She was pure.
She had snakes of white light around her head, 
Dangerous, if you, like me, 
were scared to be drawn in by love.

She could see into my soul,
if it exists, she thought it did and
was quick to create a gateway in-
to hers, so I could see 

She wasn’t clean,
she had a past to make me wary,
it was only necessary to create one of my own…
She was pure,
no matter what,
she was Pure like clear honey
that drips through bread
that slips through fingers
and onto your palm,
down your arm 
One that you trace back 
then the source is still as sweet as the 
trail, it left.

She had a smile of a smile,
the second belongs to me, because 
when she laughs I am left vunerable
to do the same.

She was heat and pure,
water falling down my lungs
to evaporate into stuttered words.
I loved her.
She was pure.

the signs as warmth

Aries : the burning of your tires as you go 95 mph in a school zone

Taurus : a melting ice cone dropped on the pavement on a sunny day in July 

Gemini : the red radiating from your cheeks after you said something embarrassing 

Cancer : a blanket fresh from the dryer in a new home, ready for new memories to add to the old

Leo : the flush of pride after beating someone after a difficult game that left you as victor

Virgo : setting all the notes you took in class at the end of the year on fire

Libra : the sweat on the back of your neck when you’ve been dancing for hours

Scorpio : a shot of tequila burning your throat in a dark, crowded room

Sagittarius : the heat of a blush that comes from being caught in a lie

Capricorn :  the kiss of someone you don’t love but who makes you come alive

Aquarius : piping hot liquid dropped on your crotch while driving to work

Pisces : the fierce unending hug of someone who loves you

Pennywise Heat! Headcanon

(Okay so to be honest this is a challenge for me. I never really saw Pennywise going into heat cause he isn’t really an animal. He is basically a narcissistic shape shifting god. I don’t know. However! I will write almost anything y’all ask for so here you go. I hope I justify what you like.)

  • Pennywise was either in one of two moods. A fucking dick or oddly submissive.
  • He wasn’t submissive physically, but more to get you to stop asking questions or to make you leave him alone.
  • Yet you knew something was up. He stopped eating as much and just loomed through his lair.
  • The attitude was getting to you as well. He was snippy and rude and it was starting to piss you off.
  • He would get upset over little things.
  • One day you walked in wearing something that he said “reeked” and he didn’t like it. The shirt was brand new. You had only worn it with a small group of friends. That was it.
  • You had to put the pieces together on your own as to why he was like this.
  • You began to test your boundaries.
  • You would get closer. Try to kiss him like you used to. Sometimes he would let you and other times he would jerk away.
  • His actions were stiff and uncomfortable and he grew more uneasy the closer you got.
  • By then you had suspicions and theories in your head. Yet you needed to be sure.
  • He was sitting with his back propped up against the wall. His arms resting on his bent knees. His face seemed to be constantly contorted in discomfort these days.
  • You walked up to him and kneeled down, scooting yourself in between his legs.
  • Pennywise’s eyes immediately flash open and look at you. His hands grabbing your arms to push you away if needed.
  • With a quick thrash you forced him to let go. His eyes showing he was nervous.
  • “Penny…” you say softly and move even closer, your chest pressed up against his.
  • His body tensing under you.
  • “Y/N, I can hurt you like this.” His voice was a throaty growl. Like he was trying his damned hardest to keep control.
  • You nodded in acknowledgment and placed a kiss on his lips, then his chin and his neck. Stopping there to drag your tongue up his flesh.
  • His body wracking in a violent shudder. “Y/N, StOp….”
  • You shake your head and bite at the curve of his neck “I won’t break. I can handle you. Even like this.”
  • Before you knew it, large hands had grabbed your thighs, forcing you onto your back and your legs being wrapped around his waist. Then you were pulled back up, in his lap. His fingers digging painfully into your legs.
  • “I can take it, let me help you. Please.” You whisper and kiss him on his lips again. His mouth slightly agape as he tried to regain his senses.
  • There was a tear behind you. Your bottoms splitting and the stitches ripping. His claws ripping them off. Yet you could tell he was still trying to be calm.
  • Finally you huffed impatiently and raised your voice “Penny, fuck me.”
  • That was it. His eyes snapped to lock with yours and drool slid down his bottom lip and onto your shirt. You could see in his eyes he was gone. Something much more animalistic in his place.
  • “Do as I say or I may end up breaking your legs.” He snarled and ripped your shirt off.
  • It wasn’t a threat, but a warning. You could feel he was stronger with his hold and movements. With your permission, he wasn’t holding back.
  • And that is just how you wanted it.