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The Check Please Hamilton AU That Literally Nobody Asked For

Okay so I lied; it’s not in fact so much an au as it is a situation that happens when you get this crowd together. 

The date: sometime in mid-December, 2015. The Hamilton craze is sweeping the nation, and the Samwell campus is no exception.

The scene: the Samwell Men’s Hockey Haus, 11:30 pm. 

The summary: It’s the weekend before break officially begins; the entire SMH is together for the last time before everyone heads home to their families. Jack made the trip over from Providence, Shitty’s up from Harvard, and everyone’s been piled in the living-room, feeling warm and relaxed from a couple hours of lazy drinking. 

Begin Scene. 

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Good Bad Luck

Title: Good Bad Luck
Author: somanyfeels
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence. Hockey Skates are Sharp.
Completed: Yes
Word count: 4320
Summary: Holster hit the ground just moments before he did. Bitty had seen his legs still in the air, now falling as the rest of his body leveled out on the ice. Bitty would make him something nice since he would likely be sore later. Or he hoped to make Holster something nice. Bitty was starting to think he would also feel too sore to do much baking now that he saw the blood droplets shooting up as Bitty kept falling down.

Most memorable line: The third surprise was that it was only a dull ache as Bitty fell to the ground.

Have you ever felt that ‘electricity’ with someone? I don’t know if anyone knows what I’m talking about but it’s that jolt that goes up your spine when you’re around that certain someone. Your stomach turns, your hairs stand on end and maybe your heart skips a beat. I don’t know if my explanation gave it justice but I hope someone reading this has an understanding of what I’m getting at. I hope all of you are lucky enough to experience this, that instant magical connection with someone. Have you ever felt that ‘electricity’ with someone?
—  The Khool Haus

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i read an hc somewhere that foxtrot is the new team manager after lards and i 100% agree and i also think that foxtrot turns out to like baking and bits is feeling kinda lonely since a lot of his friends have graduated and the frogs have their own circle of friends so long story short him and foxtrot become really good friends and Team Moms and bitty gives her his dibs and also passes the kitchen down to her and basically starts this tradition of a resident baker/cook in the samwell hockey haus

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*Slides in* If you haven't gotten them already? Kukui, Guzma or Gladion please! Thanks!

Nope, haven’t got them yet! Fair warning, I’m still working on ideas for these three.


Sexuality Headcanon: Gay
Gender Headcanon:
I haven’t actually worked this one out yet!
A ship I have with said character:
Guzma (ex-with-feelings) and Willow (husband)
A BROTP I have with said character:
Hala, who’s like a father to him
A NOTP I have with said character:
The protags, Lillie, Hau, et cetera
A random headcanon:
He had a pretty troubled past, which is how he met Guzma - they were both ratty street kids together. Only difference is that Kukui had Hala and Guzma didn’t.
General Opinion over said character:
Seems great so far, really fun and cheerful!


Sexuality Headcanon: Pan
Gender Headcanon:
Trans man
A ship I have with said character:
KUKUI. Also Plumeria, but more in a friends-with-benefits way
A BROTP I have with said character:
I’m hoping the protag :’) Please let it be like Archie and May, please…
A NOTP I have with said character:
A random headcanon:
He and Plumeria gave each other their tattoos
General Opinion over said character:
Fucking hilarious and I desperately want Skull to be sympathetic, PLEASE


Sexuality Headcanon: They haven’t thought about it much, given that they’re like twelve
Gender Headcanon:
A ship I have with said character:
None so far, although puppy love with Literal Sunshine Child Hau would be super cute
A BROTP I have with said character:
A NOTP I have with said character:
Any adult character, Lillie
A random headcanon:
Yes, okay, I do have the headcanon that they’re either an Ultra Beast or has been experimented on in some way
General Opinion over said character:
I am primed and ready for the angst!


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and said: “another prompt if you like: something lives under the porch of the Haus and sometimes the boys feed it”

“Is this okay?” Tango asked anxiously as Chowder tore off another chunk of bread and tossed it in between the cracks in the floorboards. Ten or so tiny hands greedily tore at it until one finally succeeded in pulling it under the porch. Nursey tore off another corner from the loaf and repeated the process. The Thing under the porch purred.

Chowder put on his best reassuring face. “Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?”

“Uhhh…” Tango eyed the grabby hands. “I don’t—I don’t know? What is it?”

Chowder shrugged. He threw another piece of bread onto the porch, a little further out than his previous tosses. Most of hands made a beeline for it, but one stayed behind and rubbed the edge of his sneaker affectionately.

It was a little like feeding a duck, if a duck lived under the porch, hissed at the light, and had what seemed like a hundred tiny human hands at any given point in time.

“It is what it is,” Nursey said sagely. One of the hands tugged at his shoelaces, and he struggled for a moment to retie them.

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the haus has about 80 of those tie blankets (the kind that are just two big sheets of fleece with fringey knots around the border). where did they come from. why are there so many. who made them. (they get to stay for blanket fort purposes)

johnson knits them for blanket fort fics

coming soon- pbj halloween version


@piesandfalcs thanks for ur suggestion! 

tw: harassment

Halloween of 2016, Bitty was whipping up frosting while the rest of the boys hung out in the Haus, getting ready for the start of the party. There wasn’t anyone else in the kitchen, but through the groupchat Bitty knew what was going on anyway.

Ping! Dex and Nursey are playing with an Ouija board, to the distress of Chowder. 

Ping! Oh, they got into another argument and knocked everything over.  

Ping! Tango’s asking if he can come in later and lick the bowl of frosting clean. 

Just as Bitty finished texting him to say that of course he’s allowed to come and have what’s left of the bowl after Bitty frosted, a gust of wind blew the window open and what must be an early arriver was standing in the entranceway of the kitchen. A crawling sensation paralyzed Bitty for a moment as he stared, wide eyed, at the guest. Said guest was wearing an old fashioned hockey mask and uniform while carrying a bloodied hockey stick. 

“The party doesn’t start until three hours later,” he squeaked. What was he thinking? Was he trying to kick this person out? Is this truly the hospitality that his Moomaw will approve of? “But don’t let that stop you from coming in, mister!” Bitty rallied himself. 

“Now I have to finish this frosting, but seeing as you’ve come already, help yourself to a mini pie and maybe some of those candied apples. God knows you’ll be the only one eating them sober.” He bustled around the kitchen. “Now what brought you to the Haus so early? Did one of those awful lacrosse boys give you wrong information? Those boys, you can’t trust them,” Bitty tutted. 

The costumed guest awkwardly shuffled himself into a chair and picked up a mini pie. It smelled tantalizing. Bitty turned around for one second and when he looked back, only crumbs were left of the pie but the guest still had their mask on. A sinister feeling twisted in his guts and the temperature of the room seemed to be hellbent on freezing Bitty to death.

A gloved hand lifted up the Jason-esque mask, revealing a shockingly handsome man with the bluest looking eyes and an adorable cowlick. Freckles sprinkled across his face and danced as he smiled dangerously at Bitty. Bitty shook himself mentally, this was inappropriate. He had two loving boyfriends already. Two boyfriends who, surprisingly, look a lot like this stranger.

“I was invited in,” the stranger said. “This is my first time here, but I didn’t expect to be treated to this much deliciousness.” His eyes raked across Bitty, and he bit his lips in a way that would have flustered Bitty if Kent didn’t do the exact same thing whenever he wanted Bitty to do something for him. 

“U-um, my pies are county fair winning,” Bitty turned around. The stranger didn’t fluster him, per say, but there was a strange tension in his kitchen that he didn’t like.

“Don’t you sound adorable,” the man said. Nothing in his words suggested fangs and blood, but for a moment Bitty was sure that what was sitting behind him wasn’t a man but a thing, and that was-that was just rude of him. 

Bitty shivered. 

“I think I need to repay you.” His voice was closer to Bitty this time, and Bitty forced himself not to freak out and jump. “Maybe we can go out for coffee tomorrow?”

He turned around and met the stranger’s eyes. “Oh, um. I’m meeting my boyfriend tomorrow actually,” he lied.

The stranger’s face shifted for a moment, anger marring his handsome features and Bitty wasn’t having with this. 

“Tango! Dex!” He called. “Frosting!” 

There was no indication that they heard him, no pounding of feet that belonged to huge hockey players who could come in and step in between Bitty and the stranger. 

The temperature kept dropping, and the kitchen windows now slammed shut with the force of the wind. Sweat dripped down Bitty’s face as the stranger stepped closer and closer to him. 

The stranger had now trapped Bitty between him and the oven.

“It doesn’t have to be a date,” he was crooning to Bitty, who froze, terrified. “Just two guys hanging out. I’ll take you back to my place later and show you hospitality like you showed me…your hospitality.” 

Suddenly the stranger seemed to be pushed back by something, and Bitty must have imagined that he heard girls’ voices coming from nowhere, saying “Leave this Haus, it’s ours! And the baker boy is ours too! You’re so not fetch!”

The stranger glared at nothing, then stormed off. At the entrance to the kitchen, he stopped to look at Bitty one last time.

“You’ll see me again, don’t worry.”

Bitty dropped his bowl.

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I adore HC's that Sun is actually mute. So Hau is told this before Sun visits, and spends the entire day learning sign language so he knows, because Hau just wants everyone to be happy so he learns things so people are happy

*long gasp*




It surpasses every other hc ever since i read this red/green fanfiction: