Shabondama - 10ki!!!


Haruka hasn’t posted on her blog today. Here a translation of a MC segment from PRISM tour. :)

There was a Disney date in school uniform, so Suzuki, Iikubo, Ishida and Oda sleptover at Kudo’s house. They talked and partied around, and the first in falling asleep was Duu-chan. Then, next morning Duu asked “Eh? Who was the first one in falling asleep?” And Suzuki and Iikubo said “It was you!”.

Harunan has said on her blog that these 5 have become really close. :)

Harunan's Birthday Event--Letter From Mom

To Haruna,

Happy Birthday. It’s nice that you’re able to celebrate your 20th birthday with your beloved fans, staff and manager. Even though I’m always messing around, today I’m earnestly writing this letter to you. So don’t cry, and listen all the way until the end, okay?

When I was 16, my body broke down. The doctor told me I might lose my baby… It was hard to accept you might not come. But when I was 17 a miracle happened. A little honey was soon by my side. From then on, every day was so happy.

You were such a good girl… always drawing or reading manga. You weren’t a selfish child–the only time, really, was when you were talking about your interests. You really like Dorifu, and would yell “Shibura, behind you!!” You really screamed with all your might.

One time you told me, “Mama, when I become a wife I want us all to live together! Then you’d never be lonely.” That made me so happy. Even if it was just the feeling, I accepted it.

When you joined elementary school and showbusiness… I think that’s when I seriously began to get strict.

“Look straight ahead.”

“Speak properly.”

“Your curfew is 7 PM.”

“You can’t hang out with boys.”

“If you want to make your future dream come true then deal with it and work hard.”

Everyday telling you no to this, and to fix that. I think I really made you have it tough. I thought you must have hated me. I worried over that. But I truly thought that if you were aiming to be in showbusiness, you needed to be the best you could.

When you were in high school you got a part time job. On that year, with the little money you gathered up, you bought me a present on Mother’s Day. I was so happy. I had thought you hated me…. So I was truly thrilled you thought of me. Even though I hurt you so much. But you still gave it all you had to get me that.

“Mama, you know what? I think you’re amazing. You gave birth to me at the same age I’m at now. I could never do that right now. Thank you so much. I’ve got some more money saved, so let’s go out together sometime!” You used all the money you had for a trip for the two of us, huh?

Even though we never went on the trip…. you understood, right?

When you were 16 you wanted to audition for Morning Musume… But I opposed it. You can’t dance or sing, so I thought it impossible for you to join Morning Musume. But you pleaded with all your strength to me, “Please. Please. I want to audition no matter what. I don’t want to give up.” It made me see how serious you were about what you wanted to do. You wanted me to accept it however I could.

Haruna, isn’t it so nice you reached your dream? Isn’t it so nice lots of people love you? From here on, please give love to everyone without leaving a single one behind… Just like I wish for you to.

I love you from the bottom of my heart,

Thank you so much for being born,


(From Iikubo Haruna’s 20th Birthday Event last year)