The Hazards of Being Biological


Worthington Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc. had facilities all over the world, but only two handled government contracts. Both of them lay well outside the boundaries of civilization. One was tucked into a huge swath of Brazilian rain forest and tolerated by the Brazilian authorities because of a tangle of treaties, contracts, and backroom deals that made a plate of spaghetti look organized and orderly. The other lay hidden in one of the USA’s many, many old missile bases, secure under a prairie that hadn’t been disturbed in almost forty years. It was this second place that Warren Worthington was headed for.

It hadn’t been on his plans for the day, or even the month, to stop by. No one “stopped by” the government-contract lab on a whim. You went there when you had business there–a test to do away from the prying eyes of employees without clearances, say, or a formula you wanted to work on without filling out endless forms about hazardous materials.

It wasn’t surprising that his handler knew about the lab. What was odd was that she had asked him–practically begged him–to drop everything and go out there to inspect it. Thoroughly. “I need you to find out whether any groups of non-employees have arrived in the last 24 hours,” she’d told him. “Use any pretext you want to. Don’t trust that you’re being told the truth–look everywhere yourself. Some people with a very rare mutation were kidnapped from one of our facilities, and we think they may have been taken there to be–to be tortured and interrogated before…before they’re used–” She’d broken off, and taken a long moment to come back to the phone. “You know what can happen to people who disappear into the company’s testing labs.”

Yes, he did, and it was another one of those components of the company that he would have preferred to remain in the dark about. There was no way to stop it without knowing what it was and where it happened, though, so all he could do was grit his teeth and try to keep tabs on everything that happened there.

It would have been nice if she’d offered some details this time around, if only  because “rare mutation” could mean anything from “harmless but unprecedented” to “literal walking nuclear reaction”, but by this point Warren had been working with them long enough to know when questions wouldn’t be answered. So instead of asking, he’d simply answered, “’Kay, give me a couple hours to get out there”, grabbed a coat long enough to cover up his particularly visible mutation (as long as no one looked too close), and left.

Even if he knew better than to push on them too hard or too often, being the boss’s son had its benefits, and one of them was clearance. Door security looked skeptical, but the keycard checked out, and he was still classed as ‘above suspicion’.

Though how long that would last, he didn’t know.

“Hey, you guys seen anybody else come through today? Non-employees?”

That’s the shock talking

Hello! The comic has updated today.


Our protagonist is very upset about HAVING THEIR HANDS CUT OFF.

If you are feeling upset about that as well and don’t mind a small spoiler, here is an image reflecting the end of this issue:


(I am fond of surprises and plot twists, but I am more fond of people not being too upset to read the comic.)

A few more to go, woke up early

Got up extra early today because of a horror nightmare I had today. It was creeeepy bad. So! Guess I’m just gonna start finishing up sans hazard- about 5-6 little drawings left and it’ll be up :3 Probably post at night or early morning tomorrow! :D  

Also a little note: I’m gonna re.. well add another word for Shade!Sans, he is now named NightShade!Sans 

saiyans with muffin tops, because c’mon! you see the kind of food they eat! it’s unrealistic to think they wouldn’t have at least a LITTLE fat on them. 

goku has a small muffin top but doesn’t mind it at all, even if vegeta teases him about it sometimes. (lovingly) 

vegeta has thick thighs, strong thighs that can crush watermelons, but they’re soft to the touch from the excess fat. goku likes to rest inbetween them despite the crushing hazard,

i need some body positivity haha

Boyfriend Shirt.

Everybody and their Rockruff is shipping Guzma and Kukui and I’m just over here shipping Guzma and Plumeria so they better not turn out to be siblings or something because that would seriously ruin my headcanons

I still have no idea what their ship name is, can anybody help me out? Although if I had to hazard a guess it would probably be Skullshipping.

Had a big storm roll through town last night. I was on my way home from work and I happened to notice this soaked, struggling kitten in the middle of the street. I threw on my hazards and scooped up the kitten. Reddit meet stormy.

Sans Hazard comic

Artists who participate my comic Sans hazard are

me metakakz

@wolf-wrathknight or @wolfwrathknight same person







it’s full

in order

1- me Metakazkz

2- Wolfwrathknight

3- Jakei95

4- hammie-heart

5- metalphoenixx 

6- rahafwabas (next)

7 -youmnamito

8 - Jokublog

rules ( read the rule 4 important )

1 - Let me know if you guys are busy or can’t at the moment.

2 - Remember this isn’t a race. Take all your time you need to concentrate your stuff.

3 - This is improvisation comic.,the point of this comic to be creative. make you guys laugh and feel with emotions moment.

 4 - The limit of how many pages will be five pages, no more. I don’t want you guys overwork yourself. So please take all your time you need. Remember no more than five pages.

What is Sans hazard?

advertisement. This comics is created by artistes not just one artist. Don’t take to much serious of the joke comic. this comic is no canon this is just for the fun.

it about Artistes a.k.a us have art block and wanted the do something new for change. Later, the group heard there is island for artistes who have artblock or don’t have inspiration. a place for vacation. the Artist decide to head to the island it’s exacly what they heard and see the image of the Iphone. the artist having a good time. The next day. they notice something strange is going. 

the story call  Sans hazard  

Objective survive on the island full of Evil sanses that try to kill you or try to turn artist into sanses. the good sanses group will protect the Artistes from them. Kaz and her group of Artist will solve the mystery of the mysterious island.

summary. ( sorry for my grammar error.)

The great artists island is been created by Ink!sans. The purpose of this island is the help the artists get they creativity and passion back. Everything  is perfect and succeed helping the artists get pass through the obstacles. One day  a group of people who are not artist come to steal and destroy the island. No one knows why those group did it. Rumors told that this island is curse for those who disturbed it will be severe punishment, it’s worst than dead.

Kaz and her groups of artist will have to discover what is going on in this island.

here is the beginning of SANS HAZARD

part 1 http://metakazkz.tumblr.com/post/149079370500/metalphoenixx-rahaf-wabas-youmnamito

part 2 http://metakazkz.tumblr.com/post/149284735515/rahafwabas-youmnamito-jakei95

part 3 http://metakazkz.tumblr.com/post/149472020520/jokublog-youmnamito-metakazkz

Part 4 http://metakazkz.tumblr.com/post/150005453600/metakazkz-wolf-wrathknight-metalphoenixx

‘ before i sit down next to you - you’re not allergic to cats, are you ?? ’ it’s a question of common courtesy. since her mother had passed and she’d moved into an apartment above the cat cafe she’s started, sylvia’s entire life has become covered in cat hair. always one or two pieces, no matter how many lint rollers she uses up. besides, she’d hate to cause someone’s allergic reaction just because she sat next to them. (besides, there was even more added hazard to people with cat allergies - she’s got her catstronaut backpack on, which means one of her lucky kitties is in her bag right now !! )

Elara makes some of the best expressions ever only I’ve managed to get screenshots of the funniest faces ever so here’s a bunch of them with captions

“Note to self: Do not encourage the flirting”

“Well, Sergeant Jorgan certainly is… assertive.”

“Why are you still flirting with me, Hallow?” (this is one of my favorites)

“I’ve heard bad pick-up-lines, but that one was probably the worst by far. And aren’t choking hazards usually labeling small things?”

And BONUS: PRETTY PICTURE (featuring her almost raising an eyebrow)

“Thank the stars he’s done flirting… Actually, from this angle, that hat isn’t terribly horrible on him.”

anonymous asked:

My oc's story is different, since she's plant based, she gets akumatized when she confronts Chole's father for not caring about the environmental issues, such as trees,etc. But since he's a corrupt politician he just kicks her out, making her upset.

 (2/2)  I’m trying to think about what Marinette and Adrien would be up to, I’m thinking that their science class to the Botanical Gardens in Paris.

That would be super cool! And make the most sense, I imagine a good way to bring in huge gardens is to get them to the country side but that makes it harder to incorporate the Mayor or to really explain why Ladybug and Chat Noir would show up, so Botanical Gardens is a nice set up. Plus the mayor totally seems like the kind of guy to make seedy deals under the table by overlooking environmental hazards, like an old Captain Planet villain.

At Norfolk Southern, #safety is our number one priority. Operation Awareness & Response (OAR), was launched in 2015 to educate the public about the economic importance of the safe movement of hazardous materials by rail and to connect emergency #firstresponders in Norfolk Southern communities with information and training resources. Thank you to the #Greenville area first responders for joining us today for our OAR training.
To learn more:
Pictured: diagram used to educate participants about the parts of a #locomotive. #norfolksouthern (at Norfolk Southern Corp)

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