Stardew Valley (IGF) - Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’?


So HAWP’s new video on gross gamer dudes is officially my new favorite thing


HAWP did a thing about Social Justice and I am reminded why I love Anthony and Ashly Burch.


Event[0] (IGF) - Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’?


ladies and gentlemen, the voice of chloe price

just in case u weren’t aware

my obscure theory that saints row and borderlands take place in the same universe

consider that after the earth was destroyed, the boss and the saints found other elements of humanity, humanities best and brightest and most interesting from history and would have then used alien technology and gone on to colonize other planets. the earth was destroyed, this is why you never hear anything about it

the reason modern pop culture is so popular in the future is because the saints, being the pop culture kind of people they were, made sure all this shit was made incredibly important and relevant as a culture thing for all of humanity. same reason the humor is so prevalent

also anthony burch and the HAWP cast appeared in SR4 as DLC, and when i asked about these two games taking place in the same universe he said that would be an awesome idea and he thought it would be cool as canon and if he got the sr4 writer on board it would be, not that it would impact the plot or anything and not that burch is with gearbox anymore but like

that’s what solidified this obscure and mostly irrelevant detail as canon in my mind, it’d just make sense and be a cool part of the history of the blands universe and lore, but not relevant to the games currently that take place 800 years later