Rotating supercell over the U.S. Great plains. I can’t tell if this is actual video or if this artists works to animate still frames, but I think some of their clips are the latter.  Almost time for tornado season to start moving up to the central U.S.

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The US National Science Foundation shared this vine showing how scientists actually sample active lava flows on Hawaii - they literally pull the lava away with a hammer then drop it in a bucket of water nearby.


Storm chaser prepping for the 2017 season shared this magnificent video of a 2016 tornado they spotted in Kansas.


it’s national best friend day so of course I had to make this post, these are my favourite football friendships💗💗. (of course my absolute faves are first)


Storm Chaser Mike Olbinski captured this rotating supercell over the plains of Texas in 2016

“I don’t feel like an entertainer, but I try to send people home with a good feeling. I want to delight them. When I go to a film or a show, I want to be thrilled. I try to make the fans happy too. They pay so much money to watch us. I try to give them value for money. And hopefully they go home smiling after 90 minutes.”

“There are dozens of picture on this table in which I’m laughing. That’s me. Even if things aren’t going my way, I try to keep smiling. Fun is my fuel, nothing else. I am one of the lucky ones doing a job that I love. Many people would be happy to be in a footballer’s shoes. That’s why I enjoy every day.”

-Eden Hazard


Timelapse video of supercell storms building and spinning over the American Great Plains, 2016.

Eden Hazard has dropped his biggest hint yet that he is ready to reject Real Madrid and stay at Chelsea despite ongoing interest from the European champions.

Speaking to Chelsea’s official magazine, he said: ‘Hopefully next year it is the same, we win the league and then I win player of the year. Obviously winning the league is what we want most and the award is just a bonus. We started this season well and we won the league, but next year we have to work as hard as we have this season. We have to be ready every year at the same level to stay at the top. I ’ve been here for five years now and I’m so happy. I’m at one of the best clubs in the world, so I’m very happy to play for such a big club like this. After five years I know everything about the club. Even if I’m still only 26, I have a lot of experience now.I started playing at 16 in France so I’ve been professional for 10 years. In terms of games and experience, I’m one of the oldest ones. I like this club because it’s like a family. I have a lot of friends and we all talk to each other.’