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Is that true that the blue shirt Tom wore in most recent UNICEF photo(The one in which he lifted a little girl with one hand) is the same one he wore when he wrote the angry bird while filming Skull Island??

Unfortunately yes. Everytime I think this crusty blue button up has finally been confiscated by the TSA as a health hazard it magically shows up again. I swear Tom continues to wear this just to aggravate me 

Tom and Crusty have had many adventures together. Prior to the South Sudan trip, Crusty made his film debut appearance in The Night Manager. Tom even brought Crusty along for some beach canoodling. 

If you look closely at the new pictures of this shirt you can see where the buttons have repaired because Tom ripped them all to hell years ago. 

Caffeine Hazard: Oh, come on! It’ll be fun!
Decaf: Get your hooves off me >:C
Caff: Just try it!

Here’s this year’s mistletoe meme featuring Decaf <3
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