Morning Musume as Star Wars

Fukumura Mizuki: Luke Skywalker A symbol of the group/rebellion, and one of the wisest members who also leads. 

Ikuta Erina: R2-D2 Might not get too many actual lines, but is nonetheless done with everyone’s BS. 

Iikubo Haruna: Padame Amidala Beautiful, dresses extremely well, and Padame led Naboo the best she could, while Harunan was seen as a good mentor to many younger members. 

Ishida Ayumi: Poe Dameron A charming and extroverted individual who’s popular and good at what she does. 

Sato Masaki: Chewbacca Crazy but lovable and trustworthy at the time same time, Han Solo’s partner in crime. 

Kudo Haruka: Han Solo Han is a charismatic and popular rebel character, while Duu’s known for her charming ikemen personality. 

Oda Sakura: Princess Leia Young and beautiful, yet still is a powerful, talented and independent woman. 

Ogata Haruna: Jar Jar Binks the meme trashlord

Nonaka Miki: Jawa, the shyest thing in the universe.

Makino Maria: Anakin Skywalker A sort-of-but-not-really newbie who’s full of ambition and quickly climbing to the top!

Haga Akane: BB-8 Small, adorable, and very lovable, also associated with the color orange!

Kaga Kaede: Rey New/fresh, and young, but certainly talented and she’s going to become a popular and key part of the group/resistance

Yokoyama Reina: Ewok The cute and cuddly bear warrior that’s also ready to kill you.

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After seeing that CDP 2016 video of Ayumin, Mizuki, Eripon, Harunan and Rika singing Shabondama and The Peace I was so amazed at how Harunan and Eripon evolved vocally. Harunan can hold stable notes and Eripon could execute the lines now better than most people expect of them. I’m proud of them both.


Hello!Project and upfront related group know how to respect seniors and predecessors. New member having the same nickname with their seniors, use the other nickname instead.

【あい】 加護亜依(あいぼん)、高橋愛(愛ちゃん) 
(Ai) : Kago - Aibon, Takahashi - Aichan

【あかり】 佐保明梨(佐保ちゃん・アカリ)、竹内朱莉(タケちゃん・おでん)、植村あかり(うえむー・あーりー) 
(Akari) : Saho - Saho chan/Akari, Takeuchi - Take chan/Oden, Uemura - Uemu/Aari

【あさみ】 あさみ(木村麻美)、紺野あさ美(こんこん) 
(Asami) : Kimura - ASAMI, Konno - Konkon

【あや】 石黒彩(あやっぺ)、松浦亜弥(あやや) 
(Aya) : Ishiguro - Ayappe, Matsuura - Ayaya

【あやか】 アヤカ(長手絢香)、和田彩花(あやちょ・DAWA)、広瀬彩海(あやぱん) 
(Ayaka) : Kimura - AYAKA, Wada - Ayacho/DAWA, Hirose - Ayapan

【あやの】 佐藤綾乃(あやのん)、浜浦彩乃(はまちゃん)、川村文乃(はちきんさん) 
(Ayano) : Sato - Ayanon, Hamaura - Hama chan/Taisa, Kawamura - ??? (Hachikin probably)

【あゆみ】 柴田あゆみ(柴ちゃん)、石田亜佑美(あゆみん・だーいし) 
(Ayumi) : Shibata - Shiba chan, Ishida - Ayumin/Daaishi

【えりか】 梅田えりか(梅さん)、三好絵梨香(みーよ) 
(Erika) : Umeda - Ume san, Miyoshi - Miiyo

【えりな】 生田衣梨奈(えりぽん)、真野恵里菜(まのえり・真野ちゃん) 
(Erina) : Ikuta - Eripon, Mano - Manoeri/Mano chan

【かのん】 福田花音(かにょん・まろ)、鈴木香音(ズッキ) 
(Kanon) : Fukuda - Kanyon/Maro, Suzuki - Zukki

【さき】 清水佐紀(キャプテン・しみハム)、中島早貴(なっきぃ)、森咲樹(モリサキ・森ティー)、小川紗季(サキチィー・佐吉) 
(Saki) : Shimizu - Captain/Shimi Ham, Nakajima - Nakky, Mori - MoriSaki/Moritty, Ogawa - Sakichi

【なつみ】 安倍なつみ(なっち)、田口夏実(たぐっち) 
(Natsumi) : Abe - Nacchi, Taguchi - Tagu/Ta chan

【はるな】 飯窪春菜(はるなん)、尾形春水(はーちん) 
(Haruna) : Iikubo - Harunan, Ogata - Haachin

【まい】 里田まい(まいちゃん)、萩原舞(マイマイ)、小関舞(おぜきちゃん・おぜちゃん・おぜこ) 
(Mai) : Satoda - Mai chan, Hagiwara - MaiMai/Hagitty, Ozeki - Ozeko chan

【みき】 藤本美貴(ミキティ)、是永美記(コレコレ・コレティ)、野中美希(のなかちゃん・チェル) 
(Miki) : Fujimoto - Mikitty, Korenaga - KoreKore/Koretty, Nonaka - Chel/Chelsea

【みずき】 譜久村聖(ふくちゃん)、室田瑞希(むろたん) 
(Mizuki) : Fukumura - Fuku chan/Fukuhime, Murota - Murotan

【みなみ】 仙石みなみ(みーこ)、野村みな美(みなみな) 
(Minami) : Sengoku - Miiko, Nomura - MinaMina

【ゆうか】 前田憂佳(ゆうかりん)、二瓶有加(にへ) 
(Yuuka) : Maeda - Yuukarin, Nihei - Nihe

【りさ】 新垣里沙(ガキさん)、山木梨沙(やまっき)、小片リサ(りさまる) 
(Risa) : Niigaki - Gaki san, Yamaki - Yamakki/Risa chan, Ogata - Risamaru

【れいな】 田中れいな(れいな・れいにゃ・たなさたん)、横山玲奈(よこやん・よこよこ)、一岡伶奈(いっちゃん) 
(Reina) : Tanaka - Reina/Reinya/Tanasa tan, Yokoyama - Yokoyan/YokoYoko/YokoReina, Ichioka - Icchan

【えり】 亀井絵里(えりりん) 
(Eri) : Kamei - Eririn

【れい】 井上玲音(れいれい) 
(Rei) : Inoue - ReiRei

【れな】 小川麗奈(れなこ)・土居麗菜(どいれな)
(Rena) : Ogawa - Renako, Doi -?? (DoiRena)

Q : “How 10th generation reacted when you had told them about your about your graduation?”

Duu :” I told the 10th Gen before I did to everyone else. …. They said “Okay Got it!” with great excitement like we always do. I was expecting to hear a lot (scolding) from them because I never consulted about this like ‘Why haven’t you ever told us?’ (But) They gave me words of support such as ‘We can’t wait to see you as actress’…. They just started to talk about how to spend the time left. It was really an unexpected reaction. Anyway I was relieved watching everyone cheerful…”

Q: “How did you feel when Kudo said about her graduation?”

Ayumin: “I knew she loves to act. I like her acting too. Morever she had full of passion on her eyes (when) she says ‘I’ll be an actress’. Looking at those eyes… I couldn’t say anything but good luck to her. Of course, I felt sad, but beyond that I felt like ‘I’ll be a big fan of actress Kudo Haruka’”

Maa-chan: “It was ‘umm~’. I mean it. It was really ‘umm~’. Well what I thought was, she has her own dreams, you can’t deny that but like loneliness… (It’s) similar watching my best friend leaving to another city. I felt lonely. A lot.”

Harunan: “In my opinion, if you want to take some chances, it is best to do it when you are a younger. I never said that because it would have been irresponsible of me. (So) I was relieved to hear from Kudo that she wants to be an actress, like ‘She’s doing the right thing for her’.”

Okay when I saw this interview and heard 10ki’s views about it, I was happy to see how mature and genuine their answers were.  They have really grown up. I always have a soft spot for 10kis friendship. Although they each have different personality, the way they treat each other, support each other and understand each other so well, they give out a very happy, positive aura. I hope this continue after their Momusu period also.

Though at first I was shocked when I heard about Duu’s graduation like it was totally out of blue, I am glad Kudo Haruka is going for her dreams with no regrets and I hope to see all of Momusu giving their best in their dream goals too.

* watch the full interview here.