A T T E N T I O N   ! ! !

Today is   T H R A N D U I L    T H U R S D A Y !!!

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So    H A P P Y   T H R A N D U I L    T H U R S D A Y  !!!

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The Road goes ever on and on

Chapter 7: Kingdoms of Men

It may be winter up in the north, but down on the shores of Khand the heat lingers. After leaving their ship and crew, Thorin and Bilbo find they must decide which road to take: the fastest skirting the eastern plains of Mordor, or the longer crossing the desert to Harad and to turn north toward Gondor from there.

And while Erebor remains yet far away, the world around them slowly begins to look familiar again.

Art by the wonderful @tosquinha

I need blogs to follow

So, I’m going to put a list of things I reblog/am into, but honestly, you could have none of these on your blog and I’ll still follow you. I don’t even care. I just like seeing what everyone else is interested in :^)

- Harry Potter
- Doctor Who
- Sherlock
- Shakespeare
- Musicals
- Supernatural
- Stranger Things
- Star Wars
- TESV: Skyrim
- LOTR/The Hobbit
- Firefly
- Gravity Falls
- Undertale
- Disney/Dreamworks
- Science in general
- A:TLA and LOK
- Classic Literature
- Various YouTubers
- Art in general
- Some Marvel/DC stuff
- Anime (FMA:B, Ouran Host Club, Robotech, Angel Beats, Black Butler, Sailor Moon, and Soul Eater, Cowboy Bebop…I have a list of ones that I still want to watch)

Anyway, you know the drill, reblog or like this post to get some love