*hayley williams

hey, you guys. can we talk? i just wanna go over a few important things with you about how “ex”-emo culture is evolving, if that’s cool.

i know it’s easy to make fun of young kids and teenagers who are obsessed with artists like twenty one pilots, halsey, and melanie martinez. i see you guys laughing at them and cringing at them a lot, and i get it. it’s easy to criticize.

but next time someone takes the time to stylize and spell out twenty one pilots, or a kid with a halsey icon follows you, i want you to remember back to when were a kid. how did people who were not fans of “emo” bands treat you? what names did they call you? how often were you belittled and exiled for the music you listened to, the clothes you wore, the way you did your hair?

stop pretending your past didn’t happen, and please treat these kids with the kindness and respect we all know we wanted back then. okay? thanks.

sincerely, an adult in the bandom who is sick of post-emo cringe culture.

“Well, you built up a world of magic
Because your real life is tragic”

  Brick By Boring Brick - Paramore