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Last movie I watched: The Little Vampire both for nostalgia’s sake and because my little sister had never seen it before.

Last song I listened to: The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd. I swear, this song is one of the best off the Hobbit soundtracks (plus it’s Pippin and I love him).

Last book I read: American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I’m not that far into it yet, but it’s really great!

Last thing I ate: Potato salad (I don’t do breakfast food, y’all). 

Where would you time travel to?: Probably Egypt in the 20’s so I could see Howard Carter finding Tut’s tomb or Victorian England so I could see all those poofy dresses up close.

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Either Dustfinger or Tony Stark because those poor guys need a hug.

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: The lake because it’s hot af outside already.

Current fandom obsession?: Underworld and the new Beauty and the Beast.  

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Arnaud : *est en train de prendre une douche*

Benoît : *tire le rideau* Hé, est-ce que -arrête de hurler, c’est juste moi- est-ce que tu sais où sont mes lunettes ?

The Amazing Way the Fellowship Theme Grows Part 2: Building the Fellowship

(In  The Lord of the Rings’ soundtrack, composer Howard Shore uses specific pieces of theme music to represent certain places, characters, and things– the Rohan theme, The One Ring’s theme, the Gondor theme, etc. What’s really cool though is how– as Howard Shore explains in his book on the soundtrack my main source, which you can find by googling “the LOTR annotated score” –these leitmotifs grow alongside the things they represent.

 As a kingdom changes, its theme music subtly changes, too. As the Hobbits grow, the Shire theme grows with them.)

This is Part Two (part one found here) of a series where I talk about how the theme music that represents the Fellowship grows over the course of the films, reflecting the way the Fellowship itself grows.

In Part One, I talked about how the composer Howard Shore introduces this theme (the music you hear in the beginning of The Bridge of Khazad-Dum soundtrack here) the way he introduces most of his epic themes….While everyone remembers the bombastic versions that play during the battles, it’s first heard playing softly in the background of humble lil character moments. Shore said he wanted to show that the Fellowship’s theme music, like the Fellowship itself, wasn’t born in epic battles but in small moments of friendship.

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This part will cover how the Fellowship’s theme grows from the “baby” versions you hear in the Shire to the huge Iconic™ versions you hear in Moria, growing as the Fellowship itself grows.

(all posts in this series are tagged #fellowship theme, and all my soundtrack-related posts are tagged #lotrsoundtrackfacts. I will try to post a new part of this series every Sunday)

The first time we hear the Fellowship theme outside of the Shire is when Gandalf is riding to Isengard (beginning of this clip)

Links to where this plays in the soundtracks:
OST: The Treason of Isengard
Complete Recordings: Saruman the White

Frodo and Sam set out on their journey, as I mentioned in my last post, with a version of the Fellowship theme that sounds cute n cozy. (”We’re going on an adventure, just like Bilbo!”) 

But Gandalf sets out on his journey with what Shore calls grim “bits” and “fragments” of the same theme. Gandalf’s variation is darker because, unlike the hobbits, he understands what might lie ahead…..

We hear the Fellowship theme again as Aragorn leads the hobbits out of Bree at (3:30) of this clip. 

OST: Not on the OST
CR:The Nazgul

The Fellowship has grown, so its leitmotif has grown. As Howard Shore described it:

“The Fellowship theme is a little fuller now… it’s not completely assembled, but it’s getting closer because now Strider has joined them. The orchestration is fuller—you hear a little more of the brass. In earlier sections with Frodo and Sam you heard one French horn playing. Now there are three.”

Then you hear “arduous” snippets of it as the ragtag Hobbits-plus-Strider group struggles through the Midgewater Marshes (not in OST, but in CR: The Nazgul).…..

And when Aragorn defends Frodo on Weathertop, according to Shore in the FOTR  commentary, “the music is primarily based around the Ringwraith theme but [has] elements of Fellowship theme.”  This is the first time we hear the Fellowship theme in a battle setting but it’s only in “fragments” and “elements,” muddled up with the Ringwraith-leitmotif and bits of Aragorn’s  theme music (YES Aragorn has his own theme music it took me SO LONG to notice that)….

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OST: not in OST
CR: The Caverns of Isengard

By now you’ve probably noticed the pattern of the pre-Rivendell  theme: it gets progressively stronger but it’s never “completely assembled”…which makes sense. We never hear the fully formed Fellowship theme until we see the fully formed Fellowship.

As Howard Shore points out, it’s only after Elrond proclaims the nine companions “Shall be the Fellowship of the Ring” that you hear the theme music in its full orchestration for the first time.

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 (Don’t even need a clip cuz it’s so ICONIC and also the four video limit)
OST: The Council of Elrond
CR: The Great Eye

And from that moment until Moria, we don’t hear any more of those weak or fragmented versions of theme. Only buff versions.

We hear a soft (but still “full”) version as the Fellowship sets out from Rivendell together (in the beginning of the next clip.) This variation is not on the OST, but appears in the CR track Gilraen’s Memorial.….

After the journey out of Rivendell begins with some variations on the Shire theme, we hear (at about 1:50) a heroic slow version as the Fellowship journeys IN HEROIC SLOW MOTION….

OST: The Ring Goes South
CR: Gilraen’s Memorial


This all builds up to the biggest and (maybe even the most Iconic) variations of the theme in FOTR….the ones that play in Moria.

We hear it twice in the Mines: as the Fellowship races toward the Bridge of Khazad-Dum (clip below) and after the Aragorn and Frodo make it over that gap in the stairs (and we watch the stairwell dramatically crumble into the Abyss)

OST: Both are on The Bridge of Khazad-Dum
CR: The first is in Balin’s Tomb, second is in Khazad-Dum: hey that rhymes


Moria is the first (and only!) time all nine members of the Fellowship are called into action together. These two Moria moments are also the first (and only!) times in FOTR where we hear the full version of the theme playing over action scenes.

If the other versions of the Fellowship theme were bombastic but slow and peaceful,, then these variations are like…if the concept of CAPS LOCK and exclamation points!!!! were music!!!!  It gets you pumped, is what I’m saying, but you already knew that. My point is: We’re not even through the first film and the Fellowship theme has already changed a ton from the gentle “baby” versions we heard in the Shire.


If you were to listen to all the appearances of the Fellowship’s theme music in order…you would hear it begin as a cozy cute theme from the Shire, gain more instruments as the Fellowship gains more members, form as the Fellowship forms, and get more and more powerful as the Fellowship comes together, all of this building up to glorious invincible-sounding crescendos in Moria.

What could possibly go wrong….?

(Part three will come next Sunday. To request a soundtrack for me to write about, reblog this linked post.)

Queen of the Greenwood

Little sketch of Legolas’ Mother/Thranduil’s wife!
Middle Earth sucks me in from time to time (totally not complaining!) ;)

It’s a pity they took out most mentions of her from the movies as it gave a lot more depth into Thranduil’s character and his relationship with his son (also an interesting parallel with Tauriel’s business), even if, technically speaking, practically none of it was canon.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a new adlock yacht member, can you recommend me A Must Read Sherlock/Irene fics? because I falling deeper and deeper with this ship and i'm not even sorry! P.S.I check out all your fics on AO3 and the quite remarkable. Thank you, have a good day/night.

*Grins and waves* Hello and welcome aboard :D More than a little surprised to be asked (because surely anyone would’ve already been admiring my fandom heroes’ brilliant works before they came across any random stuff I wrote?) but thank youu and I’m honoured to share my personal ‘Omg amazing writing’ list!

(For a non-waffly version of recs, please simply refer to my bookmarks on AO3 - they’re mostly adlock x)

1. These fandom classics ♡ (Apologies if, like me, you already know them so well you find that you can effortlessly recite the chapter titles and many of the beautiful lines therein, but they absolutely need to appear in every adlock rec)

Neither a Soldier Nor a Gentleman and (work-in-progress) Sui Generis by Francesca_Wayland (the author is a legend and @francesca-wayland​ is the adlock blog, where you’ll find her list of fic recs, amongst other adlockness)

^ Exquisitely written. NaSNaG [97k] is basically fanon for what happened between Sherlock and Irene in Karachi, and SG [224k+] is its incredible (AU) sequel. The latter was what converted me from a non-shipping BBC Sherlockian into an obsessed adlocker.

- (work-in-progress) The W Hypothesis by ElinorX ( @elinorx​ this girl’s an evil genius x)

^ Victorian AU [75k+]. Another masterpiece, like seriously it’s literature. Clever and intricate plot, layers of mysteries, immense magnetic pull and tension between our OTP. Angsty. Though according to a reliable source the readers might get a treat in the next chapter(s).

- Come Attrition, Come Hell by InkInc ( @tales-of-inkinc​ The Angst Queen, whom I really hope is doing well at this moment, sending her best wishes)

^ aka Angst and Heartbreak and (Despite Everything) Love [89k]. You will likely not be okay whilst reading this story, and you will quite possibly not want to be. Certain strings of words in the English language will never be the same again. Gosh. There’s a letter/email from Sherlock to Irene, and it’s just T T. Also, CACH was the reason I registered on AO3, to leave my first ever comment.

- Death Takes a Holiday by LyraNgalia and rude_not_ginger ( @lyrangalia​ and @team-science​​, they have got to be the best role-play/writing partners in the history of RP-ing and their works are a synergy of brilliance; dreamwidth)

^ Fanon for Sherlock and Irene’s adventures during The Fall, collaborating to dismantle Moriarty’s web. Emotional constipation journey inevitably ensues. The DTaH series [546k] is approx. the length of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy plus The Hobbit. Epic.

- What He Likes and its sequel (incomplete) The Way the Heavens Go by solojones

^ WHL [65k] also features post-Reichenbach Sherlock and Irene. Dark, with soul-crushing angst, and a spiralling-into-drugs-and-demons Sherlock. Don’t worry though it gets bittersweet and everything will be okay and aww these two are adorable. TWtHG [71k] is post-Resurrection, canon-divergent since it was written before Series 3 aired but still marvellous.

2. A few more multi-chapter must-reads (Sorry I realise how ridiculously long this post is getting, after merely five recs, and shall turn down/off the commentary hereinafter, but should reiterate that these are all absolutely wonderful)

- The Price of Retrouvailles [76k] by akajustmerry ( @akajustmerry​ who also has another beautiful work-in-progress, In the Absence of Skulls)

- The Games We Play [13k] by Maple_Fay

- This is Not a Safe House [14k] by SaraDobieBauer ( @saradobiebauer​)

- Staying Alive [6k] by  g_girl143 ( @adlocksentiments​)

Ships in Glass Bottles [49k] and A White Flag on Baker Street [13k] by Scatterboom (also, would recommend subscribing to her work-in-progress The Shape of the Universe and allowing it to brighten up your Tuesdays : ] )

The Curious Case of the Boy In the Raincoat [44k] by rude_not_ginger

- Dining with Frogs [61k] by CherryBlossomTide

3. My single-chapter favourites (Not an extensive list, my AO3 bookmarks contain more x)

Exceptions by Del (Everything @goddessdel​ writes basically ♡)

The Uneventful Afternoon by Del (goddessdel) >>> John’s perspective; fluff in the uniquely adlock way, always such a delight to reread!

Life among the dead by Del (goddessdel) >>> His Last Vow missing scene

A Most Murderous Case by Del (goddessdel) >>> Our OTP & Scotland Yard

- Ave Verum by Francesca_Wayland >>> John’s discovers Sherlock’s secret

Midnight by rude_not_ginger >>> It’s like poetry

A Very Different Level by SorrowsFlower ( @sorrowsflower who is another very, very talented yacht member) >>> A collection of lovely gems

broken hearts, like broken bones by Tyleet ( @wildehacked)

- the way we live now by themuslimbarbie

- Twenty Degrees of Inseparation by nom_omnis_moriar

4. Seriously I cannot begin to describe how much I admire some of these authors. Our yacht is so fortunate to have them. (I’ve mentioned some of their works above but do check out the links to their AO3 page or tumblr for more adlock-y awesomeness!)

Have a good day/night to you too, anon, and to anyone else reading this x


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