Six dangerous prescription drugs you should think twice before taking
Just because your doctor prescribes it does not necessarily mean it is safe for you to take. Many popular prescription drugs, it turns out, come with the potential for serious side effects, including everything from short-term nausea and headaches to chronic inflammatory myopathy and heart disease — or worse.

3) Antibiotics. The leading cause of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs,” antibiotics are another class of drugs that can cause long-term health problems without providing much, if any, benefit. Insanely overprescribed for conditions that often do not even respond to them, antibiotics and their long-term abuse by the medical system has made many infections more virulent and untreatable.

According to Shane Ellison, M.S., from The People’s Chemist, the three most dangerous antibiotics currently being prescribed are Levaquin (levofloxacin), Vancocin (vancomycin hydrochloride), and Bactrim (trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole). Ellison also lists quinolones, the most commonly prescribed class of antibiotics, as dangerous as well, noting that antibiotics like Cipro (ciprofloxacin), Avelox (moxifloxacin HCL), and Floxin (ofloxacin) can cause severe and permanent disability. (http://thepeopleschemist.com)

It had been a while since he last saw or even thought about her. 
But now Ren was slowly getting worried - even though she most 
likely would be scared of him, would maybe even don’t want him
to approach her, but he was honestly concerned , on the same 
hand he was also angry about what happened though -

And so when he now stood there in front of her quarters he frowned, 
he had been standing there for quite a while now, without saying 
anything, without even attempting to knock or make a move to 
open it. But then he finally raised his hand - just placed it against the 
closed doors. With a sigh he also leaned his forehead against it. 
Ana…- are you there?” 

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Old Books in New Cases

Hennepin County Library’s Preservation Department recently completed a large-scale preservation project focusing on the Minneapolis and Minneapolis-Suburban City Directories housed at the Minneapolis Central Library. Using digital scans of the Minneapolis City Directories from 1859-1929 (of which the years 1859-1922 are available online), staff printed new copies to acid-free paper. The paper in the original directories was highly acidic and crumbling. The bindings were falling apart and the thick volumes were heavy and difficult to handle. The new directories have been bound in multiple volumes, making them more stable and easier to use.

Later years of the Minneapolis City Directory and the Minneapolis-Suburban directories were split and rebound as two-volume sets, again giving the volumes greater stability and easier handling for users.

These old city directory are not phone books, but are invaluable pictures of the population of Minneapolis and Hennepin County in years past, providing information on home owners, renters, boarders, businesses, vocational and employment information and marital relations.

ok so i have news abt hcl

i have a couple of blogs set up - @hydrocloric-comic for the actual story bits and @hydrocloric-blog for the bits where i talk about it - and a little sneak peak page of the comic is on there

the comic will be your traditional, non-interactive comic (which i think can give me a lot more control over the narrative than i would if i made it interactive) and it’s currently queued up for the beginning of march, with an update every week

from now on ill be posting updates about it on the hydrocloric blog, but when a new batch of pages comes out ill make sure to make a post about it here too!!

whatthehcll asked:

“So, it was you!”

( whatthehcll. meme. )

      Atë popped  out from behind  the collum, she was   orignally hiding 
 behind &&   gave one  of her  ( signature gesture’ s ). wicked smirk’ s.
 she  was the  goddess of  mischief  after  all,  though  her  sister’ s were
 alway’ s  cleaning  up after  her messe’ s.   (  goody  too shoe’ s ).  she
 been  caught,  no !   she wanted   to be caught,   she  ALLOWED  him to
 see her,   just  as  she was.

                           ❝  oop’ s.   what  the  PRIZED  or  can  you,  easily 
                       replace   it. ?   ❞

whatthehcll asked:

❛ You may not believe this, but I’m glad you found me. I’ve often wondered how you fared. You probably don’t realize, but you changed my life as much as I changed yours. ❜

Send Meg quotes from Nikita!


                                                                 His words left a shiver down her spine
                                                                 and a needle in the coils of her mind. A
                                                                 mortal could not consider changing a god.

Don’t butter me up–
                        give me the job plain.


Name: Hades
Age: 30
Do you like to cuddle?: Yes.
Can we make-out?: YES !!!
A night in or dinner out?: Night in !
Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?: Ice cream with chocolate covered strawberries.
What makes you a good Valentine?: I’m a GREAT Valentine, enough said. And plus I’m a fuckin’ GOD.
Would you cook for me?: Of course.
Would you let me cook for you?: Always.

       ❛   what is with gods and this. no, i’m not your type.    ❜

Advertise the HCL Range of Tablets

HCL manufactures tablets passageway the ME connection which has 9 popular models.

HCL ME Tablet U1 - The troche which runs on Android Ice Cream Bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich OS is powered by Face A8 1GHz processor and has internal COLLIDE capacity of 1 GB. They has a diorama screen of 7 inches with 800 x 480 (WVGA) resolution.

MY HUMBLE SELF Tablet Y2 - It runs on Android OS and is powered hereby Cortex A9 1 GHz processor. The display of 1024 sign manual 600 pixel WSVGA and graphics list are other specifications of the stela.

ME Tablet Connect 2G - The blotter with Android OS has Cortex A8 1 GHz processor, 1 GB DDR3 SINK and 4 GB internal daze storage which is expandable up into 32 GB. Camera pan include 0.3 MP front-facing camera and 2 FED rear camera with LED sec.

ME Champ - This tablet by way of Android OS is refined for kids. The specifications melt into one 1 GHz ARM Superstratum A9 next generation processor and 1 GB DDR3 RAM. The tablet offers unique graphics and has a blazon regarding 7 inches 800 x 480 WVGA.

ME Tablet CONNECT 2G 2.0 - The tablet with Jelly Folderol OS is powered by 1 GHz Cortex A9 processor and has 1 GB DDR3 RAM. Connectivity options include 3G support, SIM based cross-hatching connectivity with built in voice score, Wi-fi 802.11 b\milligram\n radio receiver chipset and Bluetooth.

ME Appointment schedule Y1 - The tablet with 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor and 1GB DDR3 TEG runs on Ice Coagulate Sandwich OS. The Esoteric flash memory of 8 GB is expandable up up to 32 GB by MicroSD card slot. Multimedia support includes full HD 1080p video and Mali 400 GPU integrated graphics.

THEM Connect V3 - HCL lap runs on Android OS and is powered by 1.2 GHZ Needles A9 dual core processor and has 1 GB DDR3 JUMBUCK. The internal flash remembrance of 8GB is expandable up to 32 GB. Camera specifications shrine 0.3MP at the front and 3.2MP at the back.

HCL ALTER Tablet SYNC 1.0 - The Jelly Farthing OS enabled tablet has 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9 next generation processor. It has 512 MB DDR3 RAM and 4 GB bosom trot out memory which is expandable up en route to 32 GB. Network connectivity includes 3G enabled through USB anthology card and Wi-Fi options.

HE Tab Connect 3G 2.0 - The tab has Jelly Greens OS, 1.2 GHz Armor plate A9 processor and 1GB DDR3 RAM. The 8 GB internal flash memory is expandable up to 32 GB and the display standard keep within 7 inch 1024 x 600 WSVGA HD screen. The device supports 3G voice and video career building, bipartisan SIM and has built in GSM.

The HCL ranges touching tablets are available in all online stores for an easy purchase. These tablets offering great works are priced reasonably for you to butter up a aware buy decision.

8000 Unemployed Youth Turn Up In Shockingly Long Queue For HCL Walk-In

In a shocking video that’s going viral - a queue longer than you can imagine - consisting of more than 8000 young people carrying resumes - turned up for the HCL walk-in interview in Bangalore on the 24th of January, 2016.

This unbelievable video will give you an idea about our economic slowdown and how millions of unemployed graduates in our country are desperate for jobs.

According to a report in Bangalore Mirror:

1,200 posts and 8,000-plus candidates lining up on the not-so-broad Velankani Drive in E-City. The post on offer — Engineer Trainee — came with an annual package of Rs 2.75 lakh. The candidates invited were 2014/15 grads of information technology, electrical and electronics engineers, electronic and communication engineers and BTech. The interview was scheduled for 10am to 2pm, and when the company saw the queue starting to pile up around 7am, it began the written test at 9am. Around 800 took the test, which is when, around 9.30am, the company took stock of the situation.

What is horrifying about this whole ordeal is that after waiting in this crazy queue all day, most of the candidates were sent back without an interview!

Warning, this video might make you a little depressed:

In fact, many candidates came from out of town too.

According to Bangalore Mirror:

Sajid B from Bihar said, “This is not the way to conduct an interview for thousands of unemployed youths who stood there for hours thinking their turn would come in some time. Within two hours the whole crowd was scattered and it was utter chaos when police arrived and asked us to leave as the interview got cancelled.” A spokesperson of HCL Technologies Ltd at the venue said, “We did not expect so many people to drop in today (Sunday) for the walk-in recruitment drive. We had to stop the interview process and ask the jobseekers to drop in their resumes with us.”

Is this the Achhe Din we all hoped for? 

(Footnote: Dear Readers, if you (or someone you know) were among the 8000 in the HCL walk-in, and would like to share your story, we will be happy to feature it in this post. Do respond in the comments section.)

Op bezoek bij het Sociaal Historisch Centrum voor Limburg

Om elkaar beter te leren kennen en vooral om onze gebruikers beter te kunnen kunnen (door)verwijzen hebben mijn werkgever Centre Céramique en het Sociaal Historisch Centrum voor Limburg besloten bij elkaar op bezoek te gaan. Vorige week waren ‘ze’ bij ons en vandaag bezochten wij het Sociaal Historische Centrum voor Limburg (SHCL) gevestigd in het monumentale pand in de Sint Pieterstraat te Maastricht. In dit pand huist ook het Regionaal Historisch Centrum Limburg (RHCL). 

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“When people ask you to express your feelings, they don’t mean your actual feelings they mean the feelings that they want you to have because people can’t deal with dark or scary or weird. They want you to smile and say ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Everything’s great,’ because then they can just go on with their boring lives and never think about you again.”
~Miles Hollingsworth (Eric Osborne)

The Painters Seraph

Written by Myles Smith


A haven lies in Noho,
A refuge of safety inside the jungle.
His place of escape,
Not only from living,
But from life.
Hidden from societal beasts,
Paint’s prophet crept in solitude.

An asylum for his enigmatic mind,
He resided in shadows.
Conforming to nothing.
A staple of abstraction and figuration.

He painted storm clouds on a canvas
And pumped them through his veins,
Pleasingly depressing his nervous system.

Pupils shrank in excitement,
His mind was safe and warm,
Pain had been abandoned.
HCL traversed the trench of blood
Pooling around his thoughts.
An instantaneous flight,
Soaring amongst the clouds he had painted.

Intoxication exuded masterpiece,
One last time.


You were a puzzle; a genius waiting to be seen.
Occasionally noticed but rarely praised.
Your insoluble mind seized the nation.
You wholly portrayed corporate white America
On your small and barren white canvas.
Mother Madeline birthed an angel.
Never mutually exclusive but always paradoxical,
Your works indulged in suggestive dichotomies:
Only to be digested by the savvy intellectual.
A victim of the American dream,
You enlightened an era.

Now laying next to strangers,
Vacant is your mind of danger.
Your psyche of governmental affliction,
Forever encompassed in my benediction.

It’s you I have studied and I now survive,
I’ve mimicked your yearning passion to thrive.
And while I decode your beautiful art,
Your paintbrush slowly blazes my heart.

A gorgeous heroin has taken you Jean,
This potent bliss, your own black swan.
I mourn the death of Jean-Michel Basquiat,
A liberated mind, eternally pregnant with thought.