This has been a long time coming and quite frankly so so so overdue. I’ve been putting off writing this post for a long time and I’m not sure why. This blog has been a lot of different things to me over the past few years. It has meant so much to me..and so it’s hard to let it go.

To be honest, I only ever made this blog to post a theory I promised on an old blog. I never ever intended for my tumblr to blow up and have thousands of followers. I certainly NEVER though Grace Helbig herself would follow me. I couldn’t of even fathomed getting published on websites as the grester headquarters. I never planned on any of this. I sort of just…fell into it. I stuck with it because you guys wanted it. I didn’t want to let anyone down.

It’s been a crazy ride and at times, so fun. But it also has been stressful, negative, toxic. This blog over time has turned into a ‘job..’ I stopped enjoying it a long time ago. To be honest, I kept it up for so long because I felt a HUGE responsibility to maintain a respectful place for fans to come to that didn’t cross the line of G&C’s relationship. And I think I’ve done that. But I don’t want the responsibility anymore.

 Since the beginning of this year, the fandom has slowly withered away. I think we can all agree that the grester fandom is kind of nonexistent at this point. Grace and Chester have taken their relationship offline and whether they are together or not remains a mystery to me. But it’s not something I am looking to figure out or analyze anymore. And quite frankly I don’t care whether or not they are together. And to some of you that might sound awful, but it’s just the truth guys. So many of you have privately messaged me, asking me if I think they broke up…but.. it just isn’t something that matters to me anymore. I am not losing sleep over it. And you shouldn’t either. 

The Internet is a cool place.. But there’s sooooo much more to life. I think there is a big reason why so many youtubers are leaving their online life. Life is so short.. Don’t spend your entire life watching videos on the Internet, arguing over ships, whatever. Making friends online is wonderful.. and I totally encourage it. But nothing compares to actually going outside and really living your life. Please try it! This year I fell in love (in real life!) and it was incredible. I want you all to experience real love. Someone else’s love isn’t how you experience it. Trust me.  I love the internet. But I love myself more. I can’t dedicate my life to this blog anymore. I am sorry if that disappoints some of you.

So this is the end of this blog. I appreciate those of you who have supported me and stuck up for me throughout the years. There’s a lot of negatively online and I can definitely relate to how Youtubers feel. It’s very hard to have strangers judge you online.. It’s actually sort of awful. I respect G&C so much for having the balls to share what they have together and as individuals. Did I mention it’s hard?

I will leave this blog open for 1 week as a final farewell– for any last minute questions, comments, responses– and then it will be gone. Please don’t be negative. If you are glad to see me go, then gloat on your own. A lot of people love this blog, so my ask box will remain open for those who have any final positive thoughts. My heart just isn’t in it anymore guys, and this is the right thing to do. I love you all. It’s been real.

All my love,

- A

ps. they didn’t just share a fridge ;)

Hey Holy Trinity people so I found something awesome! I know most of us like supporting the trinity but we can be low on funds! The thing is between now and October 10th if you use the Target Cartwell app you can save 15% on Dirty 30! So now you can buy your second (or third or fourth) copy but still have some money left over😊


FUNNEL CAKING with Grace and Hannah (DIRTY30)

I am watching Mamries 30the Birthday YDAD (Mamrie Hart’s Gin and Bear it!) you know as you do when you’re bored and I just realized that this may be the video where Dirty30 was born (just the title though) (also tell me if I am absolutely late to the party and everyone figured it out already)

At the end Mamtie says: “You guys, I am 30!!” and Grace says: “you’re a dirty 30!”

mind = blown!!!


this was… oddly satisfying