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How would the Sakamaki brothers and the Mukami brothers react if their s/o sent them nudes

Shuu : “Heh…lewd woman, to think you’d finally show your true colors by text message…”

Reiji : “Hgn- She’ll get tied up in the dungeon when I get home!”

Ayato : “C…chichinashi…where the fuck does those boobs come from?!”

Kanato : “It looks so soft…”

Laito : “Ahh…Bitch-chan…how should I suppress my urges till you come back?”

Subaru : “Wh…what the fuck?!” 

Ruki : “Such a perverted Livestock…it’s as if she wants to be punished…”

Kou : “Wah…M Neko-chan…I should give you something in return then~”

Yuuma : “Heh…nice Sow…I’ll fuck you up right away…”

Azusa : “Such…a pretty body…I want it…all to myself….”

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You are only allowed to pick one, who is your favourite YouTuber and why, Have fun answering my dear 😊

hgn i come back from an assembly to see this?!?

ok well, tbh i used to love evan and mini bc they were so funny together + editing was cool af when i first watched them but now my love is for bryce bc he’s so cute and i love his laugh and how he makes little jokes which make me laugh too!

basically i love bryce

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~ Smol Commissions Information 

This is my first time opening up commissions here on tumblr so please be merciful. ;;

~ Prices ~

-As pictured above, for an additional character it is 3usd!

~ Guidelines ~

Will do: Fanart, Ocs, Other stuff of that nature

Can’t do: Super nsfw 18+, Mecha (I am not that skilled hgn)

~ How to contact + Payment Info ~

You can send me fanmail or an ask to ask me questions or send me a request for a slot. (But since the ask and mail here on tumblr seem to not work as well I would suggest sending an email to me at joestardante@gmail.com) I ask that you be as detailed as possible in what you want for poses or faces or I will just randomize them. Please include a reference if it is an OC that you want me to draw.

I use Paypal and my email is: derpyworldstudios@yahoo.com

Important: Please wait until I have approved your order before sending my anything on paypal!

Also I send sketches for you to see before I finish them so you can tell me whether you want anything changed!

Thank you!