happy things:

  • jack and bitty discussing their feelings and deciding together that they both want to tell their close friends about their relationship
  • jack driving to samwell and bitty baking a giant cake and writing “surprise! jack is my boyfriend!” in frosting on the top. he hands the piping bag to jack with raised eyebrows and jack laughs and frosts two little hearts and a smiley face. bitty texts the team that there’s cake at the haus and everyone shows up and sees jack there and then the cake and just. is shocked but also there’s cake and this is? really cute? shitty is there bc he’s not too far from samwell and he’ll drive his ass there to get cake, and he cries. everyone is hugging them and going “seriously? really? ‘swawesome oh my god” 
  • jack doesn’t have practice the next day until the evening so he stays long enough for all of them to gather around the hazard couch to talk about how samwell’s season is going/shitty’s classes at Harvard/ransom asking 700000 questions about tater, and it’s warm and bitty has cocoa and jack has his arm around his shoulder and it’s almost like nothing has changed, except that it HAS but for the better. 
  • bitty’s starting to get sleepy bc he hasn’t been sleeping well and it’s 11 and so he drops his head to jack’s shoulder and closes his eyes for a moment, and then jolts a bit when shitty lets out a very watery sounding “AWWW, LOOK AT YOU TWO BEAUTIFUL FUCKERS” 
  • jack laughs a bit and shushes him gently and is like “let bits sleep, shits”, which only causes everyone else to exclaim “BITS!!” “AWWW” “YOU MASTER OF ROMANCE ZIMMERMANN”. 
  • bitty, who thought he’d hate this sort of thing, people commenting on his relationship, actually just feels really happy and might be tearing up a bit. This is what’s been missing from his life these past few months. he’s missed his friends and he’s missed being honest with them. 
  • the conversation shifts back to the falconers, and bitty, who’s heard most of the stories jack tells already, starts to drift back to sleep on his boyfriend. 
  • he wakes up to jack shaking his shoulder lightly, about twenty minutes later. jack, in typical jack fashion, reminds him of his french quiz tomorrow. in french. and bitty groans but sits up and stretches. he says goodnight to everyone and he and jack head up to his room. 
  • surprisingly only a few of their friends wolf whistle at them ascending the staircase together. bitty rolls his eyes and jack mutters “give it a rest, assholes” 
  • they smush onto bitty’s twin bed and fall asleep snuggling and smiling and being happy and warm

Via  Friends of the Tank Museum :

The M60 Service Life extension Programme (SLEP) is a Raython offering allowing countries which still use the US Built M60 tank to modernise their vehicles at a relatively low cost. The 105 mm M68 rifled tank gun is replaced by the 120 mm M256 smoothbore gun of the M1A1 Abrams tank, while the engine is replaced with an uprated one which delivers 950 horsepower instead of the earlier 750 hp. Electric gun and turret drives replace the previous hydraulic versions, which were slower and a fire hazard, and the old mechanical ballistic computer is replaced by a modern digital fire control system.

gameknightreloading  asked:

If you turn into a sans in sans hazard, maybe you could try to lure others out like this. Hey! Over here! Look! I HAVE MUNEY AND BOOBS! ( yes i brought that back )

This is an interesting idea….

Man I didn’t remember that comic X’D
…screw u piercing…


Astronomers Measure Galactic Winds at Milky Way’s Center, Detect Record-Breaking X-Ray Flares From Its Supermassive Black Hole

Earth’s location in the suburbs of the Milky Way galaxy provides us with a relatively quiet and safe haven, far from the hazards of all the high-energy phenomena that take place at the center of our galaxy, 26,000 light-years away, in the direction of the Sagittarius constellation. Despite our large distance from the Milky Way’s central regions, astronomers have been meticulously studying the latter’s surroundings for decades, in the hopes of gaining more insights about all the energetic goings-on that take place at the heart of our galaxy, while probing the physical processes which power the supermassive black hole that is believed to lie there. Now, by using the power of NASA’s Hubble and Chandra space telescopes, two independent teams of astronomers have recently managed to measure the velocities and chemical composition of the two giant bubbles of outflowing gas that have been found to extend above and below the galactic center, while also detecting X-ray flares of unprecedented intensity from the vicinity of its supermassive black hole.

Read more ~ AmericaSpace

Top: A composite image of the area around the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, known as Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*), taken with NASA’s Chandra X-ray space telescope. The colors in the main image represent medium, and high-energy X-rays as red, green, and blue respectively. The inset box shows a giant X-ray flare that has been recently detected very close to the black hole, along with a much steadier X-ray emission from a nearby magnetar. Image
   Credit: NASA/CXC/Northwestern Univ/D.Haggard et al
Left: An X-ray movie of the region close to Sgr A* which shows the recently giant flare (upper right), along with a much steadier X-ray emission from a nearby magnetar, (lower left).
   Image Credit: NASA/CXC/Amherst College/D.Haggard et al.
Right: An animation showing the orbits of several stars around Sgr A* at the core of the Milky Way, from 1995 to 2011.
   Image Credit: Keck/UCLA Galactic Center Group/Andrea Ghez et al.

@startwithoutme | Continued from X

TJ bitterly sips his drink, not really looking at Sean at the
moment. He knew the male was married when they started
this but he ignored it for as long as possible. He didn’t want
to sound like a jealous boyfriend but he couldn’t help it, he 
loved the male and wanted him to himself. “I’m not going to
make you choose but I at least want a weekend with you without
her calling all the damn time.” He sighs and pushes away from the
table, setting down his drink. “I gotta go. Mom needs me.” He doesn’t
want to end their night together with a fight but dammit he wanted time
with Sean to himself. 

“Positive” Colors:

  • Orange and Orange shades - childlike, vibrant, energetic, ‘happy’, social, loud, frivolous
  • Red and Red shades - mature, strong, passionate, aggressive, temperamental, warlike, dangerous, courageous
  • Pinks and Pink shade - playful, flirty, gaudy, cozy, wild, fragile, sweet, tender
  • Greens and Green Shades - young, natural, healthy, energetic, soothing, balanced, restful
  • Blues and Blue Shades - faithful, water, coolness, dreamy, soft, faithful, sophisticated, confident, cold, distant
  • Light Browns and Creamy Shades - woodsy, exotic, welcoming, rustic
  • Earthy Browns - delicious, warm, wholesome, earthy
  • Golds -rich, expensive, royal, gaudy
  • Yellow and Yellow shades - hospitable, summer, energetic, cowardly, betrayal, hazardous
  • Light Purple and Pale Purple Shades - wistful, thoughtful, peaceful, romantic, fanciful

Weekly Recommendation post #26

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oтнer recѕ:

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♥ hiccstrid | crazy in love ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)    by httyddylxo

anonymous asked:

Hey, um. Heh. I don't do this often. But it's just, you're great, and I - I think I'm starting to fall for you. I hope you don't find that weird. So - yeah. I mean, it's not just your looks, even though you're really pretty; I just dig the way you talk, and I think we have a lot in common. I travel a lot, kind of an occupational hazard, but if you ever end up in Lebanon, Kansas, we should get coffees or anything you'd like. Name's Sam, by the way. I... guess I forgot that part.

This might be the best thing I have ever received. You win anon, you win.


lupathedragonqueen  asked:

can I please have a 75 with Bruce

75. Just kiss each other already! Prompt idea list here

You were hanging around in Bruce’s lab, helping him out with a little side project, when Tony walked in. He narrowed his eyes when he saw you two holding hands and acting all goofy while working.

“Yuck. Just kiss each other already!” Tony pretended to gag. “You lovebirds are making me uncomfortable. You’re a safety hazard in this laboratory.”

“That’s hilarious, coming from you.” You rolled your eyes. “Does this make you more uncomfortable?” You strolled over to Bruce and pulled his chin forward. Then you kissed him smack on the lips, taking him by surprise.

He was startled at first, but recovered quickly and kissed you back. You got into it and almost forgot Tony was there until he coughed loudly.

“Um, actually, yes, that does make me uncomfortable. I was kidding when I said kiss. Get a room!”

anonymous asked:

is working in Salem not fun? it seems amazing

Honestly, I imagine that someone with inhuman amounts of energy would probably have a blast, but it’s a nightmare for anyone else. The environment itself is really fun, but the sheer numbers of crowds get overwhelming very quickly (most shops have to have people serving as bouncers to prevent crowds of people from becoming fire hazards), and they never let up. There’s also the usual tourist dumbassery you get at any time of year, only turned up to 11 due to the size of the crowds. Also, parking is a bitch (not to mention all the garages jack up their rates in October because they know the tourists will pay that much anyway), and the police are constantly cordoning off roads and setting up detours that make little sense. Salem in the fall is absolutely wonderful, but I’d personally recommend visiting in mid-late September rather than October - most of the businesses have finished their preparations for the October rush by then, but you don’t get the actual October rush.

Why do men keep getting fatter? (Men’s Journal)

It’s widely known that carrying excess pounds increases your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other serious, even fatal, health conditions. Yet over the past few decades, American men have kept on getting fatter. Today, 71 percent of guys are either overweight or obese. Compare that to 1994, when 61 percent of men fell into this range — or to 1960, when just 49 percent of guys were overweight or obese.

Even more concerning, men’s waistlines are expanding at a faster rate than their body-mass indexes are climbing. A study published in JAMA found that 43 percent of men today have a waist circumference of at least 40 inches, compared to just 37 percent in 1999. The problem with extra chub around the midsection is that it’s mostly visceral fat, a deeper, more hazardous type of fat than the subcutaneous flab found elsewhere on your body. According to Dr. Lisa Neff, an endocrinologist at the Northwestern Comprehensive Center for Obesity, visceral fat secretes pro-inflammatory hormones that easily enter the bloodstream and reach vital organs, wreaking havoc on everything from insulin sensitivity to triglyceride levels. These negative effects, in turn, can increase your odds of diabetes and other diseases.

So why do guys keep gaining weight? Neff calls out the usual suspects like larger restaurant portions and wider availability of food leading to many more calories being consumed. Couple that with the huge decrease in physical activity, and the balance of calories in and out has shifted for the worse. But Neff says there are plenty of other factors. “Many medications, including depression and blood-pressure drugs, promote weight gain,” she says. “Meanwhile, staying up late and working long hours can affect hunger, fullness, and metabolism, causing men to gain weight.

On top of all that, Neff says many younger men today were born to be fat. “There’s now been a whole generation of mothers who were too overweight while pregnant,” she explains. “It’s fetal programming. Those babies are much more likely to become overweight or have obesity-related diseases than babies born to healthy-weight moms.”

The next question is why fat guys stay fat, especially given the incessant messaging about the dangers of obesity and the benefits of nutritious food and exercise. Of course, some dudes don’t do a damn thing to help their cause. But many overweight men do try to eat right and work out, yet they still struggle to shed pounds. Why? Neff says our slow-to-evolve brains are partially to blame.

“The brain’s weight-regulation center, the hypothalamus, has a weight ‘set point’ that it tries to keep you within range of,” Neff explains. “From an evolutionary perspective, its job is to protect you from starvation, which made sense thousands of years ago when famine was a real threat.” If your weight dips below the set point, the hypothalamus sets in motion starvation responses, including a drop in metabolism, which can hinder further weight loss.

Your hypothalamus can really screw you if you pack on extra pounds and keep them on for a while. Neff says your brain will get used to your heavier weight as the new normal and make it the new set point to defend, instead of your previous healthy weight. Then, if you try to get back to your original weight, your hypothalamus will think you’re starving.

This is why it’s crucial to prevent weight gain in the first place. “It’s so important to stay stable as much as you can,” Neff says. “Don’t just accept weight gain and say, ‘Oh well, I’ll just lose it after vacation.’ There are ways to take off weight once it’s on — healthier eating, physical activity — but the brain and body make it extremely tough.”



Even with technical difficulties, my our babies are so professional.

  1. Jinyoung awesome jump when he knew the lift is malfunctioning (0:14)
  2. Jackson wrecking the stage lights (0:36), but manage to remove some of it while dancing. (0:46)
  3. JB smoothly removing the remaining hazard lights. (0:57)
  4. GOT7 improvising Fly choreo from V-formation to one line formation.

BONUS: 2Youngs angelic “Fly” voice~

(via Rock Music 20160924)

Slippery Slope

 “Slippery Slope”

There is a hole,

Where the hapless go,

To stare with curiosity,

And with a cautious leer.

It calls to those who steered,

To far left,

When they should have,

Swerved a right,

And no choice is given,

But to veer,

Into the hazards abound.

And from the crash,

They wonder near comatose,

Into woods, unfamiliar and forlorn.

Facing fears in the fog,

Knees wet with the blood of the bog.

Dragging their dread,

Noosed around their neck,

They wait,

They wait for that saving grace,

The one people speak of,

That always comes.

And in the skies,

With red raw eyes,

They see only rain and lies.

Should they brave the bog,

Its air thick with smog,

The hole will await.

And you have not,

Many choices.

Dive into the abyss,

In inebriated bliss,

With melancholic familiars.

Or do nothing,

And let the forest,

The bog,

Whisper insanities,

Profane obscenities into your,

Vulnerable ear.

No matter the steel of the man,

That hole will feel welcoming,

Give torment time.

anonymous asked:

hello a question related to sans hazard comic if someone got hit by a bone and is turning into a sans how is that transformation done? and what are the effects?

If the bone have to hit on the middle of the Human soul. it transform into sans in the matter of second.

If it’s miss it, it hurt them.  Doesn’t cause them to transform.

if it hit corner on the Human soul. It slowly turn into sans. in the matter of 2 or 3 hours.  It have to find to cure before the transformation is complete. If it’s complete it’s too late.


lost inside insanity
comfortably numb
too tedious
in Stockholm
Lima in flux
in the mixture
in routine
death for occupation
drifting in mainstream
with demons and ducks
a mingling world
mining feelings of
careless and stuffed
warm and payed
the people are rats  
latched in a cage
smelling corpses
and hazardous waste
true society is a game
of eat the neighbors face
a theater of prison camps
the cell is but a canvas
painted with da Vinci’s hands 
but that illusion is a lie
the logic is a delusion
miserable and flimsy
jealousy of humans
each one separated
from holy communication
the astray fucking Trumps
are no threat to the maker
no bother to the cause
no lesson to be learned
they are ostensibly lost
whatever the spectrum involves
maybe no one cares
party over there
while I’ll be over here
sidestepping all the fear

By: Waldo