I wish I felt like I was easy to love.
I wish I wasn’t so clingy to the fact of having a pit in my stomach when I don’t get a text back. I wish the people I chose before you didn’t make me this way, because now what happens if you end up not wanting me either. I’ll continue to get worse and be hard to love. No one will want me, no one.

Please be the one who stays


M!A OMORASHI LIST (on all anon decides how long it lasts!)
  • <p><b>Tiny bladder:</b> your muse/sona now has a shrinked bladder and has to go to the bathroom every 2 asks!<p/><b>Big bladder:</b> your muse/sona now has an expanded bladder and has to go to the bathroom every 6 asks but the accident will be BIG!!!<p/><b>Diaper?:</b> the anon magically puts a diaper on your muse/sona<p/><b>Its locked!:</b> all bathrooms are locked and there is nowhere to go!<p/><b>Swapped???:</b> your muse/sona's bladder is switched with another one of your muse/sona's bladder<p/><b>Aged:</b> your muse/sona gets their age changed! *anon decides what age* the younger the smaller the bladder, the older the bigger the bladder<p/><b>Held in:</b> your muse/sona holds in their bladder until the 5th ask after the M!A is activated<p/><b>Trouble..:</b> your muse/sona has an accident every 3 asks<p/><b>Stripful:</b> your muse/sona has the urge to take off their pants/skirt while holding it in as much as they can!<p/><b>Let it go:</b> whenever your muse/sona lets go of their crotch, they have an accident<p/><b>Heat:</b> after your muse/sona has an accident they go into heat!<p/><b>Thank you for reblogging and spreading this M!A list around!!!:</b> <p/></p>

okay so apparently it was my fault after all bc the building is so old that i need to heat, even during summer. (the heating turns itself off as soon as a certain temperature is reached though, so it’s not that expensive). i’m so used to living in a basement where i sometimes had 16 degress and nothing happened that i didn’t consider how old this building is.

This Day in 1D History - September 22


  • Louis asks for an important clarification at Sugarscape (interview posted)
  • Louis is too too much in his Heat interview (posted)


  • Cologne, Germany signing event!!


  • Liam is unfairly devastating by the hotel pool in Australia


  • Made in the AM title announced and album cover released along with  INFINITY
  • “Bit of a Lionel tonight @niallhoran” (via Olly’s Insta)

(NASA)  The Sun in X-rays from NuSTAR
Image Credit: NuSTAR, SDO, NASA

Why are the regions above sunspots so hot? Sunspots themselves are a bit cooler than the surrounding solar surface because the magnetic fields that create them reduce convective heating. It is therefore unusual that regions overhead – even much higher up in the Sun’s corona – can be hundreds of times hotter. To help find the cause, NASA directed the Earth-orbiting Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) satellite to point its very sensitive X-ray telescope at the Sun. Featured above is the Sun in ultraviolet light, shown in a red hue as taken by the orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). Superimposed in false-colored green and blue is emission above sunspots detected by NuSTAR in different bands of high-energy X-rays, highlighting regions of extremely high temperature. Clues about the Sun’s atmospheric heating mechanisms may not only come from this initial image, but future NuSTAR images aimed at finding hypothesized nanoflares, brief bursts of energy that may drive the unusual heating.