I just broke up with my boyfriend and no he’s not the rugged square-jawed type. What Adam is, or what he was, was my best friend. In this world of macho cowboy wannabes he actually stands out. Sounds like an interesting dude. Yeah, and smart, like ridiculously smart. He makes me laugh, totally understands me, loves animals. He drives me crazy the way he obsesses over how everything has to be a certain way. I’m even missing that stuff right now.

Heartland- Georgie & Adam (request)

Ugh. Tumblr ate my first attempt. So if this shows up twice, I apologize.

BW tweeted this, asking people what they think the blanked-out word might be. Some are guessing “a suit”, but that’s two words.

I’m very pleased Lisa is getting a mention on the call sheet, truly, but I’m concerned about what the cut-off part above “KITCHEN” seems to say:

“Casey comes looking for Tim; tells Jack he broke up with her.”

Tim, no!!

This was the first Horzoi that I made.  She lives with Helen Lee in Kamloops at Savladai Kennels.  "Horzoi?“ you ask?  I came up with the name one night in Borzoi Chat.  The first one I tried to make looked more like a horse, though it was supposed to be a Borzoi!  Hence the name "Horzoi”  - Part Horse, Part Borzoi! This poor Horzoi was ripped apart so many times until it was perfected…


First Look - Heartland - 11.01 - Baby on Board


Quiero compartir esta linda canción ♡ 

 Disfrútala, si quieres que traduzca alguna otra, solo pídelo ♡


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