Can you guess why I started screaming and fangirling hard when I read all the news about the new anime Shoukoku no Altair (out on July)??? [x, x, x]

I have 4 words for you: Danshi Koukousei, Hajimete no (4)

Do the math yourself XD


It gives me Arslan vibes… which means I’m going to like this anime (I already like the CAST!)

  • Griffin: I'm not going to change your backstories.
  • Griffin:
  • Griffin:
  • Griffin: Anyway Justin, you know how you've been playing this character whose been shaped by his experiences of growing up alone and betrayed, who gradually learned to trust and love people through his two traveling companions and slew of other memorable, lovable characters? Fuck that, actually, you're a co-dependent twin who hates being alone and also your sister is fucking dead, time to be sad. Be sad, now.
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The US National Science Foundation shared this vine showing how scientists actually sample active lava flows on Hawaii - they literally pull the lava away with a hammer then drop it in a bucket of water nearby.


Did you know ladybugs will swarm to find warm places to hibernate? When one ladybug has found a nice ‘snuggle’ spot they will release a pheromone to let the others know where to find the warm resting place! Amazing! 🐞🐞

Well, I learned something from this one!

Last year, global warming reached record high temperatures — and if that news feels like déjà vu, you’re not going crazy.

The planet has now had three consecutive years of record-breaking heat.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has just released its annual State of the Climate report, which says it’s the hottest it has been since scientists started tracking global temperatures in 1880.

A separate analysis, by NASA scientists, came to the same conclusion.

2016 Was The Hottest Year Yet, Scientists Declare

Graphic: Alyson Hurt/NPR