*having a little frustration*


The little voices inside your head (that drive you absolutely nuts).

(as in the Inside Out AU where Ryan doesn’t know what he did to deserve this)

I really love the dialogue you can have with Warden Alistair in Inquisition. like, yeah, he sounds a little frustrated and angry every time someone asks him about the Blight, but it makes sense? like, he’s hearing the Calling, every Grey Wardens nightmare (literally!), he’s watching the Order that he loves basically destroy itself after 10 years of trying to rebuild, and people are still asking him about the Blight.

ignoring that he’s probably got some serious PTSD from that whole time (being one of only two survivors, facing a fucking archdemon, all the horrible things they witnessed along the way, etc), I probably wouldn’t care much about what happened ten years ago if there was an evil Magister wreaking havoc.

but then the dialogue you get from a Warden Alistair that was romanced by a living Hero of Ferelden

his entire demeanor shifts when you ask him about the Hero of Ferelden. his voice loses the edge, he gets a little quieter, and he talks about her with every bit of emotion he did in Origins.

like, no, he doesn’t want to talk about the Blight and all of the horrible things that happened to him (and his friends and the woman he loved and his brother and his father figure) and he has no problem making that known, but he could talk about the love of his life for hours with the same bit of happiness he had before

idk, I keep thinking about that and honestly it just makes me really happy

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Silly writing

I’m currently unable to properly write, because my lense ran away from me and began a new career as a scubadiver and it’s frustrating. Sooo have a little silly thing typed on mobile (omg I hate that), born from a silly discussion. Because I WANNA WRITE DAMMIT.

Fang is borrowed with permission from @marloviandevil (whom is the very person the silly discussion was done with. Thaaaanks)


Plo stared at his pack, torn between fond exasperation and deep amusement. He was not familiar with Hezrr’s wildlife but, given the planet large and vast forests, the presence of wolves here wasn’t surprising. He had not thought his men would try to catch one, though. He could not see Wolffe allowing the frivolous chase that had probably been either, not when they were still on duty anyway.
Speaking of his Commander…

« Where is Wolffe ? » he asked Sinker.

The clone sighed and pointed at the wolfcub sitting at his feet. It was somewhat big, for a pup, with a thick coat of black fur and a glare and missing… an eye.
Oh dear Force.


The clones had apparently ran across an old ruin site during their recon, and when Wolffe had stepped inside to see if the wrecked building would make for a potential camp… there had been a terrible high pitched sound that made all of them wince, even those wearing their helmets, and when they had opened their eyes, there had been a wolfcub growling inside Wolffe’s armor.

Even without the missing eye, and the fact that the Pup had his Commander’s Force-presence as proof, Plo was certain this was Wolffe. Especially with the glare and the bitten fingers Boost got when he tried to carry the young wolf in his helmet.
Or the expert way he was dodging all of Fang’s attempts to catch him.

« I do believe he is in perfect health, running like that. » the Kel-Dor smiled after yet another failed catch.
« He is a WOLF. » the medic snarled, glaring at the pup running ahead. « This is not ‘perfect health’. »

To be perfectly honest, Plo WAS worried but, as they were going back to the ruin site, they wasn’t much more to be done for now. He could feel no pain coming from Wolffe, just grumbling resignation and some very amusing gleeful mischief.

« No, it’s not, but he is quite energetic. You would probably be better off waiting for him to exhaust himself, running everywhere like that. » Plo pointed out.

Fang gave up his chase with a pointed sigh.

« I am SO winning the next “what shit did your vode get into” medic meeting. » he muttered under his breath.


If the Wolfpack had been worried about their leader, it became quite apparent that he was still mostly his usual self. Running ahead of them, taking point, doubling back to check on them, barking furiously against the vod that was taking the situation a bit too lightly and almost ended up in the pond of quicksand the wolf had been trying to make him avoid.

The only novelty was the biting, and that wasn’t very surprising. Painful, though, because the only reachable part for the wolfcub was the ankle and Wolffe had managed to find the precise spot where leg armor met the boot, providing just the slightest of spaces for the wolf to sink his teeth into tender flesh.


Eventually, Plo’s prediction became true. As they neared the ruins, Wolffe first began to slow down until he nearly collapsed on the spot. He would have, if Comet had not been waiting for it for half an hour, now, and hadn’t reached in time to catch the pup, cradling him carefully against his chest.

Plo ended up studying the ruins remotely, not willing to risk another transformation, his mind focusing on the strange energies around the old place while his clawed hands stroked a dozing pup on his lap.

Wolffe opened an eye, tried to figure out when and how he went from standing up to lying on his side, but scratches on his head with wonderfully talented fingers made him nozzle back into that comfortable warmth. He would investigate later.


Of fucking course, Fang got his fingers bitten when he tried to remove the wolfcub from their General’s lap.

I’m so fuckign happy lisse’morko is taking off in thefandom like……………….I wrote it in an rp with jonah and i put some thought into it and then he drew it and now bAILEY DREW IT and im just!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rly happy thanks yall

Riku Appreciation Week Day 2: Favorite Quote

This was a little frustrating to draw, but at least i have my favorite quote from Riku down! I love it when he tells Sora this;; It just makes my heart flutter.
Friend? Pretty sure its more then friends.

“Just a Little Longer”

Alright guys, with how frustrating things have been about TWD I figured I could help keep the hope and positivity alive by writing another Caryl fanfic. So here’s a head canon I imagined and it takes place past season 7, and it ties within the storyline they’re on now. 

It is kind of long, but I wanted to get the whole package in there, ya know? I hope it’s worth it for you guys.

Rated M… for fluffy/smutty reasons :p. Enjoy loves!

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Do you know what’s more frustrating than having a little dog chewing on your feet? Trying to write a song while said dog is chewing on your feet. Is there anything worse than wanting to write, but not feeling inspired? I’m going to need someone to save me from this writer’s block. I am so over it.

PnF school headcanons:

-the boys frustrate their teachers a lot, never intentionally, but just because they don’t pay much attention. It’s not they aren’t interested, they just usually already know what the teacher is explaining and feel like they could be spending their time better

-Ferb at least pretends to pay attention (he does that whole “reading book on the inside of the textbook” thing)

-Phineas throws caution to the wind and will spend most of class drawing blueprints or building domino tracks out of erasers on his desk or fiddling with stuff in his desk

-the teacher can’t get them in trouble for this though because they’re never actively disruptive, they still know the answers when they get called on, and they’re always very polite with the teacher

-Isabella is the class’s representative in the student council every year, if not an officer outright

-Baljeet stays in their class until middle school, but skips that in its entirety

-every year, Phineas goes around and introduces himself to all the new kids in the class, while making sure he knows where they would be on the class roster so that he and Ferb can cut the teacher off when they’re calling roll the first day before they use Ferb’s full name

-every time they have to fill out health forms/permission slips, someone has to remind Phineas and Ferb to put down Lawrence and Linda as their stepfather and stepmother respectively instead of just saying father and mother

-Phineas has a lot of trouble with studying English, not because he’s bad at reading or writing, but because of the analysis bit - he has trouble with tone and certain figures of speech fly past him entirely (and frankly I think he has a completely different concept of how metaphors are supposed to work than most people)

-Buford meanwhile excels at this (but heaven forbid any of his friends mention it)

-Phineas and Ferb love group projects

-Phineas and Ferb have never gotten a perfect score on a group project, because no matter how amazing the project is, Phineas does most or all of the talking when presenting it and they always lose points on that

-prior to the school year they’re starting post-show, most of the main cast didn’t spend a lot of time together, so a lot of their long-time classmates are really baffled about why Buford and Baljeet are hanging out with each other and with Phineas and Ferb and why Isabella is spending just as much time with the guys as she does with the Fireside Girls

-Django and Jenny are homeschooled

-Candace ends up with Doofenshmirtz as her chemistry teacher and the two share endless inside jokes the entire year about “hey remember that time when time almost ended?”

-all the kids take a different language when they’re in highschool. Ferb gets perfect scores on his speaking tests. Somehow, no one is surprised.

Imagine Poe Sending BB-8 To Give You Things

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You were almost knocked over by the small, spherical droid that barreled into you, and you would have yelled in frustration if you didn’t recognize the little droid.

“BB-8, what are you doing?” you asked, “I thought you were helping Poe show Finn around the base.” BB-8 just beeped happily in response, and instead of getting frustrated, you rolled your eyes with a smile.

“Okay then, so what’s up, buddy?” BB-8 rolled around you for a minute, and then extended a hand-like appendage to give you a flower, slightly crushed from rattling inside BB-8 on the journey to you.

“Is that for me?” You smiled, and BB-8 whirred proudly in response, explaining how somebody had asked that the flower be delivered to you. A blush coated your cheeks, and your grin widened as BB-8 beeped, asking if you liked it.

“Yeah,” you smiled down at the little droid, “I guess I have a secret admirer.” BB-8 whistled innocently and received your thanks before rolling away to find Poe, who would no doubt be thrilled by your positive reaction.

(For Anon)

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