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She growled as she looked to richard. Looking at him..happy. it made her sick, but that happyness was going to change if she had a say in it. She walked over to richard, evil smile on her face. "Hello richard~" (vile heart)

“Hm? Oh, hey, bud, what’re ya doin?” He asked, smile on his face. The dark smile on Glitch’s face was normal to him.

Non si tratta di perdere peso, non si tratta di stare con gli altri per non pensare troppo, non si tratta di dimostrare al mondo chi sono. Si tratta di star bene con me stessa, di avere la sicurezza che se mai un giorno rimanessi sola riuscirei a farcela, se mi guardo allo specchio devo vedere ciò che vedono i miei occhi non ciò che vede la gente. Si tratta di vivere, che non vuol dire sorridere sempre e non vuol dire che le cose ti vadano sempre bene. Vivere vuol dire che nonostante i momenti brutti, le ricadute che ci saranno (e saranno tante), nonostante le persone che andranno via io saprò reagire, io saprò rialzarmi e ricominciare. In qualsiasi modo, in qualsiasi situazione.
Perché nessuno ha una vita perfetta, ma tutti abbiamo una vita e abbiamo il dovere di viverla.

Things I am more interested than the feud between Kimye and Swift:


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Deep sea creatures

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how to build a dyke

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all the different methods to eat a burger

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cutting my toe nails 

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I could go on, but i guess you get the picture. 

I will reblog posts about how much misoginistic is western culture against young women, expecially if they are handsome and succesfull, but I think that all this feud just shows what kind of celebrity the kimye people want, and what they are ready to do to achieve that, instead of hard work and commitment. 

I am here for Tom Hiddleston, his work, his mind, his graciousness, his kindness, his immense talent, his beauty. I’ll post again about his lovestory with Taylor Swift, because he is beyond cute when he is in love, and I ship him with happyness, but I will try my best to avoid any drama involving KW or KK, because they are not important, and I have never given a damn single fuck about them. And I won’t post about Taylor Swift alone, because I am not interested in her music, but only until her relationship with Tom goes on and until he will be happy with her. 

I cant’ wait to know his next project, and I am here to support him in any way I can, but I really don’t give a single flying fuck about all the crazy drama surrounding his girlfriend. 

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TFW rebecca sugarcomes out and you litteraly cry tears of happyness and proudness


I AM so HAPPY, this made me smile a lot, people usually don’t understand how important representation can be!!! 

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period.
—  Chris Gardner, The-Pursuit-of-Happyness
Goal in life

Contrary to the recent trend, I don’t actually have relationship goals, work goals or travelling goals. My goal in life is to feel happy, truly happy. I think that feeling is just so rare you know? I want to feel like I’m exactly where I want to be, like I’m doing what I exactly want to be doing.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

A couple of movie screenshots that sorts of explains my point.

I mean yeah, I want, to be a doctor and maybe have a family in the future and be wealthy but if being happy would actually mean something else, then I don’t see why I shouldn’t pursue that path. I guess I do have minor goals like those, but my major goal is to have that moment in life when I am just completely happy. I don’t think that the specific circumstances -when that moment happens- matter either.  I just want that moment to come. I think that’s my ultimate goal in life. :)

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