*hell no

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in your anti kylo ren post you said we ""steal"" finn's personality and give it to kylo as though stealing the personality of a liar and a coward would actually be worth our time :)

Mahershala Ali, winner of Best Supporting Actor for ‘Moonlight,’ Emma Stone, winner of Best Actress for ‘La La Land,’ and Viola Davis, winner of the Best Supporting Actress for 'Fences,’ pose for portrait session of the 89th Annual ‘Academy Awards’

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Gay bars are for gay people to meet other gay people. If you aren't gay or bi then you just make it harder for get people to socialize in a place where same sex attraction should be default. If your straight snd trans then you're a real straight man/straight woman looking for other straight men/women, which is default for straight bars. Saying that trans people should go to gay bars is like saying they're really just gays/lesbians when actually they are the gender they identify as.

I read this ask and my eyes murdered each other in regret.

simon and izzy are really starting to annoy me all they do is use raphael at this point i just ship raphael + happiness.


Oscars 2017: Best Picture Nominations