*the two people I depend on for validation and attention are asleep*
Me: *hand over my forehead dramatically* this is it. this is how I die

Health Care Bill Prayer

In this time of need, I call upon you gods for the sake of those like myself, for the sake of those who are in more dire need of your assistance! I call to you!

Odin, god of wisdom, travelers, homeless, magic, and All Father! I call to you! Bring those who share your pain and know your way into a great fortune! Do not let this forsaken healthcare bill pass!

Tyr, god of law and rightful doings, hear me! Do not let this bill health care bill pass! 

Hod, god of the blind and less fortunate, see the pain that is wrought from those who would seek to take your own into the depths of unnecessary death! Do not let this health care bill pass!

Forseti, god of justice and presiding, see the injustice in this health care bill and do not let it pass! 

Thor god of storm and of the common folk, see the pain of the many and less fortunate, protect them in this hour of need!

Skadi oh huntress, give the people your courage and power in this time of great need!

Freya, goddess of magic and warriors, guide us to victory and away from strife, lead us into battle to come out victorious! Do not let this health care bill pass!