Astrid and Hiccup’s Summer Vlog

(alt. title: The Astrid Hofferson Diaries)

This was something that I wrote… oh, a pretty long time ago. Like, back at the beginning of 2016. It was sparked from watching fake vlogs based on fictional characters. Except I’m not capable of making an actual fake fictional vlog based on Astrid and Hiccup and so on, so I made a fic instead. Posting it because I was going through my httyd fic file, and was reminded of it. It was a fun idea :D

Astrid stared at the email in front of her, trying her best to decipher what was written. Or more accurately, trying to decide if this was some kind of scam or trick or if her professor had gotten drunk and mass emailed her future student list.

“A vlog?” she said, so shocked her voice had a kind of echo to it.

She was tempted to delete the email, call her advisor, and tell her she would not be taking “Advanced Media Communications” this semester. Or any remaining semester. But this was her last year. She needed this class—and needed it this semester—or she wouldn’t graduate.

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