Chapter 5: Always Forward, Never Back.

Able turned to  go back towards the cry of pain, but the machete at his side seemed to PULSE ‘There is only ONE winner, and on the turn of his foot, he tripped on something smooth, and shiny that had been hidden in the dirt. 

“Hgn!” He reached to grab whatever it had been, it musta slipped outa one of his cargo pant pockets while running.

It was a bottle, a smooth, perfect, black bottle, the top of it sealed in red wax,  the seal easily melting at Able’s body temperature…musta been one of Ricky’s creations.

Inside there was a hand written note in beautiful calligraphy, in rich golden and purple ink.

“ I’m waiting for you darling. Remember that through all the challenges you’re facing, I’m thinking of you… I know its not much but its my only way of being by your side through this. Remember that I’m missing you. And I’m dreaming of the day I get to hold you again. Focus on your path forward, darling. I’m certain distraction is all around you, but remember what your fighting for… And come home to me.”

Able didn’t need a name, he recognized the wording, the smell on the paper, and sighed, glancing over his shoulder at the cry for help, which was more shrill…

And got up, starting off away from it, bow in hand, and bottle tucked away in  a pocket.

There was a sound up ahead, a snoring..?

One of the idiots had fallen asleep up in one of the branches, figuring he’d be safe!

It was a man in his 40′s, ripped with muscles,and fiery red hair, probably a massive were when awake and in attack mode….

Does Able one shot him with his bow?  Or just slip by, and not go looking for trouble?

Run Ammy Run

If you all have been on Twitter, I did a live-tweet playthrough of Clover Studio’s Okami. It was definitely one of the most visually stunning and emotionally moving games I have ever played. The dialogue, visuals and design, characters, story and cinematography are just so harmonic and breathtaking and I can’t believe I did not finish it sooner a year ago when I got stuck at Agata Forest.

Everyone should take a chance to play this if they can. Plus you get to meet Shibas in the game!