There are monsters etched into his skin. They bite him daily, gnawing and gnashing, eating at his flesh. They are needles that prick away, trying to erase him, replace him, and make him into something he’s not. When he gives in to them, when he glows, more than just his monsters scream. There are bodies on the floor, bodies he put there, bodies which will never rise again. There are monsters etched into his skin. Sometimes he thinks he is the monster.

He picks at them at night, digging fingernails into flesh, trying to break free. There is pain, there is blood, and there is laughter at his efforts. Here he shows his chains, ones he will never escape, and cries out in frustration. He huddles on the floor of his stolen refuge, hugging arms to himself and begs, begs, to be free of this, of everything. Then he locks it all away and stands. He clenches a hand into a fist and vows not to show such weakness.

Years later, he breaks this vow. She puts her hands on his face, calls him wonderful and everything else crashes away into silence. Her touch banishes the monsters, her words chipping away at the chains. They stand on a precipice and he calls himself hers because that way it’s easier to be him. He wakes, dreaming of demons, and she tells him he has nothing to be afraid of. Not anymore. He is weaker with her, he is stronger with her, and he thinks himself elf, lover, friend, free.


[Part 2/2] Bits and pieces of a [fan] sequence set in the world of Miraculous Ladybug.  [The sequence was ultimately discarded due to conflicts with later canon, and other personal reasons]. However the roughs remain. [Part ½]

[Much emphasis on rough.]

General context & premise of the sequence:
[note: below will contain series SPOILERS and speculation]

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anonymous asked:

Own can we have Joly using his colourful band aids on the squad ? Btw Elise you are the Queen-Mother other of this fandom 😍

Not gonna lie, Bossuet is his primary customer. There is always a little cut that needs care. Once, Joly kissed Bossuet’s cheek and put two band aids right on top because “Here. It won’t got away. It’s stuck on your cheek now.”

He once helped Grantaire and Bahorel win a rugby match because the other team was confused as to why they had bright green band aids on them, so they were less focused

Joly patches everyone up after rallies, everyone has a colour, except Courfeyrac who has rainbow band aid (”Look at my band gayds”)

Once had to stitch the arch of Jehan’s brow and put a mauve band aid on it. Jehan kept  it for a week and a half because “Now everyone knows I’m cute and deadly (✿◠‿◠)” “Jehan you walked into a door frame while daydreaming” “Cute and deadly (◡‿◡✿)”