*hides in office*


I’m not… I am not with you! You would knowingly sacrifice all those lives, as if they mean less than yours? As if they mean nothing? Where I come from, generals don’t hide in their offices like cowards. They fight alongside their soldiers. They die with them on the battlefield! You should be ashamed. You should be ashamed. All of you should be ashamed!

The Customer

Summary: You have a one night stand with Sam and his monster cock. 4,000 words of pure porn.

Word Count: 3,900ish

Warning: So much smut, Sam’s monster cock, a little bit of dom!Sam if you squint

A/N: Yeah. This is porn. Enjoy. XOXO

Yeah, yeah. You’re breaking all your rules tonight.

But can anyone blame you?

Look at him.

And sure, you have a very important rule about customers being a no-fly zone, and you tend to find one night stands more awkward that satisfying. But seriously.

Look. At. Him.

Even your coworkers have noticed, despite the fact that you haven’t mentioned him to anyone. They’re standing in the doorway of the kitchen, whispering as they ogle, waggling their eyebrows at you as you get him a glass of water.

You shake your head at them, not bothering to say anything because you know they won’t behave even if you do, and head back out to the most gorgeous man you’ve ever seen in real life.

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Mr. Min - Chapter 07

Description:  Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual.  Too bad he’s only interested in a relationship that benefits him.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 13079

A/N: Originally this was only the first half of chapter 7 but I wanted to get something out for you guys so I decided to split it. I hope it was worth the wait. :)

PlaylistPrologue - Ch 01Ch 02 - Ch 03 - Ch 04 - Ch 05 - Ch 06 - Ch 07

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Daddy’s Punk Princess

Pairing: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil (Phan)

Genre: Smut, Daddy!Kink

Word Count: 4300

Warnings: Explicit content, handcuffs, Officer!Phil Punk!Dan

Summary: When Dan is out late at night trespassing at his local park, it really is no surprise when the nearest officer interrupts his plans. What those plans entailed? Well that might explain the massive problem Dan has to deal with when he gets stuck in the back of a cop-car. Not to mention a fucking gorgeous cop’s car. 

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okay but imagine TA!bucky being your TA for your ancient myth course and it’s a small class so it’s pretty intimate but you love the course so you’re always so focused during lectures, your pen in between your lips but little do you know that bucky’s secretly watching you trying to push aside his bad thoughts and then one day after class you go down to him with your books pressed against your chest and you’re asking him a question and he’s just taking in all your features, like your eyes and your eyelashes, skimming over your nose down to your lips as they move with the words you’re saying and he doesn’t realise you’ve stopped talking until you clear your throat awkwardly and he’s thinking oh shit cause he hasn’t a clue about what you’ve just asked so he smoothly clears his throat and goes “come to my office tomorrow,” and you just smile and nod and he thinks phew that was a close one but you know he’s just been staring but you end up going to his office regardless because he’s super duper cute and adorable and soon enough you’re sitting on his lap making out with him as his hands wander up your shirt mumbling, “we shouldn’t be doing this,” and you just smirk and say, “then stop,” and he nearly growls as he presses his lips against yours again seND HELP

Jeremy, Wearing Sharp Wolverine Claws On His Hands: Trevor, Nothing In Here Could Possibly Stab Anybody, Alright?



Y’all this is important. I am 43 and I am going to tell you something most adults won’t.

If you want to draw for a living, if you want to write for a living do it. If you just want to do it for fun, do it, if you want to play video games as your hobby DO IT. All my life, even now, I have people telling me “when are you going to get a real job instead of trying to make a living at that 3d thing you do” and “oh are you STILL playing video games”

You know what I’ve learned over the last few years? There are people with PhD’s playing video games and writing fanfics, there are people with art degrees drawing for commissions and just for fun of other people’s OCs. No one tells you those things. 

My Dad who is like the biggest douche on the planet and is all about appearances hides in his office at home on the weekends to play PC games but will tell everyone around him that gaming is for kids no self-respecting adult plays games. 

I am calling BULLSHIT! If you want to write, draw, dance, play video games, LARP, play board games, raise goats, whatever you want to do…DO IT! People will LIE to you to make themselves feel better about the things they gave up, or to hide the fact that they do those things too.

The thing about life is, we only get one (unless reincarnation is real) so do what makes you happy. Yes, you may have to work a separate job to afford to do the things you want to do, but you don’t have to give them up, not at 16 not at 60 and not at 160 (except death might stop you) don’t ever let anyone tell you that you CAN’T because you damn sure CAN!

distractions » jjk » m

» request: plus size reader w jungkook ?? maybe kookie is a basketball player and the reader is a cheerleader? also: smutttt, thanks !!!

» genre: smut

» author’s note: i love plus size reader fics tbhhhh. i need more of them. also this felt so long to write but it’s not even that long :/// and i might make a plus size reader series if you all like this enough, so be sure to let me know! i love you honeybuns~~

» word count: 3.6k+

» warnings: plus size reader, basketball au, body worship, fingering, dirty talk, unprotected sex, etc.

[nsfw under the cut]

A discontented groan sounds from the back of your throat as you pull your uniform on, a frown gracing your features as you realize the skirt is too small. The length is almost an inch too short, leaving your ass free to see. You swear under your breath, striding to the front of the locker room where your coach stands, chatting with the cheerleading captain.

“Coach, do we have another size up in the bottoms?” You ask, frowning as her eyes travel to your exposed rear end. She shakes her head with a scowl on her face, “Wear your safety shorts, Y/L/N.” She instructs, waving you off and turning back to the captain. You sulk back to your locker and look through for your safety shorts, sliding them on. Even your safety shorts have grown a bit too small, the very bottom of your asscheeks peaking out from the bottom of the thin white cloth. 

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Moving Business? Mafia!au

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(gif is so big my lord)

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Mafia!au 

Summary: Only a few days after proposing to you, you finally find out what Taehyung’s real job was all along after going into his private office.

(Credit to original owner of gif)

Part (1) (2) (3)

You hadn’t meant to see the files, you were passing by his office when you saw his dirty dishes on his desk, he wasn’t home and you two were now engaged you doubted he would care if you went in for a few seconds to clean up a wee bit. You had grabbed the glasses and plates off his desk then you picked up the last plate, adding it to the small stack resting in one hand, you saw the file with someone’s picture crossed out with a black sharpie.

You were confused but curious, Taehyung and you had been together for a while by this point and the most you knew about his career was that he was apart of some sort of moving business, the last time you had asked too much about the topic he got quite upset before calming down and asking you to never ask about it again. You had met a few of his colleagues who all seemed nice enough. However, this file that was now just sitting here made you wonder. You did as you originally planned before the discovery and put all the dishes in the kitchen before moving back into Taehyung’s office, you didn’t normally pry but he knew nearly everything about you but as you stood reading the file you truly realized how little you knew about the man you were going to marry.

You had got lost in what you were reading, everything was, obviously, even to you code worded but you slowly started noticing little patterns and the file currently in your hand was so blatantly called hits was nearing to be enough proof that your fiance was caught up in a bad world. You had once asked Taehyung why he never really used his laptop to do his work and when he talked about hackers and so forth, it had never really crossed your mind what kind of work hackers would be after.

You were so wrapped up in your reading you didn’t hear your future husband enter your home, it was only when he called out for you that you realized how fucked you were. You looked around the room and hid under behind the door. You got an idea and whipped out your phone and texted him saying it was a game of hiding and seek and he had to find you. He would never guess you would hide in his office so when you were sure he would be somewhere else, you could slip out and all would be fine. Giving you enough time to think about how you were going to leave. “Ah!” You heard him call from somewhere in your home together. “My favorite game, just wait till I get my hands on you.” He taunted

You heard his footsteps fade away and you slipped out of the office and into the room adjacent and hid in the closet in there. It actually took Taehyung a while to find out, so eventually, you gave up and came out and spotted him in his office with the door wide open “Baby did Jimin come over today? All my stuff has been shuffled. He did mention needing some papers but I didn’t think he would come when I wouldn’t be home.” He said so casually while holding up the hit folder you had been reading only minutes ago.

Your heart stopped and your blood ran cold as you entered the room for the second time ever. “I don’t think so, I have been home all day.” You said not wanting to get any closer to him.

He glanced up at you “Hm did you clean in here today?” He asked his voice something you have never heard before.

You shook your head as soon as the question was asked: “Nope, I just did some work from home and watched a few movies.” You said half telling the truth.

He squinted his eyes at you, knowing full well that you were lying as he could smell your body spray the minute he had entered the room. “Ok Baby, I’ll be out in a minute for dinner okay?” He said and you let out a quiet sigh of relief.

“How about I go pick us something up.” You offered and he gave you a brief nod, going back to sorting the files scattered on his desk.

You hurried into the shared room and began packing important items in your bag, taking the opportunity you had been given to get out. Not thinking about anything unimportant. You hurried out and called out a goodbye to your fiance as you left the apartment. When you were standing outside, you looked up at the security camera above the door and judging by the noise from inside the apartment you could tell he was watching and had seen the mess you had made from hurriedly grabbing things.

You felt a pang of guilt as you hurried out of the building and hailed a cab but you weren’t leaving forever you just needed time to get your ducks in a row but as you saw Taehyung fly out of the building after you. You gathered you might not get that opportunity.

The Hideout (Happy x Reader)

I wrote this earlier in the week and forgot about it. Here y’all go my lovelies <3

Word count: 5,346

WARNINGS: Language & Explicit Content (Smut) 

Playlist: Safari - Jidenna 

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There was only one rule at the Hideout; no problems. In order to step into the building, you had to leave all issues and affiliations at the door. The Hideout was common ground, an in-between, a meeting place. All gangs of every kind were welcome. On the condition that you didn’t bring your violence inside with you. Once you were outside the front doors, well – that was a whole other story.


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Please ask me some of these! They would be fun!

  • What’s your favorite FNaF game from 1-6? 
  • What animatronic scares you the most?
  • Would you eat at Freddy Fazbears pizza?
  • Would you play at the arcade?
  • Do you still like FNaF?
  • Who do you hate most in the game?     
  • What is your favourite nightguard?
  • Who do you love the most?
  • What is your favourite room in all the fnaf games?
  • What jumpscare scared you the most?
  • What annoys you the most in FNaF?
  • What animatronic would you fuse?
  • What nightguard would you work with?
  • Where would you hide in case the office is not a safe place no longer?
  • Would you attend dayshift or nightshift?
  • If you were to meet Henry or Mr. Afton what would you do or act like?
  • What do you find aesthetic in the game?
  • What do you find ugly in the game?
  • What makes you sad in the game?
  • What makes you happy in the game?
  • What makes you nostalgic?
  • What makes you traumatized?

thanks for askin’!