im honestly fucking screaming 

What Part of This Is Canon?
  • Random Anon:*to speaks world* Why do you accept OC's?! They ruin the canonicity of the other characters!
  • Speaks World:Lol, what part of Speaks world is canon?
  • OHSC:*vase comes back and goes after Haruhi*
  • Disney:*Ariel talking with Dipper about the journal, Rapunzel outsmarting a zombie dog*
  • Overwatch:*Genji having Bluetooth, 76 adopting EVERYONE, Widowmaker calling 76 corn pops*
  • FNAF:*Goldie becomes a disney princess*
  • Haikuu:*someone gets married with Milk*
  • Speak World:No seriously, tell me what's canon about this. :) I dare you

Yo I had the biggest crush on haruhi suzumiya like she was so cool this bitch was literally God and she had this whole gang and kyon was literally her bitch like what goals

also im taking out all the t slurs in reference to haruhi’s parent (mom? i’d probably say their mom bc she didn’t like… only wear drag for a job she was ALWAYS dressed feminine so i’m p sure she’s a trans lady and that would be great ngl) 

numrich replied to your post “martianmiss replied to your post “i honestly hate how ouran was…”

arthur dont drag me back into this hell i cant do it again (they totally were bfs tho i agree)

tamaki and kyoya were 5000% bfs and the show kept trying to shove haruhi/tamaki down my throat and like… binch no…. tamaki is Way too creepy with them AND has threatened to out them to get his way like?? no Sir kyoya would keep him in line (plus tamaki constantly refers to kyoya as if theyre married) sooooooo. i’d also get rid of the fact that all the guys that talked to haruhi only fell in love with them when they caught them Dressing and found out they have boobs like… boi. haruhi is now all those boys’ gay awakenings that is all bye