Product of the oxidation with potassium permanganate. The interesting is, that the product is a white crystalline solid what could be crystallized from 1 molar hydrochloric acid, but when it’s added to distilled water it has a similar color to the permanganate (as seen on the picture).

When it’s crystallized from water with HCl concentrations under 0,5 molar it gives a mass as seen on the picture, but above 0,5 molar HCl it forms beautiful white needles.

              I’m just going to start this off by saying I have no idea what I’m doing. Seriously.
              This is the FIRST bias list/follow forever post I’ve ever made.    WHAT  AM  I  EVEN

           SUPPOSED TO SAY? *looks at other bias list posts* Oh, okay I got it now. Well, let
           me tell you a story. Once upon a time, a boy named Tony used to write on  another
           website. A website he thought was 1000x cooler than tumblr rp. One day,  a  friend
           of his asked him to join a tumblr rpg and he was reluctant BUT SAID YES ANYWAY.
              Basically long story short, it was  pretty  cool  but  then  I  discovered  indie  rp  and

           FOUND MY PEOPLE. NOW HERE I AM.  You’re  welcome indie tumblr community.

       Okay but seriously, this has been one of the best experiences ever? I never expected to meet
       so many cool people? Albus is my first official indie account and I am so glad that I chose the
       HP fandom! Everyone I’ve met has been so welcoming and cool. Plus all of you  (harry potter  
       fandom or not) are wonderful writers okay.  The   list   below   is   just   a   small  way  to   say
       THANK  YOU  SO  MUCH   for   making   my   dash   a   BEAUTIFUL   and   HAPPY    place.
                                      Omfg, this is so sappy. I hate it but whatever. 
–– Tony

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                         weaselkiing  wholesoulandcompletelymyown

                              I’m sure I forgot people and if I did I’M SORRY DON’T HATE ME

Workup of the oxidation with potassium permanganate. 

Since the oxidizing reagent was used in a 3 molar excess a lot of it remained in the solution what causes this purple-pink color, but most of it reacted to give that brown-black mass (manganese dioxide). At the top of the sintered glass funnel that white ting is a magnetic stirring bar what I used to stir the reaction.

The next step of the workup is to acidify the resulting solution with hydrochloric acid, so I would leave the MnO2 and the non reacted KMnO4 in the reaction mixture it would generate a LOT more chlorine gas than the minimum lethal dose : 

MnO2 + 4 HCl —>  MnCl2 + Cl2 + 2 H2O

kidsinthezones asked:

I think as a killjoy, returning to the city would be really difficult. Bl/ind would treat you as a terrorist, people would know you've been a 'filthy anarchist' and doubted the system. You wouldn't be able to find jobs so easy anymore and very probably go to jail.

Agreed. Even after you’d served your time, people would still be suspicious of you. Being a former Killjoy would probably be on your record, which would make it extremely hard to get a job. I think former Killjoys would be the most hated people in the city. Maybe even more than current Killjoys, because at least they don’t walk among them. You’d be shunned by everyone.


National Library Week Part V: Minerva, Atrium Goddess

Minerva now stands in the Minneapolis Central Library atrium, beside the display case, near the bottom of the escalators. She has been fully restored, making her appear much younger than her 126 years.

As National Library Week 2015 comes to a close, tell us why you love your HCL. What services do you appreciate? How has staff helped you? How does the library improve your life? I love #myHCL, why do you?

Learn more about what type of library user you are by taking this quiz and sharing it with your family and friends. We’ll report back on what we learn about our library community.

truealphabellamy asked:

HEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNSHINE! If you still feel like writing those prompts, the Hydrochloric Acid one seems like it would be hilarious in a Bellarke College fic where Clarke is taking a chemistry/lab science & is doing a project. Bellamy is the one working at the store she keeps calling to for the acid. Bonus points if you can fit that prompt into the sarcastic techie one where Bellamy happens to be the techie helping to run part of Clarke's lab project! (& then he understands the acid)


THANKS MY LOVE I’m so glad you sent this to me because it was really fun to write! And I know you sent this to me on my birthday which was Tuesday, but I finished it this morning and sirbelllamyblake read over it for me (thanks you’re an angel) and now here it is! I hope it is okay and all because I don’t think it’s my best writing… but it was fun and that’s the important point. Enjoy!

“Ark Bookstore, how may I help you?” Bellamy did his best to make his voice sound appropriately enthused since his manager was standing fairly close to the registers, but his joyful tone in no way reflected his current mood. He hated his job. This phone call was bound to be yet another stupid freshman who thought they wouldn’t actually need the textbook for a class and so three weeks into the semester they were trying to get their ass in gear and find the book before class the next day.

“Hi,” a voice started tentatively. He fought the urge to roll his eyes. “I was just wondering if you happened to sell any 12 molar Hydrochloric Acid?”

Great. A prank call. Bellamy LOVED those.

“Ma’am, this is a bookstore- you do know that, right?”

Keep reading

( * ;; lethcl ;; * )

( ▲. ) ——- ADDIE WAS ABOUT to fall asleep until she was pulled out of her slumber, hearing soft thuds from her window. “ w—… “ she leaned up in her bed, eyes squinted as she tried to see what was going on, yawning. “ emerson ?? is that you ?? “ she chuckled a little bit, as someone was coming through her window. she hoped it was emerson, anyway. no one else would be coming through her window. ——- ( ▼. ) 

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i honestly don't think that bli would try to wipe out the killjoys, since they know it gives the citizens some excitement in their life. they try to stop them at all costs and want to kill as many as they can, but they wouldn't just massacre them. that's kinda why i think korse didn't just kill the Fab Four in the nanana video: it would just be over.

Good point. Plus, it gives the city something to fight against and inspires patriotism among the citizens. Their exaggerated stories about the Killjoys would distract them from the city’s shady activities. As far as they’re concerned, Battery City protects them from the evil terrorists.


National Library Week Part III: Minerva at Main Library

Jakob Fjelde was commissioned to sculpt Minerva for the niche over the front entrance of the Main Library (the first incarnation of the Minneapolis Central Library) at 10th and Hennepin. Minerva was cast in 1889 and installed in 1890.

Fjelde used his sister, Mrs. Thomane Fjelde Hansen, as his model for the Minerva statue, a bronze figure standing 7 feet tall and weighing 1700 pounds.

Jakob Henrik Gerhard Fjelde was born in Ålesund, Norway in 1859. His father encouraged him to begin wood carving at the age of 10 and in the spring of 1877 he was sent to study sculpture. He spent time in Rome, Copenhagen, and Bergen, then in 1887 moved to Minneapolis, MN where he lived until his death in May, 1896.

Fjelde created several notable sculptures in Minneapolis. In addition to Minerva (who was originally called “Muse of History” or sometimes just “Literature”), there’s the sculpture of Hiawatha and Minnehaha at Minnehaha Park and Norwegian violinist Ole Bull in Loring Park.

This National Library Week, visit Minerva at any of the 41 Hennepin County Library locations. Share your selfies using the hashtag #myHCL.

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i was tagged by vclvt, i love your blog so much thank youuu


1. what’s your favorite fashion/clothing trend?

uhm, probably like dr. martens and pretty socks 

2. what’s your favorite animal?

awh jeez i love all animals. i think my favorite will have to be giraffes

3. what country do you want to live in?

hmmm. south korea! 

4. if you could only listen to one band/artist, who would it be?


5. if you could dye your hair any color, what would it be?

purple. it was purple for a while and i had to dye it back to my natural hair color due to getting a new job.

6. who would you take with you to a deserted island?

lea seydoux

7. do you have any recurring dreams? (you can say what it is or not)

no, i rarely dream. if i do dream its always and bad dream and my mother always dies and i can’t deal with it. 

8. favorite fruit?

pineapples or apples

9. best subject in school?

when i was in school it was health science. 

10. how would you describe your personality?

little weird and annoying and super funny 

People I tag: warhcl watqsn wraithlings macbcth mugnu nogrowthincomfort clonia dehaahn snowjon symphcny slightly-skeletal sidereal-cereal

that was more then ten oops 

my questions: 

  1. Favorite book?
  2. favorite food? 
  3. what’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend? 
  4. where were you born? 
  5. how many pets do you have and what are their names? 
  6. what’s your middle name? 
  7. what’s your favorite museum? 
  8. favorite artist? 
  9. what is the nicest thing you’ve done for a person?
  10. dr. martens or converse? 

you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to but its fun! :3 

bloodyhcll asked:

☞ + harry potter u w u

send me ☞ + a character to see how i would portray them.

        “i think am going to do the thing”

hermione & ron: hoe don’t do it 
dumbledore:  hoe don’t do it
Ginny: hoe don’t do it
siurs & remus:  hoe don’t do it
mcgonagall: :  hoe don’t do it
luna & nevile :  hoe don’t do it  
snape  :  hoe don’t do it
the rest of the weasley family hoe don’t do it
dobby :  hoe don’t do it 
voldermort:  :  hoe don’t do it 

       “guys i am doing the thing.”

anonymous asked:

Do you think they'd have tattoo parlours in Battery City? Or would that be too unique and stuff?

Hmm, good question. I think you’d find them in the Lobby. Not sure about the city. They might allow a few small, tasteful tattoos that can easily be hid with clothing. Piercings would probably be limited to pierced ears.


National Library Week Part IV: Minerva Moves to Minneapolis Central

When the Main Library moved to a new Minneapolis Central Library at 4th and Nicollet, Minerva moved too. She came in from the wind and weather and was placed outside the entrance to Heritage Hall, the auditorium. Behind her was the ornately carved wooden mantelpiece from the ladies’ reading room at the old Main Library, which is now the entrance to the Special Collections department at the new Minneapolis Central Library.

These photographs were taken as part of a conservation assessment of the sculpture in 2002. Minerva went through an extensive restoration process to repair damage caused by decades of exposure to the outdoor elements. Damage primarily included erosion, discoloration, and staining.

This National Library Week, visit Minerva at all 41 HCL locations! Take a selfie and share with us using the hashtage #myHCL. Why do you love your HCL?

Learn more about what type of library user you are by taking this quiz and sharing it with your family and friends. We’ll report back on what we learn about our library community.