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Our gifts don’t have to be terrifying, they’re part of us. I felt lost before I came here, too. Looking for answers in all the wrong places, but we’re connected to something bigger and older than we could have ever imagined. Something extraordinary. Don’t walk away from it.


favorite sgfg lyrics; (2/2)

castaway - the girl who cried wolf - broken home - fly away - invisible - airplanes - san francisco - outer space - carry on


so I had originally planned on making a super nice graphic for this, but it was like 2am and somehow that happened and i’m not gonna question it. 

anyways! 2015 is almost over so i wanted to make a follow forever :-) this has been such a fun year on here despite a lot of the stuff that’s happened, and the blogs i’ve been following (whether it’s been all year or since only a day or two ago) have made my dash a rly rly cool place. so thank you guys for that!

the maine shirt stans™ network 

I literally love u guys!! our group chat is lit & always makes me laugh, and all of u are super sweet. also thanks 4 being bryana as fuck 

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and of course a lot of you who i love 2 follow and probably stalk casually :-))) mutuals are bolded!


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and everyone else I follow or who follows me, ur all special lil beans who I hope get everything they want in life

also special thanks to @5sos-official 

it’s almost the new year, so i’m doing a celebratory follow forever!!


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i’ve missed out quite a few people but i really wanted to actually get a follow forever out before the end of the year + before my exams start!