan doyle not alowing a gay holmes adaptation? I just read about it and i was wondering if that's still the case... But i think i also read that the estate doesn't actually have the authority to forbid it apart from some specific stories? I've tried to look more into it but haven't found much... What do you think?

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So I finally got around to finishing editing this track and I’m really really happy with how it came out. Last month I got to see one of my best friends in real life for the first time in eight or so years and words cannot describe how happy I was to see her. She’s one of the most wonderful, sweet, and amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I had the privilege of being able to record this cover with her while we were sitting right next to each other. I’ve wanted to cover this song since the moment it aired, and when I heard that she was possibly going to visit me during the year, I decided I would wait because I couldn’t imagine a more perfect person to sing this song with. And now whenever I hear this song, I’m going to think of her, and all the laughs that we shared together. I really do look up to her, and I always will. Thank you so much for listening, and Steph, if you’re reading this, thank you for giving me a reason to keep on smiling.

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