BNHA Zombie Apocalypse AU Translation - Part 1

Art by @oksopi12

“The experiment to enhance human powers, so-called the ‘Hero Project’ caused a zombie virus pandemic, and the whole world was destroyed. People infected with "Hero virus” become inhumanely powerful, but within 24 hrs experience immense pain and become zombified. Zombies can run fast and are very strong.“

Midoriya Izuku

  • Yuuei University Sophomore. Same school & Major with Bakugo Katsuki (Mechanical Engineering) + an old friend (if they can be called friends…) 
  • Bitten by a zombie while trying to save Katsuki, but discovered he was immune to the virus when he didn’t become a zombie even after time passed. His physical abilities were enhanced (probably a side effect.) 
  • Has lots of wounds, small and large, for acting reckless because of his immunity. Got into a huge accident when he was young, got a organ implant. (The organ was Almight’s - the reason he became immune to the virus) 
  • He’s just saying "Kacchan!!!!”. xD
  • The little words are “Hope of the Humanity” “Strong when cornered!” “Chainsaw” and “Right hand that was bitten. Deformed hideously.”

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Same school, same major with Deku. Good at everything. EVERYTHING. Prefers weapons with strong fire power, but trying to control himself since they’re easy to catch zombies’ attention…. 
  • Ignored Deku’s words “Kill me before I get turned”, and tied him up in the corner saying he’ll kill him when he does become a zombie - only to find out Deku was immune. 
  • Deku getting bitten trying to save him became a trauma for him. "I never wanted your help….! You goddamn nerd!!!“ 
  • Currently in a one-sided love with Deku that he himself doesn’t even know he’s in. Feels irritated when Todoroki hits on Deku.

Todoroki Shouto

  • Yuuei University Sophomore. Biotech major. Top of the class. Son of Endeavor, the world-famous doctor and scientist. Endeavor participated in the "Hero Project” that started the zombie virus. Currently cut off all ties with his father. Deku knows Todoroki and Endeavor’s relationship. 
  • Is fond of Midoriya, and doesn’t try to hide it. Deku is oblivious though. Katsuki is the only one getting irritated. 
  • Filled with hope that a vaccine could be made if he takes Midoriya to the Yuuei lab, but how will he react when he learns that to make the vaccine all or Deku’s organs need to be taken out…?  
  • Todoroki: "Midoriya, even if you’re immune to the virus, I can’t do anything if you get hurt too much…" *touches* 
  • Deku: "Okay..” (Katsuki is in the background being irritated as ever LOL. Though its difficult to directly translate it, he’s just groaning loudly? Like “fuck!!!” ??? xD)

There is a Part 2 of this AU which will be translated soon, so if I haven’t already linked it in this post, keep checking my translations tag for it.

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