“I saw Kendra.”

“You mean like one of her past selves?”

“I think. Maybe? I don’t know. She- She seemed like Kendra, my Kendra.”

“I uh, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but Nate and I were standing right next to you and none of us saw Kendra.”

“She was right there! She was in that blue cloak, and she looked right at me!”

“Ray… there was no one there.”

“She was there, I saw her, she smiled at me and-”

“Maybe you didn’t see her. Maybe you saw something that looked like her so you’d notice.”

“But… why would someone or something need Ray’s attention? And how would it know that Kendra would be the way to do it?”

– (in which the lady of the lake takes the shape of what ray most desires to lead him to her… but for what, he’s not sure.)

Damnit. I’m working on my Dragon Age OC page and I’ve decided I want to have a character that romances Harding in game. That way I’ll be ready if Harding is involved with DA4 at all. 

And I know everyone is thinking ME right now, but I keep wondering about DA4. I wonder if we’ll hear something at E3 in June. Cause by then it would have been two and a half years since DAI came out. Hmm.

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Whelp. I finally caved in and decided to create a siren for this lovely and wonderful world. So viola!

The Red Tail Hawk

Name: Sebastian Sawyer

Age: 21

Height: 5'11

Nationality: Japanese British (?)

Personality: Just like how he appears, Sebastian is a complete and utter asshole to the world around him. He always walks around with a ‘better-than-you’ attitude and never seems to acknowledge anyone but himself, which could also be the reason why so many girls love him. His ego is almost out of this world, claiming multiple times that he is the reincarnation of Adonis himself, only hotter and sexier. Many have described him as selfish and vain, but those close to him would say otherwise, describing him as more warm-hearted and sometimes oblivious. Very few, however, have seen this side of him as he is very distrustful of people after what had happened to him in his childhood, which had led to the murder of his mother. Without the influence of his kind mother, the Brit was left under the care of his strict and emotionless father and lacks empathy for others and finds it difficult when faced with a crying person.

His Voice: English | Japanese