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name: Andrew
nickname: Fishy
zodiac sign: gemini
height: 168cm (sakura ur tiny like.. sakura)
orientation: girls.. are pretty..
ethnicity: Chinese
favorite fruit: guavas
favorite season: autumn and spring
favorite book: Sword of Destiny - Andrzej Sapkowski
favorite flower: Lilies
favorite scent: The air at night
favorite color: light blue and light pink
favorite animals: wolves mannnn
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea!!
average sleep hours: ideally it’s exactly 7.5 hours
cat or dog person: cat
favorite fictional characters: oh dear

Kusuriuri (Mononoke / Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror)
Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)
Hijikata Toshiro (Gintama)
Ginko (Mushishi)
Kikuhiko/Yakumo (Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu)

and Scathach o f c o u r s e

number of blankets I sleep with: two it’s autumn and getting cold 
dream trip: I go to Japan’s countryside either alone or with one other person 
blogs created: 6 blogs for rp purposes
number of followers: this was suppose to be a secret but 400 don’t tell anyone i was meant to do something for this like half a year ago when i actually hit 400 rOFL

I was tagged by the always lovely, @ghost–fox!! Thanks for the tag!! 

List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether).
See if there are any patterns.
Then, tag your favourite authors.

I’m going to go through my writing tag and just go most recent and down 20 (I’m surprised I apparently have more than that, tbh lolol). Legit all of them are oneshots, I hope they count! 

1. Unnamed prompt (Makoto/Haru): 

Haru really had to hand it to himself, as much as Makoto liked to poke fun about his sense of persistence, Mako sure had some in him, even if the flame inspiring it is softer and much easier to snuff out in his case, something that Haru knew he could do as such with just a glance.

2. Unnamed prompt (Link/Pit): 

There’s no secret that when it comes to this type of hunting, Pit is definitely the expert.

3. Unnamed prompt (Kageyama/Hinata):

Unfortunately for Kageyama, the fact that Hinata has only accompanied him to the store on this trip has nothing to do with him actually needing to be there, so he obviously wasn’t going to be in the mood to make it an easy time.

4. Unnamed prompt (Makoto/Haru): 

“Hey Haru,” Makoto whispers as he crawls into bed behind Haruka and wraps his arms around him, pressing soft kisses anywhere he could reach and resting his lips next to Haru’s ear. “Did it fell when you hurt from Heaven? …wait.”

5. Unnamed prompt (Makoto/Haru): 

“I wonder if a person could get seasick on a water bed?”

6. “The Ways of an Angel” (Link/Pit): 

As he’s tumbling off the platform for the third or fourth time, Pit realizes that this will probably be his last fight for quite a while, and when he lands in Link’s strong and caring arms he’s dismayed to realize that this is a very safe assumption, he’s been beaten by pregnancy at a mere twenty-six weeks.

7. “Preparation Duckling” (Link/Pit): 

Here, chickie, chickie, chick, here chickie…”

8. White Thing” (Link/Pit): 

“Link! Your nose is crying! Why is your nose so sad?”

9. Unnamed prompt (Link/Pit): 

Ever since he brought Pit home with him, Link’s been alerted by just about any sound in his home—especially a noise that comes from the far off place of the kitchen, where his gluttonous angel spends a little more than half of his life.

10. Unnamed prompt (Link/Pit): 

If Pit could use one word to describe his experience with pregnancy, it would be bestial.

11. Unnamed prompt (Phoenix/Miles): 

Despite her parent’s fallibilities, Aspen is absolutely perfect, and well worth the wait.

12. Unnamed prompt (Link/Pit): 

Pit peers around the corner and catches sight of his sleeping lover, sighing as he retreats and slumps back into the wall as he was before.

13. Unnamed prompt (Kageyama/Hinata): 

It’s like a game, ever since the first time their lips had connected.

14. Unnamed prompt (Link/Pit): 

Despite Farah’s best intentions to become a doctor when she grows up, she quickly loses interest in helping to care for her pregnant father, once the vomiting starts; and though they aren’t ungrateful for her efforts, Link and Pit are relieved once the blond trudges up the stairs, announcing that she’s going to go fetch her brother so Link can take them to their preset place of relocation while everything plays out here.

15. Unnamed prompt (Link/Pit): 

Even though it felt like one, it wasn’t a war per se.

16. Unnamed prompt (Makoto/Haru): 

“What’s that?? I didn’t know that you had these feelings for Haru, Makoto…” Kisumi titters, purple eyes flashing as he notices the brunet start to squirm under the scrutiny.

17. “The Shelf” (Link/Pit): 

Link had never been one to purposefully draw attention to himself; so naturally the universe aspired to give him the opposite of what he desired.

18. “Just Like Their Daddies” (Makoto/Haru): 


It seems nearly impossible for Haruka to understand why he feels the way that he does.

It’s…it couldn’t possibly be the water. There’s no reason for that kind of logic, Haru could never…

19. “We Won’t Fade Away” (Makoto/Haru): 

Oddly enough, on the way home from school, Makoto’s paper practically writes itself.

20. “Losing Link” (Link/Pit): 

“It looks alright to me,” Farah’s voice brakes the comfortable silence and slashes a sharp blade through Pit’s inner-most thoughts surrounding the contents of the cupboard in front of both of them.

(Okay so NOTE: 18 has more than one sentence because the first “sentence” was waaay too vague. 4 and 16 are just bc I love those paragraphs and I felt like it needed to stay together. xD) 

Now I need to list patterns… ok so  the sentence is either really short or really long lolol?? Also I use quotations quite often enough– AAANNNDDDD I write a LOT of self indulgent m-preg or domestics (no shame)… 

Also I really gotta start naming my prompts, I feel lame now lolololo. 

Lastly, I feel like I should mention that first sentences are really hard for me to write for some reason, so this has been some odd hour or something of me going “Oh God” over and over again…so…anyway. 

(Don’t get me wrong, it was fun!! Just…kind of painful lolol. xxD) 


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Well that worked.

I feel like this is something my alpha!Clark would say to my omega!Bruce to fluster him in our rp. In our world, Bruce owns the Daily Planet like he does in Hush, so he visited Clark often – “Wait, do I own this one, or is that the other guy?”  


An exploration of the dark love affair between the Champion and Red Paladin.

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Inspired by my personal fave Kureith interpretations in fics written by @fenri@lycoria@Ithiel_Dragon @eunzos, and special thanks to @captainkogane​ / @naou​ who introduced me to the perfection that is Howl <3 and who listened to me whine non-stop while working on this…

“Pistols aren’t the only guns I know how to handle.”

Soooo this is my second attempt at making art. I think the shading made a difference?