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Remember the post were this girl said her best friend forgot to ask her to prom? Can you write something like that for hinny? :)

A/N: I did it!  And it’s canon-verse too so woo (post books though).  Hope you enjoy!

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It starts a few weeks after September 1st, initially nothing strange enough to really draw his attention beyond answering the innocuous questions like ‘do you have a favorite color’ and ‘are you allergic to any flowers or plant life.’ Weird, but he brushes them off, assumes it’s just an effort to get to help them get to know each other like normal people – people who finally don’t have a homicidal maniac breathing down their proverbial (and occasionally literal) necks.  So he asks them back, learning she hates salt on her eggs, loves swimming at dusk, and secretly read Ron’s entire collection of Martin Miggs comics during his first year at Hogwarts.

But then it gets more specific, her questions.  Ginny’s latest letter had been filled with her usual humorous commentary on day-to-day life at Hogwarts – critiques on teaching methods (apparently Professor Sinistra’s ban on caffeinated beverages in class was unacceptable), a run down on the week’s Quidditch practices (along with gossip she’d gleaned about the other teams and updates on her negotiations with professional teams), as well as general boasting about how she’s eating so much better than him (Harry felt silly having Kreacher cook for just one person).  Then, reaching the bottom of the parchment and the dregs of his tea, Harry’s eyes stutter over the postscript, ‘what color is your cummerbund?

Flicking his wand to send his mug to soak along with his other neglected dishware, Harry furrows his brow – unsure what exactly a cummerbund is and too afraid it’s some mischievous flirtation on Ginny’s part to ask Ron for help.

Considering who he’s dating, he quickly tosses aside his second and third choices, and just as he’s wondering where exactly he left Dudley’s telephone number, Harry sighs and reaches for the floo pot perched on his mantle.

Before he can second-guess himself, he calls out for McGonagall’s office and sticks his head into the now green flames, knees protesting at his position.

At first, he hears his former professor muttering darkly in her thick Scottish brogue before her sharply polished boots appear before him, peaking from beneath deep green robes.  “You know I thought I’d have a break from Potter mischief until you and Miss Weasley had a child old enough for Hogwarts.”

Harry fights the blush that threatens to rise at the mention of his and Ginny’s hypothetical future children and clears his throat.  “Funny you should mention Ginny.”

Settling down on the plump tartan stool tucked close to the broad fireplace, McGonagall arches a dark brow questioningly.  “Romantic troubles with the youngest Weasley?  You seem quite desperate.  Don’t get too clingy Potter.”

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I love Ron and Hermione but I was wondering if there is a blog like this but about Harry and Ginny. If you don't know, no problem. I was just wondering. By the way your blog is really helpful and I love it! Thank you!

You mean a directory of fans and content creators on Tumblr (which we are), or a rec blog (which we’re not)? I’m afraid I don’t know either. Signal boosting in case anyone does!

Thank you so much!!

edit: @read-a-hinny-fic is a blog exclusively for Hinny fic recs! Thanks a lot to @diva-gonzo and @pleurocoelus for the tip

luna as a tattoo artist

just think about it:

- she gives ginny a stick and poke in their fourth year, the first tattoo she’s ever given anyone
- a tiny crescent moon on the inside of her forearm with magic color changing ink
- it tells ginny the weather, and glows when the weather is perfect for quidditch

- hagrid gleefully gets a tattoo from luna sometime in the fifth year
- on his inner ankle, a square of text tells him about the needs of the creatures around him
- he starts sitting with his ankle on his knee to more easily check it

- she gives harry a tattoo the summer before his eighth year
- a small horntail, but it moves from his chest to sit on his shoulder or cower in the crook of his elbow as it pleases
- it wakes him up from his bad dreams, and keeps him warm in the middle of the night

- she gives neville a tattoo before she was stolen into the malfoy’s manor
- it’s a ring encircling his middle finger
- the magic of it is simple, transforming into whatever word he needs to see most when he asks it

- seamus gets one not long after neville
- it’s a tiny bomb on his collar bone, ticking in time with dean’s heart

- hermione doesn’t want a tattoo at first, but as she grows closer with luna she asks for it very shyly in the middle of her eighth year
- it gently pulses with her heart on her shoulder blade, an hourglass on it’s side
- it will sometimes stand up and run sand, but only when hermione is very busy or stressed

- george asks for a tattoo that finishes his jokes, many years after the war, when he is an uncle and godfather
- luna refuses and instead gives him a non-magical tattoo, a china cup mended with gold over his heart

- draco, many years after luna is an established artist and healer, drops into her shop in diagon alley
- he asks her to fix his scar-slashed Mark, and she turns it into a sleeve of flowers, studded with snakes and turtles
- the flowers bloom with his moods, and shield him from hurting himself

We need a movie of this…

Not mine Who did it please text me to give credit❤

Y'all can say what you want but I refuse to believe

that Harry James Potter, an orphan child, who grew up in an abusive house hold, would ever, EVER, tell his son, quote: ‘Well, there are times I wish you weren’t my son.’
He would never. He of all people, who felt unwanted for several years of his life, would never tell his son that. No matter what.

  • Harry: GINNY!!
  • Ginny: What?
  • Harry: Where's the Sword of Gryffindor?
  • Ginny: What?!
  • Harry: Where. Is. The. Sword. Of. Gryffindor??
  • Ginny: I, uh, put it away.
  • Harry: Where?
  • Ginny: WHY do you need to know??
  • Harry: I need it!
  • Ginny: Uh-uh! Don't you think about running off doing no daring-do! We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Harry: The Wizarding World is in danger!
  • Ginny: My evening is in danger!
  • Harry: You tell me where my sword is, Ginny! We are talking about the greater good!
  • Ginny: "Greater good?" I am your wife! I am the greatest good you are ever gonna get!

Actually me tho XD Also I’m posting a Fanfic tomorrow!

here’s a headcanon: ginny always talks about pushing back marriage for her career so harry starts proposing to her with random objects. like really bizarre household stuff like toothbrushes and garden plants ?? and then one day, he bends down on his knee and before he can ask for her hand with an old spoon he found in the kitchen, she screams ‘YES’ in frustration because hell, if she wasn’t done with his bullshit then, she sure is now but the moment she says yes, harry pulls out a ring and has this tiny little smile on his face as if all his confidence disappeared in a second. and ginny realizes that he had the ring all along. of course he did.