Double date.
  • Sakura:Hey Hinata,it's Naruto!Go and ask him for date!!
  • Hinata:I..I can't..
  • Sakura:Oh c'moon!Look there is Sasuke too!I will ask them for double date ok?
  • Hinata:..ok
  • *in ichiraku ramen*
  • Sakura:Hey Sasuke!Naruto..
  • Naruto:OOhh Sakura-chan,what's up?!
  • Sasuke:...
  • Naruto:Sasuke!Say hello or something!
  • Sasuke:..hi
  • Naruto:Omg,never mind,what do you need?
  • Sakura:Well,I was wondering,would you and Sasuke go on double date with me and Hinata?
  • Naruto:*confused*...Aaaahh of course!
  • Sakura:Ok,I'm looking forward!Bye boys!
  • Naruto:Bye!..hmm Sasuke?
  • Sasuke:Yes?
  • Naruto:Since when Sakura and Hinata dating?!
  • Sasuke:*kiss Naruto*Hn,dobe..
  • Naruto:HEY!Didn't I say no kissing in public!Control yourself!

“Well, she’s also a Youtuber. We’ve actually been friends for a couple of years, and then… circumstances kind of aligned. Her name is Ingrid and she’s a big Youtuber. But she’s also one of the most brilliant, soulful people I’ve met. It’s so good. Because she hates LA too but we both have to live (here) so at least there’s somebody else that gets it. My friends and family who know me get kind of all the stuff we’ve been talking about, about staying grounded and having a perspective, but not a lot of other people who are my peers feel that way, as you mentioned. Right? So to have a peer who is my partner, who does what I do and gets this world, this world that we live in but also gets the world inside ourselves? Oh my god. I couldn’t be happier.” - Hannah Hart