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Your hcs are v good! Could you make a few for the sunmoon guys reacting to their s/o using cheesy pickup lines + when they use one? Please and thanks :)

a/n: cheesy pickup lines r my Aesthetic


when using one: it’d either be on accident or because someone told him it’d be a good idea. either way, he’d probably hide after he realized what he’s said.

when s/o uses one: he’d call them a “loser” or something but would be a blushing mess.


when using one: King of Pickup Lines. he uses them a lot, mainly when there’s a comfortable silence between the two of them. he’d be like “hey babe, did you know-” cue s/o hitting him with a pillow.

when s/o uses one: he’d be like “you know, that’s pretty good, i’ve taught you well, but i have a better one-”


when using one: he’d say it with such a straight face s/o would burst into laughter. kiawe’s internally strangling mallow for giving him such a stupid idea.

when s/o uses one: he’s like “thanks??” and would probably pat them on the head because he doesn’t know how to take a compliment.


when using one: he’s very smug when using one, usually doing it when his s/o is mad at him for something. usually ends up being hit or chased after that.

when s/o uses one: guzma snorts and is like “nice one, babe” while searching on his phone for one to one-up them.


when using one: he thinks they’re hilarious, but is unaware of how lame they are. would 10/10 use them unironically trying to be smooth.

when s/o uses one: hau would laugh, while also flipping whatever they said back on them, as a way of complimenting them in return.


when using one: would never be caught dead saying a cheesy pickup line.

when s/o uses one: would either groan or pretend he never heard it.

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What kind of random shenanigans do Sun, Moon and Hau get up to in the Mer!AU?

well, all three of them together can’t be in the same universe because sun and moon are the “same person” technically, so i’m going to do this in pairs

Moon and Hau
- moon is very cautious of her surroundings when just starting to live underwater. it’s hau who gets her out of her comfort zone to preform some shenanigans
- often enough, moon is the one chasing after hau when he decides to use his powers for pranks or for bad ideas (like trying to see how many sea cucumbers he could bother using only magic)
- hau likes to make fun of moon for her height. humans are naturally smaller than mers, but moon is REALLY short for a human….as a result, moon is real fuckin tiny to hau
- once moon freaked out bc hau swam right into a party of sharks…she didnt know sharks wouldn’t attack mers, and almost had a heart attack

Sun and Hau
- sun is much less hesitant than his otherworld counterpart, so in that universe, sun is more than happy to accompany hau on his little pranks
- often enough, sun is the mastermind behind all their shenanigans! he often enough dares hau to do crazy stuff with his powers…like try and make a whale shark super tiny
- hau has seen human clothes and fabric before, but has never worn them, so when sun leaves his shirt lying around to try on some mer-clothing, he finds hau, stuck trying to put it on, complaining about how weird it feels
- sun didn’t realize how sharp mer teeth were until they went out to eat for the first time. you would not believe how pale sun got when he watched hau crunch right through some food-fish they bought, bone and all

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Gladion, Hau, and Silver with an s/o who often sings to what their listening to? Especially if s/o is shy about singing around others and they're one of the few people that s/o is comfortable singing around?


* He always loved hearing you sing, he thought you had a beautiful singing voice. When he hears you singing to the song he was listening to he doesn’t interrupt you, he’ll just listen. He always thought you singing sounded way better than the actual song.


* Hau always compliments you on how you sing, saying it’s better than anything he’s ever heard. He knows you’re shy about it so he tries not to bring it up in front of your guy’s friends. He’ll start humming along to your singing when he hears you going along with the song he’s listening to.


* He doesn’t say anything when he hears you singing, he just likes listening to you. He knows you’re normally very shy about singing out loud, so he always takes the time to tell you how good it sounded once you’re done. 

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Dark irlkent show me the forbidden nursey/chowder

*cracks knuckles*

- Nursey goes with Chowder to get his first tattoo and Chris insists they hold hands even though he isn’t even nervous. It’s their senior year, and he gets a shark and names it Martin. (Nursey chirps him endlessly about it because he doesn’t know how else to handle how adorable the whole situation is.)

- Obviously Nursey’s always tripping or falling or running into shit, so Chowder’s goalie reflexes have saved him on countless occasions. He swears he owes Chowder his life for catching him that one time he drunkenly tried to slide down the banister of the Haus stairs; Chowder says it was just lucky timing that Nursey fell on top of him, even if he did dive dramatically to save him from a concussion.

- Nursey will never ever tell Chowder to “chill,” and especially not when he gets going about one of his hyperfixations. Usually Nursey just stares at him with stars in his eyes while he rambles or rants or whatever till he can’t take it any more and he has to kiss Chowder.

- Nursey is a clothes thief, the worst of them. It wouldn’t be that noticable except he now has like 500% more Sharks merch than he ever owned in his life before. Chowder’s closet is still pretty full though, so nobody can really tell if Nursey is buying things to replace what he takes or Chris just has that much stuff. It’s probably both.

- Chowder loves it when Nursey reads poetry to him. He doesn’t like reading all that much, but Nursey’s voice is really easy to listen to and it’s super comforting and gets real soft when he’s reading poetry he loves. Especially when he’s reading it to the boy he loves.

- They are the literal biggest cuddle monsters. Eating dinner? Nursey’s in Chowder’s lap. Watching TV? Chowder doesn’t stop petting Nursey’s hair the whole time. On a roadie? They’re sleeping on each other. Finals week? They’re on a loveseat somewhere at the library, tangled together as they stress.

- They are the master of selfies. Every selfie they take together has at least one “#relationshipgoals” comment on it. They alternate who gets to post it, but Nursey has a polaroid so half the time he takes a picture and just sticks it up on his bulletin board.

- They’ve also been known to crop Dex out of pictures to make it look like a couples picture, which he gets real salty about. He posts the original and tags them in it with lots of passive aggressive emojis.

- The first time Chowder visited Nursey back home, he brought his stuffed shark with him. Nursey’s sister took one look at Chowder, holding this giant ass stuffed shark and excitedly rambling to Nursey’s moms about everything Nursey had shown him in the city, all bouncy on his heels, and just said “Marry him.”

- She then proceeded to give Chowder all the dirtiest secrets about Nursey she could think of for chirping material.

- When Chowder gets his braces off, Nursey is in class, so he sends Nurse a snap of his new smile. Nursey falls out of his chair mid-lecture when he sees it.

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mermaid au haudion headcanons if thats possible??

it’s ABSOLUTELY possible (also expect some chapters up soon for the mer! au)

- hau likes to mess with gladion all the time using his magic! sometimes it’s putting a sea snail on gladion’s head sneakily, other times it’s changing the current so gladion wipes out accidentally…gladion hates it but hau never gives up
- little does gladion know, but hau also uses his powers so he can swim easier or breathe a little better…since gladion doesn’t have a tail and he has smaller gills, these are problems for him that hau likes to fix
- gladion doesn’t know how it works, but he’s grateful for it
- hau gets super curious about gladion’s legs and feet and how he functions, leading to hau trying to get a good look at gladion’s feet n toes….much to gladion’s embarrassment
- gladion, even if he won’t admit it, thinks hau’s tail is fucking gorgeous…lillie and moon catch him staring sometimes (who doesn’t though? it’s really shimmery and nice)
- on the other hand, hau can’t believe how gold gladion’s fins are and tells him constantly how great the color is. gladion can’t handle such outright compliments
- mers often enough as a sign of affection wrap their tails around one another. gladion cant do this, so his legs end up fuckin trapped around the coil of hau’s sometimes
- god i love this au and i love these boys

nursey usually djs when it’s just the team + friends chillin at the haus bc he has the best chill cool sounding music that’s good background noise. however, he is Banned from auxing or going anywhere near the aux when they throw parties bc once he queued it to play total eclipse of the heart like 8 times in a row and “"lost”“ his phone. the song made it through two and a half plays before they figured out how to switch it

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nursey's blanket is really worn down from being washed so many times (he's had it since he was little) and jack loves the feeling of it bc it feels just like the inside of his favorite samwell sweatshirt that he accidentally left at home over break. sometimes when he can tell jack isn't feeling the best nursey will go over to the haus and spread out on the couch with the blanket and jack will join him and they'll watch documentaries or play video games if they need to blow off steam




I always found this game to be very family and friendship oriented. You can easily see this but the development of the characters. It really goes into details of different families.

  • The Aether Family and the possible divorce between Lusamine and Mohn (Not to mention the other things)
  • Guzma’s father and the implied abuse
  • Meeting and interacting with the Akala Captain’s various families post game
  • Molayne’s and Sophocles’s being those close cousins you mistake as brothers
  • Hau wanting to be as strong as Hala

There is so much about family in this game. I find it interesting that suddenly they’d be someone with no family what-so-ever. But that could explain why Acerola sees Nanu as an Uncle))

Mit wechselndem Schlüssel
schließt du das Haus auf, darin
der Schnee des Verschwiegenen treibt.

With a variable key
you unlock the house in which
drifts the snow of what’s left unspoken.

—Celan / Hamburger


und ich allein trage Schuld daran

Pokémon Moon, Episode 12: In Which I Infiltrate A Gang Stronghold

Once I’ve stopped shaking uncontrollably, and the Rotomdex has reassured me that the horrifying undead Pikachu I just fought is only another Pokémon (a Ghost/Fairy-type called Mimikyu), Acerola offers me some suggestions on what to do next. Although my success in her trial was in some respects debateable – I was, she reminds me, only supposed to get a photograph of Mimikyu, not give its lair a new back door – I did basically achieve its fundamental objectives, so she presents me with her crystal, the Ghostium-Z.  As Ula’ula Island has only two Captains, that means I now have the right to challenge the island’s Kahuna.  Acerola declines to explain who or where the Kahuna is right away, though, and invites me back to Aether House to talk it over there.  Unfortunately when we get there, with Hau just a few steps behind, someone who is definitely not the Kahuna is waiting.

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