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I am so sorry to bother and youve most likely been asked this before, but how do you go about drawing cats w like. their mouths open? Mostly in side and quarter angles.. i use refs but they always end up looking like the :V emoji

I struggle with this too sometimes, I guess it depends on the corners of the mouth? Like when drawing angry/hissing cats mine used to be pretty :V but I kinda made the corners of the mouth tilt up, then down, if that makes sense? (shown in the second row of mouths)

I guess just remember the fleshy bit where the whiskers come out to help shape your mouths, squash them and move them to get the expression you want. I usually think about them while drawing my mouths (drawn in red)

this may not be anatomically correct but this is how I do it aa

Keep looking at reference and really looking at open muzzles, do lotsa studies to help out



So I was re-watching A Scandal in Belgravia, as you do, and I got hooked on one little detail. So, for Molly, I did some research before on Louise Brealey’s body to make sure of her precise height, measurements, weight etc. And it’s very fascinating to me what my mind came up from this point on. Here are my two cents on Sherlock and two females that were shown as his romantic interest; two females the carry the most importance. Or The Woman and The One Who Counted. 

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13 Reasons Why (tape 3)

Characters: sister!reader, Dean, Mary, Sam, John, Cas(mentioned), Jody(mentioned), Claire(mentioned), Alex(mentioned)

Warnings: swearing, angst, mention of death

Word count: 3830

Summary: Mary’s tape hits Dean harder than he expected and he starts to see the people he loves in a different light

Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Here it was. Tape 3. Ready in the tape player, but Dean just couldn’t bring himself to listen to it… At least not yet.

There were more things that you left behind that he had thought. First of all there were these tapes and how he found out that you left Sam a note. He wasn’t sure when to start reading it, maybe even just looking at your handwriting would have been too heartbreaking for him to see. Even just holding that paper in his hand and knowing that you once held it in your hand was enough to almost make Dean cry. How could he possibly handle reading the letter? The tapes were killing him already, adding more to that would have been too much for him to take in.

He took the tape player with him. It was inside his duffel bag that he had packed ready for the hunt Sam had found them. “You ready to go?” Sam questioned from the passenger seat in the impala.

Dean had been daydreaming this entire time just thinking about the tapes. “Yeah.”

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Midnight Shenanigans (Yondu Udonta x Reader)

Originally posted by aholes-guardiansofthegalaxy

Requested by anon: smutty Yondu x Reader. Something really cool like someone interrupting and him whistling using his arrow to make them leave as he continues doing what he is doing.

-Female Reader-

Warnings: Smut, Shameless Smut, One Night Stand, Public Sex.

The bar was drowning in a fading blue light, hiding the drunken gazes and stolen touches. That wasn’t bothering your mind though. No, your focus was directed towards the blue Centaurian and his boisterous friends laughing and drinking together.

The Ravagers.

You knew of them and what they did. You recognised the flames on their jackets. But none of that concerned you. All you thought about was how goddamn attractive the Ravager captain was.

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how about a good ol smut, no kinks/strap-ons, just alex and maggie using their fingers, tongues, scissoring, being just slow, sweet, and lovey dovey, just making casual love. Bonus if they are on Alex's kingsize bed, and Kara walks in on them, because Kara will never stop walking in on people


Maggie just grins and looks away, dimples out and blushing full force.

“Nothing, Danvers.”

Alex tilts her head and furrows her brow, clapping her book shut and shoving it down onto her mattress, flipping her glasses up to rest on the top of her hair for good measure.

“No, Maggie, you were staring! What?”

Maggie bites the inside of her cheek and puts her left hand up to her chin, shuffling her feet slightly.

“Nothing, Alex, you just… You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And sometimes it just… hits me, you know? That you’re… everything that you are, and for some reason, you want to share yourself and – ” She tosses her hands up at Alex’s apartment, toward her massive, room-sized bed. “ – all this, with… me.”

Alex takes a deep, silent breath and purses her lips off to the side before shoving her book to the foot of the bed and patting the mattress next to her.

“Come here,” she invites, and she delights in watching Maggie pad forward, jumping up slightly to kneel beside Alex.

“You know I think the same about you? About how lucky I am to have you? I’m in awe of it every day. I’m in awe of you every day.”

“Alex,” Maggie whispers as Alex runs her fingers over her hair.

“Come here,” Alex invites again, and this time it’s a whisper. This time, it’s a plea. This time, it’s a prayer.

Maggie smiles and complies, letting her eyes flutter closed as her hair sweeps over to frame both her face and Alex’s, to frame the way their lips meet, soft and sweet and slow.

Alex sighs into Maggie’s mouth, and Maggie melts into Alex’s arms.

“Can I come on top of you?” she asks softly, and Alex brings her knees down immediately so Maggie can bring her body closer, so she can crawl up and over her legs and straddle her, their lips close the entire time.

“You’re so warm,” Alex whispers when she runs a tentative hand up Maggie’s shirt, and Maggie leans back with a grin.

“Nebraska girl, California weather,” she breathes, putting her hands on the hem of her own shirt and asking with her eyes if Alex wants her to take it off.

“Please,” Alex whispers eagerly, and Maggie tugs the t-shirt over her head smoothly, leaving Alex breathless because she’s not wearing a bra under it, because her skin is bare and Alex can see every scar and every stretch mark and Alex loves every part.

Maggie grins and goes back down to kiss her, but Alex stills her with soft hands.

“Wait, wait, wait. I just… I just wanna look at you.”

Tears sting Maggie’s eyes and she nods and breathes deep, breathes slow, breathes the way Alex outlines her body with trembling fingers, leans forward to paint murals on her torso with reverent lips.

“May I?” she asks with her hands, her lips, hovering just shy of Maggie’s breasts.

“Yeah,” Maggie whispers, and god, Alex’s fingers, her lips, her tongue, are gentle fire, tracing every nuance and every bump of Maggie’s chest, tracing circle after smaller circle until she looks up to confirm and Maggie whimpers softly with gentle fingers tangled in Alex’s hair, and it’s all the permission Alex needs to close her mouth around Maggie’s slowly hardening nipple.

“Ally,” Maggie pants with her head tossed back, and Alex moans softly as she works her tongue every which way across her nipple, one hand snaking around her arched back to hold her up, to hold her steady, the other grasping at her other breast, teasing her other nipple in gentle rhythm with her tongue.

“Alex, I – ”

Alex stops immediately, but Maggie whines in protest.

“No, god, don’t stop, I just… I want more…”

“More of what, princess?” Alex husks softly, and Maggie whimpers again and grinds her hips down around Alex’s.

“More of you.”

Alex beams and shifts Maggie easily off of her, not worrying for even a moment that she won’t have room, because her bed can more than accommodate what she has in mind for her girlfriend next.

She kneels and she shucks out of her own clothes slowly, keeping her eyes the entire time on Maggie, who’s topless and panting and leaning up on her elbows like she’s staring at a work of art.

Alex leaves her glasses on top of her head for good measure, and Maggie grins softly, appreciatively.

“Like I said, Danvers. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“I want more of you too, Maggie,” Alex tells her, and her statement is a question, and Maggie answers with a smile, answers by digging her heels into the bed and arching her hips up so she can pull off her boxers, giggling along with Alex as she tugs off her socks and chucks them somewhere into the kitchen.

“I hope they didn’t wind up under the counter again,” Alex muses, and Maggie smirks.

“That really the life problem you wanna occupy yourself with right now, Danvers?”

She licks her lips and she spreads her legs and Alex gulps and Alex splutters and Alex nearly passes out because Alex is very, very in love and Alex is very, very gay.

“I uh… I wouldn’t call this a… a problem…”

“Two choices, Danvers. Argue semantics with me, or get over here and make love to me. Or get over here and let me make love to you. So, three choices, I guess.”

Her words are sarcastic, but her voice is honey and her voice is affection and her voice is, in a word, love.

“The last two, please,” Alex whispers as she crawls forward with a smile, and Maggie returns her grin into their deep, deep kiss.

“Good choice, Alex.”

Alex hums in response and Maggie relishes the vibration the sound creates through Alex’s tongue in her mouth. She gasps softly as Alex shifts so her thigh is between Maggie’s legs.

“Good?” Alex confirms.

“Very,” Maggie grabs gently at her ass and pulls her closer.

It’s Alex’s turn to gasp as Maggie raises her own knee and takes Alex by the hips, her eyes never breaking contact as she uses her hands to encourage Alex up and down, up and down her thigh, moaning contentedly when Alex picks up her own rhythm and lets herself ride Maggie’s thigh with abandon, with peaceful recklessness, with trust and with soft screams of her name, of you’re beautiful, of I love you.

“You wanna cum for me, gorgeous?” Maggie asks, her voice thick with raw need, and Alex unravels, her entire body convulsing around Maggie’s thigh, in Maggie’s strong hands, her glasses falling off the top of her head and onto Maggie’s chest, and Maggie doesn’t care because god, god, god, this woman is perfection.

“Switch places,” Alex husks as soon as she rides out her last wave, but Maggie shakes her head.

“Babe, rest, you don’t have to – ”

“Oh, I am gonna rest. I’m gonna lay on my back for you and you’re gonna ride me like I just rode you until you cum as hard as I just did. Sound good?”

Maggie splutters and Alex chuckles as Maggie eagerly flips her over onto her back, slipping her thigh between Alex’s legs.

But when Alex goes to bend her knee, Maggie shakes her head.

“I wanna ride you, babe, but not your thigh right now. I want to feel your clit on mine.”

Alex hisses and tosses her head back into the pillow and shifts eagerly, shifts desperately, so Maggie can turn enough, adjust enough, until she’s dripping onto Alex’s own wetness, and the overwhelming heat of it, the way Maggie’s eyes flutter closed at the contact, wrecks Alex completely, thoroughly, permanently.

She knows Maggie can’t cum like this, no matter how hot they both find it – she can never get enough pressure, even on top, to toss her over the edge without hurting them both – so when she feels Maggie starting to lose control of her rhythm, when she feels her clit throbbing and soaked and desperate, when she hears her hissing in ecstatic frustration, Alex rasps, “Maggie, I wanna be inside you,” and Maggie practically topples over in eagerness to accommodate Alex’s hand between her legs.

“That something you want, babe?” she teases, her voice pure love, and Maggie chuckles raggedly.

“Hush up and fuck me, Danvers,” she croaks, and Alex makes sure her wrist is at a good angle, and Alex complies.

Maggie’s back arches and she tosses her head back and Alex’s name is a plea, a prayer, a hymn on her lips.

Alex slips one finger, two, more, deep, deep inside her, resting the back of her hand on her own thigh so that when Maggie grinds down for more pressure – riding Alex’s fingers for all either of them are worth – she gets enough of it to wreck her completely.

To toss her full and hard over the edge, to make her she collapse forward on top of Alex, bracing her hands onto the mattress, crashing her lips down to Alex’s as her body tightens around Alex’s fingers, as Alex whispers everything she needs to hear into her ear, everything about you’re beautiful and I love when you let go for me and I love you, Maggie, you, you, only you.

They’re so lost in each other’s eyes, in each other’s heartbeats, in each other’s arms, in each other’s love, that neither of them notice the front door opening.

And neither of them notice the front door closing, a blonde streak clutching at her chest and clawing at her glasses and muttering about “who doesn’t have a bedroom door? My sister. My sister doesn’t have a bedroom door. Sweet Rao I will never unsee that.”

mafia!BTS reaction when they get overprotective & jealous

(requested by anon: Mafia!au bts to getting jealous oor confessing for the first time… I have no idea.. But what is really important is that u point out how ruthless they r to others and kind to u and that its fluff and smut hehe)

EXO version

warnings: violence, swearing, various kinks *idk smuty-ish*

You were new to the gang. You were great with everyone except this one guy. You were actually scared of him bc he was the leader. That’s why u were sort of submissive towards him and he adored it. He treated u with exaggerated kindness and affection but that was one part of the time.. The other he just glared at u and was cold. But the way he acted when it was either his enemies or anyone who tried to come near u.. he was ruthless. And today a guy from the gang decided to do smthng he shouldn’t have and the word „closeness“ starts to describe it very well..


He stopped listening to the guy who was talking to him and he started to glare at the guy coming towards you. As u saw his face u got up, excused urself and went to Yoongi who was on the other side of the room. He was still glaring at the guy behind u so u sat into his lap and hugged him around his neck while caressing him from his ear to his collar bone and down to his shoulder. He was still glaring at the guy but soon closed his eyes as he hugged you back wrapping his arms around your waist really tight.


He was leaning against the table glaring at the guy intensely. Once u saw his face u knew he’ll blow up very soon. So u went to him as he was very near to u. U were by his side when he started walking towards the guy angrily. You quickly grabbed his hand hugging it around his upper arm. Your lips reached his ear. „Oppa..“ your soft whisper made him calm down and soften. He hugged you making you touch his neck with your lips on purpose.


You knew u had to make him calm down or otherwise the situation won’t end good. „I’m sorry but I think it’s not a good idea to talk to me in front of my oppa..“ The guy was shook by what u said not knowing of that kind of a relationship between u and the leader. He apologised and you slightly nodded while getting up and walking over to Jin. You just stood in front of him watching ur feet bc u knew he heard what u just said. He pulled u roughly towards him so that u bumped into his chest and rested your cheek on his shoulder. „Mine“ he whispered into ur ear. „Only. Mine.“


He just glared and glared after he couldn’t keep it in. He got up and appeared in front of the guy in seconds. He punched him fiercely. You stood quickly up and started moving Jimin away from the guy before someone srsly got hurt. „Don’t you ever come fucking close to her again, she’s mine“ he hissed as the guy went away. Jimin was shaking how furious he was. You hugged him while rubbing his head with ur thumb and with the other hand wrapped around his back. „Oppa it’s okay..“ you said softly as you kissed his cheek. Jimin hugged you back tightly as he moved his head to face yours, rubbing his nose softly against yours.


He just stared in disbelief. He knew the guy knew about his feelings, I mean everyone knew just didn’t dare to say that to u. He didn’t move or anything he just glared at u two. Once the guy went away you were about to get up but a tight grasp around you wrist stopped u. „Do u want me to fucking lose my mind and kill someone!?“ he said angrily. You placed your hand on his cheek caressing it. You kissed him softly trying to calm him down. He didn’t give into the kiss a lot and he was cold. You started moving away when Hoseok grabbed u around the waist and pulled you back with ur face inches away from his. „Where do u think you’re going?“  


He just gave you the come-here-before-I-kill-him-and-teach-you-a-lesson look. You didn’t think much you just went over to him and sat beside him on the couch. He patted his lap and indicated that u sit on him. You were a bit hesitant. He rolled his eyes and grabbed with one hand your legs and with the other your back and sat u on him. You were startled but you didn’t fight back. He made you fall down a bit by spreading his legs so that you were in a submissive-like position. You put your hands on his chest while he caressed your back as he wrapped himself around you. „My little princess“ he said while kissing your head making you giggle.


Jungkook came up to you and took you away from him. He lead you outside making you shake bc it was cold and your jacket was inside. He was looking in another direction when your soft, shaky voice scared him a bit. „Oppa I’m c-cold..“ you were shaking while looking at him. He closed the gap between you two and started taking his jacket off. „No“ you said and placed your hand on one of his as he took the jacket off. „Yes“ he said with a dark, dominant look which made you flustered. He continued taking it off when you all of a sudden hugged him and put his jacket back on. As you put it back on him, with Jungkook’s protests, he unzipped it and covered you with it from both ur sides as he hugged you tightly. „My kitten can’t catch a cold“ he said making you giggle into his chest.

xx oh wow this turned long I’m sorry not sorry eheh.. hope anon likes it, sorry for the long wait xx


Okay you guys I was really naughty…Instead of a chapter update here is my first ever oneshot! I was going to do a Xiumin one first but someone suggested a Kyungsoo wolf au and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I hope you enjoy it if not let me know if something didn’t make sense!

Summary: Eunbi is a shifter who catches a delicious scent that belongs to a sexy man who looks out of place at the club she works at. What is this serious looking man doing in a place like this? The killer look in his eyes tells her he is on a mission.

Word count: 4046

Kyungsoo x OC

I grip the bars of the cage, growling loudly at the man who has been trying to grope me through the bars for the last thirty minutes. He jumps away surprised by the sound, of course, most humans are. But he snaps back quickly mumbling under his breath.

“Kitty can growl,” He muses, not expecting me to hear over the booming music, but of course I did. “Bitch wouldn’t be so brave if she wasn’t in the fucking cage.”

An amuse smirk graces my face, showing him my fangs as I slowly crouch down, “They have me in here for your protection, not mine.” I hiss at him, showing loud and clear I want nothing to do with him and his rotten smell.

Once again he jumps back, “Crazy bitch!”

The smile never leaves my face as I slowly stand up straight, making sure to stick my ass out as I go. The music switches to something with a faster beat, my friend not to far away howls loudly from her own cage before she begins thrashing to the music. I see her yellow eyes glow in the darkness, I’m sure she can see mine glowing their usual blue. I chuckle at the sight of her chucking her massive heels into the crowd, not caring if they hit someone, they were in the way of her wolf working her cage. Mine had been lost long before these early morning hours amongst the disgusting men who took them for god knows what reason.

I don’t mind really, I would have kicked them out at some point, my tigress purred with satisfaction the moment I took them off and began working my cage how I should, like the animal I am. I move my body to the music, whipping my long black hair around happily, enjoying the chaos around me. My cage is placed on podium in the middle of the dance floor about five feet up, allowing me to see everyone on the dance floor and at the bar. The hoards of people around me, some human some shifters, some other things I’m not sure about but know for sure they aren’t either of the two listed above. They smother each other in pheromones making the whole warehouse reek of sex.

The people wear many different things, none of it covers much skin though, but who am I to talk. Tonight we are belly dancers, golden bras encrusted with red gems and matching bottoms with the long mesh skirt and jingling sequence. I twirl a few times, just enjoying how the outfit moves when I catch a scent. The familiar scent sneaks into my mind and consumes it, my body buzzes, my body keeps moving to the music but my mind is somewhere else. I slyly scan the crowd for a familiar pale man and his companions, regardless of the fact that the scent is not his own it’s the only place I can find the addicting aroma.

Like chocolate and sweets.

It’s driving me fucking insane. It’s stronger this time, telling me the actual owner of this delicious scent is here, he is fucking here. Why the hell did I agree to be in the cage today? I growl at myself, frightening a few patrons by my feet but I don’t care I need to find out who this is coming from. The music slows down once again, turning the crowd from a mob of chaos to just one of grinding and sex. My hips move slowly to the music, masters at their work they draw all sorts of attention to me. The scent slowly mixes with arousal, my eyes scan over the crowd once more as my tongue drags along my lips.

I spot him.

He’s completely out of place amongst the half naked crowd in a three piece suit. There is a drink in his hand and pretty little slut on his arm but his eyes are fixated on me. It takes all of myself control and the strength of the shifter proof bars to keep me from getting out of this fucking cage and tearing that girl to pieces. I catch myself for moment, where the hell did this come from? I’m not a territorial person, I share an apartment, a car, my clothes, my food, there is nothing I really keep to myself, until now I guess because I want him.


My mind screams.


My anger and desire to get out becomes more pathetic, a small whine escapes me when the slut giggles and strokes his cheek. To my surprise he is on his feet, pushing the girl away he finally makes his way through the crowd to me. Even though I’m completely over joyed that his delicious scent is coming over, fear settles in the pit of my stomach when I feel his dominance and  anger pouring out of him. The crowd parts for him like the red sea, the other shifters in the crowd pull the humans with them to keep them from the murderous look in the man’s eyes. Man, I want to scoff at myself, he is a beast, werewolf through and through, fucking great. My tigress is confused on how to feel, my initial instinct is to hiss at the wolf prowling towards me but at the same time I’m ready to jump him.

Eyes as black as coal stare me down, I drop to my knees so our faces are much closer allowing me to see more than I could when he was in the dark bar area. I lean down on my elbows allowing my hands to slip through the bars and rest his cheeks. My fingers feel a long his masculine jaw line, grinning when I think of how I’m going to mark up that neck of his. A pink tongue runs across those heart shaped, drawing my attention back to his features, round eyes and a small nose. Brown hair that is gelled back out his handsome face seems a bit more messed up than I imagine it should be, as if he has been running his hands through it all day. His cheeks get warmer under my hands, a pink hue cross them as I continue to study him. I find myself leaning in closer, pulling him closer as I move, just barely through the bars I manage to graze his lips with my own. It’s a small touch but it causes a snarl to start in his chest. His eyes glow a blood red.

Fucking great.

An alpha.

But at this point I’m too turned on to care about anything other than getting out of this cage and getting someplace where this wolf can show me how much of an alpha he really is.

“As much as I would love to play with you Mr. Wolf I’m a bit stuck,” I muse obviously breathless., taking ahand away to shake the bars, showing their lack of mobility.

He only hums in response, making me frown, I want to hear the voice behind those pink lips. His eyes scan over the cage, he grabs one of the bars and shakes it, it doesn’t give.

“Told you, unless you are like the strongest werewolf imaginable I’m not getting out of here,” This time I’m less amused and more frustrated. “Mr. Wolf please get me out, I’m dying in here.”

His growl echoes once more.

“Okay, I’m not actually dying but I’m dying to get out of this cage so I can fucking grab you by the neck and kiss you properly,” I confess, a bit embarrassed that some random stranger can get me hot an bothered like this without even touching me. “If you can get me out of here I’m all yours,” I promise, hating myself for basically begging. But that seems to be all he needs to grab on to two of the bars and pull them apart, giving me enough space to squeeze through. I stare dumb struck for a moment as he does it without a problem, from my personal experience it should have definitely been a problem so when he offers me his hand to get down suddenly I’m hesitant.

He lets out a hearty chuckle that warms my chest, “I was promised something and I’m not leaving without it.”

“Um, Mr. Wolf, you aren’t Mr. Big Bad Wolf, are you?” I half heartedly tease, praying I’m not handing myself over to some crazy wolf.

He cocks his head, “If I am?”

I gulp.

“Okay Kitten you have until the count of five to take my hand before I climb in there and let me tell you something,” He leans closer, “I’ve always wanted to claim someone in front of a crowd. Have them all listen as you scream my name,” That voice has me almost coming undone right then and there. “One… Two… Three… Four…”

I’m sliding through the bars and into his arms before he has the chance to follow through on his dream. He smiles triumphantly, keeping one arm wrapped around my shoulders possessively as he leads me towards the exit. Once again the crowd parts for us, for him, no one dares to even look in our direction until we reach the door where the bouncer steps in front of us. I know the large man well, he’s one of our few human bouncers so of course he doesn’t notice the threatening pheromones rolling off my partner in waves. He blocks the doorway with his large body, regardless of the fact that he is half a foot taller and at least fifty pounds heavier than my partner I have no doubt the alpha could tear him to pieces.

I give the bouncer a begging smile hopping he will get the hint and realize I’m not being kidnapped, at least not really. But he doesn’t and reaches for me, “Where the hell do you think you are going with one of our dancers?” The bouncer snaps.

The alpha quickly pushes me behind him, he grabs the bouncer’s hand in his own and stares the man down as his grip tightens, slowly crushing the bouncer’s fist. I quickly get back in between them, ingoring the alpha’s free hand that is trying to drag me behind him again and grab on to the tie around his neck. I wrap my hands around it a few times bringing him to my level, our foreheads pressed together.

His red eyes bore into mine, “Kitten,” He warns with a deep growl.

“Lets go,” I half beg, hopping not to cause a scene.

“He tried to take you,” The alpha snarls, his eyes flick to the bouncer who is on his knees behind me, whimpering in pain.

“Look at me,” I command, “Let him go.” A sigh of relief leaves me, allowing me to smile. I let his tie unwrap a few times but keep a solid grip on the end and tug him gently. “Come on,” I muse playfully, urging him on like puppy. As much as I can tell his wolf doesn’t like it he obeys and follows me out of the warehouse to where all the cars are parked. “I assume you drove?” I turn to face him, his eyes are fixed on my hand still holding the end of his tie. I let it go and awkwardly laugh, not sure if I crossed a line, though I have no idea where the lines are at all at the moment. He grabs my hand and leads me to the obviously most expensive thing in a mile radius of this side of town. He leads me to the passengers side door of the imported sports car, I expect him to open the door for me but instead he pins me against it. His hands on either side of me gripping the car until his knuckles are white. Those glowing red eyes are once again fixated on me.

“Don’t ever do that again,” He warns.

I puff out my cheeks, “Sorry, I just was trying to be playful.”

He snarls, “Not that. Don’t ever try to get in between me and someone who is trying to take you away. Most people who try to take what is mine are lucky to get away with their lives, but anyone who dares to try and take you are lucky to just get their throats ripped out, understand?”

“So you are saying that…”

“You are mine.”

My tigress purrs.

“Now get in the car before I take you right here and now.” He turns and rushes to get in his own door. Turning around I see that his grip has left dents on the top of the car, I snicker, though it would be a lie to say my body isn’t vibrating with excitement. The possessiveness in his words makes me have to press my thighs together, what the fuck is this man doing to me. His engine roars to life and he speeds out of the parking lot and down the road to the main part of Seoul. It’s awkwardly silent for most of the drive, my legs are trembling and his knuckles are white from gripping the stirring wheel.

“So, should we tell each other names or are you more of the one and done, don’t need to know names, kind of guy?” I muse awkwardly.

“One and done?” He gives me a side-glance with those fucking eyes.

“I know you said, ‘you are mine’, but I don’t know if that’s just a thing wolves did to get laid.” He pulls into an underground garage and parks his car. He doesn’t acknowledge me at all as he climbs out of the car. I groan and rest my head against the dash, “Maybe he wasn’t questioning what it meant and was just telling me what he wanted as if it was obvious. I hate wolves.”

He rips open my car door and pulls me out. Without a word and drags me to the elevator and refuses to let me go the whole ride up to the top floor, penthouse, of course. Fucking Alphas. The minute we reach his floor he drags me out into a hall way and up to a pair of double doors that I assume lead to his apartment, and like in the elevator he refuses to let me go until with are inside. Once the doors are closed I’m pressed against them, he pins my hands on either side of my head, his body presses against mine.

“You hate wolves?” He muses.

“You didn’t answer my question,” I pout, regardless of the position we are in at the moment.

“One and done?” He echoes once again.

It would be a lie to say it didn’t hurt me to hear him say that.

“What a stupid thing to even suggest,” He chuckles as his nose runs along my jaw. “Wolves mate for life,” He punctuates that sentence with his fangs pressed firmly against my neck.


My tigress roars.

Of fucking course he is my mate, that is why I’ve wanted nothing more than for him to fuck me since the moment I saw him. The realization has me growling, “Why he hell couldn’t you have said that sooner? I wouldn’t have put up such a fight if I had know you were my mate and not some stranger who just has me hot and bothered!”

He chuckles, “What kind of fight did you put up? It was so easy to just steel you away.” I gulp when I feel his fangs run along my neck, “It’s like you were just begging to be snatched up, Kitten.”

“Eunbi,” I blurt out.

He hums, “Kyungsoo.”

“Kyungsoo,” I test the name out on my tongue.

He groans from his place in the crook of my neck, “Say it again.”

“Kyungsoo,” I say a bit more breathless this time. Suddenly he has me over his shoulder caring me through his apartment that I would actually like to look around in but apparently at a different time. I’m laid down on a massive bed, he stares down at me, putting all his weight on his one arm so his free hand can stroke my cheek gently.

“I promise that I will take the time to make love to you gently and romantically, but not today. Tonight I have watched dozens of men eye fuck you, my wolf is going insane with jealousy, I need to be inside you.”

I chuckle as I slowly open my legs a bit more, “All you had to do was say so.” He leans down and kisses me like his life depends on it. It’s not soft or gentle, it’s pure animal, tongues battle for dominance, I try even though I have no chance at beating him. That doesn’t stop me from cheating and pushing his elbow so I can flip him over and have the upper hand for a moment. To my surprise he doesn’t throw a fit, too focused on the intense make out session we are in. I pull away, ignoring the whine that he makes, to pull off my annoying shirt, if you can call it that. I reach for his but he seems too much rather go back to kissing and pulls me back in. With one hand gripping the back of my neck, keeping our lips pressed together, the others finds its way to my hip.

“Off,” I demand between kissing, pulling at his suit jacket and button up. He ignores me and tries to work on getting my bottoms off. I growl and shamelessly tear away his expensive looking shirt and the t-shirt underneath, revealing his toned chest. I escape his lips once more to leave kisses cross his jaw and down his neck, basking in the groans and snarls leaving his perfect lips. His other hand meets it’s partner on my other hip, holding me still as his own hips rut up against mine. I have to pause, my face pressed into the crook of his neck, in an attempt to control myself.

“Give me one fucking second to have some kind of foreplay,” I snarl wanting to enjoy the moment a bit more before jumping into it. This is my first time with an alpha and my mate, I want to take my time.

But his hips rutting once again is his response to that, “Too long. I need you now.” He rolls us back over, managing to capture my hands and pin the above my head with one hand. His other hand reaches for my bottoms and tears them away with ease, tossing them somewhere on the floor. I can’t keep myself from watching as he slowly undoes his belt and his pants. I know he is watching me, waiting for a reaction when he pulls his manhood out; he is not disappointed. My jaw drops, I knew wolves were supposed to be big but I wasn’t expecting this. He pumps himself a few times chuckling, “What’s wrong Kitten, too much for you?”

I glare at his smug face, “We will have to find out won’t we, now stop staring.”

“Are you ready?”

I gulp as wiggle my hands free and pull his face closer, hiding my face in the crook of his neck, taking a moment to breath in his delicious scent that not just turns me on but relaxes my erratic heart. “I’m ready,” I mumble.

“Where did that confidence go?” He muses softly, loosing his own cockiness.

“It’s come back, I just preparing myself,” I peek down once again, he positions himself at my entrance. “Be gentle at first at least, okay?”

His domineering wolfishness seems to fade, he copies my actions, burring his face in the crook of my neck, “Of course.” I take a few deep breaths before he plunges all the way into me in one thrust. A whimper escapes my lips, he stretches me more than I have been before. My claws dig into his back as I try to deal with the pain of such a huge intruder. He wraps his arms around me, resting his weight on his elbows to keep from crushing me. He does his best to comfort me but I don’t miss the way his body trembles, how tense his body is or the growl vibrating in his chest.

He is struggling to control himself. It’s obvious as he holds me closer, almost crushing me in his iron clad embrace, “You can move.” I encourage, hoping it will just get better once things start going.

“Are you sure?” He groans through grit teeth.

“Take the offer before have the chance to take it back.”

That is all the encouragement he needs to slowly pull and push back in at the same pace. It doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, it’s more of a burning feeling now, it’s bearable. But for him, his wolf seems to be over the moon. The beast growls with satisfaction, making the pain worth it. After a few more stretching thrusts I feel something deep inside of me tingle.

I moan.

“There,” I mumble. “Again.” He obeys and thrusts a bit harder this time, hitting the same place again, this time head on. “Fuck! Right there!”

“As you wish,” He chuckles, his grip on me tightens as his picks up the pace. I wrap my legs around his waist, allowing him to reach deeper. Our moans fill the room, I encourage him to go faster and faster, demanding him to go harder until the only thing I can scream is his name. His wolf roars pounding into me like the animal he is. I’ve never felt something like this, the knot growing in the pit of my stomach is more intense than I’ve ever felt before. It doesn’t take very long for his thrusts to become sporadic.

The moment his teeth dig into my neck, marking me as his mate I come undone. After a few more thrust he fills me with his cum, staining my walls white. I feel utterly spent, relaxing back against the bed but the moment I shift I realize that his manhood is still hard inside of me. He notices my sudden shift and chuckles.

“You thought we would be done after one round?” He licks the bite mark on my neck. “We have a lot to catch up on, I have been looking for you for a long time, I have many things I would like to do to you before we rest.”

I gulp

Kyungsoo’s POV

I watch her from the edge of the bed, a small smile on my face. Her small frame is wrapped in the thick blanket, her pure white hair splayed out on the pillow her head rests on. I glance at the black wig on the floor then back to my sleeping mate, her cat ears sticking out on top of her head, white with black tips. I make to mental note to ask her about that, most shifters aren’t able to shift only parts of their bodies, I wonder briefly if that is why she wears the wig. I already have a long list of questions to asker her once she wakes up, starting with her surname. I was in such a jealous rage last night that I didn’t even ask her the basic questions, god I’m a shitty mate already.

The moment I picked up her scent yesterday morning on my younger brother, Sehun, my wolf was enraged to find her scent on another alpha. After almost tearing him apart he admitted he had went to that club for a good time and thankfully didn’t get it with my little kitten, though he did get a lap dance much to my displeasure. My wolf snarls just at the thought. It’s a small noise but it’s enough to make her pop up, confused and sleepy, it’s honestly adorable.

“Good morning,” I chuckle awkwardly, not sure if it’s okay that I was watching her while she slept.

She runs her hand threw her hair and yawns, “Good morning Mr. Wolf.”

I cock an eyebrow at her, “Mr. Wolf?”

“I’m assuming you’re older than me but I’m not going to call you Oppa without being sure.”

“Trust me Kitten, I’m your oppa.”

She nods, “I figured, so how old are you? Should I be calling you grandpa instead?”

“You are looking for trouble,” I warn.

“Too high, how about something in the middle, daddy?”

My cock twitches, “Kitten.”

She looks away innocently, “So something else than, should we talk about how we are going to get in trouble.”


“I know that wolves aren’t too fond of mixing with other shifters, your council of elders has something against the rest of us. I’m assuming they won’t want a handsome wolf like yourself mingling with a lowly tiger like me, mates or not.”

I hum, “They won’t be a problem.”


“They won’t be a problem,” I repeat.

“How do you know? Don’t tell me your daddy is on it,” She teases.

It takes all of myself control to not say, no, but your daddy is. Instead I say, “Nope, I am.”

Her jaw drops, “Wow,” I’m expecting her to be proud of how strong I am but I’m an idiot for hoping for that much. “You must be really old!”

I click my tongue at her, “You must really be a kitten.”

She nods, “I’m only 23.”

“23 what?”

“Just 23 years old.”

Oh god I feel like a pervert, “That explains why it took me so long to find you.”

“Also I assume you don’t spend your time in clubs like that.”

I nod, “You wound be right, I was there on a mission.”

“A mission,” She muses, “to woo me?”

I chuckle, “I guess yes. Though wooing you wasn’t really a necessity,” I admit.

“So you were just going to snatch me up whether I liked or not?”

I nod as I slowly make my way to her, “The minute I caught your scent I knew I was going to take you home and never let you go.”

“So what are the chances of me making it out of this apartment today?”

I cup her cheeks in my hands and bring her lips to mine, kissing them softly, “Absolutely none.”

 I don’t know if this is a good one shot or not. If you guys really like it I might make a part 2 if requested! Please let me know how you feel about it!


Seven Steps to Hell: The Third Step.

Series: Prologue | BamBam | Mark | Youngjae | Jaebum | Yugyeom | Jinyoung

Genre: Smut and fluff(?); 7 Deadly Sins! AU

Word Count: 2.8K

Notes: I tried to make this more light-hearted. I’m not sure how well it’s worked tho…

Originally posted by got7hoe

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”  –Mahatma Gandhi

You hear him whining even before you walk through the door.

“AGHH!” He’s screaming as though he’s lost the item most precious to him and, in a way, you muse, he has. Jackson’s someone you’ve always been fond of, despite his one chink in the armor, but even you know that he has to go through the punishment like the rest of the Seven.

“WHEN CAN I LEAVE ALREADY?!” He screams, and you can’t help the tiny grin that breaks out over your lips as you push open the door—this might be the most entertaining one yet. Compared to Mark, who truly suffered, and BamBam, who truly broke, Jackson’s test seems entirely comical.

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I HATE JEON JUNGKOOK and his soft skin and his nice thighs and his amazing vocal ability and his stupid sense of humour and his cute bunny teeth and his work ethic and how he gets really nervous in front of girls and the little scar on his cheek and how hes such a fangirl and how he dances and *breaks out into tears* i h  A t e jeon jungkoo k

Costume Change

Originally posted by tcypherw

Request: Can you do an imagine with Sebastian Smythe where he accidentally walks in on the reader changing into costume for Nationals? Make it cute but maybe with a seductive Sebastian? Please and thanks. c;

Notes: So, this was a little shorter than I anticipated but I hope you like it! It’s a little less on the cute side and more on the seductive side, but let’s be real that’s Sebastian for ya.

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anonymous asked:

5th year Tom being obsessive over upperclassman Harry

 It took everything in Tom’s body to not lurch forward and wrap his hands around that filthy Weasley girls neck. 

Why couldn’t anyone understand? The frustratingly perfect, reckless, 6th year Gryffindor was Tom’s?  Harry Potter was everything Tom ever wanted. His tan hands made for Tom’s, lips made to fit perfectly with his, everything. 

Plus, Tom knew everything about Harry. He knew his favorite treat was treacle tart, he hated bitter-sweet candy and that he had a birth mark shaped as a crown on his left shoulder blade. Harry’s lucky socks he wore to Quidditch matches were red with a fox cartoon on the bottom, and that Harry only used cinnamon scented shampoo because it was the only thing that he remembered from his parents, it even said so in his journal that he keeps under the far right corner of his mattress. Tom also knew that Harry owned this magnificent deep green, silk dress shirt that would bring out his eyes.

Nobody knew Harry like Tom does, and nobody love’s Harry like he does. Tom always made sure to watch Harry every time he got the chance, like at dinner, breakfast and lunch, to make sure he was eating. Tom knew how forgetful his Harry could be at times. He also made sure to watch Harry to make sure no one was hurting him, or posed even the slightest threat, because Merlin be dammed if anyone hurt a single hair on his precious Harry’s head.

Tom’s favorite days were when Harry would look at him sometimes in the halls and give him a smile that could surly end the world. Or when Harry would say a short ‘Hello!’ to Tom on his way to class. Tom truly lived for those moments. 

Tom often dream’t that Harry and himself would be in an empty classroom together, all the desks conveniently placed, for when it got to the point in his dreams where he would pin Harry down to a desk and make him tremble and beg beg beg, for Tom to fuck him, to make him scream Tom’s name like the most beautiful prayer. 

The thought of having his most beautiful Harry laying beneath him, his back arching off the desk and the most beautiful sounds coming from his sinful mouth. Tom was excited for the day that it would become reality, although, one night in his dreams the rolls were switched. It was Tom who was withering and begging for Harry to just take him already, it was Tom screaming his name with Harry’s green eyes looking down on him lovingly. 

In all honesty, Tom would bend over for Harry anytime without any hesitation. The thought, that someone else may be laying beneath his Harry made Tom angry. It made him want to kill kill kill , it made him want to put the fear of God into people’s hearts. 

Tom continued to watch the bitch shamelessly flirt with Harry. Twirling her dull hair around her sausage fingers, and displaying her crooked, yellow teeth with a god awful smile. To Tom’s amusement, Harry seemed to be as grossed out as Tom is, making a little spark of victory go warm Tom’s chest, because he knew Harry never looked at him like that when he smiled. Tom knew he was handsome, above average and was perfect for Harry. Harry only deserved the best, and Tom was just that. He was tall, handsome, intelligent and powerful. Nobody could protect Harry like Tom could. Despite all this, the ugly feeling of jealously still boiled furiously in Tom’s gut, because even though Harry wasn’t impressed, he wasn’t making her leave either. 

Thoughts of ways Tom could get rid of the girl swirled through his head, until his train of thought was broken by the abrupt departure of Harry leaving the Great Hall in a hurry. When Tom saw that nobody made a move to follow him, he saw this as a chance to get Harry alone and make his move. Tom stood up gracefully and announced to his… friends, that he would be retiring to the dormitory early, bid them goodnight and told them not to follow. 

Tonight, Harry Potter, you will finally be mine. Tom hissed to himself with a predatory smirk on his face as he caught sight of the lovely Harry Potter sitting on his own in the dark corridor. 

“Hello, Tom.” Harry said softly, though, much to Tom’s dismay, not looking in his direction. 

Tom smirked anyway, “Hello, Harry.”

Chibs Telford - No More Mr. Nice Guy

Requested @soafanficluvr1

When you first got together with Chibs, you are a virgin so he took things slow. But after seeing you flirt with another man he decides to show you his true colors in the bedroom.

He was slow, careful, and kind.

He treated you as if you were made of porcelain and would break if he took things too far. He treated your body like a temple. He made sure to show you the love that you deserved.

You were a Virgin after all.

But the night of loving making had long since left as you found yourself tossed onto the bed in the dorm.

SAMCRO had a party and with different charters being there you had decided to become a bit of a tease.

You loved Chibs there was no question there. But the fact that the vanilla sex just wasn’t cutting it made you crave someone else’s attention. Not for sexual purposes of course, just for a rushed thrill of having someone not so gentle being there with you.

That was your first mistake.

Chibs had seen your flirtations from across the bar and with a quick question from Jax it was all it took for Chibs to snap.

“Hey man, isn’t she yours?”

It was a simple question, but one that made Chibs clench his teeth and slam his beer bottle down onto the counter.

“Yer damn right she’s mine.”

He hissed before standing up from the bar and making a straight line for you. He didn’t say anything as he stood behind you, listening to what you were saying to the man. Reaching out he grabbed your arm and yanked you up and out of your chair.

Your wide shocked [e/c] gaze seen his deep darkened pissed one and you couldn’t help but feel a shiver go down your spine.

You made the mistake of pissing off Filip Telford.

“Ye think yer funny?”

He asked approaching the bed. His voice deep and almost threatening. You swallowed harshly as you looked up at him. Your elbows keeping you propped up on the bed as you watched him.

“I was just – ”

“You. Are. Mine.”

He snapped cutting you off from saying anything further. You shut your mouth quickly, actually aroused and yet scared shit less from the way he was acting.

He stood at the end of the bed. His hands on his belt as his kutte was open showing the black t-shirt that sat underneath. His jaw clenched to the side as he looked down at you, figuring out what your punishment would be with the level of disrespect you’d shown him tonight.

With a click of his tongue he removed his belt and looped it around. He noticed you were watching him carefully probably wondering what he was doing. You had yet to see this side of him.

But you were seeing it tonight.

Climbing onto the bed on his knees he hovered over you and grabbed your wrists. You went to protest once he lifted your arms above your head toward the head board, but he silenced you but thrusted his clothed croch against yours, earning a loud gasp instead.

It gave him just enough time to tie you to the headboard. And once you noticed what he’d done it was too late. You were trapped and had no where to go.


You asked cautiously and confused. But he ignored you as he removed his kutte and his shirt, leaving him in his pants as he looked down at you.

“Ye think ya can disrespect me by flirtin wit another? Maybe I’ve been too easy on ya.”

He said as he pushed your shirt up and over your head, having it rest there in the middle of your bound arms. Leaning down he went straight for your neck, biting and sucking harshly on it.

You gasped and groaned. He was rough and it hurt, but you couldn’t believe what it was doing to you sexually. It was turning you on and you couldn’t help it. You’d never figured him for someone that would be so rough, so demanding, but he’d proven you wrong.

Pulling away he looked upon the marks he left all along the side of your jaw and neck. Satisfied with his work he grabbed your bra and yanked it down to expose your breasts.

“F-Filip I – ”

“Shhh, Daddy’s not done wit ya yet.”

Your eyes widdened. Did he really just call himself Daddy?

You felt as if your walls were pulsating at this point. You pulled on the restraints wanting to touch him but you couldn’t. Gasping as he took your breast into his mouth and was just as rough with it was he was to your neck.

You were lost in the feelings he gave you. So much so that you yelled out when you felt him yank your jeans down along with your underwear, tossing them behind him.

Lowering his head between your legs he circled his tongue around your clit quickly. You moaned loudly and arched your back, squirming around from the intense sensation coming from his actions.

Pulling away from you he unzipped his pants and dropped them not giving you a chance to adjust he thrusted into you and started pounding away.

He grabbed you by the thighs and lifted you up to where he could lean over you as he thrusted. His long cock ramming into you multiple times over and over again. Your moans and gasps filled the room as you titled your head back.


You yelled only to have a sharp smack come down onto your ass.


He corrected in a deeper than ever voice. Your eyes snapped open as you looked up at him. He was serious you could tell. Biting your lip, feeling embarrassed you didn’t think you could call him that.

And then another sharp smack came down onto your smooth bottom.


You gasped feeling him speed up as you called him by the preferred name. Your mouth hung open as he fucked you like he’d never done before. Fast and rough thrusting came and before you knew it, he had you finishing so fast you didn’t even understand what had hit you.

Throwing your head back and yelling out you shivered and felt him thrusting harder and harder.

“Daddy! Jesus fucking Christ, Daddy!!”

You cried feeling another build up inside of you as he was somehow still going. But through your second orgasm, as you gripped his belt tightly that held your wrists together you watched as he tipped his head back and let out a strangled groan as he came inside you.

The both of you were breathing hard and deep by the time it was all over. Your neck and the side of your face was sore from his bite marks that he left in obvious places to show that you were taken.

And you laid there thinking as Chibs caught his breath and withdrew from you. You might have never seen this side of him had you decided to not flirt with someone else.

One. Zero. One. Three. (An Adlock x Marylock Fanfiction)

(Hey y’all! The other day, I had this epiphany that I wanted to make a fic with references to John trying to flirt with Irene in ASiB. Thanks to @i-am-benedict-cumberbatched‘s amazing prompt on Mary learning about Irene waaaaaay back, my plans have been culminated into this so hope y’all enjoy!)

Originally posted by consultingpiskies

There’s a huge distinction between lilacs and purples, and it is important to know which is which – or so Sherlock convinces himself to believe. 

221B has been filled with clutter, or at least more clutter than usual, ever since the preparations for John and Mary’s wedding started. He couldn’t hide his nervousness, despite trying to be his level-headed self, waiting for the event to happen making him uneasy. 

The obvious thing that occurred in his mind is the disturbing sentimentality that comes along his camaraderie with John Watson. To be fair, it is quite manageable considering the fact that having Mary in his life now is one to be grateful for. In fact, if he believed in a higher power, he would probably consider it a blessing.

“Are you looking up bridesmaid dresses?” Mary asked, taking him by surprise as she popped up behind him. 

He abruptly closed his laptop, playing it cool, and simply replied, “Just doing my research.”

Mary giggled, rolling her eyes playfully at him. In her hands were a bunch of invitations. 

“Anyone else you’d like to include, Sherlock? Probably a date? John mentioned a crazy mad one from before.” she asked teasingly. Behind her, John gave a not-so-subtle scoff. 

Mary raised her eyebrow and turned to face her soon-to-be husband. “Her name’s Irene Adler, right John?”

John pursed his lips, probably remembering the lie Mycroft told him. The Woman was supposed to be dead, right? 

“Ah, yes. Erm…” John simply muttered. “Probably not the best idea to invite her to our wedding.”

Mary looked amused. “Why not? Sherlock doesn’t seem to mind.”

Sherlock looked at Mary with a protesting expression. “I didn’t–”

“Ooooh! I think I struck a nerve here!” Mary quipped delightfully, resting her chin on her fingers. “Now, I really want to invite her.”

John sighed. “That bloody woman is a walking chaos. Talk about…”

Sherlock found himself irritated, John’s words sounding muddled against his ears. He finds his patience more tolerating when it comes to John and Mary, but this time, the doctor’s words against The Woman gave his head a buzz. A similar feeling occurred years ago, when John was deliberately turning on the charm, or what people call tried to flirt, with Irene Adler back when all three of them first met. 

And so, he couldn’t quite stop his own tongue at spilling the following words: “If I remember correctly, you didn’t initially think she was a chaotic woman. She was actually your type before she deliberately turned you down.”

John stopped talking, brows knitting together in confusion. 

“Oh, this is the first time I am hearing about this.” Mary grinned, nodding at Sherlock to continue. 

Sherlock sighed. “No, I–”

John, still obviously irritated, leaned towards their direction. “I want to hear about this as well. What in the world are you talking about?”

The detective realised that John must have forgotten about the incident already, but even with the protests of his logical self, his mouth started to recount the story.

“When we asked her about the case of the hiker and the backfire, and how she knew about it, she said she knew what one of the policemen… liked.” Sherlock almost spat the word. “And so you immediately offered, or more appropriately, tried to offer that you are not just a policeman, but a former soldier, considering that you asked her if she likes policemen with a leaning stance and a lingering stare, suggesting pride, attraction, and interest. Not to mention the small smile you have as you asked the question, suggesting that you did, in fact, have the soldier card up your sleeve. I’m assuming that her dismissing your advances might have caused your… hostility towards her.”

To his surprise, as soon as he ended, John and Mary are both smiling knowingly. 

“So, I was right. You were jealous that’s why you tried to impress her.” John replied, smirking. The doctor turned to his fiancee, and added, “Sherlock forgot to mention that to ‘dismiss’ me, Irene Adler’s exact words were ‘I like detectives, and detective stories. Brainy is the new sexy.’ So now you probably know why Sherlock’s practically smitten with her.”

Mary’s smile grew wider, shrugging. “To be fair, you really got dumped.”

“I wasn’t… I’m not… smitten… with her.” Sherlock muttered through his teeth.

“Whatever you say, dear.” Mary replied, piling up the invitations she was holding. 

And if Sherlock wasn’t mistaken, she may have deliberately left a blank one just above the drawer where he kept the Vertu. 

“Sherlock, dear, can you come here for a moment?” Mary called from the top of the stairs, as he and John were discussing something with Lestrade by the doorway. The detective gave her a nod and followed. 

“What is it?” he asked casually, oblivious of what is about to happen. 

There was something about Mary’s smile that made his senses tingle, heart thrumming as she gestured him to sit. His brow raised in curiosity when she showed him his own mobile phone. 

“You shouldn’t leave your phone lying around, especially when you have a very naughty text alert.” she teased. 

It was evident that surprise was spread across his face, Mary simply enjoying the moment. Then she read, “Pregnant lady, bronze babies, cloaked man, and Kafka… Guess where I am? IA. IA— I wonder who this is?”

So Irene is in Prague. Safe. Good to know. Still, he wouldn’t say that out loud. Not when the cat’s out of the bag.

Sherlock walked over to Mary, without making eye contact, and asked for his phone with an extended hand. She willingly gave it back to him, crossing her legs as if waiting for an explanation. 

“Oh please, I didn’t do it on purpose! It was displayed on your screen, inviting prying eyes. I didn’t even have to crack your passcode. But I tried it and it was quite easy.” she smugly said, grinning at him. 

“Is it now?” he replied, deadpan, missing a point.

“John told me she was dead, and that you didn’t know because Mycroft wanted to keep it a secret. But you knew they were lying because you saved her, didn’t you?” Mary asked curiously, but Sherlock knew she already had it all figured out. 

“I think the answer to that is quite… obvious.” Sherlock replied. He noticed Mary’s questioning look that made him roll his eyes. 


Mary was obviously trying to restrain herself from smiling. “You still see each other.”

Sherlock sighed. “I don’t understand why you’ve taken intere–”

“When are you going to text her back?” she asked again, grinning. 

“I don’t.” 

“Stop fibbing.”

“I’m not.”

“I know when you’re fibbing.”

Sherlock can’t help but run his fingers through his hair, agitated. Why is Mary pressing on about her?

“One. Zero. One. Three.” Mary mused, playfully rocking back and forth on her seat. 

The detective was suddenly back to being attentive, unsure of what he’s heard. Mary raised her eyebrows at him. “You seem surprised.”

“How did you–?” Sherlock started, but he was interrupted by John entering the flat. 

Sherlock took every opportunity to talk to Mary about the matter at hand, but she dismisses him immediately as soon as he rejects her request to talk about Irene Adler. 

Days passed, then weeks, and every time he’s on his phone, she keeps on whispering, “Make sure you have it on vibrate.” accompanied by a cheeky wink. 

But it was when John went to fix some papers for their clinic that he found himself alone again with Mary’s inquiring eyes. 

“Mary, please, it’s a simple question.” Sherlock hissed. 

“So was mine. I just wanted to know… how things are.” Mary smiled. 

“The passcode…”

“…is the date when you saved her from that terrorist cell. October 13, yes?” she said, an air of pride in her voice. 

“Yes.” Sherlock replied shortly. 

“And… we’ll just leave it at that?” Mary groaned. 

“It’s just a passcode.” he asserted unconvincingly. 

Mary theatrically tapped her pointer finger near her lips as if to exaggerate that she was thinking. “John told me that, to Mycroft’s hesitance in telling the story if I might add, the only reason why you beat Irene Adler was because her passcode was your name.”

Sherlock tried to focus on the wall behind Mary instead of directly looking at her. “I didn’t beat her.” 

Mary nodded. “Because you went out of your way to save her, thus making you feel like you lost.”

The detective didn’t reply. Instead, he handed Mary his phone. 

“What do you want me to do with this?” Mary asked. 

“Any observations?” he asked, voice too quiet that it would seem like he was talking to himself. 

Mary looked at the phone and her smile grew wider. “iPhone 5. So after all these years, you still backup all her messages, and even her text alert, and put it in whichever phone you’re using. The question is, why?”

Sherlock sighed as Mary handed him the phone back. “Everything I will say is a secret. Our secret.”

“Of course, dear.” Mary replied sincerely. 

“I believe John feels very strongly about my relationship with The Woman, so I’d rather he not know.” Sherlock grumbled. 

“I don’t think he hates her, really, he just told me that when you thought she died, he was very worried about… your emotional state. And he couldn’t understand you, her, and you and her. Plus, you did say Irene dumped him easily. Maybe it hurt his ego.” she joked. 

“Even I don’t understand her… And myself when with her.” Sherlock confessed, not meeting Mary in the eyes. 

“Why did you save her?” Mary asked directly, narrowing down the conversation into the most obvious foundation. 

Sherlock’s mind reeled, words and expressions flying through his usually above average train of thought. 

Mary smiled and reached out to touch his folded hands. “Sherlock, admitting that you feel something for her will not make you a lesser being. I hope you know that.”

“It’s never simple with her.” he sighed. “She’s too clever, too cunning, too dangerous, too inviting, too… just too much everything. And I can’t get her out of my head. It can be irritating at times. Prancing into my Mind Palace even in the middle of cases. And what’s more frustrating is I don’t want to… stop thinking about her, I mean… Oh, will you stop looking so happy? It’s not like I just confessed a murder, or a solution to a decade-long case.”

“But you did speak out your heart. Look, Sherlock, I’m not asking you to try and have what John I and have with her. I know that’s what you’re worried about. I can see that you feel restrained by the idea of ‘settling down with The Woman’ and that’s not what I’m telling you.” Mary explained. 

“Then what exactly are you telling me?” Sherlock asked. 

“I’m simply letting you know that it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. Live out the adventure. Play the game. Gamble. Fall.” 

Sherlock studied every word that escaped Mary’s lips. “You can be difficult at times, Mary Morstan.”

She grinned. “Made you think, didn’t it?”

For the first time since they started the conversation, Sherlock smiled. “I believe you and her will get along very well.”

Mary’s smile grew. “So you’ll let me meet her?”

The smile on Sherlock’s face disappeared quickly. “No.”

Pouting, she playfully punched him in the arm. “Why not?”

“It’ll be too chaotic.” 

“Oh, please! It’ll be fun!” Mary insisted. 

Sherlock rolled his eyes. “No. And besides, she’s… she’s currently halfway across the world so contain yourself… Last night, she told me she’s in Phuket.”

A scheming glint was evident on Mary’s eyes. “You’ll go, wouldn’t you? Oh, just take me. We won’t take long.”

“Your wedding is in a week.” 

“John wouldn’t know! We’ll plan it out. We can do it right now!” 

Sherlock pinched the bridge of his nose, a sudden realisation hitting him. “Wait, you still haven’t answered my question.”

“What question?” Mary asked. 

“The passcode. How did you know?” 

Mary chuckled, fumbling with her phone before giving a reply. “John said that you found out she wasn’t really dead around New Year. Then met her again, here, 6 months later. She stayed for a day, had you crack the code, then basically causing chaos and you saving the day within those 24 hours. 

Then John said Mycroft went to meet him during the wettest season of the year, so I assumed mid-November to December, and the claim was that Irene Adler was captured and ‘killed’ in Karachi a couple of months before that. Can be September or October but I chose the latter because the chances are slightly higher. 

After that I figured it was a weekend, considering that John was admittedly on a dating spree during weekends at the time, giving you enough opportunity to sneak out and have your little escapade.”

“I actually asked John to gather evidence for a triple murder in Warwick and even advised that he stayed there overnight in case I need anything else. He seemed pleased with the idea.” Sherlock recalled. “Still, great deduction.”

Mary looked pleased. “Can’t always be too accurate.”

Sherlock nodded in agreement. And just when he thought the conversation has come to a close, Mary’s face lit up once more as she looked up to him.  

The detective’s eyes narrowed as he tried to read into Mary’s expression, but she left him no more time to guess as she showed him her phone screen. 

“Pack your bags, Sherlock. We’re going to Thailand.”

Incubus! Denmark x Reader

~WARNINGS: Contains dark and sexual themes~

Your body began to squirm and convulse as waves of pleasure hit you as you hit yet another orgasm. The orgasm pulsing through your entire body as you as you felt weaker and weaker by the second. “ahh…mathi…” you tried to moan out, but your throat was hoarse from previously moaning and screaming. “Forsøg ikke at tale, mit kæledyr”[1] the large demon hissed into your ear, his arms holding you up by your thick thighs wrapped around him.

He could throw you around if he wanted to with the strength he withheld. “You’re mind is not capable of speaking while I am fucking you!” he laughed menacingly while continuing to thrust in and out of you. His tail wrapping around your thick thighs tightly as he dug his nails deeper into your wide hips, drawing out some blood. “I-I shouldn’t let you do this..” you managed to breathe out as you felt a knot forming for yet another orgasm.

His sharp nails trailing down your thighs and up your back as his tongue and mouth attacked your breasts. He would nip and pull on your hardened and sensitive nipples, earning beautiful sounds of moans from your lovely mouth that was just chocking on his length not too long ago. He grinned as he recalled how your eyes filled with tears as you gagged on his thick cock.

His thrusts became quicker and harder, almost bruising you. Each time you reached your climax, he would draw out more of your energy. “I can read your mind…I know exactly what you want!” the demon howled as he picked up the pace, his large cock pushing into you almost impossibly deep as it hit every spot that even you didn’t know you had. The blonde demon soon grew bored with the position and laid you on your bed and forced your head down with your round ass up on display.

He licked his lips as he looked at the work he had done on your small pussy, that was now dripping and red from all the abuse it was taking. You were so exhausted you did not even protest as you just laid there, ready to receive his gift once again. Why did you summon the incubus in the first place? You soon regretted your decision, but there was nothing for you to do now except take responsibility.

The demon growled at your lack of responses and stroked his cock against your soaked folds, memorizing how well your skin felt on his large member. Before you could even process what happened, he pushed into you. The incubus grins as his hips push into yours anticlimactically. There was a sense of want and desperation in his thrusts, the need to rut his cock into you as deep as possible and fill you with his demon cum.

His tail snaked around your waist and soon found your special pearl. His tail began to harshly rub on your clit while his thrusting never faltered. The new sensation sending new warmth and pleasure throughout your entire body, as if your skin was on fire. “AHH!” you moaned out as you felt your end coming near.

The demon grinned, “As a reward for being so willing to my treatment, I know exactly what you want!” he laughed out while rutting his cock deeper into you, pushing against your cervix. “I will fill you with my cum, and mark you are mine!” He hissed while gripping onto your hips, that have already began to bruise from his constant rough grip.

His cock twitched as he pounded onto your special spot, causing your vision to see white and your mind to go blank while your last orgasm bubbled up. The incubus finally released his load in spurts into your womb, filling you completely. His demonic cum stimulating every nerve in your body as you experienced the strongest orgasm you have yet to have.

You laid there on the bed, legs shaking and drool running down your chin while you tried to catch your breath. The incubus laughed as he looked at your pathetic form. “My my, you lasted longer than I expected, elsker”.[2] He walked over to your limp form and brushed out the hair in your face before placing a chaste kiss on your plum lips.

“You are mine now” he said in a menacingly dark voice that sent shivers down your spine. Your vision becoming blurry before nodding off into a deep slumber. The incubus spared a couple of minutes watching your plump form sleeping peacefully before flapping his wings and going off into the night, to find yet another poor victim.

1. Do not try to talk, my pet.
2. Love


Summary: bucky and you having an argument (happy end)

Warning: fluff, angst, yelling, crying

Word count : around 2400

A/n: this is for the followers celebration of @yellowtheremarvelfan (used #9 of the prompts “you can’t handle the thruth”) hope you’ll like it.

Also I’m very sorry for the parting in the first bit, its kinda weird but I hope you won’t mind♥

Of course he’d blame himself again. He always would.

Both you and bucky walked into your shared apartment. You only heard Bucky’s loud sigh as you made your way into the kitchen, making you role your eyes.
“Bucky shut up about it nothing happened” you said annoyed, purring yourself a glass of water.

You only heard another sigh and then loud steps coming your way, of course he didn’t think about getting out of his shoes yet.

“Y/n it almost happened and you know it” he said stern, taking a seat at the counter and looking into your eyes.

You only rolled your eyes once again before replying “oh please, you make a big deal out of everything” you mocked taking another sip

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