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The Styles Effect

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Warnings: Cursing, feelings, multiple parts (slowish burn)

Pairing: Reader x Harry(s)


Y/n finds a notification on her phone asking to make a wish.

Little did she think that her wishing all her Harry fanfictions to come to life would actually come true, and the craziness it would bring.

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PoliceOfficer!Jungkook (Dope!AU)

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Pairing: Reader x PoliceOfficer!Jungkook

Warnings: Smut (use of handcuffs, oral(reader giving))

Words: 2.9k

Summary: Y/N is robbed on the way home from work, luckily there is a police officer nearby to help her out, in more ways than one.

You were walking home peacefully after the late shift at work. You had your headphones in, gently nodding your head along to the beat as you walked. You had nearly arrived at your apartment, ready to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and fall asleep.

It all happened so fast. One second you were walking along the street minding your own business. Next thing you knew, you were on the floor, your hands flying out to stop you hitting your head on the concrete. You bag was pulled from your shoulder and you heard the fast footsteps of someone running away from you.

“For Fuck sake” you groan to yourself as you stand up, brushing the dirt from your jacket.

Luckily there wasn’t much in your bag, your purse and phone were in your jacket pocket so the situation could definitely have been worse. All the thief had actually managed to take was some food, tissues and a bit of loose change. You almost laughed to yourself until you realised your keys were also in your bag.

You groan, resisting the urge to punch the wall at the fact that you couldn’t get into your apartment. It was too late to call a locksmith, and none of your neighbours had keys to your apartment.

“Are you okay?” you hear a voice from behind you.

You turn around to see a young man. He was wearing a police uniform. You had to admit he was attractive, he had a cute face, yet he still looked like he could win a fight, which is reassuring.

“Yeah I’m fine” you mutter.

“Well you’re just stood glaring at a wall, it’s not exactly normal” he stated, a little too bluntly for your liking, did he not just see what happened?

“Well I was just pushed to the floor and had my bag stolen, so you’re not exactly doing much law enforcing are you?” you respond with a fake smiled and raised eyebrows.

He opens his mouth to speak before closing it when no words come.

“Are you you okay?” he asks with more concern than before.

You nod you head “I’m fine, he didn’t take anything important, except my keys” you sigh.

“Oh… Do you have a spare set?” he asks.

You chuckle. “Yeah. In my apartment”



“Do you have somewhere you can go for the night?” he asks, not wanting to leave you alone on the street.

“I’ll just go to a hotel, none of my friends live close and they’ll all be asleep by now anyway” you sigh, knowing that there were no budget hotels in the area and that this would end up to be a pretty costly night after all.

“If you need a place to stay, I have a couch?” he suggests nervously. He didn’t want to overstep the line and seem creepy, when in fact he just wanted to offer you somewhere to stay that wasn’t ridiculously priced.

You didn’t know what made you trust him. Maybe it was the fact he was a police officer, or maybe it was the fact that you definitely couldn’t afford the hotel since you didn’t get paid until next week. Either way, you decided to trust that his intentions were good.

“That would be great actually, are you sure it’s alright? I wouldn’t want to impose” you reply.

“Yeah it’s fine. As you said, if I was better at my job you wouldn’t have been robbed in the first place” he jokes.

You couldn’t help the smile that appeared on your face.

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gift of a friend- h.s imagine

“Harry’s looking absolutely gorgeous tonight, isn’t he?” Lucy, your best friend, thought out loud as she was smirking in his direction from across the room. You turned around from the bar with your drink. Harry was nodding his head as Nick was talking to him. You slowly took a sip of your cosmopolitan and nodded, “I suppose.”

“Do you think if I ask him out he would say yes?” Lucy asked as she was already adjusting her dress, ready to head over. As you stared into your glass, you shrugged your shoulders, “Wouldn’t see why not.”

Lucy nodded her head excitedly and quickly chugged the rest of her drink down. She shot you a thumbs up before she walked up to Harry and Nick.

You let out a chuckle as you saw how Lucy literally placed herself between Harry and Nick. You watched as she pulled Harry in for a hug and him awkwardly returning it.

As your eyes shifted around the loud club, you found yourself already being bored. It seems like you were always here with the same people, talking about the same thing. You quickly asked the bartender for another drink before you started to make your way upstairs.

When you got to the roof of the building, you instantly smiled. In front of you was the night sky of London. You sat down on the cold floor and began staring into the night, temporarily forgetting all your troubles. However, it was soon interrupted when the door slammed. Your head turned to see Harry walking over to you. He gave you a smile before he sat down beside you.

“Somehow I knew I would find you here,” Harry chuckled, referring to last week.

You looked over at him and gave him a smile, “Parties aren’t really my thing.” Harry gave a nod as he stared into the skyline.

The two of you sat in silence. Not the uncomfortable kind. The kind of silence where you were just content.

Harry was the first to interrupt the moment. “I’m sorry about last week by the way.”

You quickly shook your head no, “It wasn’t that I didn’t want to. Lucy-” But Harry interrupted, “I must’ve read the moment wrong. I wasn’t thinking.”

You reached over and grabbed his hand softly, “You didn’t. I just couldn’t do that to Lucy.”

You threw your head back in laughter as Harry tried finishing his story, “Don’t laugh! I was only nine!” You held your stomach as it was hurting from you laughing so much. “Exactly! You were nine! That’s far too old to crap your pants!”

Harry shook his head as he buried his face into his hands, “That’s why I absolutely hate beans.” Finally you managed to calm yourself down. You let out one last chuckle before continuing, “I don’t care how old I am. I will always think farts and poops are the funniest thing on earth.”

Harry shook his head as he chuckled. The two of you were on the roof of the club. Harry noticed you weren’t having any fun downstairs so he showed you the place he usually likes to go to whenever he needs an escape.

You rested your head on Harry’s shoulder as you looked straight in front of you where the skyline of London was shining. “London’s so beautiful.”

Harry wrapped his arm around your waist as he pulled you closer, “I think so.”

You looked up to see Harry was already staring down at you. Slowly Harry started to lean in towards you. Just as your lips were about to meet his, you found yourself thinking about Lucy. You remembered her saying something about always fancying Harry. You knew you would be an absolutely terrible friend if anything happened between you and Harry, no matter how much you wanted it.

You leaned your head away. Harry immediately pulled his head back and cleared his throat. You lifted yourself off the ground and avoided looking into Harry’s eyes, “We should probably get back inside.”

You sighed as you were about to admit Lucy’s secret but you couldn’t have Harry thinking you didn’t like him because you did. A lot.

“Lucy likes you and I couldn’t do that to her.” You said as you looked down at your lap. Harry nodded his head, “I see. Do you like me?”

You gave a chuckle as you looked at Harry. You nodded your head, “I do.”

Harry gave a smile to which you returned. “Lucy’s a nice girl but I like you Y/N.” Harry said.

“I still couldn’t do that to her” you replied as you looked down at Harry’s and your’s hand intertwined together.

He gave your hands a soft squeeze, “Didn’t you tell me that often Lucy steals away the guys that you like?”

You shrugged your shoulders before Harry continued, “Why do her feelings come before your own?”

You bit your bottom lip softly, “It’s just always been like that.”

Harry shook his head as he leaned his face closer to yours, “I think you should stick up for yourself. Allow yourself to be happy even if it might hurt others.” And with that, he gave you a soft kiss. You hesitated before you found yourself kissing him back. You felt Harry smile into the kiss as he pulled you closer to his body.

You pulled away from the kiss and nodded your head, “You’re right.” You stood up and help your hand out for Harry to take. Harry got up and grabbed your hand. “Let’s go tell Lucy.”

After searching through the crowd for ten minutes, you finally found Lucy. You turned around and gave Harry a peck on the lips before you made your way over to her. You tapped Lucy on the shoulder. Lucy turned around and gave you a smile, “Where’ve you been?”

You quickly interrupted her, “IlikeHarry.”

Lucy chuckled as she arched her eyebrow at you, “Come again?”

You let out a sigh, “I like Harry.”

You sound your palms sweating as you waited for Lucy’s response. Eventually Lucy smiled, “Then go for it!”

You gasped slightly before continuing, “You wouldn’t be mad?”

Lucy shook her head no as she chuckled and pulled you into a hug. “Course not. I could tell he wasn’t into me anyways.” Lucy pulled you at arm’s length, “Now go get your man.”

You turned your head to see Harry in the spot where you left him, smiling at you.

You turned back to Lucy and gave her one last hug, “Thanks Luce.”

this was a lot of fun to write! thanks to the anon for requesting it! ps did you see what i did with the title? major 2009 vibes lol. don’t forget to send in your thoughts/ requests on what i should write next!

Imagine...Lucifer Helping With A Nightmare

Request: Pleasee do a Luci one where you have nightmares about parents troubles and he wakes you up and calms you. Please baby 

Pairing: Lucifer x reader

When you woke up, you already felt the cold chill on your arm, on the top of your head. You panted as you blinked up, blue eyes looking back with a worried smile.

“Nightmare again?” asked Lucifer, your head nodding under his touch, curling into his body. “Monster chasing you?”

“Parents,” you mumbled, Lucifer humming and tucking you up against him. You were glad he always turned the heat up so his body temperature was soothing to you. “You know what that’s like.”

“Yes, yes I do,” said Lucifer, chuckling and rubbing his hand up and down your back. He continued the motion for a while until he felt your heart rate calm back to normal, until you felt sleepy again. “Go ahead, I’ll be here, make sure nothing gets you.”

“Thanks Luci,” you said. You were close to sleep again when you tapped him. “Can you…”

“Want me to pop in that head of yours with you?” he asked. You smiled and he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Go to sleep honey and I’ll be there.”

You relaxed again and true to his word, you saw him pop up a few minutes later in your dream in a park. He didn’t do it often, come inside like this unless he really thought you needed it but those were always some of your best dreams.

“So, what do you have planned for us tonight, Y/N?”

so today I was in line at the store with my lil bro, and the guy in front of us needs change for a 100. he asks the store manager if they have change, so they check the back. then some lady with box dreads comes up behind me and says stuff like “you know, money isn’t even real. check the bills they say federal reserve note. you don’t own that, the government does” and i’m nodding my head like yup she gets it. Then she starts saying stuff like “black people are also native Americans and that black is only a color, it cant be used to describe an entire culture or ethnic background” …and i’m standing there like…”i just came in to buy sprite and blunt wraps”

Is That Spot Still Open? //Veronica Lodge//

Pairing: Veronica x (fem) reader

Description: in which the reader is Cheryl’s best friend and Cheryl asks her to tryout for the River Vixens but the reader denies but a pretty girl on the team just might change her mind.


“Guys! Have you noticed how quiet it was today.” Kevin exclaimed as he sat at the lunch table with the rest of his friends minus Jughead. Archie, Veronica and Betty all looked at him in confusion.

Archie raised an eyebrow.” No, it was all pretty much the same to me. How bout you guys?”

Betty shook her head however Veronica nodded in agreement. “Now that I think about it, something is different but I can’t put my finger on it.” She looked at the sheriff’s son.”What is it?”

Kevin smiled. “The fact that no one has screamed in terror for the entire morning shows you that the devil incarnate hasn’t arrived yet.”

“Cheryl?” Betty figured out.

“Ding, ding, ding, hit the nail right on the head.”  

“Oh yeah, she wasn’t in science at all this morning.” Veronica spoke up as she slowly mixed the drink with her straw.

“Mmhmm, and since this is the first day she has gone missing since her brother’s death there has been rumours that whoever had shot Jason came back to finish the job.” Kevin continued as he swiped a fry from Betty’s plate.

“Wow, that’s a bit dark.” Archie said a bit disturbed by the killer still being around.

“Yeah, but it also isn’t that far-fetched.” Kevin said surely.

“That may be but it still also isn’t true.” Veronica declared. The others looked towards her for an explanation as they watched her dig into her purse.

Turning on her phone she began speaking.”Not too long ago Cheryl had texted the cheerleaders that it still had practice today.” She held up the phone that displayed the text showing everybody.

Kevin looked looked at Veronica. “So you have a better explanation?”

The raven haired girl shrugged.”She could just be sick.”

“Or just be skipping school.” Archie added.

“Speak of the devil.” Betty spoke up, and everyone else followed her gaze and their jaw dropped.

It was Cheryl walking into the courtyard but that wasn’t what caught their attention. It was the girl that currently had her arms linked with red haired Blossom.

The girl was very pretty to say the least and she was just wearing shorts and a cami.

Archie was surprised by the girl’s appearance. “Holy Crap, is that Y/n?”

“Y/n got hot! I just might start switching lanes.” Kevin joked wiggling his eyebrows as they all stared at the newcomer.

Veronica stared, the girl was enticing to look at. She never saw you before in the few days that she had been here and  she wanted to get to know you.

“Who is she? And why isn’t Cheryl chewing her head off for being so close to her.”

” That’s Y/n, she went to school with us last year but she’d gone away for the summer for a dance camp. She hadn’t decided if she was gonna move permanently to try and pursue her career or stay here in Riverdale and wait to go to college.” Kevin explained as they looked at the two girls who caught the attention of everyone in the courtyard.

“That’s probably why Cheryl is so late, she wanted to catch up with Y/n.” Betty answered

Veronica listened intently. The girl went to a dance camp, that explains her amazingly toned body. She looked at Kevin. “Well that answers one part of my question, but that doesn’t explain why she and cheryl are so close.”

“She and Cheryl are best friends.” Archie answered.

Veronica was shocked.

“Y/n gets along with any and everybody. She’s just friendly like that.”

Kevin noticed that Veronica was still staring at the girl and smirked. “Why so curious Ronnie? Already have a crush on Y/n?”

Veronica rolled her eyes as she took another sip of her drink with the intent of ignoring her friend.

With Y/n and Cheryl

“So when will you be officially coming back to school?”

Y/n grinned.”Next week Monday, but until then i’ll be roaming up and down the halls or chilling at home.” Cheryl frowned at you not enrolling sooner but another grin grew on her face once more.

“Will you be joining the River Vixens this year? There is an open spot just for you. And before you say no.” Y/n looked at her best friend skeptically.

“Please think of the opportunities.”

You laughed. “What opportunities? Seeing you boss people around? Also those early mornings and late afternoon practices doesn’t work for me. Especially when it’s on a Saturday.”

Y/n shook her head. “I love you Cheryl, but no thank you.”

Cheryl slapped her arm playfully as she smiled. “At least think about it. Alright? Practice starts after school in the gym if you want to check us out.”

Y/n nodded smiling. Feeling someone staring you turned your head only to be met with the unfamiliar brown eyes of a raven haired girl.

You smiled and gave a small wave at the girl and she gave one in return.

Cheryl followed your gaze and clicked her tongue when she realised who you were waving at. “Seriously?”

You shrugged ”What?”

“I hate her, she’s always giving me attitude.”

You smiled as you realised who you just greeted.” Wait, that’s the little miss Ice Queen you were telling me about? The one that gave you sass at tryouts?” You chuckled.

“It’s not funny” Cheryl glared.

“Oh yes it is. I have to commend her, not many people have the guts to stand up to you when you’re in Queen B mode.”

You stared at Cheryl ignoring her glare and smile. “Somebody really needs to keep you in line whenever I’m not here.”

Your smile grew playful.”I wonder if she’d be up for the job.”

“I hate you.”

You shook your head as you pulled the redhead in for a hug.”No you don’t. You know you love me.”

Cheryl rolled her eyes but couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.

At Cheerleading Practice

You were at the top of the bleachers overlooking practice. The cheerleaders were good. The moves were executed flawlessly and they were all in sync. Cheryl really whipped them into shape. However, there was one cheerleader that caught your eye the girl fr.

Veronica Lodge. You had finally coaxed your best friend to tell you the raven haired girls’ name. It fitted her. You’d blush every time your eyes met, which was very often. That was one of many things you liked about the girl, she was bold and confident.

You knew that she was very attractive and if she was trying to impress you she had already succeeded.

Cheryl stood at the front facing the cheerleaders when the routine was finished. “Alright listen up everyone! Practice is over! But remember to keep practicing our routine have to be on point for the game on Friday!’’

With that, most of the cheerleaders dispersed to head to the showers Cheryl went to the side of the gym to answer a call. Leaving you, Betty and Veronica. B and V sat of the first row of the bleachers and you decided to walk down and greet them.

“Hey Betty long time no see.”

The blonde girl grinned as she got up to hug. “Sorry, I’m a bit sweaty right now.”

You smiled. “Yeah, I can see that Cheryl’s working you girls hard.” Your gaze traveled to the black haired beauty beside her and held out your hand. “And you are?” You asked even though you already knew her name.

She glanced at your hand before slowly shaking it with a smirk. “Veronica Lodge. And you are Y/n Y/l/n.”

You smiled ”How’d you know?”

“You’re the talk of the school right now.” You laughed.

Betty spoke up.” Why are you here Y/n? If you are the same Y/n I know, you’d be rushing to get out of school by now.”

You both laughed at that.

You pointed at Cheryl. “She wants me to join the cheerleading squad and told me to come to see how practice goes and help make a decision.”

Veronica raised an eyebrow. “You’re thinking of joining the River Vixens?” You nodded. Veronica gave a flirty smile. “So did we do good enough to make you want to join?”

You bit your lips as you stared into her brown eyes. “Maybe?” You answered giving a sly smile. “It looks like you’ll have to wait and see.”

She smiled as she prepared to leave.”Anyways, we have to shower now or else we’ll be late. It was nice meeting you Y/n.”

“It was nice meeting you too.”

You stood in still as you watched the two girls walk off. Cheryl came up next to finally getting off the phone. “So what do you think?”

You smiled as the raven haired girl disappeared from view. Finally turning to your friend your grin turned into a smirk.

”Is that spot still open?”

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My best friend asked me to do this, this is my first story posted on here so sorry if its bad.


“Pedophilia” is not an interchangeable term with “creep,” “predator,” and “opportunist.”

If you call two adults with a large age gap “pedophilic,” you are doing a massive disservice to victims of pedophilia as well as implying that these adults who CHOOSE to take advantage of young ADULTS because they see them as the easiest targets are the same as adults sexually attracted to children.

Adults are still adults, and calling young adults children and equating attraction to them to attraction to children really is erasing the creepy, predatory, opportunistic behaviors older adults choose to employ, because not everyone is going to nod their heads and agree when you call young adults “children.”

Stop letting this slip by just because you want to conflate terms and refuse to acknowledge the harm you’re doing. You hurt pedophilia victims by making light of the term pedophilia, and you let creepy opportunistic predators get by because people don’t take accusations of pedophilia seriously when you level them at the relationship between two adults.

Use the words you fucking mean instead of misusing words with heavy meaning just to get people to pay attention to you.


Being sarcastic with Stiles Stilinski. 

“Where are you going, Y/N?”, Stiles asked as you got up from the table since the meeting was finished. Tonight’s meeting was a bit dark. There was someone out there murdering innocent people, and it was up to the pack and some allies to find out who it was. “Don’t tell me you’re going to go find the guy by yourself. I know you’re upset about this, but going headfirst won’t help anything.” You rolled your eyes before turning around to Stiles. 

“Yes, Stiles, I am going to go confront the serial killer without any backup,” You said without a laugh. Stiles looked at you in horror. “I definitely could and will do that.” Stiles scoffed.

“You won’t be leaving this house, Y/N. You aren’t - wait, are you being sarcastic with me?”, Stiles asked incredulously. You laughed, nodding your head. “I’m supposed to be the sarcastic one! Scott! Tell Y/N to not be sarcastic!”

“Looks like I’m the Sarcastic One now.” You jokingly pushed Stiles as he frowned at you. “Step down from the podium, Stiliniski, because Y/N L/N is in town.”

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You say you are better, but you know that you’re losing a battle that you’ve been fighting for far too long.

The smiles on their faces is what keeps you lying, how can you tell them you don’t want to exist when their smiles shine so bright with the promise of a better tomorrow?

You stay up late, afraid to go to sleep. Not because of your dreams but because you’ll wake up the next day, to another fight that you’re too tired to handle.

“You look tired” they say. “Did you sleep okay?” They ask. You nod your head and pull out your mask, the one with the smile. You plaster it to your face hoping it looks real.

“I’m fine” you say with what you hope is a reassuring smile, because you’ve fought this battle for so long you don’t know how not to.

Renegades - Chapter 17 Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“My dad told me to own it.  If you’re proud to be a mage, he said, no one can take that away from you.  But pride doesn’t take away fear, does it?  Pride doesn’t take away hearing the other kids talk shit about mages while you sit and smile and nod your head.  Pride doesn’t take away hearing everyone around you talk about how people like you deserve to be locked away.  And pride… pride doesn’t take away someone finding out what you are and saying ‘Oh, it’s okay, you’re not like the others.’ “

In which Hawke gets mad and spills some backstory.  THERE ARE A LOT OF MAGE FEELS.  A lot of them.


And I was lucky in a way that I came into the game just when we’re moving from that stage one, caricature kind of thing, into stage two. So a lot of my early work kind of deals with the issues around the world on terror and Islamophobia, but I’m proud to say I think it deals with those and engages those issues in quite creative ways, and I hope in ways that kind of move us forward rather than doubling down on, you know, lazy stereotypes.