*henry v

A quick guide to Shakespearean men

Hamlet, the little emo shit

King Lear, the big emo shit

Romeo, the hormonal emo shit

Puck, just a little shit tbh

Macbeth, the Scottish emo shit

Henry V, the frat boy emo shit

Brutus, the honorable emo shit

Othello, the poc emo shit

Richard II, the greedy emo shit

Don Jon, the illegitimate emo shit

Reasons Richard II is a relatable character:

  • Just wants to be loved
  • Problematic™
  • Gay 
  • Cries a lot
  • Likes being fancy and having things
  • Self-perception goes from ‘I’m the most beautiful ever’ to ‘I am Dirt’ and back again

Reasons Henry IV is a relatable character:

  • Lingering sense of dread
  • “It seemed like a good idea at the time”
  • Wants the best for everyone
  • Competent but ultimately dismayed

Reasons Henry V is a relatable character:

  • Avoids responsibilities 
  • Uncomfortable family life
  • Just wants to go out and party with his friends is that too much to ask
  • Pretends he absolutely 100% knows what he’s doing
  • Doesn’t

Reasons Henry VI is a relatable character:

  • Bad at everything
  • Sad
  • Wants everyone to be happy (isn’t happy)
  • Does nothing wrong
  • Does nothing right either
  • Didn’t ask for any of this

Reasons Richard III is a relatable character:

  • Monologues about how ugly he is and then gets mad when he’s insulted
  • Doesn’t know how to act normal
  • Jokes about how awful he is 
  • Is actually awful
  • Weird sense of humor
  • Has lots of Ambition
Shakespeare Characters Saying 30 Rock quotes

Macbeth: Your boos are not scaring me. I know most of you are not ghosts.

 Friar Laurence: Science is my most favourite subject, especially the Old Testament.

 Lady Macbeth: There’s only three things standing between you and winning: your breasts, and wanting it bad enough.

 Ariel: I don’t think it’s fair for me to be on a jury because I’m a hologram.

 Mercutio: Tell her you want to donate her body to science and you’re science.

 Richard II: There is no problem in this world that can’t be solved by throwing money at it.

 Henry V: When you’re handsome nobody ever tells you the truth. For years I thought I spoke excellent French.

 Olivia: Listen up, fives. A ten is speaking.

 Timon: Goodbye forever, you factory reject dildos.