dr-softy asked:

I was visiting your blog (which is super duper awesome !!) and I saw the "reincarnation UA" you've tagged as Sorey/Mikurio and... Imagine Sorey being reincarnated as Mikurio's dog or Dezel's dog (which would be his neighbour) and just freaks out anytime Dog!Sorey greets him or tries to tell him something. Bonus when you have Dezel getting frustrated because "STOP REJECTING HIM WHEN HE IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING"

 okay i know you’re talking about reincarnation au with my human children but HOL Y F CUK


We recently upgraded our litterbox/hay situation!

This is IKEA’s HOL (size large, 50x50x98 cm) that we sawed two entrances to, and it now holds both hay, litter-box and sleeping area! I just cleaned everything so I thought it would be an excellent time to take some photos of it. We use Cat’s Best Öko Plus as litter (it’s chipped wooden pellets that expand and clump together when wet) and the rug is BORRIS door mat, also from IKEA.
(DO NOT use clumping litter if your rabbits likes to eat litter and other bedding, it can cause GI stasis when it swells and You Do Not Want That)

Since covered litter-boxes aren’t good for rabbits* this is a great solution, it’s covered yet airy. It also looks nice for our human eyes and it keeps the hay in once place. You can lift the top off which makes this super easy to clean! 

*If the ammonia from the rabbit’s urine is not aired out it can cause respiratory problems as the rabbit spends a fair share of time in that environment.

This setup is good for eating and pooping and has space for multiple buns.

It’s a great playground and for overseeing one’s kingdom (or cleaning one’s paws)

And last but not least, it’s excellent for sleeping and hiding from humans.