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You are Clarke’s sibling and Lexa has a crush on you. You have a fight with Clarke and storm off to Lexa. You save her from an assassin and she admits her love.

Fandom / Character: The 100 / Heda Lexa & Clarke Griffin
Word Count: 1622
Warning(s): reader’s near death, fight, hurt reader
Key: Y/N = your name

It was suppose to be two different fanfics at the beginning, but I decided to put the two together. It’s much longer that I thought it would be. You’re kind of Wells in this fanfic, except that you’re Clarke’s sister.


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“And who might you be?” she asked, her long brown hair falling effortlessly behind her shoulders. Her hazel eyes radiated with a profound curiosity.

“Y/N… I’m Y/N Griffin,” you responded as Lexa raised an eyebrow. “Hm? One of Clarke’s relatives?” she demanded.

“Yeah, she’s my little sister. We’re not… on the greatest terms though…” you explained with a sad frown. “Why’s that?” she questioned.

“Well… I did something that made her hate me,” you simply said with a fake smile. Lexa lightly inclined her head, a perplex look gracing her delicate but fierce features, so you continued: “I turned in my father to the Ark’s council and he got killed because of it.”

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  I’ve had this headcanon for a while… So I decided to write it!

Warning, it’s kinda lengthy for a oneshot… About 2.5k words. 


Gray was in a town away from Magnolia, doing a simple, one-man job that would have only taken him a day or two when Erza had contacted him through his portable lacrima. He didn’t even bother finishing the job as he took off towards his home. By the time he had reached Fairy Tail, sweat was dripping off his Baden shoulders and he was down to nothing but his boxers.

“Did ya run all the way here?” Gajeel asked when the ice-mage ran up to him.

“Just… About,” Gray managed between a few gasps of air.

“It’s just a baby,” Natsu let out a shrug from his spot near the bar.

Gray sent him a glare, opening his mouth to make a retort back but all that came out was a few harsh pants.


He turned quickly to see Erza and Lucy walking down the stairs with a smile.

“How is she?” He asked immediately.

“Good,” Lucy nodded with a smile. “It’s getting close, so Erza and I were coming to see if you made it in.”

“I just got here,” Gray sighed, finally feeling like he had his breath back.

“Wendy has been taking great care of her,” Erza told him as he begun to climb the stairs. “But, uh, Gray… A little bit of a warning.”

“What?” Gray stopped on the stairs, looking back at Erza with an eyebrow raised.

“Juvia is in a lot of pain, and well… She’s not very happy,” Erza told him.

“At you, that is,” Lucy explained.

“Ah, crap…” Gray muttered, turning as he marched up to where the infirmary was.

Most of time, Juvia had just been regular, normal, Juvia through her pregnancy… Except for the fact that her emotions became ten times more sensitive and when she was upset, it felt like there was a hurricane outside. When she was mad, at him especially, it seemed like a little grey cloud would form over his head and rain on him. One time, he had the cloud following him for a single week! Even to this day, he still hadn’t a clue as to what he did…

“Juvs…?” He called slowly, opening the infirmary’s door. He gulped lightly, sensing her dark brown eyes glaring his way immediately.

“Oh, hi Gray,” Wendy greeted him as she placed a few blankets down near Juvia’s bed. His eyes caught the sight of Porlyuscia and he froze slightly.

“Is everything okay…?” He asked, ignoring Juvia’s glare. Usually Wendy was fully capable of handling injuries on her own, especially now since she had master the her healing magic last year.

“Oh yes,” the now sixteen-year-old smiled up at him. “It’s just that, I’ve only delivered one other baby, Rosemary…” She trailed off slightly, talking about Erza’s daughter. "Porlyuscia-san is just here to help.“

"Okay,” Gray nodded, giving Wendy a faint smile. “Thanks, Wen…”

“No problem,” she told him, feeling much more relaxed now that she knew Gray was trusting in her.

“Hey,” Gray told Juvia lightly, finally meeting her glare. “Are you okay?”

“You left,” her voice huffed as she crossed her arms over her swollen chest. “And Juvia isn’t okay! The baby is coming and Gray-Sama wasn’t here!” She told him.

“Juvs… You knew about this mission, I was going to be back by tomorrow,” he told her, sitting down on the bed carefully as he faced her. “You weren’t due to go into labor for another two weeks.”

“Well Gray-Sama’s child is stubborn, just like him!” She gritted, flinching as a strong contraction came.

“Are you okay?” Gray asked worriedly, placing one of his cool hands on her flushed cheeks.

“Don’t touch Juvia!” She swatted his hand away. “This is all your fault!” She cried towards him.

He huffed, narrowing his eyes at her slightly. “I do recall you enjoying it just as much as I did.”

Juvia pouted, her cheeks feeling warmer by the second. She felt like she was in a sauna, and she instantly missed Gray’s cool hand on her. Slowly, she glanced up at him with wide eyes. He hadn’t looked away from her and he raised an eyebrow when he saw a question in her eyes.

“Gray-Sama,” she whispered, and he smiled softly, reaching over and cupping her cheeks in his hands. She sighed at his cool touch, and to please her more, he cooled them down as he moved from her cheeks to her neck. She had on a hospital gown that had slipped off her shoulders slightly and Gray moved his hands down and started massaging them. She let out a pleasing groan.

“Here,” Wendy said gently, lifting Juvia’s long blue hair and pulling it up a bun.

“Thanks, Wendy-Chan,” the water-mags gave her a soft smile before she winced at another contraction.

“It’s getting close to time,” Wendy told her. “Just a few more contractions and you should ready to push.”


The newest member of the Fullbuster family came out screaming, and Gray couldn’t keep the proud smile off his face. After everything had settled, many of the Fairy Tail members had stopped by to see the new addition and to give their best wishes to the small family until all that was left was the new parents closest friends.

“He is so adorable,” Lucy cooed towards the bundle in Juvia’s arms.

The baby was swaddled in a dark blue blanket, his dark eyes were open lazily as they adjusted to the light. Juvia was sure that his eyes would remain dark, like his father’s. Gray was determined that they would lighten up and turn out brown, like Juvia’s. The baby had a headful of dark blue hair to Juvia’s delight. He seemed… Perfect.

“Luce,” Natsu leaned over towards his girlfriend. “All babies look the same.”

“No they don’t,” Lucy elbowed him. “Rosemary looked completely different,” she said, motioning to Erza’s and Jellal’s two-year-old daughter who was being held by her papa.

“Let’s just be thankful that he doesn’t look like Gray,” Lyon, who had arrived about thirty minutes ago with Meredy spoke up.

“Behave,” Meredy scolded, swatting Lyon’s arm lightly before she looked at the new parents. “Gray, have you held him yet?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “I held him when he first came out, and then Juvia snatched him from me,” he gave his wife an amused look. Her response was only a light shrug as she stroked her son’s soft cheek with a gentle finger.

“Okay, then let me hold him,” Meredy grinned as she opened her arms.

“Uhm, should you being doing that?” Lyon raised a brow towards her.

“I’m pregnant, not lame,” she huffed towards him as she placed her hands on her widening hips.

Lyon glanced down at her prodding stomach with a frown. She had been pregnant for six months now, and Lyon had learned a lot since then… Namely, not to argue with her- about anything

“Wait a minute,” a bolted arm shot out between Juvia and Meredy before the baby could be switched. “I think the prick’s godfather should hold em first,” Gajeel stated.

“Don’t call my son a prick,” Gray frowned at Gajeel as Levy slapped her husband’s arm.

“Excuse me?” Erza crossed her arms, a strained smile on her face as she raised a scarlet eyebrow.

“Uh-oh…” Jellal mumbled, knowing the look on his wife’s face all too well.

“Lyon and I are the child’s godparents,” Meredy frowned at Gajeel, her brows furrowing together.

“This doesn’t look good,” Wendy commented as she walked over to Juvia, smiling down at the small baby.

“Oh boy,” Lucy sighed.

“There must be some mistake,” Erza stated. “Jellal and I will be the child’s godparents.”

“Like hell!” Gajeel interjected, “Juvia told me herself that Levs and I would be it!”

“No,” Meredy cut in with a growl. “Juvia told me, that it was Lyon and me!”

“Juvia also told me that it would be Jellal and me,” Erza told them. “But rest assured, Jellal and I will let you visit the child.”

“Who said you were it?!” Gajeel demanded.

“Well it’s obvious!” Erza rolled her eyes. “We have experience,” she motioned to Rosemary.

“What do you call this?!” Meredy pointed to her growing stomach.

“Levy and I are working on it!” Gajeel told them hotly.

“G-Gajeel!” Levy turned a dark shade of red as she slapped her husband’s arms frantically. She muttered something under her breath before burying herself in Gajeel’s long hair as if to hide herself from the embarrassment. Gajeel seemed undeterred as he continued to glare Mededy and Erza down.

“Can’t Juvia settle this?” Natsu spoke up, his hands clasped behind his head. “I mean, she told you guys you were all it, so she has to pick, don’t she?”

Everyone turned their gaze towards Juvia, who simply blinked. “Did you tell all of them that they could be the godparents?” Gray asked her.

“Yes,” she answered simply.

“Why so many?” Lucy asked.

“He’s so cute,” Wendy cooed, stroking the babies soft cheek.

“Who’s it gonna be, Juvia?” Gajeel raised a pierced brow. “Me, right?”

“Don’t have so much confidence in yourself,” Lyon told him. “Meredy and I are practically family,” he crossed his arms, causing Meredy to give an agreeing nod.

“I helped get those two together,” Erza pointed towards Gray and Juvia, who’s head were going back and forth between the arguing three. “I was the one who told Gray to tell Juvia his feelings,” she tipped her nose in the air.

“I linked them together long before that!” Meredy grinned in glee.

“And Gray and I grew up together!” Lyon added, getting into it.

“Lyon, we lived together for half a year, at most,” Gray mumbled.

“Shut up, little brother!” Lyon pointed a fingers towards the man, who only rolled his eyes.

“I’m Juvia’s longest friend!” Gajeel proclaimed, sticking a thumb to his chest.

“Juvs, pick someone,” Gray told her with a sigh. “Please…”

“Well…” Juvia glanced at the three of them. “All of you wanted to be the baby’s godparent, and Juvia couldn’t say no to any of you… So she figured, that if you guys could all do it… He’d definitely be loved more than he could imagine…”

“Juvia…” Meredy whispered, fighting a sniff.

“Are you crying?” Lyon whispered, leaning over to look at her.

“No!” She wiped her eyes quickly, “I’m not!”

“Do you want to hold him?” Juvia asked Wendy softly. The girl had been rubbing the baby’s head and causing him to lull asleep.

“Can I?” She whispered back, glancing between the three who had been fighting over him. They all seemed to be deep in thought now.

“Of course, you helped deliver him, Wendy-Chan,” Juvia smiled, gently handing the baby to her.  

“I wonder what your Mommy’s going to do when she notices,” Jellal commented to Rosemary, having seen Juvia hand Wendy the baby.

“Gajeel won’t be happy,” Lucy muttered towards Levy.

“Neither will Meredy it seems,” Levy chuckled softly.

“Juvia’s right…” Erza finally spoke up with a smile. “We can take turns… Four months each.”

“What?” Gray raised a brow at her.

Gajeel nodded, scratching his chin. “Fine, but Levs and I get him in the summer, and I call taking him on his first mission and getting him his first tattoo.”

“Oh, let me come too!” Natsu laughed towards Gajeel.

Gray almost choked, but Juvia spoke up. “Gajeel-Kun, no tattoos that have profanity or naked women.”  

“Got it,” Gajeel nodded.

“Okay,” Erza nodded towards Gajeel. “Then Jellal and I will have him at the beginning of the school year.” She smiled at Juvia, not even noticing the baby missing from her arms and then at Gray, who’s eyes were wide and his jaw slacked. “We’ll give him the best education we can.”

“I guess we’ll get him in the winter then,” Meredy smiled up at Lyon.

“Seems fitting,” the ice-mage nodded.

“Wait!” Gray shouted at the three of them. “Juvs and I ain’t dead yet! Stop talkin’ like we are!” He huffed at them.

“Gray-Sama,” Juvia reached out, grabbing his hand and holding it tightly. “If something were to happen to us, aren’t you happy we have such loving friends who will take care of our son…?”

“Of course…” Gray mumbled, “I just don’t like thinking about something like that.”

“Of course nothing’s going to happen to you and Juvia,” Erza told him with a smile.

“Yeah,” Meredy laughed, “you guys are going to be around for a long time and make several more babies.”  

“Oh,” Juvia grinned at the idea.

“Hey, look!” Wendy spoke up with a laugh. “I think he likes me!”

Everyone turned to see the teen holding the baby, who was staring at her intently.

“Wait!” Meredy and Gajeel spoke up.

“W-when did you get him?” Erza asked with wide eyes.

“When you guys were arguing, Juvia handed him to me,” she smiled at her friend, who smiled back warmly. “Speaking of him… Haven’t you two been thinking of names?”

“Yeah, I think we should start calling him something soon,” Lucy smiled as she looked at the baby over Wendy’s shoulder.

Gray and Juvia shared a glanced. They had talked about names, and when Juvia had suggested one, Gray seemed on board with it, though a little nervous as well. He gave her a small smile and she smiled back.

Juvia looked at their friends and glanced at the baby in Wendy’s arms. “His name is… Silvur… Ur for short…” she glanced back at Gray, seeing that his eyes had gone wide.

“Really…?” He whispered towards her.

She nodded softly, “Juvia wanted him to have a good, strong name, and what better to be sure than to name him after two wonderful people?”

“Thank you…” Gray whispered, resting his head on Juvia’s shoulder. “Is… That okay with you?” Gray glanced at Lyon.

“Yeah…” Lyon smiled. “Meredy and I found out we are having a girl.”

“Really?” Juvia’s eyes widened. “How exciting!”

“We’re wanting to name her Ultear,” Meredy placed her hand on her swollen stomach. “Ur and Ul… Has a nice ring to it, huh?” She smiled happily.

“Just keep your son away from my daughter, Fullbuster,” Lyon glanced at Gray.

“What?!” Gray’s head popped up from Juvia’s shoulder. “Your daughter better stay away from my son!”

“I have a feeling we’ll be dealing with stuff like this for the rest of our lives…” Meredy muttered towards Juvia.

“Juvia thinks so too,” she laughed.

-So… I think it’s pretty much accepted as a fandom headcanon that Gruvia’s first son’s name is Silver… But I thought it would be neat to change the spelling to it so he could be named after two important people in Gray’s life! Also, I’ve seen Ur spelled Ur and Ul… But Fairy Tail wika says it is Ur (though it would make sense for it to be Ul cause ya know, Ultear…) But I went with Ur… Plus, I think Meredy would name her baby after Ultear, that way she’s named after Ur too…

Extra headcanon:

-Gray and Lyon arguing about the kids becomes such a regular thing that Meredy has to put SENSORY LINKS on them to make them behave.

-Twenty years later, at  Ur and Ul wedding (I live for Lyredy x Gruvia kids ship) Meredy still has to put a sensory link on Lyon and Gray to keep them from fighting.

Reaction (Twice): Being possessive over their girlfriend

Jihyo: “I hate it when people even look at my jagiya suggestively.” 

Originally posted by zyont

Tzuyu: “I might need to just put a sign on her that says ‘property of Tzuyu’.”

Originally posted by tzuyuchouu

Dahyun: “Wow, it’s like she has a girlfriend or something. Which would be me.”

Originally posted by wonderyoongis

Sana: “Chaeyoung, tell the guy that’s flirting with my girl to back off.” 

Originally posted by etherealtwice

Momo: “Before we go off air, I’d like to say that my jagiya is mine, nobody else’s. Hands off.” 

Originally posted by misamo

Mina: “Wait what? Somebody want’s my jagiya for themselves? It’s like they want to die today.”

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Chaeyoung: “I’d like to announce that I will hurt anyone who tries to steal my girl from me. They will regret it.” *jungyeon hides herself in secondhand embarrassment*

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Nayeon: “I will fight whoever tries to come in between me and my jagiya.”

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Jungyeon: *Sana to Jungyeon* “Don’t be mad alright. She’s your girl and nobody else’s.”

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I'm not saying that Wendy's a danger to everyone around her when she's sick (because, hello, Sky Dragon Sneeze) all I'm saying is that the other Dragon Slayers are the only people durable enough to take care of her whenever she catches a cold.


“What is up with the weather today?” Lucy asked as she slid into her seat next to Gray, who, for once, had a light sweater on.  “I nearly got blown into the ravine!”

“Wendy has a cold,” Mira supplied as she placed a steaming cup of tea in front of the blonde.  “Poor thing.  Carla told me she was up all night sneezing and coughing her lungs out.  I’m amazed she had the energy to move to a shelter out of town.”

“Nah, Carla called Laxus all in a panic at, like, two last night and he transported them to his resident via his lightning,” Cana said.  Freed of all people was next to the brunette, and the two were hard at work imbuing his runes into a deck of her cards.  At Lucy’s raised eyebrow, Freed said, “Though Laxus-sama does have a durable house in the woods far from the town, he requested that Cana and I come up with a type of portable rune set for the safety of any meandering civilians.”

“Aren’t you people blowing this just a little bit out of proportion?” Lucy laughed weakly.  “I mean, she’s a kid! I know she’s a danger out in battle, but all she’s got is a little cold.  There’s no way she could possibly be behind the weather patterns…right?”

“You weren’t here the last time she had a cold,” Gray said grimly.  “She almost destroyed Fairy Hills in her sleep, and called up a tornado so vicious that it tore through the town square.”

Lucy’s jaw dropped.  “That was because of Wendy?”


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