prompt #6, #18 (Theo Raeken)

6.“did it hurt?” “what when I fell from heaven?” “no when you fell for me.” 18.“what’s our exit strategy?” “our what?” “oh god this is how I die.” “please like i’d let that happen.” Requested by @wckedheart

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“I should just kill you right now." I said digging my claws a little deeper in Theo’s neck.

"but you won’t nah you like me too much.” Theo said with a smirk.

I picked Theo up slamming him on the table and breaking his arm.

“yeah I let Stiles kick my ass too, but he didn’t break anything.” Theo said popping his arm back in place so it could heal.

“want me to break something else?” I growled.

“see y/n this is the you I’ve been wanting to see.” Theo laughed as I punched him again.

“what can I say babe you bring it out of me.”

I slammed Theo down a few more times letting out all of my anger. He tried to kill my alpha and played with my feelings, just for power. I sat down on the floor of Deaton’s clinic trying to calm my breathing.

“now that you’re done beating the shit out of me, maybe we can talk.” Theo said sitting on the floor next to me.

“who said i’m done beating the shit out of you.” I snapped scooting away from him.

“awe come on baby I can smell lust too remember? I know you lust after me.” Theo said scooting closer.

“what do you want?” I said standing up to get away from him.

“I want a lot of things from you baby but this time it’s not what I want from you, it’s what I want for you.” Theo said smirking seductively.

He was right, there was part of me that lusted after him, but than there was the part of me that knew he was nothing but a snake and as soon as he got what he wanted he would either kill you or leave you with permanent damage.

“what do you mean?” I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

“I’m going to help you break out Lydia Maritn.”

“yeah no thanks. We don’t need your little chimera pack and why would you want to help us?”

“well Lydia is the only one who can tell us who the beast is, so she’s just as valuable to us as she is to you. Plus if I do recall the walls of Eichen House are laced with mountain ash meaning you can’t get through, but I can.” Theo said smirking once again.

I huffed walking out the door. He had a point, he could get through, we couldn’t. I knew Scott would never agree to Theo helping, but I also knew that Theo was going to show up anyways whether we wanted him to help or not. It all boiled down the this moment right now. We were all trapped in Eichen House on lockdown. I got separated from Scott and was currently being held by Theo and his pack of chimeras. Josh held me by the neck shocking me with electricity if I dared to move.

“I knew it, I knew you had some other deviant plan.” I said growling, earning a shock from Josh.

“tell me y/n did it hurt?” Theo said grabbing my face so I was looking at him.

what when I fell from heaven?” I asked rolling my eyes.

no when you fell for me?” He said bringing his face dangerously close to mine.

“please it’s gonna hurt when I break every bone in your body.” I threaten earning another shock from Josh.

“damn I like em’ feisty.” Theo said smirking.

“what does a pack of chimeras want with a banshee anyways?” I asked.

“oh I don’t want a banshee baby, I want a hell hound.”

As if on cue Parrish comes in blazing. Theo’s pack of Chimeras looked terrified.

“you wanted a hell hound, you got one.” I said breaking Josh’s arm and throwing him towards Parrish.

Parrish easily stopped Tracy, Josh, and Corey, significantly wounding all of them. Theo showed his fangs and claws. Parrish kept walking towards us. I thought as long as I stayed out of his way he wouldn’t do anything to me. Theo panicked grabbing my arm running, but we didn’t get very far.

“what’s our exit strategy?” I asked starting to feel the effects of being exposed to that much mountain ash in the walls.

I collapsed on the floor starting to breathe heavily, I needed to get out of here.

“our what?” Theo said trying to pick me up.

“you’re kidding right, you got me into something you can’t get me out of!? oh god, this is how I die, and with you.” I said disgustedly.

please like i’d let that happen. Than Scott would never trust me.” Theo picked me up carrying me into one of the rooms.

I could feel my breathing dramatically slowing down.

“hey come one you have to breathe.” Theo said bringing his face down to mine.

His tone was different, almost as if he was worried about me. Next thing I know Theo is giving me mouth to mouth. He pounds on my chest hard and I shoot up feeling all the air rush back in my lungs. Theo grabs my hand helping me stand up.

“you know babe technically that was our first kiss.” He said smirking.

“technically you ever do anything like this to me again, I’ll kill you.” I growled getting away from him.

I walked in front of him so he couldn’t see the blush on my cheeks from when his mouth was on mine.

“playing hard to get, okay, I got time baby and I play rough.” Theo said walking behind me.

prompt from: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/161065686187/teen-wolf-imagine-prompts

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prompt #8 (Derek Hale)

8.“please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.” Requested by @julieanncupcake

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“this way!” Scott yelled pulling me in another direction.

We were currently out in the woods, Gerard Argent hunting my brother Scott unmercifully.

“Scott you can’t escape and help your sister.” Gerard called through a bull horn.

He was just trying to tempt Scott, and I knew that. We kept running, but I was finding it harder to keep up.

“Scott wait.” I said breathing heavily.

We tripped and started rolling down a hill. I felt my ankle twist. We were groaning in pain.

“we have to go.” Scott said coming over to me.

“need some help?” a voice says from behind me.

I was lifted in someone’s arms, Derek’s. Scott got up and we started running again.

“I’ll take her to my loft you lose the hunters.” Derek said running a different direction from Scott.

I tried to object but my voice was not heard. When we were far enough away Derek stopped running and started to walk.

please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.” I said trying to wiggle out of Derek’s arms.

I know what you’re thinking a gorgeous man is carrying you and you want out of his arms? Being in his arms made me extremely nervous and I could feel my face heating up as we went on plus I needed to see if my brother was okay.

“let you down? you’re lucky it’s just a sprained ankle. It could’ve been a broken leg, a broken back, an arrow through you’re chest.” Derek grumbled as we approached his loft.

“okay geez I get it, lots of body mutilation.” I said as Derek set me down on his bed in the loft.

“no you know what you don’t get it.” He growled.

“oh Derek let me apologize for my brother ex girlfriends psycho grandfather trying to kill me.” I said standing up and crossing my arms over my chest.

“sit down you’re hurt.” Derek said coming over and pushing me back on the bed.

“I’m fine, I don’t need you to babysit me."  I snapped.

"than you should be more careful.” Derek said grabbing my ankle to look at it.

“yeah well I didn’t plan on plunging down a hill today. If i’m such a nuisance to you why did you help?” I said letting a tear slip from my eye.

This made Derek look up from what he was doing.

“you think you’re a nuisance to me?” He asked standing up so he was now towering over me.

“seems like it yeah.” I said letting some more tears fall.

Derek cupped my cheek wiping away the tears with his thumb.

“you should be more careful because you have no idea what it would do to me if you got hurt.” He said not looking me in the eyes.

Derek just admitted that he cared about me. I was speechless, Derek wasn’t known to be very in touch with his feelings.

“than maybe I need a werewolf to protect me.” I said putting my hand on top of his.

Derek leaned down slowly putting his forehead on mine.

“i’ll always protect you.” He said closing the remaining distance.

It was the best kiss I’d ever experienced in my life. What sprained ankle?

prompt from: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/161065686187/teen-wolf-imagine-prompts

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prompt #7, #8 (Jordan Parrish)

7.“I heard you’re a player, so let’s play a game.” 8.“please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.”

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“we’ve been circling the same area for about an hour now. The nemeton doesn’t want to be found.” Jordan said crossing his arms over his chest.

“well i’m not the one carrying a bunch of dead bodies out here so excuse me if I can’t find it.” I said sitting down on the forest floor.

Jordan joined me shortly looking at his hands. I instantly felt bad, he didn’t know that he was doing this either, and I wasn’t exactly helping with my accusatory tone.

“do you think I want to be doing this?” He said playing with his fingers.

“I know, I’m sorry I said that Jordan, and I’m sorry for dragging you out here this was a waste of time.” I said standing up and wiping off my butt.

Jordan followed suit.

“not a total waste I mean I got to spend time with you.” Jordan said grabbing my hand and lacing my fingers with his own.

“you know you’re pretty boy charm isn’t going to work on me.” I said letting go of his hand.

“pretty boy charm, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He said laughing.

This gave me an idea. Jordan has been teaching me self defense ever since I got attacked by Tracy Stewart.

I heard you’re a player, so let’s play a game.” I said smirking.

“a game, what kind of game?” Jordan asked stepping closer to me.

“fight me. fight me and if I win you can’t leave until you find the nemeton.” I said putting my fists up.

“what if I win? what do I get?” He asked stepping even closer.

“what do you want?” I asked feeling my face heat up from how close he was.

“a kiss.” He whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

I was a little distracted with my thoughts so I was caught off guard when Jordan pushed me, making me fall on my butt.

“hey you cheated!” I said pushing my self back up.

“no I’m just motivated to win.” He smirked putting his hands back up.

I lunged at him trying to catch his arm but he blocked me. He went in for a jab but I ducked.

“you’re not winning that easily.” I said ducking again as he threw another jab.

“I didn’t expect it to be easy.” He said grabbing my arm.

I twisted out of his grip trying to trip him. He got hold of my arm and twisted me around so he was behind me and had me trapped against his body.

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I could feel him breathing down my neck making me extremely nervous. He won and I was about to kiss him. I turned around but Jordan wasn’t standing in front of me, it was the hell hound. He pushed me to the side causing me to twist my ankle.

“Parrish!” I said watching him walk away.

He started walking straight through the tree line. I struggled to get up, but I eventually did and followed him. He stopped sitting down on the tree trunk of the nemeton. Bodies were scattered all over it. I let go of the tree I was using to support myself and fell down looking at all the bodies.

“y/n!” Jordan called running over to me now that he was back to himself.

“Jordan, don’t turn around.” I said putting my hand on his cheek.

Of course he didn’t listen to me and turned around anyways seeing all the bodies.

“I’m doing all this.” He started turning back to me. “and I hurt you.” He said looking down at my ankle that was a little purple now.

I grabbed the tree standing up.

“Jordan you’re a hell hound you protect the secrets of the supernatural it’s what you do, you’re not killing anyone, that isn’t you, and don’t worry about me i’m okay. Jordan we fight the bad guys okay, you’re not one of them. Let’s get out of here.” I said grabbing his arm to pull him away from the nemeton.

Jordan picks me up walking me back to his patrol car.

“Jordan, please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.”

“a sprained ankle that I caused.” He said his grip around me getting tighter.

“actually, if we’re speaking technically, the hell hound did this not you.”

“It doesn't matter we’re back at the car.” He said sitting me down on the trunk so he could open my car door.

He was very down, and I felt my heart ache for him.

“Jordan come here.”

He walked over standing in between my legs. I put my arms around his shoulders.

“you don’t think you’re the bad guy right?” I questioned rubbing his shoulders.

“I don’t even know who I am anymore y/n” He admitted putting his arms around me and pulling me to his chest.

He buried his face in my neck. I felt something wet and hot and realized he was crying. I lifted his head so he was looking at me.

“Jordan I know exactly who you are. You’re a deputy to the Sherriff’s department, you care about people and their feelings, you’re willing to risk your life to save others. You’re extremely good at fighting, in fact I think I owe you something.” I said pulling his face down to mine.

His breathing got heavier as my lips were practically on his. I captured his lips with mine kissing him slowly and passionately. He immediately kissed back pulling me closer to him. I could feel my cheeks burning with desire as I kissed him. He slowly pulled away resting his forehead on mine.

“should we play another game?” He smirked kissing my nose.

“if the outcome is this, than hell yeah.” I said putting my lips back on his.

prompt from: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/161065686187/teen-wolf-imagine-prompts

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Hell and Silence || Chapter Ten


Word Count: 5,001

Warnings: Swearing, Fighting, Heavy petting

A/N: CHAPTER 10! We’ve reached double digit chapters, guys! Unfortunately, that does mean I’ll be taking this party DOWN TO MY WATTPAD ACCOUNT!!! Fear not, loyal readers- I’ll still update this account letting you guys know if a new chapter of Hell and Silence has been posted there and link the chapter, maybe even update here with imagines but Hell and Silence is my primary focus pretty much. And as I post the chapters, even if you’ve read Hell and Silence before- you might want tor reread. I’ve changed up quite a few things that may seem little, but they have a big impact. OTHER THAN THAT, ENJOY CHAPTER 10. ENJOY MY BBYS VANESSA AND DEREK!!!!!

Chapter One     Chapter Two     Chapter Three     Chapter Four     Chapter Five     Chapter Six     Chapter Seven     Chapter Eight     Chapter Nine



The sun had started to come up, yet I haven’t slept a bit. I’d spent the whole night awake watching Vanessa drift in and out of consciousness, eyelashes fluttering and body twitching every so often. Sometimes she would even hum little melodies- and I didn’t want to miss a second of it.

I ran my fingers through her messy mane of wavy dark hair, watching as the sunlight hit it making it flash a deep reddish color, and making her necklace reflect shimmering bits of purple light into my wooden floors. My thumb had moved to start rubbing the outline of her cheekbone when she started to stir under me. Slowly, Vanessa’s eyelids fluttered open, revealing those gorgeous amber iris’.

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prompt #1 (Scott McCall)

1.“please back away.” “no I know you won’t hurt me.”

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“what are we going to do?” Stiles yelled trying to chain Liam back to the hospital bed.

“I don’t know!” I screamed back trying to dodge Malia’s claws.

We had no idea what was happening. All of sudden Malia and Liam wolfed out and got increasingly aggressive. We were at the hospital trying to evacuate people because of the beast and they went crazy.

“maybe we should call Scott?” I screamed as Malia had me trapped against the wall.

“oh yeah y/n what a great idea, invite the alpha werewolf who can also freak out an try to kill us, hell we’ll just have a whole freaking werewolf party!” Stiles screamed as Liam broke the chains pushing him into the wall.

I ducked as Malia’s claws scratched the wall, inches away from my head. Liam was about to pounce on Stiles, but I got to him first. I grabbed Stiles arm and we started to sprint down the hospital corridor. I was looking behind us when I felt Stiles stop.

“okay now would be a good time to call Scott.” Stiles said turning my head to look in front of us.

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“oh my that’s big.” I squeaked looking at the beast.

Stiles took my hand and we ran in to one of the hospital rooms locking the door and hoping for the best. I quickly pulled out my phone dialing Scott’s number.

“y/n what’s wrong I can hear your heartbeat from here.?” Scott asked.

“yeah we have a problem, a big gigantic problem. Malia and Liam totally went psycho on me and Stiles and now the beast is here and I’m locked in a room with Stiles who won’t shut up!” I said as the beast started to scratch on the door.

“and I think the beast found us.” Stiles screamed putting something else in front of the door.

“stay right there, I’m coming to get you!” Scott said hanging up.

Stiles and I backed away to the corner of the room while the beast kept breaking through the door.

“oh god i’m going to die next to you.” I said going closer to Stiles.

“look I know i’m no Scott but i’m not that bad.” Stiles said looking at me.

Stiles was one of the few people who knew of my crush on the alpha werewolf Scott McCall. The beast roared ripping the door right off it’s hinges. It was about to enter when there was another loud roar behind us.

“Run.” Scott growled.

The beast turned it’s attention towards Scott as we ran out the door.

“Scott!” I called watching him struggle with the beast.

“we have to go.” Stiles said grabbing me.

We ran back to where we were before. I turned around noticing Malia and Liam.

“uh yeah Stiles we forgot about something.” I said pointing to the wolf and the werecoyote.

“no kidding.” Stiles said.

We backed up until we hit someone. It was Scott.

“Scott what’s happening?” I asked turning around to face him.

Scott didn’t answer instead he was breathing heavily.

“Scott?” I questioned placing a hand on his arm.

“y/n please back away.” Scott said looking up with his alpha eyes.

no I know you won’t hurt me Scott.” I said grabbing his face and forcing him to look at me.

“It’s a type of wolfsbane it’s causing us to go crazy, y/n go I don’t want to hurt you.” Scott said now revealing fangs and claws as well.

“then don’t hurt me, fight it Scott.”

“I can’t.” He said roaring.

The next thing I did would probably go down in the history of the dumbest thing you could’ve done in this situation. I pulled Scott’s face down to mine kissing him. Scott kissed me back immediately. There was raw emotion when our lips moved in sync. I broke away and when I looked up his red eyes were replaced with his brown ones again.

“y/n duck!” Scott said.

He grabbed Liam flinging him out in the hall, followed by Malia. The wolf and the werecoyote struggled.

“Liam, Malia STOP.” Scott roared flashing his alpha eyes,.

Liam and Malia stopped instantly. They looked up at me a Stiles with sorrow filled eyes.

“i’m so sorry.” Malia said coming up and hugging me.

“it’s okay you were poisoned.”

Stiles was talking to Liam and Malia when Scott pulled me to the side.

“how did you do that?” Scott asked cupping my cheek with one of his hands.

“I guess when I kissed you, you weren’t breathing in the wolfsbane.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“why did you do it?” He asked smirking now.

“now that McCall is a question for another time.” I said moving his hand and walking back to our friends.

I could hear Scott laughing as I walked away. I had a feeling things were definitely going to change.

prompt from: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/161065686187/teen-wolf-imagine-prompts

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