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exposing denis lawson to “wedginald” would be almost as bad as when harrison ford did a q&a on this site on someone with the url “hanfucksluke” submitted a question THAT GOT ANSWERED

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Yooooooo I watched Indiana Jones again for the first time since I was a kid and man.... I'm having some feelings..... anything about him would be top-notch

Hey! I need specific requests unfortunately, but if you think of anything to request for him do send it in! Indy is by far the best part of my childhood, the older I get the more I fall in love with young Harrison Ford (and old Harrison Ford, just Harrison Ford)

it’s been 3 months since Carrie died. and i was thinking today, it’s sort of… it’s comforting to know that she was happy with her life. she was writing, publishing a new book. she was doing tv. she was doing movies. she was doing star wars again. like, you could see she was in a good place. she stole the spotlight during the promotion for tfa and she was going to do it again for tlj. she “shocked” everyone by announcing she had an affair with harrison ford 40 years ago, and she wrote a book on it. she didn’t give a fuck. she did campaign against trump and she told people to go fuck themselves; she congratulated a pregnant interviewer on the sex; she told ellen degeneres she was open to dating an oxford professor; she showed an interviewer the middle finger after he said anyone would look good sitting beside jabba the hutt; she joked about how other people’s opinions on her appearance hurt 3 of her feelings even tho she was hurt by it; she wanted to move to the uk bc she didn’t want to live in the same country as trump; she threw a birthday party at a hotel in italy at 2am and the cops showed up at 5am to stop the party; she was strong, and she was honest, and she was brave.

it’s comforting to know what a thrill her life was, and that she still lived it intensely. but it’s also so fucking unfair exactly because of that. it was too soon.

Harrison Ford goes out into his backyard. He looks up at the stars and finds the brightest one. He shakes his head as he speaks. “You just had to tell them we slept together, didn’t you?” Carrie Fisher emerges in the sky like Mufasa and looks down on Harrison Ford before flipping him off.