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Psssst so I was checking out the replies to roberto’s #bughead tweet that he posted yesterday, and its flooded with so much positivity and love, it nearly made my heart burst ❤❤ also it really outshines the couple of hateful and mean comments lmaooo im lovin this concept yall 😩😩 keep spreading the love on twitter bughead fam!! U guys are amazing ❤👌

Reactions (High School Au Jonghyun)

Type: Fluff

Request: omg for cnblue can u write abt jonghyun meeting someone & they thinks hes just some rly cold upper class man that they’re forced to meet w every week to get tutored in AP chem but rly hes just shy & has been crushing on them since they were younger omg my heart is BURSTING thank u in advance plS MAKE IS FLUFFY

CNBlue scenario where Jonghyun confesses to you for the first time? Thanks!

It’s not that he’s always been so cold to you. At one point Jonghyun was the sweet older boy you were growing up with because your families were very good friends but once he got into high school he just stopped talking to you. So instead of moping that you lost a close friend to the ways of high school you went and started focusing on being your best in your school work. But you might even get your first F in a class thanks to AP Chemistry, your 3.9 GPA would be going down the drain. 

“I recommend you get a tutor” your teacher Mr. Seo spoke as you looked at your test with a big red D on it. You had come ahead of time because you wanted your grade. It was the end of other AP Chemistry class he taught. “Ah Jonghyun” he calls as you turned to see none other that Lee Jonghyun there. “Yes sir” he said as he walked up to the desk “I would like you to tutor Y/N” Mr. Seo spoke as Jonghyun looked at you. “Alright” he said as he checked his watch “I have a free block as we speak so I’ll meet you in the library” he states walking away as you gave your teacher a smile but it was your normal ‘I’ll do it but I will not be happy about it’ smile.


You sat your book down as you waited for Jonghyun. Your foot began to rapidly tap on the floor as you waited before long his figure came into view as he sat down across from you. “Sophomores shouldn’t take a class like this” he told you as you glared at him “I’m smarter than an average sophomore” you say back. “Yeah thats why you’re failing” he says as you close your book.

“I think I’d rather fail then deal with you” you say as you felt annoyed to have to deal with him. You began walking away as he caught your arm and brought you close to him. You hit his chest with a bit of force as the air was knocked out of you as you looked him in the eyes. You felt lame thinking he would say something sweet. “Don’t be stupid” he told you as he pulled you to the table and sat you back down. “Open your book” he orders as you grumble doing as said.

Over the next few times he met up with you, he seemed more awkward than before. He didn’t say anything else to you other than if it was relevant to what he was helping you with. His friends even stopped by and you found yourself a fumbling mess around Kang Minhyuk who always gave you a charming smile when he would come along.

Jonghyun’s jaw clenched as Minhyuk sat close to you “no I don’t think you’re doing it right” Minhyuk told you as he grabbed your hand and started writing with it. “She’s doing it right” Jonghyun hissed as Minhyuk looked up at him “really I don’t th-” “you’re not even in any chemistry class so why are you trying?” Jonghyun hissed as Minhyuk smirked. Jonghyun’s face heated up as he scoots back. “You know Y/N I should go before lover boy gets pissed” Minhyuk told you as you gave him a confused look.


Jonghyun sat beside you as your a parents talked about life since the last time they hung out together. “Y/N who’s been tutoring you?” your mother asked as you looked up from your food. You glanced beside you as you cleared your throat. “Nobody important” you say as Jonghyun scoffs. “I’ve been tutoring her” he spoke as your mother smiled. “Really?” she asked as you rolled your eyes “its nothing special he’s doing a some what decent job” both sets of parents gave each other looks. “If you weren’t so dumb we wouldn’t have to see each other at all” he tells you as you slammed your fist onto his leg making him jump.

He glared at you as he stood up. You did the same as you two continued to glare. “Are you guys gonna kiss?” his mother asked as Jonghyun’s whole body heated up. “I’m leaving” you say as you headed towards the door of your home. “Why are you so mean to her?” his mother asked him as he looked away. “He likes her obviously” your dad mumbled “what?” his dad asked.


You looked at your test with a smile. It wasn’t an A but a very high B. “Jonghyun has done a good job hasn’t he?” Mr. Seo asked as you nodded. “I should thank him” you say as you wave him off. You saw Jonghyun eating lunch with his friends “hey Y/N” Minhyuk said with a smirk as you waved.

You quickly wrapped your arms around Jonghyun’s shoulders from behind and he stiffened. You held out your test with a smile “thanks” you tell him. His friends started laughing seeing he had a large blush on his face. “Let go” he whispered shoving you off “you know Y/N. He’s always so mean to you because he likes you” Yonghwa says as Jonghyun with a panicked look, looked up at you as you looked down.

You simply cupped his face leaning down pressing your lips to his. His friends cheered as he pulled way. He stood up and grabbed your arm tugging you along. “Why did you do that?” he hissed at you as he pinned you to the wall in the hallway. “Stop being a jerk” you say wrapping your arms around his shoulders bringing him in for another kiss. His eyes widened but soon closed and kissed back. He pressed you more against the wall putting more passion into the kiss.

You pulled back cupping his face stroking his cheeks lightly. “I have to say. I like you” he said as you chuckle. “My dad and your friends already told me” you said as he looked away. “Don’t be shy all of a sudden” you tease as you pull him in for another kiss. “You still have a study” he said as you roll your eyes. “Worry about it later” you whisper hugging him close as he hugged you close to him as well.

Have you ever platonically fallen for someone?
For the things they say and how they can always cheer you up, no matter the circumstances?
For how you can count on them and the way they get so enthusiastic about the things they love?
Have you ever watched someone without them noticing and just felt your heart burst of love for everything they do and everything they are, feeling incredibly proud to have them as a friend?
Have you ever been in awe due to the feeling of being blessed by the sheer existence of another human being?
—  // friendship