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To Jungkook you’re just a girlfriend. - pt.3 End

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It’s taking me a long time to get over him two months and three days to be exact, and right now I’m still hung up over the fact that our relationship ended so badly. After we had argued that night, I actually wanted to apologise for being so jealous when we were both in the right states of minds and when we were both calm from the fire I’d started. But when Taehyung came over and told me all the things he’d witnessed, I felt so stupid. Stupid for trusting him, for wanting to apologise for not accepting a mere friendship of his with another girl. Stupid because I still love him, I know he didn’t kiss her and that to some degree isn’t ‘cheating’ per se, but if I hadn’t sent him that message, if I hadn’t been the one to distract him, would he have stopped by himself? The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that the answer was always going to be a no. Jungkook was never the type to check his phone straight away when it buzzed, so he must’ve glanced and saw my name and when he saw my name he remembered that he does still have a girlfriend, one he was about to cheat on. He wanted to kiss her and he wasn’t going to stop, and he must have wanted to; so to me that is still cheating. So I don’t get why I still love him. I honestly couldn’t thank Tae enough for telling me the truth, he’s a good friend to both Jungkook and I. Even if it seems as though he betrayed him, it’s what a good friend should do and will do.

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Operation Henderson and Harrington Pt. 2 ~ Mini-Series

Summary: The kids take it upon themselves to test their matchmaking skills. With a little help, they form a plot to get you and Steve together by Halloween.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x (Henderson!You) Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: Language! Mostly from Dustin.

A/N: I am so happy that part 1 received so much positive feedback and I am so happy that you all love it so much! Here is part 2 for you. I’ll try to post a part each night until the series is complete. Please let me know if you want to be added to the tag list!!! Much love to you all. xx

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three (Coming Soon)

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Phase One of Operation Henderson and Harrington: Get Steve to agree to the group costume.

Hopper swung by to pick up El and Max after school, leaving the four boys alone to wait for Steve. He took on the responsibility of dropping them off at home after each school day ended, unless they had AV Club and in that case Joyce would pick them up.

“Alright, guys,” Dustin clapped his hands to get their attention, gathering them up into a circle. “Remember the plan. We changed our costume idea, and now we’re going to be the T-Birds, and we want Steve to dress up as one too so the group is complete. I am Kenickie. Mike, you are Sonny. Will, you are Doody. And Lucas, you are Putzie.”

“Why do you get to be the cool one?” Will asked.

“Because Danny and Kenickie are best friends, like Steve and I are, so it works,” Dustin explained to them.

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A quick drabble (mostly dialogue) of how Milo and Melissa met Zack on the Hogwarts Express, on their first year at the School. The actual stories I have take place when they’re all 13, but I’ll have some one-shots about Milo’s life leading up to his first day of school. This AU will have some inaccuracies with JK Rowling’s universe from her books, but that’s what AUs and parodies are for ;) 


Most of the booths on the train were either filled or contained children who were familiar with Milo’s condition. He was used to doors closing moments before he arrived, so he never took any heed and would continue onwards.

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School Dances - Richie Tozier

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word count: 4311
warnings: swearing
a/n: yes i know it’s mileven but they’re my babies and it was a good gif so politely fuck off.  also i’m sorry this is a lame title,  and it’s been so long since i’ve posted

[ love is arguing, but not attacking ]

You had your feet up on the couch, using your legs as a makeshift table as you sketched away in your notebook.  Everyone was at Bill’s for a sleepover, and you and him were currently sketching while the others were playing Atari.  You were never one much for video games.

“What do you think?” You asked quietly, leaning over to show Bill your pencil sketch of the quarry you’d all been to countless times.  Bill smiled and nodded.

“I-I like it” He told you, and you went back to your sketching again.


“You should draw me sometime sweetheart” You jumped slightly as you spun around, eyes narrowing at the boy leaning over the back of the couch.

“Damnit Richie you almost made me mess it up!” You scolded, but he just grinned before hopping onto the rug between Eddie and Ben.  You rolled your eyes and shook your head.

Yeah, you and Richie were friends.  You were both in the Loser’s Club, and always shared good times and awesome adventures.  Not including the whole Pennywise fiasco last summer.  It was just that he was such a trashmouth, and you were so introverted, that the connection was hard.  So most of the both of your time spent together was either arguing, or really great and fun.

It was 90% arguing.

“y/n? Earth to y/n” You blinked to see Eddie was snapping his fingers in front of your face.

“Sorry what’d you say?” You asked again.

“I asked if you were going to homecoming” He repeated, eyes flicking to the screen momentarily to see Bev’s character dominating over Richie’s.  Richie yelling and whining about how he ‘was the professional here’.

“Thanks Ed but you’re just a friend… I’d rather be asked by someone interested-”

“Oh no no no no no no I didn’t mean it like that y/n I wasn’t asking you ou-”

“You’re asking y/n out?” Richie abandoned his game to glare over at Eddie, but you missed it after being too focused by her drawing.

“Fuck no!” Eddie screeched, now gaining your attention again.  Eddie went on this rant about your friendship and all that, but you just sat there quietly.

Were you really that unideal of a homecoming date? Maybe you didn’t have the body of a senior, maybe you weren’t perfect, but you thought you’d at least suffice.

“I’m gonna get a drink” You muttered, tossing your sketchbook carelessly to the side of the couch.  You stood up without another word, walking to the kitchen and blinking hard so you wouldn’t cry.

“Fuck Tozier” Eddie grumbled.  “You made your girl sad”

“She’s not my girl” Richie replied in a quieter tone, paranoid you could still hear him from the kitchen.

“Ri-Richie you should t-talk to her” Bill said, but Richie shook his head, pushing his glasses up his nose.

“I can’t” He said, feeling as pathetic as he sounded.  Bev rolled her eyes, standing up and going after you.

“You’re a pussy” She called back to him before consoling you quietly in the kitchen.

It was late,even for you, and you had quite the night owl tendencies.  But you didn’t care, preferring to lean over the kitchen counter with your second cup of cocoa as you worked on a sketch.  A different one from before, this one you’ve been adding to for months, and still, it just doesn’t seem perfect.  You didn’t like to share them until they were perfect.

You groaned softly, rubbing your eyes with the palms of your hands.  Your eyes briefly flicking to the little candle you had on the counter, wondering briefly if you should just scrap the whole page.  Then shook your head, not liking the destructive thought.

“y/n?” Your head snapped up, hands propping you at your chin.  “What’re you doing up it’s like… two in the morning” Richie spoke, voice tired and a mumble.

“Was I loud?” You whispered, and he shook his head, messy hair flopping in front of his face.  You watched him pull his glasses from where they were folded to slide into the neck of his shirt, fitting them onto his face and pushing them up his nose.  You found yourself smiling at this, even though it was a simple action.

“No I just… couldn’t sleep” He said lamely with a shrug.  He wandered over to where you stood, peeking down at your notebook.  You pulled it towards you anxiously, flipping the pages so he couldn’t see what you’d been working on.

“Me too” You finally responded, drawing his attention away from the book.  But it didn’t work.

“What’re you drawing?” He asked, and you felt the nervous butterflies fluttering relentlessly in your chest..  Your fingers curled tighter around the pages.  “What? Scared I’m not gonna like my sexy portrait?” He smirked at his own comment and your eyes narrowed.

“Why would I want to show you anyways, you’re just gonna make fun of it” You said, holding it against your chest.  Richie’s smirk pulled into a frown instantly.

“I won’t” He said quickly.

“I don’t believe you” You mumbled back.  His frown deepened.  You set your book back down on the counter, keeping it closed as you reached to drink from your mug.

“y/n… come on… what do you think I’m gonna do?” He tried to keep his voice quiet, soft.

“I dunno…” You murmured out again.  “Make fun of it?”

“I promise I won’t” He responded fast, truly trying to persuade you to show him.  You bit down on your lip, glancing anxiously around before picking up the book again, sliding it over to him.  Richie grinned, his cheek a pink hue illuminated in the candle light.

You wanted to draw that.

He opened up the cover carefully, seeing your name and information printed neatly on the inside cover of it.  He turned the page, and you awaited his reaction to your first sketch.  It was simple, just a night sky.  You remembered how you spent forever shading in the different patches of the sky, and perfecting each point of the little stars you added.  Richie almost reached out to brush his fingers over the perfected crescent moon you’d drawn, but pulled away at the last moment, not wanted to ruin your masterpiece.

“It’s not… it isn’t perfect it was when I was first starting to draw-”

“It’s beautiful” He cut you off.  “And this was when you were an amateur?” Your teeth sunk into your lip again.  “y/n you’re so fucking talented!” He smiled up at you before flipping the page, seeing an arrangement of flower sketches all over it.

“That was uh.. That was practice for something else” You said, fingers wringing together.  Bill was the only one you shared your work with, the both of you critiquing and admiring each other’s pieces.  But this was… this was different.

“They’re nice” He commented quietly, then moved on to another page.  This one was the one he’d briefly saw earlier, of the quarry and it’s sparkling waters, the morning sun giving it this effect.  He smiled, being reminded of countless memories spent there with the Losers.  Another page turn, and this time he paused.

His eyes scanned over your most secreted drawing, the one that’s seemed to take you an eternity, every detail needing to be at absolute perfection.  A slow grinned tugged his lips open, a pearly white smile being flashed your way before back to the notebook.

Inside was a sketch of the whole gang, arms linked over everyone’s shoulder.  Mike, then Stan, Ben, then Eddie, then Richie, Bill, Beverly, and you.  There wasn’t any scenery yet, so far just the basics of each person.  Facial features, clothing, hair.  Richie looked at his own character, his grin in the sketch lopsided, glasses crooked and eyes large.  His hair was even messier than usual and his tee shirt read Loser.  All the shirts had the same logo on it.

“y/n this is so…” He breathed out heavily, for once, not having anything to say.  “It’s fucking amazing, it’s perfect” You blushed deeply and darted your eyes away from his.

“I was going to give it to Bill for Christmas… I mean it’ll probably take me that long anyways and I thought after… last summer it’d be kinda… you know?” You trailed off, not wanting to say the words.  Richie nodded, glancing once more at the page before closing the book.

“I’m really glad you showed me” He said, and you only nodded your head in response, taking the last drink of your cocoa and setting the mug in the sink.

“I should go back to bed” You said, taking the notebook in your arms once more.  Richie opened his mouth, maybe to protest and ask you to stay, or to say he wasn’t tired yet, he wasn’t even sure.  So he sighed inwardly and gave up on finding the right words.

“Yeah, it’s late” He said, and you both trudged on your tiptoes back to the living room where the arrangement of sleeping bags were strewn all over the place.  You looked back at him as you sat down in yours, holding onto your pillow as he settled in again for the night.

“Goodnight” You whispered, and he looked over at you as he took off his glasses and folded them up.

“Night y/n” He replied, and you smiled gently before laying down and getting comfortable.  Richie smiled to himself as well while he laid down and went to sleep.

The next day at school you were all groggy from staying up so late, especially you and Richie.  Which the others commented about numerous times.  But you brushed it off and ignored their ongoings as you put in your locker combination.

“I’m too tired for this” You hummed to Richie, who nodded, eyes shut as his side leaned against the locker next to you.  Only hearing pieces of Eddie yelling at Beverly for her smoking habits.  Not that she cared, but it was funny to get him riled up.

“Oh look! It’s my favorite girl!” Suddenly your locker was slammed shut, and you jumped to see Henry Bowers had wedged himself between your now closed locker and yourself.  You backed up immediately, finding his aroma to be absolutely ghastly.

“Take a shower fuck-bag” Richie groaned

“Fuck off loser, I’m only here for y/n” Henry stroked an oddly gentle hand down your cheek, and you winced with disgust.  “How are ya y/n? I missed school yesterday… did you miss me?” You gagged aloud.

“No Henry, I didn’t miss you” You uttered, yanking your face away from his hand.  “Don’t touch me” You added, hiking the strap of your backpack higher on your shoulder.  Henry smirked, an eyebrow arching tauntingly.

“Come on sweetheart, don’t be that way” He leaned forward to meet your eye level.  “I know all I gotta do is ask you to lift your skirt a little, isn’t that right boys?” Your face fell at the horrible and untrue accusation.  “But that’s alright, it’s nice when they’re easy” His hand was back on you again, toying with the collar of your shirt and trailing over your throat.

“Hey!” Henry was shoved away, toppling to the ground.  “She said not to touch her you fucking pervert!” Your eyes widened at Richie, and your fear only increased as Henry stood up, grabbing the boy by his shoulders and pinning him to the row of lockers.

“You better fucking watch it four eyes!” Henry yelled in his face.  “I’ll fucking gut you-!”

“Mr Bowers?” Richie fell to the floor as Henry dropped him as soon as the scolding voice of a teacher rang in the air, silencing the hall.  “You wouldn’t want a call home would you?”

Henry took off, leaving the Losers alone in the hallway.  Whoever the teacher was, simply turned and walked away as well, not saying another word.

“y/n are you-”

“What the fuck?” You cut off Ben’s almost question as you whipped around to look at RIchie.  “What was that!?” Richie, confused by your sudden burst of anger stood up and scrunched up his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry?” He said sarcastically.  “That asshole had his hands all over you, the disgusting mullet wearing-”

“Well I didn’t need your saving” You said, adjusting your bag, your face fallen as you turned to head away.

“y/n-!” He called but you didn’t even so much as glance over your shoulder.  Just kept on going.  His lips fell to a frown as he looked at his friends, who all seemed confused.

Except Bev, who frowned herself as she shook her head.

“”What’s going on what happened? She.. she’s actually mad at me?”

“No Rich, she’s just embarrassed” The girl said, but his expression didn’t change.

“But she… but I’m…” he sighed, defeated.  His shoulders slumped as he began to walk away as well, wanting to follow after you, but instead heading to class.

He hadn’t meant to hurt you, or offend you.  He was only trying to keep you safe.

Three days passed and you’d done everything you could to avoid Richie, even though you still saw him everywhere.  Walking past your classes, which you were sure was on purpose, in the lunchroom, in your gym class, and you swore that every time you turned your head, he was darting away somewhere.

“n/n? You gonna show me your dresses or not?” Beverly asked you.  You blinked, looking up from where you were sat on the floor against your bed.

“Bev I don’t really wanna go to the dance… do I have to?”

“Of course! Come on it’ll be fun” She said, already opening up your closet to look through your things.

“But… Richie’s gonna be there” You said weakly.  Beverly just laughed, and pulled a dress from your closet.

“This one” She said, and laid a dress off the side of the mattress.  You looked at it for a moment, not remembering having worn it except for your aunt’s wedding.  That seemed so long ago.

Ever since the events last summer, a time before that just seemed like another era altogether.

“Beverly just… no thanks” You mumbled, looking back at her.  She only crossed her arms.

“Come on.  It’s in one hour y/n” She pleaded softly.  “You and I will hang out, and if you want….” She sighed deeply.  “I’ll even make Richie to swear to stay away from you”Your eyes widened a little bit, but she still noticed.  “Even though I don’t even understand why you two are so… I don’t even have the word for it.  Being stupid?”

“I’m ashamed Bev, someone else had to come and save me.  Again.  I’m so sick and-and tired of needing to be rescued!” Your friend frowned.

“Sweetheart, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s what good friends do, we help each other out.  And quite frankly, Richie was right.  Henry was being a creep, even more than usual.  Of course he was in a jealous and protective rage”

“Jealous?” You repeated in a whisper.

“Well duh, the boy digs you” Beverley brushed it off like it was obvious.  “He was just trying to keep you safe is all.  He wasn’t trying to make you feel like a damsel in distress”

You chewed on your lip, now staring at the dress she’d picked out for you as your thoughts ran wild with this new information.

“Fine” You huffed out after a long period of silence, standing up and snatching the outfit aggressively.

Richie did what he usually did at school events.  Or most events for that matter.  He found a seat, and began counting down the minutes until he could go home.

Did he want to be at the school dance? Not really.  Had his friends pretty much persuaded him to come anyways? Yep.  But there he was, sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair at a black and white (and pink? What was this fucking valentine’s day?) themed school dance.  His friends all gathered on the gym floor and dancing obnoxiously to some song he hadn’t heard of before.  All the while he just sat and watched.

All Richie could think about was how maybe if he hadn’t been a dumbass, he’d at least be sitting here with your company.  Knowing that you weren’t one much for getting up and dancing in front of your peers.  His night could’ve been filled with fun conversation and the stupid game of pointing out the best and worst outfits of the night.  But he hadn’t even seen you arrive.

And he was pretty sure that you wouldn’t be.

He’d watched the clock till it was ten minutes into the dance. The boredom was weighing down heavier and heavier and soon he was slumped over his seat, his elbow propping his chin up and his glasses sliding down every now and then from slouching.  Eleven minutes.  Twelve.  Thirteen.  Fourt-

Richie nearly jumped out of his seat when the gym doors swung open, this time not revealing one of the chaperones coming in, but you and Beverly.

And wow, you looked perfect.  And Richie thought you looked like an angel on a normal day.  But this was… this was a fucking occasion he should’ve planned for.

She walked in looking nervous, like she felt out of place.  And to him, she was, she blew away any of the other girl’s who even tried tonight.  Her hair was in curls, some of it pinned back behind her head.  Her dress was a pale pink color that fell to her ankles, sleeves that came almost all the way down her arms, and something in him wanted to touch it to see if it felt as soft as it looked.

Richie blinked, eyes growing even wider behind the thick frames.  He wasn’t even sure if she was real.  He watched as Bev pushed on your arm gently, then nodded towards him.  He almost didn’t redirect his gaze before you’d looked to where she pointed.  Luckily, you hadn’t caught him openly staring.

“Damn it” You whispered, hoping to have gone the night without an interaction.  But it was already too late for that.  “Bev let’s go-”

“No way! You promised me you’d at least try” She reminded, and you winced, glancing back over to Richie secretly.

He was staring straight at you, and was completely obvious about it.  He must not have been able to tell that you were looking out of the corner of your eye.  Because he was still staring at you.

Well, you were staring at him too but that was different.  You couldn’t help it.

“He looks beautiful” Was the first thing you said, and Beverly made a weird sound as she turned to see where your eyeline had fallen.  Her brows rose when her sights landed on Richie Tozier.  Moping like a four year old but staring at you like an old lover.

“Beautiful?” She questioned, her surprised face scrunching up with confusion.  You nodded, turning back to face her, a gentle smile on your lips.  He was in a suit, sort of.  It was a dark grey, but the collared shirt underneath it was white, and his tie was black.

You were pretty sure he’d worn it to Georgie’s funeral, minus the tie.

“Yeah” You answered Beverly, who was now grinning ear to ear whilst you blushed at the sight of Richie all dressed up.  “Nice, he looks nice” You stammered out, and Beverly rolled her eyes good naturedly.

“He does.  You should go tell him”

“I don’t think he’d like to speak to me” You whispered, scared he’d hear, even from thirty feet away.  Your fingers began to twirl and intertwine with themselves out of nervousness.

He still hadn’t looked away.

“I beg to differ” Your friend told you.  But before you could ask her why, Bill and Eddie had walked up to the both of you.

“Hey what the hell’s up with mopey McMoperson over there?” Eddie asked, nodding off towards the glasses wearing boy who was now looking fascinated by the floor.  Bev glared at the short boy, a sigh falling from her lips.

“Could we be anymore discreet?” She muttered sarcastically.

“What? I was just wondering if he’s still all hung up over y/n”

Bill smacked his hand against his forehead, and Bev glanced over at you.  Your face had fallen, lips parted, eyes saddened and staring down at your hands, still locked together in a knot.

“n/n I didn’t mean it like tha-”

“I’m just gonna go sit and drink some punch” You cut off Eddie’s apology with a small mumble, and headed off towards the beverage table.  You swiftly poured a plastic cup of punch then made your way to the empty seats along the side of the gym.  Opposite of where Richie had sat himself.

You passed the time watching the girls twirl around in their pretty dresses and fancy hairdos.  Some wearing makeup you were sure they stole from their mothers vanities.  You picked out the dress you liked best, something blue and frilly.  Pretty, but not over the top like some of the others.  After all, it was just a school dance.

“Why aren’t you dancing out there with them?” You looked up to see Richie standing in front of you.  Your mouth opened, but you were in such a shock that no words came out.

“I-I… I don’t know” You said pathetically, mentally slapping yourself for saying something so lame.

“Well do you want to dance with me?” Again, your brows rose as you were thrown for another loop.  What!?  “I know I’m not ideal” Richie continued.  “But pretty girls shouldn’t sit through an entire dance and watch everyone else” A small smile pulled on your lips at the compliment, and you nodded your head slowly, and he reached his hand out to you.  You took it, ducking your head down so that your blush wouldn’t be seen.

“Thanks” Was all you managed to say.  Your eyes still glued to the gym floors, not realizing he was staring directly at you, with a soft intensity.

“I’ve missed you” He blurted, without thinking, as he always did.  But this was different.  You looked up at him, eyes round as a doe’s, a look of pure innocence and curiosity held in them.  “I’ve missed you a lot” He continued.  “I’ve missed talking to you and messing with you and seeing you draw and even just seeing you in the hallway”

While what he was saying was true, he couldn’t stop speaking.  And he began to freak that this would lead him somewhere ugly, telling you all this.  But at the same time… he didn’t care.

“And after… after all that shit with Pennywise and you and I… we… we got closer and I really fucking loved that because let’s face it! You’re great!” Your lips felt sewn shut, though they had dropped open just slightly.  “ANd you get shit and I don’t… I don’t get it! You get shit from your parents because they think you aren’t good enough but y/n you’re fucking perfect and if you ever believe otherwise I’ll… well I’ll off myself! It’d be the end of the world!”

“Rich…” You said softly, hoping he’d quiet down seeing that other dancing students were now watching this scene unfold.

“No I-! I don’t care! Let them watch I don’t care!” He looked around at all the prying eyes, most of them shooting to look away before being caught.  “And y/n I’m sorry, I’m sorry for what I did, and I swear I only did it because I… well I wanted to protect you” He sighed, defeated, and finally quieting down a little bit.  “And I know you don’t need my protection… hell you barely even need me but dammit I need you

Your eyes widened impossibly further, surprised by this confession.  You sniffled, your hands around his neck tightening a little, pulling yourselves closer together.

“Look I… I’ve never done this before, I’ve never even felt this way before but you… you just make it seem natural.  Like I’ve been doing this for ages” Your eyes, wet with tears, crinkled up as a smile tugged your lips upwards.

“Richie you-” Your quiet voice was cut off again.

“y/n I think I’m in love with you” He said, head ducking down so it was ensured only your ears would hear it.  Your noses nearly touched, your head tilted back to properly meet his eyes.  You sniffled again, quickly rubbing your fist under your eyes to stop the tears from falling before holding onto him again.

“Richie” You said, voice weak with a wet laughter.  Cheeks rosy pink with a bashful blush.  “You’re the sweetest trashmouth I know” You whispered.  He smiled lopsidedly, one of his hands on your waist raising to tuck a loose strand of  hair out of your eyes and behind your ear.

“And you are a beautiful stubborn angel” He replied.  You blinked, licking over your lips and biting your cheek to keep from smiling too much.  WIth that, he leaned into you, you barely standing onto the tips of your toes to meet his lips in a soft kiss.

You’d been kissed before, by your parents, a fleeting boyfriend once a long time ago, but this felt so, so different.

Perfect, right.

And when you parted, eyes wide for a moment out of the shock it left you in, Richie smiled at you, leaning his forehead down against yours.

“I think I’m falling in love with you too, Richie Tozier” You mumbled, eyes fluttering shut as you swayed softly to the music with him.

He just smiled with delight, staying silent.

It was comfortable to be silent with you there.

k but in real life he’d be runnin’ his mouth about how hot you are and how much he wants to shove his tongue down your throat, but let’s be real, he’d still be a sweetie

xoxo ~ jordie

Break everything I am.

I really don’t think I have the right to say sorry for disappearing anymore nor will I say I am back for good. Working through a few requests at the moment so you can at least expect some contents in the next few days! 

This was sort of inspired by Sam Smith’s Too Good At Goodbyes and the timeline is pretty blurry/mixed here and as per usual, there are probably mistakes here and there and it’s a little bit over 1500 words too, if that is any form of compensation. So I hope you will still enjoy this!

“He proposed.”

It takes every ounce of control you have to not react to what your son has just told you. You hum in response, a little bit thankful that you have your back turned to him, as you finish making tea for the both of you. Pouring the tea in the mugs, you turn around to give one to Damian – who is staring, no, it is a cross between glaring and frowning at you – before taking a seat beside him.

“She said yes.” Damian grips the mug tightly, not even minding the fact that the mug is still fairly hot. What he does mind is the lack of response from you.

You pull the comforter over your lap, very well aware that your son is glaring holes on your face. It takes a few seconds for you to slowly nod your head. Damian continues to look at you and you bring the mug up to your lips, sipping the tea but unfortunately, the news he brought with him made the tea taste extremely bitter.

“Mother – “

You rarely ever cut off Damian having been one of the few adults that would actually listen to him but this time, it is different and the surprise definitely shows on his face when you not too gently set your mug on the coffee table in front of you.

“Damian, I am not sure what you want me to do… or to say.” You begin carefully. You cannot lie and say that hearing the news from Damian instead of Bruce did not hurt you because it did – mostly because you had expected Bruce to be the one to tell you a news this big. “Your father and I…,” You shake your head as you try to reign in your scattered thoughts. “I understand that you do not like Selina but once upon a time, you also did not like me either.” You had to smile at this – Damian has the decency to flush lightly before bristling in anger, or annoyance – you could not tell at this point.

“That is different!” He hisses and you narrow your eyes at him and he visibly deflates before placing his mug on the coffee table. “Sorry for raising my voice at you, mother.” He grumbles and you nod your head, prompting him to continue talking. “It is just that she is not a good match for him – and I do not want her.”

At times like this, you really wish you can string words together eloquently but you understand that change is something hard for Damian to accept and trying to coerce him to accept Selina will probably result in the opposite. Deep down inside, you cannot help but feel a tad bit happy to know that Damian is feeling this way – no one ever said you were not petty.

Despite what has happened, Damian is still your son and he still thinks of you very highly too – he never lets you forget, neither of them ever do too – and your opinion and understanding are two of the things he often seeks from you. The same can be said for the rest of the boys too even though you have separated from Bruce.

Trying to overlook the hurt and the tinge of regret, you decide to push this matter to the back of your head, filling it for when you actually have a moment to yourself. You simply decide to do what you think Damian actually needs from you: you wrap your arms around him and pull Damian in your arms, burying your nose in his hair. Tears well up in your eyes as you take a whiff of his scent – he smells just like him and suddenly you feel very tired and sad. It takes Damian a few seconds to wrap his own pair of arms around you, relaxing in your embrace. This is how the two of you spent the night – just you comforting your son in the best way you can think of and Damian basking in your warmth. The same warmth that has been missing from the manor for the past year.

The next morning is a whole different story. You had woken up to Damian preparing breakfast for you and it almost touched you that he still remembers all of your breakfast food – you had wanted to do the same for him but he had beat you to it. The two of you did not talk about the news he brought last night and when it was time for Damian to return back to the manor, you let him leave with a heavy heart.

Just as you think you finally have time to think about the news, Jason comes in through your window. If you were anyone else, you probably would have been surprised and screamed bloody murder but alas, you were used to it. The two of you had a staring contest for the longest of times before Jason pads over to you, wrapping his arms around you.

“I’m sorry, Ma.” He murmurs.

You simply tighten your hands on the back of his jacket, shaking your head. You did not need the pity – you have made your grave and now, you simply need to lay in it.

“Do you want something to eat?” You ask after a while, finally pulling away from him. Jason looks at you. “I have leftovers from breakfast – Damian made some of my favourites.” You explain, pulling Jason to the kitchen.

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morning; shawn mendes

a/n: another blurb from blurb night october, also another re-upload, here’s why!
synopsis: the morning after the time first [masterlist]

The sun cascading through the curtains wakes you before Shawn does. 

He’s entering from the bathroom, running his hands through his matted hair, trying to give it some volume – trying to make himself look the least bit presentable before you wake up. 

He’s in nothing but his boxers, having slugged them on this morning when he woke up before you. Had to drag himself from your bare frame, meeting the mirror with a glare because it wasn’t you staring back at him. 

There’s a permanent blush on his face, the red blossoming over his cheeks like a rose blooming. It’s cinematic, almost poetic the way he sun finds his features, but the picture only develops when he sees you watching him from your duvet encrusted position. 

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Friend Zone - 2


You had had a crush on your best friend for as long as you could remember, there was definitely no doubt about that. He never saw you that way and it was best that you came to terms with that. It didn’t help when he got a girlfriend and you were forced to get rid of your feelings. It didn’t help at all.

Originally posted by yccnseok

Genre: Angst

Admin: Nova

Word Count: 2.4k


Extremely triggering, mentions of suicide, suicide attempts, mentions of rape, small rape section.
Please be aware I don’t want this to be extremely triggering but I will have a part of that and I hope it is still readable to others.
I want my stories to be real without sugar coating anything but I will try my best to minimize it if possible.


After hanging out with everyone you sat at the dining table in your apartment. Alone. Jungkook had dropped off Yuna and was going to come back after. For at least an hour you sat by yourself drinking tea.

You were honestly thankful for the time you got to spend alone, it allowed you to think about everything. You realized after some time in your thoughts that being jealous and mad wasn’t going to get you anywhere. You knew Jungkook didn’t feel the same way so why were you going to act childish over something you couldn’t get?

You decided that the best and most adult thing to do would to get over your feelings and support Jungkook the best you could.

Interrupting your thoughts the door opened and in walked Jungkook. You gave him a warm smile and brought your warm cup of tea closer to you.

“Welcome home.”

“Hey Y/n.” Jungkook greeted and took a seat at the dining table across from you. “Can we talk?”

You started to get anxious. You weren’t necessarily nervous about anything but you hated when people made you wait in anticipation for what was to come next. You nodded your head and urged him to continue speaking.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Yuna.” He sighed, a hint of guilt in his voice.

“Kookie don’t be sorry it’s fine, you could have told me whenever you were ready.” You waved off.

“Yeah but I’m more sorry about not telling her about you. You are my best friend after all.”

“Well why didn’t you?” You asked curiously staring down at the dark liquid remaining in your cup.

“I thought she would be jealous or something, or get the wrong idea.” He explained fiddling with his fingers. Your heart ached but you tried pushing the feeling away. You stood up and wrapped your arms around Jungkook’s shoulders resting your head atop of his.

“It’s all fine don’t worry about it. Just promise me one thing.”


“You don’t forget about me and tell me ahead of time if she comes over, I’m not into third wheeling.”

Jungkook chuckled, turning around and wrapping his arms around you. “I promise, and I could never forget you Y/n, you’re the best.”

“I know.” You sighed.

The next week carried on as usual. You went to your classes and either came home to study or hung out with Tae and Jimin who had a similar schedule to yours and offered to hang out often. Jungkook usually hung out with you as well but he was spending most of his time with Yuna and you didn’t mind.

That was all until Friday rolled around and the entire group was invited to a party and to your dismay, you had to tag along.

You didn’t mind parties but the effort you had to put in into going was always tiring.

You sat on your living room couch waiting impatiently for Jungkook. To many theories or assumptions that women took longer to get ready it was all a lie when it came to Jungkook. What usually took you 30 minutes to get ready took him and hour and a half.

“Kookie I’m waiting!” You yelled out.

“I’m almost ready!”

You knew he was probably struggling to find a shirt to wear for the important occasion. You felt your clothes were casual yet appropriate. You dressed and a black skirt, a black and white striped tee and a plain black bomber jacket paired with black booties. You felt your outfit also showed your mood.

“Okay okay Y/n, I chose this but i’m not sure if I should just wear a white shirt instead and keep it simple.” You groaned in response looking at him. He wore his timberlands, jeans, a flannel wrapped around his waist with a black shirt and a jacket. It was cute and casual so you didn’t see the problem.

“No that looks fine keep it. Why are you making a big deal on what you wear?” You asked standing up and walking towards him.

“I want to impress Yuna, she’s coming too.” You nodded.

“Cool, is she meeting us or..?”

“We’re gonna pick her up is that alright?” He asked walking towards the front door and grabbing his keys. You and Jungkook usually rode to parties together but you didn’t mind Yuna tagging along, as long as you weren’t the one that had to stay sober.

“That’s fine, are you gonna drink?”

“Nah, not tonight.”

You clapped your hands “Yes, let’s go.”

You two arrived at Yuna’s apartment. You got into the back seat and Jungkook went to bring back Yuna. You waited patiently texting Taehyung back and forth notifying him that you all were on your way and he only responded with impatient replies.

The car door opened and Yuna sat in the passenger seat while Jungkook got into the driver’s seat.

“Hello.” You greeted towards Yuna. Either she didn’t hear you or chose to ignore you because she immediately asked Jungkook, “So who’s party is this?”

You and Jungkook made eye contact in the mirror, you raised a knowingly brow and he only shrugged.

“One of Namjoon’s friends I think, we never really know we just go.” Jungkook replied beginning to drive off. Jungkook and Yuna continued to talk while you zoned out looking at the buildings that passed by on your way. You hadn’t noticed you arrived until the car turned off and Jungkook opened your door because it was the closest. You mumbled a thanks and saw the yuna was still seated and waited for Jungkook to go around and open hers as well. You rolled your eyes, not liking Jungkook was seeming easier than liking her.

“Yuna, this is Y/n you met last week.” Jungkook introduced once you walked around the car towards the couple.

Yuna smiled and you smiled right back before setting off into the house.

The music could be heard from down the street but this was a party neighborhood so you doubted anyone would mind.

You walked into the crowded house, your body clashing with others as you desperately tried to make your way through. Jungkook held Yuna close to him and tried his best to stay close to you as you all tried to maneuver your way through the crowd and towards an empty spot where you could search for the other boys.

Almost out of nowhere your shoulder was roughly grabbed. Your fists were balled ready to strike before you saw Hoseok smiling back at you with a heart shaped smile. You relaxed and let out a sigh of relief.

“You scared the crap out of me!” You yelled out, partly out of exasperation to get your point across, another part because the music was practically shaking the whole house making it hard to hear anyone even if they talked directly in your ear.

“I’m sorry!” Hoseok laughed wiping a nonexistent tear from the corner of his eye. “Come on, everyone is outside.” He motioned his hand towards Jungkook and Yuna to follow him before grabbing your hand interlocking it with his and directing you outside where your group of friends were. Once you all walked outside the music began to feel distant and everyone stood up to meet you all halfway.

“Glad you could make it Y/n it’s been awhile.” Jin hugged you.

“I literally saw you on campus this morning.” You laughed.

“Felt like ages ago.”

“You dork, if you want to see me more then I don’t know why you don’t come over.” You teased.

“Well maybe I will come over more!” Jin mocked and you only laughed playfully pushing him away.

“I want to see Y/n more too!” Namjoon yelled out looking at you in disbelief as if he was shocked he didn’t get an invitation.

“Me too, i’m hurt Y/n.” Yoongi intervened with a pained expression.

“Same here.” Hobi said with a pout.

“I would say ‘me too’ but I see Y/n everyday.” Jimin said smugly.

“Goodness I know i’m a blessing but no need to fight.” You put your hands up. You expected some sort of expression from everyone but they all looked at you blankly making you look stupid. You cleared your throat and rolled your eyes.

“You guys can sleep over tonight if you want.” Everyone erupted in cheers thanking you.

“Ah a group sleepover? Can’t wait we haven’t had on in awhile.” Jungkook jumped in. He caught you by surprise since he hadn’t spoken since you guys arrived.

“I call sleeping with Y/n! She gives the best cuddles.” Tae yelled grabbing you by the shoulders and bringing you into a tight hug as if to prove how cuddly you were.

“Junkookie-ah I have an exam tomorrow I can’t stay over.” Yuna whispered to jungkook but you were close enough to hear over the boys who started fighting over who was sleeping where. You couldn’t help but let out a small giggled at the fact that she thought she was invited. You then mentally scolded yourself for being mean, even if it was in your head.   

“Oh, well you can always come over another day.” Jungkook offered awkwardly.

“Well I want to hang out with your friends too.” You could hear her pout and you desperately tried to not get annoyed.

“This is what the party is for, c’mon let’s all go sit down and get a drink.” You thanked Jungkook in your head and followed them along with the rest of the guys to a fire pit that was in the farthest of the backyard and seemed almost closed off by bushes. Everyone took a seat and sat around the slowly growing fire grabbing bottles filled with alcohol.

The rest of the night was filled with laughter from all eight of you. Yuna however, seemed to be upset the whole night glaring at the fire and not talking to anyone. You dismissed this however and joked with the rest of the boys about meaningless things. You drank along with them and started to feel yourself getting a little more than tipsy. This was until Hoseok decided to have a chugging contest and you were determined to win just to see their shocked expressions when you were able to deal with your alcohol better than all of them combined.

“You’re in for a treat Min Yoongi.” You teased Yoongi, your last component. You had beat all five other boys who sulked in their chairs staring at you two. This excluded Jungkook who was going to drive everyone home later anyways.

“You think you can beat me?” He challenged with a smirk.

“I know I can beat you.” You smirked. You started to lose your sanity that would most likely tell you that you were done drinking for the night. Yoongi became two then back to one and you knew for sure you were drunk.

“Go!” Namjoon laughed and you both opened your beer bottles chugging as fast as you could. Was this dangerous to you? Yes. Everyone was too drunk to care and having too much fun to say anything. For a split second you felt everything shut down and turn back on causing you to choke on the alcohol. You spit it out in front of you violently coughing hearing Yoongi yelling in victory.

“Oh shit.” Jungkook whispered and ran up to you rubbing you back almost in reassurance.

“Fuck.” You croaked out, your throat hurting you. Jin walked up and handed you a water bottle with a light smile on his face. You quickly took the water and chugged it down feeling the cold substance sooth your dry throat.

“Hey do you not know by now you should probably stop chugging?” Jungkook scolded. You waved him off and sighed in relief when you could breathe again.

“I’m fine, yah.” Everyone started to burst out in laughter soon after you were okay.

“Not so tough are you, Y/n?” Taehyung raised a brow and laughed.

“Oh shut up.”

“Aish, let’s head out, I want to go to Y/n’s”

You didn’t even remember how you got home. Suddenly you were extremely drowsy and leaning against Hoseok as everyone was too concerned with their own conversations.

“Oh we’re home?” You spoke up and looked at everyone who either sat on the floor or on the couch. You sat in between Hoseok and Yoongi while Namjoon and Jungkook sat on the floor in front of you. Jimin Taehyung and Jin walked in with food looking like they were getting ready for a buffet. You felt queasy and looked away.

“Yeah you were passed out for awhile. You should really stop trying to beat everyone at that chugging game.” Jungkook laughed.

“I wanted to win.” You slurred.

“Let’s head to bed, I’m going to pass out soon.” Jimin sighed, standing up and stretching.

“What about the food?” Tae asked shocked. You giggled and threw your head back against the couch.

“Oh,” Jimin looked down and waved off everyone. “But i’m tired.”

“C’mon chim.” You stood up and motioned him over to you. He walked over and slung his arm over your shoulder. “The rest of you guys can figure out who’s sleeping in the guest bedroom.” The boys broke out into an argument, fighting over who was going to bunk in the only extra comfortable bed we had. Jimin led you into your own room and closed the door behind you both. You jumped into you large bed and snuggled into the pillows letting out a sigh of relief.

“Let’s get your jacket off and under the covers.” Jimin pulled at the jacket that hugged your body and was beginning to make you feel slightly uncomfortable. Once the jacket was off you slipped under the covers and sighed once more.

“Do you want to get into some pajamas?” He asked sitting on the bed beside you.

“No, I’m too tired.”



“You didn’t seem that uncomfortable with Yuna and Jungkook today, is everything alright?”

“Well it was mostly because I was drunk, but I think I’m finally getting over him.” You sighed. “Now come here I’m cold.”

Jimin chuckled and got under the covers with you. He brought your body closer to his and rested his head in the crook of your neck.

“That’s good. I’m proud of you.”

“I’m proud of me too.” You drifted off to sleep with Jungkook on your mind.

A/n: Okay so I know this chapter was kind of boring but bear with me! I wanted to get the story going before I added all the glory angst. The next chapter will contain angst and will be up soon!

Powder Keg - Ch 3

Happy Monday, Everlarkers! Last week’s episode of EYOA’s Powder Keg left our Katniss with a dilemma - call in Grumpy Gale on his day off, or spend an entire day with archnemesis Peeta, who somehow broke her heart.

You chose for Katniss to throw caution to the wind and spend the day with Peeta. What happens next? Our own @burkygirl continues the drama (hang on to your hats, kids, this one’s a doozy!)

As always, you have 48 hours to vote, until noon, Wednesday, November the 22nd. Remember, vote in the comments or reblogs, not in the tags! And as always, share with your friends, more voices = more fun! Ready? Here we go…

The door to the staff room slams behind me as I storm away. I have got to get some fresh air. I need to be alone for 10 seconds or I’m going to scream. Fucking Johanna. She might as well have stuffed us into a get-along shirt like a couple of bratty kids. And what kind of choice is that anyway? As if I’m going to drag Gale up here on his day off to deal with a bunch of kids just because Dickwad is doing a tap dance on my very last nerve. That’s not fair to Gale. He works two jobs to help his mom take care of his brothers and sisters and this is the only day he gets to sleep in. And anyway, I definitely don’t need him running up here and trying to save me.

The cold air slices through my lungs the minute I step outside. I close my eyes and breathe deeply; each sharp, frosty inhale forcing the red haze just a little bit farther away. When I’m calm, I go back inside and find Peeta in the staff room packing up his gear to go home for the day.

“What are you doing?”

His expression is flat, emotionless as he methodically packs his bag. “What does it look like? I’m obviously not going to get any work here today. I might as well go home and help Dad at the bakery if I’m going to work for free.”

My attempt at another calming breath comes out like an impatient huff instead. “We have a class, like, any minute.”

His eyes snap to mine. “You didn’t call Hawthorne?”

I throw myself in a scruffy armchair that must have gotten dragged in here when it was no longer presentable for the guest area. “No. I am not going to do that to Gale on his day off. Just stay away from me, Mellark, and it’ll be fine.”

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Safe - Thanksgiving Special - Jaehyun x Reader - Vampire!AU

to all jaehyun stans: you are not prepared for this

Requested by: an anon, i haven’t had a request in ages so thank you and i hope this doesn’t disappoint

Word Count: 6268

Trigger Warnings: Graphic Descriptions and Language, Mentions of Blood and Death, Vampires

Genre: Fluff, Thriller, Angst, Vampire!AU

You knew that going camping with your friends in the woods for a weekend during Thanksgiving break wasn’t a smart decision, but they had somehow managed to coerce you into agreeing to the abysmal idea.

The reason that your friends had given to get you to agree was that you never liked trying new things when they asked you to because you were a total wuss, and so to save whatever was left of your ego, you decided to prove them wrong and go along with their suggestion, agreeing to the plan of camping out at a lake house in the woods with your group.

You got up on that Friday morning and dragged yourself over to the bathroom, staring unhappily at your reflection. The dark circles around your eyes did not appeal to you in the least, and you turned the faucet’s knob around, letting the gush of water fill the dead silence of the room as you cupped the cool liquid in your palms and splashed it on your still groggily sleepy face.

You dried your washed skin and then began to attend to your hair, lazily combing it as you moved it around, trying to make it look decent as you settled for the same style you combed it every other day. You heard your phone ring from your bedroom.

Walking over to the table where it lay charging, you unplugged the device and tapped the answer button as you raised it and situated it at your ear.

“Chickened out yet?” came your best friend’s mocking voice from the other end of the line, and you could feel yourself smirking a little.

“Not quite,” you replied smoothly, your voice sounding as bored as you’d intended it to. Perfect at bluffing, as always.

“I thought you’d have been running for the hills by now,” came the surprised answer.

“And my parents thought I’d have been a doctor by now, but I live to disappoint,” you continued, now smiling as you went through your packed bag and made sure you had all the items on your overnight checklist.

Laughter resonated along the line at the delivery of your joke.

“We’re all taking my mom’s minivan, and since you live the farthest, you get picked up last.”

“Wow, the discrimination. I can’t believe you even have the audacity to say this right to my - “

“Oh, do shut up,” your best friend interjected as he continued laughing. “You get the most time out of all of us to just chill and get your shit together. See you in an hour.”

“If you say so,” you finished, smiling as you hung up the phone and shook your head.

He was right, though, you were the only person who could afford to have a proper breakfast.

You took everything you needed from your room and headed to the kitchen, opening the blinds a little only so that a frown could grace your features.

It was as though every single grey cloud in the sky had decided to show up for a convention.

The weather made it seem like it was going to rain, and you immediately closed your eyes as you face-palmed and felt yourself groan.

You reached for your phone again and opened the forecast app only to find out that this weather was supposed to persist for the next four days, even after you were done with the camping session.

How was anybody supposed to enjoy their vacation if they couldn’t go outside?

At least you’d be staying indoors and not actually camping in a tent in the wild; you were not having it if they thought that you’d be okay at all with sleeping in the presence of bears or, even worse, bugs.

You decided to make yourself something light, not wanting to eat too much just in case someone wanted to stop for breakfast on the road to your destination.

You were looking through the items in your fridge, debating on what you were willing enough to make, when a knock came at the door.

How could they be here already? It hadn’t even been an hour since you hung up the phone.

You walked over to the door, almost pissed to find out that you had been pranked, and opened it to be greeted by the most handsome face to have ever graced this planet.

Your weakness. The one man whom you could not get out of your head.

Your drop dead gorgeous neighbor, Jung Jaehyun.

You immediately smiled at his presence, folding your arms at your chest at this unexpected visit.

You always loved hanging out with this big softie, now very used to being around him and spending time together whenever the both of you were free, which seemed to be conveniently often.

“To what do I owe this honor of a visit from the Jung Jaehyun?” you started sarcastically.

He gave you a breathtaking smile that showcased his dimples as he chuckled and looked at you with hooded eyes through his dark fringe.

“And a good morning to you, too, Y/N,” he murmured just a bit too close, his breath fanning your face and his sultry voice sending tremors of shock down your spine.

“How may I help you?” you asked, your voice faltering a little as you took a small step back for your own good.

His smirk remained. “I was hoping for a little bonding session over breakfast, and by that I mean that my toaster broke and I was going to ask if I’m allowed to use yours.”

Your melodic laughter filled his ears and made him grin as you nodded your head and mouthed a ‘sure’ at him.

“Come on in,” you spoke over your shoulder, inviting him in as he slowly stepped through your front door and shut it behind him.

What a sight it was, to see Jaehyun standing in your kitchen is his grey sweats and oversized black hoodie, complementing his hair perfectly.

A smile tugged at his lips as he waited for his toast, turning around to face you. “You should take a picture, you know. It lasts longer.”

“I’m well aware of that,” you replied sarcastically, “but I can’t seem to find anything worth photographing.”

“What a shame,” he purred, the sly smile now turning into a grin.

He looked around, eyebrows furrowing a little as his sights landed on your bag. “Going somewhere for the day?” he asked innocently.

You found yourself replying before you could have managed to stop yourself, forgetting that you’d promised him to marathon your favorite movies together over Thanksgiving break.

“Yeah, I’m staying with my friends over the weekend.”

“You don’t strike me as a person who would prefer the outdoors,” he said sincerely, keeping a friendly smile as the thought of being away from you for so long sunk into his mind.

“I’m not. If it makes any difference, we’re staying in a house for the next two nights. I am not sleeping with the bugs,” you snorted, making him chuckle.

“Is the spot you’re going to famous? I might know it,” he prodded carefully, hoping to make you spill more information about your mini-adventure. You didn’t seem to notice his intrusive efforts, casually beginning to reply.

The toaster dinged and he put his bread on a plate you’d offered him, shallowly taking a bite before chewing.

“I wouldn’t know, honestly, it’s just this one house by the lake that’s not too far away from a small town on the outskirts of the woods.”

Jaehyun swallowed hard, immediately trying to think up an excuse so he could stop you from going.

“I heard it’s a dangerous spot,” he started, his expression worried, “are you sure you want to be there for the entire weekend?”

You looked at him uneasily, wondering if your friends had deliberately done this to mess with you or if perhaps Jaehyun had gotten the place mixed up with somewhere else.

“No, I’m pretty sure the area’s okay. My friends go there all the time, they were even there two weeks ago.”

“Oh,” he continued, getting more desperate now, “I almost thought you were describing the same spot where a few people regularly got kidnapped. Even the detectives couldn’t trace a pattern or bring back the missing victims. How unfortunate.”

“Don’t joke about that,” you said, laughing uneasily.

“I would never do that, Y/N, I’m just genuinely concerned,” came his sincere reply, a look of anger - or was that pain - flashing through his eyes.

You felt odd and decided to change the subject. “I’ll be with my friends, so it’s all good, Jae. Besides, I don’t think the weather would allow us to move about much.”

He smiled at his nickname and even more at the mention of the weather. “They say it’s going to rain for the coming few days. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Not particularly?” you mused, still finding it weird that he liked the rain more than a warm day.

“Ah, right, you’ll be all alone and without your cuddle buddy Jae to protect you from the treacherous storm. As if I needed another adorable reason to not be very fond of the sun,” he smiled at you, tilting his head to the side as you shifted your gaze and waited for your blush to subside.

“What’s the primary reason you don’t like the sun?” you pushed.

“Allergies,” he said, putting an end to that discussion quickly as your eyebrows knotted together.

Allergic to the sun?

You shook your head, trying to find something else to talk about. “Um, what about you? What will you be doing this weekend?”

“Nothing much, I’ll probably just get some chores done and catch up on a series or two.”

“Seems eventful,” you teased, making him smirk.

“Well I’m sorry, Y/N, but not all of us have amazing social lives with friends that own lake houses and invite us over on vacation.”

“It’s only one house, and its his parents’, not his,” you laughed.

“Oh,” came Jaehyun’s chipped reply. “I didn’t know you were spending the weekend with your boyfriend?” he asked, frowning as he scratched at the back of his head uneasily.

“No way,” came your instant response, interested at his reaction. “We’re best friends and all, but he and I are never going to be a thing.”

“That’s more than slightly comforting,” he answered, smiling a little. “What’s the matter? Way out of his league?”

“Not particularly, I just seem to have my attention focused on somebody else.”

He pursed his lips at the sound of that, clenching his jaw as he slowly nodded, whatever left of his heart constricting far too tightly in his chest.

You laughed at his expression, pulling his gaze back to you as you slowly made your way to the counter just a few steps away from where he stood.

He caught on pretty quickly, giving you a cute pout as leaned back on the fridge. “It’s not nice to tease the people who care about you, Y/N. Don’t you think so?”

“Is that what I was doing?” you feigned innocence, giving him a bewildered expression.

“Don’t give me those eyes,” he whined playfully, smiling as he stared at your laughing form.

“You’re right, I should save them for my one and only best friend whom I’ll be spending the entire weekend with. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to share a room together,” you commented as you wiggled your eyebrows at him, thrilled at the discovery of his mutual affections and enjoying the situation at hand just a little too much.

He walked closer, slightly towering over you as his cologne invaded your senses and his index finger tilted your chin up to make you look into his hooded dark eyes.

“Are you trying to make me jealous?” he asked lowly, his enchantingly husky voice making you squirm. “Because if you are, then I can assure you that it’s most definitely working.”

“Why? Don’t you think he and I would make a great couple?” you teased breathlessly, your heart hammering as his lips got significantly closer to yours.

“Not particularly, I don’t - “

“Hey, loser, let’s get your stuff and go - “ your rowdy best friend kicked your front door open and stilled at the entrance as his eyes landed on your figure entrapped in that of the gorgeously pissed off man.

“Am I interrupting something?” he produced a shit-eating a grin, to which you immediately responded ‘no’ while Jaehyun quickly answered with ‘obviously’.

You pulled away instantly, your face and neck suddenly ten times warmer as you heard Jaehyun groan in protest while you grabbed for your stuff and pulled both men out the doorway.

“Are you Jaehyun? Because if so then I definitely see why Y/N talks about you all the time. I’d totally swing your way, too, bro, but like - “

“We’re leaving now!” you exclaimed, taking your best friend’s hand and dragging him towards the car with your waiting friends that catcalled and hollered when they saw you leave the house with the attractive man.

You shoved your bag into the trunk and went back to say goodbye. Jaehyun had a most amused smirk on his face as your best friend headed for the driver’s seat, smiling back at you two and yelling, “You have my blessings!”

“I cannot believe your best friend just ruined what could have potentially been the best day of my life,” Jaehyun commented as he hugged you goodbye, making sure to whisper it in your ear and leave a trail of goosebumps down your arms.

“You’re such a tease, just let me leave without embarrassing myself any further,” you whined, stepping away from him and briskly making it bak to the car.

“Don’t miss me too much,” he replied cheekily, sending you a greasy wink that had your friends in uproar as you entered the car.

“I won’t,” you yelled through the window as your best friend sped away, making everybody laugh as Jaehyun stared at the retreating vehicle with worry.

You couldn’t go there. Not without him.

“Have you eaten anything?” piped up one of your girl friends from the front, offering you a paper bag with McDonald’s breakfast in it. 

Starting the vacation off unhealthy, gotta love it.

“No, Y/N was too busy taking care of other stuff,” came your best friend’s comment, making everybody laugh as you hit him over the head with a hash-brown.

“Shut up you cockblock, you’re the very reason I didn’t,” you said, making everybody laugh even harder as your friend in the front seat turned on the radio and tuned it to your favorite station.

Sitting in a car with your friends without driving everybody on the road insane by the time you reached the lake house was a miracle in and of itself, considering the fact that you’d swerved in and out of lanes on a minutely basis.

It was honestly an incredible feat that you had all made it there alive without crashing, or at least that was what you had been thinking while gazing out the window as you were stopped at a traffic light when you saw Jaehyun standing at the curb.

Your eyes widened, making you do a double take, but all you did was blink and he was gone.

The friend closest to you nudged you with a worried expression on her face. “You okay, Y/N? Are you feeling sick?”

You shook your head slightly, trying to make sense of what you’d just seen. “Thought I saw Jaehyun standing on the sidewalk just now.”

Everybody burst into a fit of laughter as your best friend rolled his eyes and gave a sly smile. “Oh boy, you got it good.”

“Shut up, dumbass,” you sneered, sounding the complete opposite of hostile.

“How scary,” he mocked again.

The rest of the ride was a blur and you got to the lake in no time, the cloudy weather reflecting on the still surface of the water and making it look extremely aesthetically pleasing as you pulled out your phone and snapped a few pictures.

He is right, pictures do last longer. 

You smiled at the thought of him, remembering what had happened, or almost happened if it hadn’t been for the untimely interruption, as a blush crept up your cheeks.

You certainly regretted not chickening out now.

You stopped dead in your tracks, almost wanting to slap yourself across the face.

You should have invited him to come with, how stupid could you have been? Now you had to wait another forty-eight hours at the least before you could possibly see him again.

But you now had time; you could think out what you could tell him when you got back.

You were surprised that you had managed to say anything back in his presence, but who knew what the withdrawal from him would do to you over the weekend? You could possibly lose all the nerve you’d worked up around him.

You dreaded that the very thought could happen. He liked your sarcastically playful self around him, and that was more than enough to keep you going for now. He didn’t have to know that the past few months had turned you into a complete sap for him.

That was information that your were more than just slightly willing to keep to yourself.

“Y/N! You’re burning daylight, help us move the bags inside!”

“There is no daylight!” you huffed at the clouds, turning around and making your way back to the car so you could aid your friends with the painful process of unpacking.

It was just past noon when everybody had settled, bringing out the bags of chips and chilled cans of soda and sitting down on a bunch of logs facing the lake, noticing they were put down in a circle around what now remain to be the ashes of a dead fire.

Everybody was telling stories and jokes, having fun mocking each other in good spirits, and two of your guy friends made a bet where the loser had to strip down to their underwear and dunk themselves into the ice cold lake. Needless to say, you had laughed so hard that your stomach felt like it would soon be in need of some medical attention.

Everything was fine for a few hours, the atmosphere still pretty cloudy but not as gloomy with all the laughter you and your friends had been making.

And then they came.

You didn’t think much of them at first; they were a group of three guys and two girls about your age who said that they were camping out just about three miles from your location.

The feeling they gave you, however, was quite odd. They felt wrong.

You kept staring at the girl who was talking, trying to put your finger on whatever it was that make your skin itch in their presence, but nothing came to mind. Your frown deepened and you shook your head, trying to let loose a little and distract yourself.

Two of the newcomers were now looking at you with curious gazes.

“Is everything okay with you?” asked the girl who had been talking before, everybody’s attention on you.

“Hm? Oh, yeah, I was just thinking about some stuff and the weather’s keeping me pretty down,” you answered awkwardly, almost feeling threatened at how the five were staring you down.

“Yeah, thinking about how Jaehyun should be here, am I right?” spoke up one of your friends as he nudged you, making everybody laugh.

You looked around but nobody besides yourself seemed to be uneasy about the people who had crashed your group. You turned to face them and saw them all still staring at you with contempt, as if studying your every move. Waiting. Testing.

“Didn’t know Jaehyun finally found somebody. He was always the picky one,” stated one of the girls bleakly, her voice monotonous and her expression dead. The guys snorted in response and the other girl rolled her eyes.

“You know Jae?” came out your voice, tone absolutely dripping with suspicion. Their eyes all twitched at the nickname.

“More than you do, that’s for sure,” replied a guy from the group, his voice making the insides of your skin crawl.

Your best friend seemed to notice the tension when nobody else did, diverting their attention. “So, how long will you guys be staying? We’ll probably be leaving the house soon so we don’t wanna keep you so far away from camp when it’s already getting late.”

“How kind of you,” came the sarcastic reply, but you were too distracted by a shadow in the woods. It was gone before you knew it, but you could have sworn with everything you had that it was Jaehyun’s lithe figure watching the situation from a distance.

You focused your vision back on the group and saw that one of the guys was staring in the direction you had just been looking, giving a half-assed smirk as he fumed.

Looking back at you, he took a menacing step forward, sneering. “I never knew that predators could be so protective when it came to their prey. You’d think he held affections for you.”

Your head reeled. “I’m sorry?”

Before anybody could speak, a loud clap of thunder boomed in the air, making most of you jump. Not two seconds later, the rain began to pour, and everybody grabbed at the items lying about as you all scurried back into the warmth and dryness of the house.

Everybody was inside, but the newcomers uncomfortably stood on the hooded porch, slightly drenched in water.

“What are you doing out there? It’s raining like hell and I don’t think you guys can get to camp like this. It’s warmer in here,” said a girl from your group, her hair damp and sticking to her face and neck haphazardly.

“We don’t mean to intrude,” enticed one of the visitors standing outside, fishing for an invitation.

“Intrude my ass, come on in,” said your best friend, walking over to you.

He leaned into your ear, making sure nobody else could eavesdrop as he whispered.

“Stay within my sights; they’re giving me a bad vibe and I don’t trust them around you, okay? They do anything fishy and I’ll have them kicked out immediately, just say the word.”

You hugged your best friend, reveling in the feeling of safety he managed to provide in this strange situation, however small that feeling was.

“Thank you,” you murmured, and he laughed.

“Hey, I’m no Jaehyun but I can make sure you’re safe if I have to,” he playfully shoved you, the both of you smiling as you went inside to look for towels.

You came back out to the living room to find two of the new arrivals socializing with your friends, but it only grabbed your full attention when your name came up.

You walked forward, passing towels about and tugging the most talkative of your friends into the kitchen.

“What’s going on?” you interrogated.

“Huh? Oh, you mean the new kids? Yeah, they were just interested about how you knew that guy everyone keeps teasing you about, so I told them you guys were neighbors living next door to each other and that you guys hung out a lot.”

“Why the fuck would you say that?! We don’t even know these people, and you’re here telling them my life story? Would you tell anybody if they asked nicely enough?!” you freaked, all of your senses now on high alert.

“Jesus, calm down, Y/N. It’s not like they’re axe murderers or anything, they’ve got nothing on them. Chill a little, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“Are you serious? You can’t possibly tell me that - “

“Oh, save it. Don’t ruin the night for everybody, that’s totally uncalled for,” and he stalked away, back in the direction of the room you had pulled him from.

You stayed in the kitchen, not wanting to deal with anybody for the rest of the night and glad that everyone in the house was preoccupied by anything that wasn’t you.

The storm continued outside, the thunder and lightning making you flinch a few times when they caught you by surprise. You really wished you had listened to Jae now; you two could have been cuddling on the couch as you binged on series, drowning out the frightening sounds of the storm.

“Y/N,” you heard his voice loud and clear, and if it hadn’t been for the incessant tapping at the kitchen window, you’d have thought you had imagined it altogether.

You saw his face looking at you worriedly from the outside, confusion and fear suddenly etching themselves onto your features.

You rushed towards the kitchen door that led to the backyard, forcing it open as a gust of breezy wind made you shudder.

“Jae? What on earth are you doing here?” you asked, halting when he enveloped you in a hug, murmuring to himself.

“I thought they’d already gotten to you, I was so worried, I should have tried to convince you to stay longer but I just, I shouldn’t have let you come here, this is all my fault and now you’re a target because of me and I’m so - “

None of that made sense to you.

“Jae, Jaehyun? Hey, look at me,” you said, pulling his gaze to meet yours. “Look, I’m okay. You see me? I’m okay. Why are you here, what did you mean by all of that rambling because I’m kind of confused?”

He hugged you again, his body slightly trembling. “You don’t even know how badly I want to just go in there and rip their fucking heads off.”

“Jae? Who are you talking about?”

“You know something’s wrong with them. I know you felt it. I saw you.”

You stilled. Saw you?

“I wasn’t imagining things. You were actually there,” you pulled away, eyes growing bigger in response to the fear overtaking your body as your mind already jumped to the worst case scenario.

What was he, some kind of stalker? Did he send those people after you?

“Y/N, please wait. Just give me a chance to explain this to you.”

“Did you follow me here? Did you send these creepy people after me? Did you want them to scare me when it was dark and stormy?”

You remembered what he had told you about the spot earlier during the day.

“Or worse!” you shrieked, now almost inside the house, “You want to kidnap me!”

“What? No!” he yelled, bewildered. “I would never! As soon as you’d told me where you’d be going I realized they’d be in the territory. I can’t protect you when you’re so far away from me, Y/N, I can’t ever live with myself knowing I couldn’t protect you from the likes of them.”

“What does that even mean?” you yelled back, attempting to calm down a little and make sense of the situation at hand.

“Aw, look at the quarreling couple,” came the same satirical voice of the boy that had intimidated you before the storm hit, the source dangerously close to where you stood.

You whipped around, almost losing your footing if it weren’t for Jaehyun’s muscular arms keeping you up, protectively wrapping around you as he snarled at the intruders and bared his - fangs?

Well then. You were right after all.

“Oh, look, the dumbass is starting to figure this out!” laughed one of the girls as all five stepped out onto the back porch and closer to you and Jaehyun.

“Jae, what’s going on?” you questioned, terrified beyond your wits.

“You’re safe with me,” he promised, gently kissing your forehead and smiling to himself when you didn’t flinch away.

You simply nodded, your gut compelling you to trust him in this bizarre confrontation.

“What’s the matter, can’t we all just share a meal like the good old days?” asked the sarcastic boy, baring his own fangs.

“Not happening. Not in centuries, and it’s not happening again,” Jae growled, his embrace around you pulling you to his side even more firmly.

“How cute, Jaehyun’s fallen in love with a mortal,” sneered a girl.

Your bubble of hysterical laughter shocked everybody as their eyes landed on you once more. “Just because I’m not a vampire does not mean I’m a mortal, smartass.”

Your bluff game always was too strong, especially when you needed it the most. Now, in the face of danger, your brain switched on to autopilot mode, grabbing for any ideas that could possibly save your life and end this without physical conflict between Jaehyun and the unexpected guests.

“Bullshit, we would have smelled you,” said the quietest of the group, speaking up for the first time.

“Or you could have smelled him, since he’s always hanging around me for good measure,” you retorted, tilting your head to prove your point as your remained latched to your savior’s side.

That had caught them off guard, and they all looked at each other before stepping forward again.

“What are you, then?” prodded the other girl, eyes narrowing into slits.

“None of your concern,” replied Jaehyun smoothly as he squeezed your side in reassurance, not once betraying your impromptu act.

“Leave while you still can,” you stated darkly, and for once, the nerves wracking your body dimmed down your voice into a tone so threatening that you had managed to surprise even yourself.

“This is our territory, you leave,” argued the guy who looked to be their leader. They all seemed wary now, keeping their distance in the offhand chance that you were actually telling the truth.

You, on the other hand, could not believe that your plan was actually working.

“Then we will. Jae will take me home, won’t you?” you asked, looking up at him as you were met by his intimidating profile.

“Of course, love, go get your things,” he murmured, walking you to the door and blocking the entrance for the other five.

“It’s a bluff, isn’t it?”

Don’t even think about it.”

You rushed through to the room where your best friend sat, quickly grabbing your bag as you made your way back towards the kitchen. “I’ll call you when I’m home, I’ll be fine I’m with Jae,” you said in a hurry.

“What?!” he exclaimed, not even off his feet yet by the time you made it back outside.

“Let’s go,” he told you, grabbing your hand and leading you into the woods.

“Are we headed the right way?”

“I’m trying to lose them, but they’re too acquainted with my scent.”

“You guys seem to have bad blood.”

“Please tell me this isn’t one of your puns,” he faked a groan, but you could tell that he was smiling.

“Well, now that you mention it…”

“Honestly, what am I going to do with you? To think you’d have gone into shock or something.”

“No, I suspected it,” you answered truthfully as you tried to keep up, huffing a little. He effortlessly pulled you up and slung you over his shoulder like a sack of flour, jogging away.

“Keep this up and I might get sick on your shirt,” you whined dizzily, the drizzling rain not helping your situation.

“How on earth did you suspect me being a goddamned vampire?”

“You hate the sun, you’re the palest shade of white, you’re too strong for a human being - I mean, nobody can lift up my couch like that single-handedly, who are you trying to fool - you asked me for an invitation into my house the first time you came over, and you’re too good looking to be a human anyway.”

The last part made him laugh, and you could feel it throughout his body.

“Glad I amuse you,” you groaned again, starting to feel nauseous. “Seriously, let me down, I’m getting sick.”

He set you down. “Why didn’t you say anything about it before? You know how hard I had to try to keep myself from freaking you out?”

“What was I supposed to say? ‘Hey, no offense, but are you a vampire by any chance?’ Come on, Jae,” you snorted.

He was about to reply when the sound of snapping twigs reverberated to your left.

“Get down,” he ordered, pulling you to the ground as the five emerged.

“You didn’t seriously think we would let you walk away, did you? This is a nice spot. Very convenient to make sure everybody at the house doesn’t hear what goes on.”

“I was hoping you’d be smart enough not to do this, but I guess I am mistaken.”

“You talk like an old man.”

“And you behave like an ignorant one.”

“Seriously, just share a meal with some old friends, what do you say?”

“Sorry, I’m not very fond about sharing what’s mine,” he glowered, and that was it.

He lunged forward and out of your sight, the rain doing a lot with obscuring what you could see and muting anything you would have been able to hear. You heard grunts and wails of agony and all you could do is shut your eyes and keep your hands to your ears as you just wished Jaehyun would come out unscathed.

You lost track of time as you began to silently cry, your crouching legs burning because of the cold, wet rain and your limbs shaking from the very thought of being dealt with.

You didn’t want to die.

You didn’t want Jae to get hurt, either.

And then it was dead silent, nothing sounding but your own ragged panting and the pattering of the rain.

You held in your breath, head beginning to hurt, when you finally heard it.

“Y/N? Baby where are you? Please say something, anything,” he pleaded.

“Jae? Jae!”

He followed your voice, the one voice he’d follow anywhere without hesitation.

You stood there, hair matted by the pelting rain, eyes leaking as you looked him over to see if he was hurt.

Blood,” you whimpered, reaching for his cheek.

“Not mine, darling. I’m okay,” he reassured you, pulling you into him while he inhaled your scent and listened to your lively heart as it beat.


“I promise.”

You walked some more until you reached a figure that you’d recognized as his car, sitting inside with the heating on as he finally took you home.

You had a hot shower as he made you something warm to drink and set up a few of your favorite movies to watch, hoping to take your mind off of what had happened and the ongoing storm outside.

It took him less than a minute to clean up and was already under the blankets when you came out of the bathroom, everything already set up and waiting for you.

He smiled softly when he saw you, and all the worries in your mind faded away as you made your way over and settled into his embrace, allowing him to pull you closer and nuzzle his face into your neck.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t stop you from going.”

“I’m okay now. You’re okay. That’s all that counts. My friends are safe, right?”

“Of course, love.”


You two stared at the TV screen but nothing was playing; you were lost in thought as he stared at you and kissed your forehead.

“Why me?” you asked him out of the blue, wondering why he’d chosen you of all the human beings out there. “What makes me worth saving?”

“You’re all I could have ever wished for, darling. You’re what makes me feel alive.”

Are you alive?”

“Not literally, no.”

“And when I die?”

“Y/N, let’s not - “

“No, answer me. What happens when you’re not there to keep me alive? Or when I get old? What then?”

“I don’t want to turn you, if that’s what your suggesting. You’re too good for a life like mine.”

“Don’t give me this Twilight shit,” you complained, pulling out of his hug to face him. He raised an eyebrow.

Twilight shit?”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

His dimpled smile proved that he was, indeed, well aware of the idea you were trying to convey.

“Can we talk about this topic some other day and just revel in the fact that you’re alive and well?”

“All thanks to you, yes I am,” you reminded him, and he frowned.

“I’m also the reason you were going to get hunted.”

“A tactical miscalculation on your behalf, it happens,” you replied sarcastically, making him roll his eyes at you.

“This is serious, Y/N.”

“I know, Jae. But you didn’t intend for that to happen. Had it not been for you, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

“Please don’t say that again,” he breathed, voice constricting as he bent down to lean his forehead against yours. “I can’t bear the thought of losing you.”

Then don’t.”

His response was pressed onto your own lips, trying to convey to you just how much you meant to him as he finally gave in to temptation.

The air turned passionate rather quickly as he deepened the kiss, making you sigh as your arms wound around his neck.

You pulled away so you could breathe, making him chase after your lips for a second.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he sighed.

“I might have a pretty good idea.”

He grinned at your reply, velvet laughter enveloping you as he kissed your cheek.

“How cute.”

I said no Twilight shit.”

Living Two Lives Chapter 1

Summary: Y/n Winchester is Sam’s and Dean’s younger half-sister who is an agent of NCIS. She hasn’t seen her brothers in three years; until one day when her brothers find her by the woods, on a case.  Will y/n be able to hide the truth about her past from her boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs; or will the lies catch up to her?

Warnings: language, mentions of abuse, some violence

No pairings in this Chapter

Word Count: 1,765

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promises (stan uris)

anonymous asked:

could you please do a Stan x Tozier! Reader where the reader has a stutter like Bill and Stan promises to never make fun of her for it but they get in a fight and he brings it up? you can choose the ending! thanks!!

I LOVE ANGST THANKS. too aggressive? sorry, aha. but angst is my strong suit so i hope you enjoy!

pair: stan x tozier!reader

warnings: cussing, angst, lots of tears

prompts | request here

it masterlist

“these are my friends, bill and stan. bill over here has a stutter, just like you y/n. guys, this is my sister, y/n,” richie pushes you towards them and you kept looking down at your shoes. they’re dirty and a bit battered but it was fine.

“h-hi, i-i’m b-b-bill,” bill held his hand out to you and you gave it a light shake as you finally looked up at him.

“i-i’m y-y/n,” your voice was small, barely audible. stan stepped forward and shook your hand, too.

“i’m stan. i don’t have a stutter but you seem cool, so i’ll be your friend, too,” he smiled and you laughed, an angelic sound to stan’s ears.

“c-cool, i g-guess,” you say, a bit shaky.

“here, to prove my loyalty, i’ll make a promise with you,” stan held his pinky to it and nodded his head at you to his pinky and you quickly lace yours with his, “i promise to never make fun of your stutter. i even pinky promise, which i never do.”

“i a-ac-accept your promise,” you smile and let go of his pinky.

“repeat after me y/n: ‘the chocolate chip cookies smelled so good that I ate one without asking.’ come on,” richie waved his hand at you to signal you to speak. you sighed and tried to remember the phrase he just said.

“the ch-chocolate chip c-cookies sm-smelled- f-fuck! s-sorry r-richie, i j-just c-can’t d-do it!” you groan and laid back on the couch.

“it’s okay, y/n. just go a little slower this time, okay?” richie tried to coax but you were already so impatient and you had to meet stand in a little bit.

“i g-got t-to g-go r-richie. i-i’m m-meeting s-st-stan a-at th=the p-park t-today,” you go to slip on your jacket and richie puts up the flashcards.

“okay y/n. if he stands you up again, i’ll beat his ass,” richie slapped his hand against his fist but he had a smirk on his face, nothing serious, as always. being his little sister was a burden and a blessing because of his gentleness but damn, was he overprotective.

“o-okay r-richie, s-see y-you l-later,” you shake your head and go out the door, making your way to the park. once you got there, you took a seat on the bench you and stan agreed to meet by and waited for him to come.

you were shaking your leg up and down, looking around for any sign of him. the chilly october wind was nipping at your skin, your teeth chattering together. you and stan have made plans to hang out three days ago and he always stood you up and rescheduled it. you were actually growing tired of it but you always agreed. love always has compromises, right?

you slammed the door of your house and hung your jacket on the coat rack. you stormed your way into your shared room with richie and slammed its door, too. you waited for two hours at the park and you probably walked around twice around its entirety. you flopped down on your bed, burying your face into your pillow.

“again, huh?” richie asked, not looking up from his comic book.

“y-yeah,” you croaked out, your voice rising eight octaves higher. you felt the bed dip and arms pulling you upright.

“are you crying?” richie took your face in his hands, looking into your eyes. “you are!”

“n-no, i-i’m n-not!” you wrangle your face out of his hand and looked down at your lap, feeling tears burn their way into your eyes. “o-okay, i a-am.”

richie pulled you in and rubbed your back, “i’m going to beat stan into a pulp and stomp on his stupid face,” he cooed, making his voice as sing-songy as possible. “but why are you crying?”

“b-b-because i f-feel l-like h-he do-doesn’t e-even w-want m-me an-anymore,” you sniffle, pulling away from richie, “h-he w-wo-wouldn’t st-stand m-me u-up th-thrice i-if h-he st-still l-liked m-me.”

“don’t think like that, y/n. any boy would be fucking lucky to have you and if anybody disagrees, i’ll make them think otherwise,” richie put his hand on your shoulder and you simply glanced at it. 

“th-thanks ri-richie b-but i-i’m j-just g-going to g-go to sl-sleep,” you sigh and lay down, pulling the covers over your head. you could feel richie get up from your bed and he turned off the lights. you felt tears run down your cheeks again, your mind racing with thoughts that pierced your heart even deeper.

why does it hurt this bad?

the next day, you were at the grocery store, picking up stuff at the order of your mom. you place the items in your basket and walked around, looking for some things you could add. you stroll down to the chips and candy aisle, grabbing two bags of chips and a bag of chocolate. as you were walking out of the aisle, you heard your name called.

“y/n!” you turned around and saw stan speed walking over to you. “hey, sorry i couldn’t make it yesterday.”

“i-it’s f-fine,” you uttered and turned around, heading for the checkout line.

“wait!” stan ran to catch up to you and followed you. “want to hang out later?”

“no.” you simply said and placed your items on the conveyor belt, pulling out the money your mom gave you.

“no? why not?”

“b-because i d-don’t w-want t-to, i-isn’t th-that ob-obvious?” you sassed and gave the cashier your money, grabbing your bags and walked away, not even bothering to get your change. you walk quickly, trying to leave stan behind.

“y/n! stop walking so fast!” you ignored his calls and kept walking, trying to ignore the familiar prick of tears. “y/n, stop!” stan grabbed your arm and spun you around.

“w-what?” you sneer and you saw stan furrow his eyebrows.

“why are you so mad?” stan’s face scrunched up and you felt fists clench around the plastic bags.

“m-maybe be-because y-you s-stood m-me u-up n-not o-one, n-not t-two, b-but f-f-four t-times! f-four, s-s-stanley!” you barked at him.

“yeah and i apologized for each time!” stan argued back but you let out a dry laugh.

“n-no, y-you k-kn-know h-how i f-felt af-after the f-fourth t-time?” you snapped.

“enlighten me.”

“i f-fu-fucking f-felt l-like i w-wasn’t g-good e-enough!” you jabbed his chest a bit, pushing him back.

“you’re overreacting-” 

“o-over-rreacting? wh-what th-the f-fuck?” you couldn’t believe what he was saying. “i a-am n-not! i h-have a f-fucking s-stutter! i g-get ma-made f-fun o-of a-and i f-feel l-like sh-shit e-everyday! h-how w-was i s-supposed t-to f-feel? j-jolly?”

then he said it. the words that brought your walls down, the words that unleased your tears from your eyes. the words that violated a fucking promise.

“well maybe i don’t want to deal with a stuttering girl all day! maybe i want to hear normal people speak normally!”

to say it fucking hurt was an understatement. “f-fuck y-you, st-stanley u-uris.”

stan regretted his words the moment it left his mouth and he even slapped his hand over it. “y/n, no, i didn’t mean that-”

“n-no! t-too l-late! i-if you hate m-my st-stutter s-so m-much, i’ll h-help y-you! it’s over.” you snarl and ran off, heaps of tears running down your face, your breathing becoming heavy as you felt your windpipe tighten. his words repeated over and over in your head. once you got home, you threw the groceries on the table and ran to your room, not even making it to your bed. you slid down the wall and sobbed. you sobbed until your chest ached, you sobbed until it was physically impossible to let out anymore tears.

fuck stanley uris. fuck him and his stupid curls. fuck him and his wonderful smile. fuck him and his bad jokes. fuck him and fuck me for still loving him.

days passed and you haven’t gone out the house. you even skipped the last three of school. all day, you laid in bed, only getting up to get food or use the bathroom. you had dark circles under your already red, puffy eyes, your hair was a mess and tissues littered your room.

richie found you that day in the room and vowed to kill stan before you calmed him down. he was the one who actually suggested you stayed home from school. he got your schoolwork for you and made sure you were clean everyday. talk all the shit you want about richie but he was the best brother you could ask for.

when the weekend came along, you knew you had to face the outside world somehow and you told richie you were going to go to the quarry to clear your mind. you hopped on your bike and pedaled all the way there. you walked your way to the edge of the cliff and sat down, letting your legs hang off.

you sat there for awhile, gazing into the blue-grey waters below. you contemplated on what you would do if you saw stan again. punch him? hug him? beat him up? all three, maybe? you didn’t know. you were still incredibly hurt and just the thought of stan was enough to make tears stream down your face. you constantly had to drag your sleeve across your face to wipe away the tears but they still kept on coming.

“y/n?” you turned around and to where the soft, whisper of a voice came from and saw stan standing there, binoculars around his neck, and a small rose in his hand. “richie told me you would be here.”

“oh,” you said, turning back around. you had to take deep breaths and wipe away any sign that you were crying. toziers don’t cry in front of people, that’s a fact. you felt stan sit beside you and you felt his gaze pierce the side of your head.

“s-s-stop s-s-staring, y-you c-creep,” you mumble, trying to fill the awkward silence. “wh-why a-are y-you e-even h-here? i th-thought y-you w-wanted t-to b-be w-with n-normal p-people.”

“i’m here because i’m a stupid jerk who doesn’t deserve you but is truly, truly sorry,” stan handed you the rose and you reluctantly held it your hand, twirling it around. “i know you don’t like roses but it was the first flower i saw.”


“y/n, i’m sorry. what i said was out of line and before you say it, yes i did go against that ancient promise. you can punch me now,” stan rambled but you kept your silence, just picking at the rose’s red petals. “please y/n, say something.”

“i h-hate y-you, st-stan. i f-f-fucking h-hate y-you and wh-what you s-s-said,” you drop the rose beside you and came face-to-face with him and his hurt expression, which drove a stake through your heart. “i f-f-fucking h-hate th-that i l-let y-you m-make me f-feel l-like i w-wasn’t e-enough, l-like i’m n-not n-n-normal.

hot tears were quickly falling down your cheeks and your voice was becoming shakier by the second. “i f-fucking h-hate y-you b-but m-most o-of a-all, i h-hate my-myself. i h-hate m-myself b-because i c-can’t s-seem to k-keep h-hating y-you. i h-hate th-that th-through a-all th-this, i st-still l-love you.”

you broke down into sobs right after the last word left your lips. you felt tired, mentally and physically. you didn’t fight off stan’s arms wrapping around you, you didn’t push him away as he rocked you back and forth, whispering apologies and sweet nothings into your hair.

“you’re right, y/n. you’re not normal. but not because you have a stutter, you’re not normal because you let a stupid person like me love you when you deserve much better,” stan murmured, his voice cracking. you pull away and examine his face, analyzing his features. he looked much like you but worse. 

his dark circles were so pronounced like he hasn’t gotten a wink of sleep since that day, his eyes were bloodshot and puffy and his curls were looking much more untamed than usual. he’s broken just like you.

you looked into his eyes and rested your forehead against his. the silence between you was so heavy, it was suffocating. then, he kissed you. his lips melded so nicely with yours, his warm and yours cold. you pulled away and smiled.

“i really hope you don’t think everything is forgiven,” you breathed out, playing with his curls.

“i know and i’m willing to do whatever it takes to get to that point, no matter how long,” stan held your hand in his and you laced your pinky with his.



anonymous asked:

Are you taking blurb/one shot requests?? I have one 🙂 Harry & his girl talking about him doing the Victoria’s Secret show and her becoming insecure about her body compared to the models bodies.

“And yeah so I said yes for the show!!” Harry chirped sitting in front of you as he blabbered about his performance that he agreed for the VS’s show in Shanghai. You knew how much he adored his work of making music and presenting it in front of everyone. He loved creating his own style and flaunting it to others. And you too respected his work that he worshiped and never tried to interfere in it, you did put your opinion when he asked but never stopped-held him back from performing.

But this time, this time you wanted to stop him from going to Shanghai. You didn’t wanted him to go out there and perform in between those have naked models who had perfect body. You wanted to have your man by yourself and not in the crowd of those gorgeous angels. You feared that his heart might slip and…maybe leave you?

“Isn’t it exciting???” Harry asked standing up and held his phone oyt that was ringing, probably Harry Lambert was on the phone to discuss with him about his outfit and stuff.

You smiled a little forcefully and nodded your head. Harry returned the smile and walked out in the garden to take the call before placing a warm kiss to your forehead.

You never thought that such a sweet gesture of him would send you off tears as you started imagining the worst that could happen. What if Harry falls for someone else over there? What if he has a one night stand? What if he leaves you? You would never get to feel his kisses again, touches again, love again if any of that happens. All of this horrible thoughts made your eyes pool with tears as you rushed to the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water.

Soft sobs escaped past your lips and you put a hand on your mouth to muffle your cries. Those ladies out there were very much beautiful and carved perfectly. Any man could feel his heart race up seeing such pretty women and Harry too was a man and who knows he too might get a second thought over there.

You closed your eyes trying to push the dark visions of your Harry with someone else but quickly re-opened them again when heard his raspy voice from behind you.

“Petal are you crying?”

“What?no peaches” you held a breath
And wiped your tears with the back of your hand and patted your cheeks softly trying to get rid of wetness. Before you could turn around yourself, you felf two pair of arms turning you around and now you were facing him.

“Why’re you crying?”

“I am n-”

“The truth” harry said sternly. You knew there was no way to turn your back to him now and he wasn’t from the one who gave in too easily. So you decided to pour your heart to him.

“Dont go please? Th-there are gonna be all perfect ladies and I-i don’t wanna lose you and I just am nothing compared to them. Why would you even want to be with me after coming from there” you shake your head sobbing. You fiddled with your hands while warm tears dripped on your skin.

“Oh my baby.” Harry said bringing you to his and kisses your forehead before resting his chin on top of your heart and swayed you both sideways.

“My baby, m'love I would never ever leave you. You are my world sweetheart. I might have learned everything but I haven’t learned how to live without you and I dont even wanna know that. And about em ladies, you’re the only woman whom I have my eyes on. You’re perfect just the way you are wouldn’t wanna have you any other way, you’re my petal and I’m your peaches forever” harry said and pulled away to have a view of your face that was probably red because of crying.

“I love you” he whispered amd brought his lips down to meet yours in a kiss. He kissed you with such tenderness and love like he was assuring you that you have him for eternity.

“I love you too” you said after you both pulled away to breath. A sheepish smile covering your face as you snuggled yourseld to his chest.

“Now would you like to join me missus?”